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By Tad Williams Michael Whelan | Comments: ( 162 ) | Date: ( Mar 28, 2020 )

The second book in the trilogy that launched one of the most important fantasy writers of our time.It is a time of darkness, dread, and ultimate testing for the realm of Osten Ard, for the wild magic and terrifying minions of the undead Sithi ruler, Ineluki the Storm King, are spreading their seemingly undefeatable evil across the kingdom.With the very land blighted by theThe second book in the trilogy that launched one of the most important fantasy writers of our time.It is a time of darkness, dread, and ultimate testing for the realm of Osten Ard, for the wild magic and terrifying minions of the undead Sithi ruler, Ineluki the Storm King, are spreading their seemingly undefeatable evil across the kingdom.With the very land blighted by the power of Ineluki s wrath, the tattered remnants of a once proud human army flee in search of a last sanctuary and rallying point the Stone of Farewell, a place shrouded in mystery and ancient sorrow.An even as Prince Josua seeks to rally his scattered forces, Simon and the surviving members of the League of the Scroll are desperately struggling to discover the truth behind an almost forgotten legend, which will take them from the fallen citadels of humans to the secret heartland of the Sithi where near immortals must at last decide whether to ally with the race of men in a final war against those of their own blood.

  • Title: Stone of Farewell
  • Author: Tad Williams Michael Whelan
  • ISBN: 9780886774806
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Tad Williams Michael Whelan

Tad Williams is a California based fantasy superstar His genre creating and genre busting books have sold tens of millions worldwide, in twenty five languages His considerable output of epic fantasy and science fiction book series, stories of all kinds, urban fantasy novels, comics, scripts, etc have strongly influenced a generation of writers the Otherland epic relaunches June 2018 as an MMO on steam Tad is currently immersed in the creation of The Last King of Osten Ard , planned as a trilogy with two intermediary novels He, his family and his animals live in the Santa Cruz mountains in a suitably strange and beautiful house tadwilliams mrstad

Comments Stone of Farewell

  • Dirk Grobbelaar

    My review of The Dragonbone Chair did not do the novel justice. It was written in haste, a few quickly typed lines before I launched into The Stone of Farewell. See, The Dragonbone Chair ended on such a note that I just didt.havee.time to think about a decent review. I simply had to know what happened next.The first novel went to great pains to establish the world, so there wasn’t such a lot of exposition required for The Stone of Farewell. This freed the author up to do what he apparently doe [...]

  • Wanda

    As I look back on the reading experience for Stone of Farewell, I wonder exactly why I enjoyed it so much? I mean, not an awful lot happens. Simon returns to being a pouty, immature boy more often than not. There’s an awful lot of walking, while keeping a look-out for the bad guys. In fact, you could probably sum up the whole book in one sentence: Most of the good guys get to the Stone of Farewell.I guess what made it worthwhile for me was learning quite a bit more about the Sithi (Williams’ [...]

  • Ahdam Rana

    Ok first review of 2018 and what do you know its 5 stars out of 5 Anyway this book is a huge improvement on the previous book which was already fantastic, I think what stood out for me in this book was the pace and tension kept building as it wasn't like in the great hunt where it starts all over again for each book. I felt the story moved much more here than in Dragonbone chair and I was invested into what the characters were up to as they got on with there tasks set for them in Osten Ard. That [...]

  • Amar

    Tamam kad mu htjedoh dati trojku, Tad se izvuče na samom kraju. A što sam samo trojku htio dati? Jer za mene ova knjiga pati od sindroma druge knjige, gdje se glavna priča samo minimalno pomakela naprijed. Imamo mnogo arcova ovdje, od kojih mi je samo Simonov bio baš zanimljiv, dok su ostali bili za moj ukus previše razvučeni. Oko priče se slabo može sta novo napisati, jer se baš malo oko glavne priče desilo, ali Williamsova naracija je i dalje perfektna. Krajolici Osten Arda su tako d [...]

  • Kaitlin

    This is book #2 in the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series and it's a pretty classic fantasy series. I find that classic fantasy often tends to fall into some of the tropes I don't love very much (sloooooow pacing and not so developed characters were the two major complaints with this book) but when I am in the mood to read a classic fantasy series I do enjoy a good one and I think this one is that :)Simon is the main character for a lot of the first book but I feel like in book two we start to bran [...]

  • Chris Gousopoulos

      The apocalypse that has befallen the world of Osten Ard is fully unveiled. It might be a slow unravelling but it is a very satisfying one. The worldbuilding is tremendous. Our view of the world expands and its full of magnificent places, people and their stories. Especially the various subraces of the elvenkind are awesome. Apart from the Middle Earth this is the only place that I can say that I love the Elves. They share the grandeur and the drama of their Tolkien counterparts but they are a [...]

  • Kitvaria Sarene

    It has been about 7 years since I read the first book - and it took me quite a while to get back into the story. Once I remembered the multitude of characters, I was quickly sucked in again.On the one hand I really enjoyed the story - on the other hand it was veeeery long in places. A lot of description, that didn't feel entirely necessary in some scenes - while at other places it felt perfectly balanced, even though it had some minute details.What bugged me (as everyone knowing me will expect) [...]

  • Ðawn

    ++SPOILERS++Whereas the first book was a nice comfort read, this one gave me anxiety through much of it.Lots of stuff going on, a bit more conflict but few resolutions, which I expect will come in the last book.There is alot of back and fourth with different characters POV's as they all strive to their own purposes.I have grown to dislike Mirabele, who in the first book seemed strong but has now turned to a stupid shallow child. I hate that she gave herself to the earlle whore I also hated the s [...]

  • Sara J. (kefuwa)

    #ReturnToOstenArd: Re-read this as part of a bookstagram group-read with Tange, Jacob & Nadine in anticipation of the Witchwood Crown coming out in June 2017!23/5/17: Annnnd I'm done! Not going to stop to write anything atm as it will be mostly fangirling as per the review for Dragonbone Chair. Used mostly my ebook version to get through this one as well - I will stick a review on the ebook version later on too (urgh - so many mistakes Hachette UK!) - I also need to add a new edition for the [...]

  • Aurora

    I hate this book. Here, let me sum it up for you so you don't waste all the time I did hoping this monstrosity would get better.Some people walk through a forest. A fight happens. Someone falls down and has a prophetic dream that they never tell anyone about. More walking through the forest. Repeat ad nauseum.Yes, that was the entire book. People 'falling senseless' or whatever the heck every ten pages, a lot of whining, and the occasional anticlimactic pointless battle followed by more passing [...]

  • Marina

    This book is amazing. Full of magic and intrigue, characters were awesome. Plot was engaging, but it is still bit too long. Picking this book would be great way to loose couple of hours or, in my case, weeks. I'm slow reader, but it was worth reading this book.

  • KatHooper

    Re-read on audio. Will review at fantasyliterature.

  • Aldi

    A.k.a. The One Where Everything Goes Pearshaped.Which is pretty awesome, let's be honest. I think my favourite thing here is how the story opens up into this phenomenally epic thing - not that the first book wasn't epic, but we still mostly stayed close to Simon and his journey. This book is where we truly get to know some of the other characters on a deeper level, while also exploring more parts of the world itself. I mean, hello, Isgrimnur playing at being a monk? Guthwulf discovering he may n [...]

  • Celine

    Stone of Farewell, the sequel to The Dragonbone Chair and the second book in the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn epic fantasy series continues the journey of our cast of main characters - quite literally.Simon and his friends might have found the sword Thorn, but a single sword is not enough to bring down King Elias. Meanwhile, Prince Josua flees from the Norn that have destroyed his army and his city. Miriamele and the mysterious Father Cadrach try to reach her uncle to appeal to him and get his to s [...]

  • Jacob

    When I first read this book twenty years ago I was frustrated with the side characters/stories because I had no patience and thought this story should be about Seoman alone. Now I can laugh at how foolish and shallow I was and marvel at how beautiful the story truly is. Tiamak's inner struggles alone would be worth a story about. This is an excellently crafted tale that adds depth and life to this trilogy.

  • Jessica

    On my third (possibly fourth) reading of this book, I realized something: it was just as good as the first time I read it.The splendid cast of characters, all real individuals, are just as engrossing. The layers of plot (and plotting) are just as tight and as fascinating.Thus I maintain my stance that this is one of the best fantasy series of all time.

  • Elwen

    Auch beim 2. Mal wieder toll <3Einerseits möchte ich die Reihe gleich weiterlesen, andererseits hab ich auch Lust auf was neues und noch soviel Ungelesenes Luxusprobleme eines Bücherwurms^^

  • Scott

    This one is a tough one for me.It's a re-read and I haven't read this book since it was first released 30 so years ago.My memory has always told me that it's my favorite fantasy series of all time and I loved the last bookis one was not as good.The writing is beautiful, almost poetic.The characters are amazing, probably a hundred or so, all fully formed. Interesting, conflicted, complex.The plot is just what I like - epic, huge, sprawling, majestic.ButThis book was slow and let's be serious here [...]

  • Kiwi Begs2Differ✎

    Beautiful prose, interesting and complex world, an extensive cast of well defined characters (even females!), however the pace was slower that I would have liked, I wasn’t exactly bored but I felt I was meandering along the story.3.5 stars rounded down

  • Jenn

    This amazing fantasy series continues in the second volume with more excellent plotting, characterizations, and world-building. It reminds me of the Two Towers, which is also a "middle" novel, where events continue to progress from the first novel (and there's a lot of traveling and characters moving around). I'm impressed with Williams' ability to create so many characters who are given interesting roles and backgrounds, and to weave their stories so effortlessly, but sometimes feel resentful w [...]

  • Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai)

    It's true, what they say, there is a lot of walking in this book. In fact, one could say that the entire book is, for the most part, one big journey. Don't be fooled, however, this is no mundane trek through a predictable fantasy world full of whimsy. It is a journey fraught with peril - filled with Giants and creatures that crawl beneath the ground - and not all the dangers are as mysterious as the creatures of legend, for the evils of man are just as treacherous as the teeth of the most fearso [...]

  • Aleah

    Readers of fantasy know that, quite often, the second book in a trilogy suffers from the dreaded "black sheep" syndrome. Book two is the slightly overlooked middle child. Less respected than the first and less spoiled than the last -- but necessary nonetheless. Characters often go on long journeys in the second book and think about things ad nauseam, all in preparation for whatever climax awaits in book three. Luckily for us, Tad Williams is a master of the genre and handles this unfortunate yet [...]

  • David

    Stone of Farewell picked right up from the abrupt ending of Dragonbone Chair. I was extremely pleased that all of the characters managed to find themselves in a variety of interesting situations, always keeping me turning those pages. I found this book to be considerably more entertaining than the first. It wrapped up with a satisfying conclusion. I'm jumping right in To Green Angel Tower (Part 1).

  • Vivone Os

    KUMSKI BOOK CLUB READING CHALLENGE 2017 - 6(naknadno dodana, fantasy book, book over 400 pages)Moram reći da je puno puno bolja od prvog dijela. Prvi me apsolutno smorio, a drugi dio je od početka napet, zanimljiv, pun akcije. Likovi su odlični, pratimo ih nekoliko, raznolike, zanimljive, a ne kao u prvom dijelu pola knjige samo Simona.Toliko mi je dobro sve napravljeno da sad jedva čekam vidjeti što će s kim od njih biti i kako će se izvući iz svojih nevolja.

  • Mark

    Enjoyed this book in spite of its faults, which are there but less important than what is good. The first of which is simply that for a book called Stone of Farewell, where like 75% of the characters are heading there, it takes a damn long time to actually get there. I'm not even marking this a spoiler because if you read the first book already, you understand. In Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies, Treebeard tells the hobbits he's brought to the Entmoot, "It takes a long time to say anyth [...]

  • Edward Rathke

    This a fantastic novel.I was excited when to begin reading this trilogy, but I didn't really know what to expect. I knew it was an influence on George RR Martin's epic fantasy, so I was expecting something in a similar vein. Something dark and gutting and ruthless with a relentless plot that keeps pushing you forward even as you stumble over your feet and the trail of the dead.But Williams writes in a much more naturalistic way. It reminds me a lot of Sapkowski, in only good ways. The story spil [...]

  • Chris

    This is only the second book that I've read of Tad's and after finishing, I'm once again feeling that my reading needs have been fulfilled. There were instances of wonder, investigation, action, assassination attempts, cultural development, court room drama, self discovery - pretty much everything that makes a great novel. Structurally, the book was a little different than what I'm used to, which is great since it keeps you guessing as to what's going to happen. Sometimes the best things are for [...]

  • Vera Maslow

    Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Series Book #2So far I am liking this series, though there are some very slow parts. It is nicely written. Lots of description where you can really see the world. This jumps around quite a bit between different characters or groups of characters in different parts of the world. Sometimes I wished to keep reading about a certain group and wished it didn't jump around, other times it wasnt so bad. All the characters whether major or minor are so well done. They all have a [...]

  • Ubiquitousbastard

    So much better than the first book. The Dragonbone Chair was so slow to get started, I really think that nothing happened until about a hundred pages in. With this book, the setup is all done, so the whole book can be constant plot movement. What really puts this book above most is the fact that I loved like most of the characters, which is extremely rare with me. That also contributed to my running around the house with this book, going "Oh no! Oh crap! Oh my god, that was freaking badass!" I'm [...]

  • Karen

    This book much better than the first book. The world building took a very long time in the first book (about 300 pages worth). This book took off right from the ending of the first book.Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn is an epic fantasy series that is typical for classic fantasy, somewhat in the vein of Tolkien, Brooks and Eddings (although more bloated).On to the third book.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Stone of Farewell | by ✓ Tad Williams Michael Whelan
    159 Tad Williams Michael Whelan
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