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By Lucille Turner | Comments: ( 301 ) | Date: ( Feb 17, 2020 )

1442 When Vlad Dracula arrives at the court of the Ottoman Sultan Murad II, his life is turned upside down His father Dracul cannot protect him he must battle his demons alone And when the Sultan calls for the services of a soothsayer, even the shrewd teller of fortunes is unprepared for what he learns.Meanwhile, the Ottoman Turks are advancing through the Balkans with1442 When Vlad Dracula arrives at the court of the Ottoman Sultan Murad II, his life is turned upside down His father Dracul cannot protect him he must battle his demons alone And when the Sultan calls for the services of a soothsayer, even the shrewd teller of fortunes is unprepared for what he learns.Meanwhile, the Ottoman Turks are advancing through the Balkans with Vienna in their sights and Constantinople, the Orthodox Greek capital, within their grasp As Eastern Europe struggles against the tide of a Muslim advance it cannot counter, Western Christendom needs only one prize to overthrow its enemies An eye opener book Dracula may be a figure often consigned to horror stories and melodrama here by contrast, he is enigmatic and masterful, an historical figure effortlessly characterised by Turner even as she cloaks him in mystery This is not only a good story, but a very thought provoking novel, artfully structured Lucille Turner spins a compelling tale pivoting on the myth of the vampyr, or strigoi, a being who can admit neither of confession, nor of prayer, nor of sacrament, since all three of these are an abomination to his kind SILVERLOCK BOOK REVIEWS Very well researched and gripping a far ambitious novel than Gioconda, covering a vast sweep of time and place a huge leap forward in scope and accomplishment I thoroughly enjoyed this book and stayed up night after night to read it MARY HOFFMAN, Author of the Stravaganza series and The Ravenmaster s Boy Brings to life the character of Vlad Dracula and gives historical context to the powerful Dracula myths HISTORY IS NOW MAGAZINE Historical fiction, but with an element of the supernatural running through it in the form of myth and legend UNUSUAL HISTORICALS

  • Title: The Sultan, the Vampyr and the Soothsayer
  • Author: Lucille Turner
  • ISBN: 9781527202061
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Lucille Turner

LUCILLE TURNER s first book, Gioconda , was published by Granta Books in 2011 and was described in The Financial Times as, A lush, evocative and remarkably accomplished debut novel Gioconda was about the life of Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci it went on to win the Hislibris prize for historical fiction and was translated into several languages Her second historical novel, The Sultan, the Vampyr and the Soothsayer , has recently been awarded a prize in the Best Fiction category of the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2017 Lucille reviews books for Bookmunch at bookmunch.wordpress A fan of Big History and Ancient Mythology, she comes from Dorset, England and blogs about historical fiction at lucilleturner.

Comments The Sultan, the Vampyr and the Soothsayer

  • Jeffrey Keeten

    ”The bitter smoke of cannon fire poked its fingers through gaping holes the size of ships in the great double wall that enclosed the city of Constantinople--the wall that had withstood the Varchonites, repelled the first of the Mohammedans and tormented the Norsemen. It hung about the turrets and the shattered towers in garlands of honeyed gossamer.”Murad II, the Ottoman Sultan, has dreamed his whole life that he would conquer Constantinople, but the soothsayer has told him that it won’t b [...]

  • Stephanie (Bookfever. ♥)

    I've always been super interested in the history of Vlad Dracula and the Ottoman Empire so I really enjoyed reading this story. This book was well-written and also very well-researched, it was easy to like the book. There was nothing in it that I disliked.The relationship in this book between Vlad Dracula and his father Vlad Dracul as well as the one between Mehmet and his father Murad was striking to me. I thought the link between these sons and fathers were very similar. I really liked that be [...]

  • Cheryl

    This historical fiction brings together the myth of vampires, soothsayers and well researched history. It shows relationship struggles, as well as, different faiths and their impact on history. It was well written, with an interesting story. I would recommend this book to any interested in historical fiction. If you are expecting and wanting a pulp horror book, then this book is is not for you.

  • J. Else

    1442: The Draculesti family rules Wallachia (modern-day Romania), the buffer between the Holy Roman Empire to the north and the Ottoman Empire to the south. The family patriarch, Dracul, finds his loyalties being torn apart. While his heart is with the Greeks, he is friends with the Catholic Hungarians, and he must honor an oath to the Ottoman Sultan. In the midst of these opposing forces, Dracul is concerned about a family malady which affects his middle son, Vlad, a sickness he once suffered f [...]

  • Jay Odd

    The Sultan, the Vampyr and the Soothsayer by Lucille Turner is paranormal fiction presented as a historical novel. This is excellent and intelligent indie writing at a nice and hefty (and importantly, necessary) 486 pages.I highly recommended this book to fans of supernatural or historical fiction, even if one of those genres isn’t usually your thing. Each character is fascinating and the settings are tangible.Despite being set around war and conflict, there’s a real lack of action, which is [...]

  • Robin Carter

    Review:This book was a pleasant surprise, the title gives a suggestion of the supernatural with the inclusion of the Vampyr, and the book all the while hints at it, but only in so far as what was perceived to be supernatural in the 1400’s, that’s the beauty of this bookllow link for full review: parmenionbooks.wordpress/

  • Helen Hollick

    This book has received a Discovering Diamonds Review:' a fascinating read. The prose flows beautifully throughout, and in particular in the chapters featuring the ailing sultan, Murad. These are the chapters in which Ms Turner’s obvious skills in descriptive writing shine through, leaving me with images of shaded courtyards and shuttered walls, of women flitting by in veils while the sultan reclines on his divan and tries to ignore the problems caused by his son and heir. 'Helen Hollickfounder [...]

  • Dominique Anfossi

    From its opening in the cold heartlands of Wallachia, this book plunges the reader into a world of danger and conflict. As the story shifts to the heat of the Ottoman palace, it grows, full of insights into the separate worlds of men and women, hostages and guards, slaves and princes. There, power plays unfold with dire personal and political consequences; and when these plots are set loose, they race across the land from Constantinople to Belgrade. All throughout the multi-faceted narrative, th [...]

  • Victoria Farrow

    "He would have the eyes and ears of the wolf, and the strength of the wolf, but he would also have its hunger."Usually these days any book with vampire (or vampyr) in the title has me running for the hills, as it's usually some nausea-inducing teen love story, but when Lucille Turner approached me to review her book I was intrigued as it is based on the life of Vlad Dracula, aka the real life inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula. I'm also fascinated by the era and have a soft spot for beautiful [...]

  • Rebecca

    While the story (basically taken from history, which is always stranger than true fiction) had great promise and the characters tremendous potential for development, the author just wasn't up to the writing necessary to pull it all off.

  • Indiebrag

    We are proud to announce that THE SULTAN, THE VAMPYR AND THE SOOTHSAYER by Lucille Turner is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

  • Sara

    This book was definitely out of my comfort zone regarding the period.I knew absolutely nothing of the Ottoman Empire in 1442 before going into this book, which is why I appreciated the glossary in the back of the book.It was interesting for me reading about a period and culture in which I haven't read anything about before.I also really enjoyed the way Turner included the myth that is 'Dracula.'Gone were the notions of him turning into a bat or drinking blood, it was almost more eerie to see it [...]

  • Dearna (Words of the Roses)

    The Sultan, the Vampyr and the Soothsayer by Lucille Turner: 2 stars This is a review I have been putting off for a while. I've had too many thoughts about it and needed time to reflect on them. Ultimately I was disappointed in this book, which is a shame since I thought it would become a favourite of mine. Just a warning this review may contain mild spoilers - even though it's based on history I thought I'd mention that. Turner has a beautiful writing style. It's visceral and I certainly felt l [...]

  • Stephanie

    The year 1442, the land of Wallachia is situated in an advantageous place for the upcoming capture of Constantinople by the Ottamans. Wallachia is ruled by Dracul and might seem like an impenetrable stronghold. Dracul believes himself and his middle son, Vlad to be cursed by the malady of the stirigoi causing them to have periods of sickness and then increased strength along with restless nights. Upon visiting the court of Murad II, the Ottaman Sultan, Dracul is forced to leave his Vlad and his [...]

  • Den

    I love the way the author creates a story based on historical events of the time around a well-known character. I found this harder to read than her previous novel but that is because I actually did not know much about Dracula as I read the book a long time ago. I enjoyed learning about the time period and how different areas were at war with one another. Plus it was (or at least seemed) twice as long as the previous one, although it needed to be to get the storyline and all the information in.I [...]

  • Gillian

    Stunning detail, completely absorbed me from beginning to end. Fascinating subject and the characters were very well brought to life. Would love to read more of the same!

  • Jason Brezinski

    Not bad.

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  • Free Download [Philosophy Book] ↠ The Sultan, the Vampyr and the Soothsayer - by Lucille Turner ï
    198 Lucille Turner
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