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By Ed Brubaker | Comments: ( 788 ) | Date: ( Jun 04, 2020 )

Como se n o bastasse lidar com a viol ncia e a corrup o de uma cidade infestada pelo crime e com os criminosos mais insanos e cru is da hist ria , a pol cia de Gotham tamb m deve levar em conta um vigilante decidido a jogar pelas pr prias regras E, para piorar a situa o, o Coringa est aterrorizando a cidade na poca de Natal, executando pessoas aleatoriamente com um rComo se n o bastasse lidar com a viol ncia e a corrup o de uma cidade infestada pelo crime e com os criminosos mais insanos e cru is da hist ria , a pol cia de Gotham tamb m deve levar em conta um vigilante decidido a jogar pelas pr prias regras E, para piorar a situa o, o Coringa est aterrorizando a cidade na poca de Natal, executando pessoas aleatoriamente com um rifle E ningu m, do prefeito ao cidad o mais comum, est a salvo A ca ada come a, mas uma atitude desconcertante do Palha o do Crime deixa todos perplexos O que o arqui inimigo do Homem Morcego realmente pretende E ainda nesse volume a hist ria da garota que tem como trabalho ligar o Batsinal Uma s rie de assassinatos que acaba chamando a aten o da Ca adora E um velho caso que amea a piorar ainda mais a vida do detetive Harvey Bullock

  • Title: Gotham GCPD, Livro Dois: Alvos Fáceis
  • Author: Ed Brubaker
  • ISBN: 9788583681632
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker born November 17, 1966 is an Eisner Award winning American cartoonist and writer He was born at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland.Brubaker is best known for his work as a comic book writer on such titles as Batman, Daredevil, Captain America, Iron Fist, Catwoman, Gotham Central and Uncanny X Men In recent years, he has focused solely on creator owned titles for Image Comics, such as Fatale, Criminal, Velvet and Kill or Be Killed.In 2016, Brubaker ventured into television, joining the writing staff of the HBO series Westworld.

Comments Gotham GCPD, Livro Dois: Alvos Fáceis

  • Stephen

    Gotham Central, written by the talented Mr. Ripley Mr. Brubaker, is the kind of graphic novel that you want to toss at those hoity-toity bookSNOBs when they float down from their pedestal atop Mount Elitist to bash on comics as being nothing but manky loads of provincial tripe. This book is your perfect rebuttal. It’s an “oh really, well take a gander at this” piece of argument that will leave them re-evaluating their close-mindedness. The set up for this series as a whole is sublime. The [...]

  • Dan Schwent

    It's Christmas in Gotham and the Joker is picking off victims one at a time with a sniper rifle. The girl whose job it is to turn on the Bat signal has a crush on Batman. Two women are poisoned. A cold case involving the murder of an entire high school baseball team draws the attention of the GCPD AND ex-cop Harvey F'n Bullock! All par for the course down at Gotham CentralSo, yeah. Gotham Central had to be the best written comic book produced during it's entire run. I didn't think it would be po [...]

  • Kemper

    The never ending battle between Batman and the villains of Gotham City continues, and the cops of the GCPD’s Major Crimes Unit are often caught in the crossfire.The second collection of the comics finds the detectives trying to figure out the mystery of two murders that had an exotic poison as the weapon, and the suicide of a disturbed man leads to the cold case bombing of a high school baseball team. Oh, and the Joker terrorizes the city with a sniper rifle. You know, just another day at the [...]

  • Donovan

    I finally get Gotham Central. And it's great, if you know what it is. So when I read and re-read volume 1, I had never read any Brubaker, so I didn't understand his schtick of noir and its doomed characters. Since then I've read half of Criminal, all of Fatale, and the first volume of Kill or Be Killed. Then I went back to Gotham Central with volume 2. BAM, I got it. What I didn't understand, at first, was the utter lack of super villains and most importantly Batman. But they've had their day. I [...]

  • Tristan

    A first, albeit small, offering of this brand spanking new year, which on a personal level so far has mostly consisted of me recovering at a snail's pace from a particularly nasty virus contracted during the holidays. Still, stiff upper lip old bean!, as they so gratingly cheerful exclaim across the Channel, and let's plough on here. Somewhat thicker lengthwise than Gotham Central'sprevious volume, 'Jokers and Madmen', sadly, is more uneven in terms of quality as well. Issues 11-22 are collected [...]

  • Diz

    Gotham Central presents the crimes of Gotham from the viewpoint of the cops, and it does a really good job of showing the trials and tribulations of being a cop in Batman's town. If you're a fan of police procedurals, this is an amazing series. The characters are complex, and the art has a gritty realism to it.

  • Brandon

    The second collection from the Brubaker/Rucka written series, Gotham Central, follows the much the same formula as the first.While I liked this volume just as much as the first, it may pull ahead slightly thanks to the introduction of Joker to the series. His arc, Soft Targets is easily the best of the bunch. Terrorizing the citizens of Gotham during the holiday season, Joker begins eliminating city officials at a rapid rate even going so far as to present the public with an accessible countdown [...]

  • Garrett

    Fan freakin' tastic! I have not read the first volume yet but these stories were amazing. Well written with great art from Michael Lark and others. I believe this contains the best Harvey Bullock story of all time with the story "Unresolved". The Joker story is also quite good and was an influence on The Dark Knight. I'm always a sucker for police procedural stories and seeing it done so well with the police officers of Gotham City was really satisfying.

  • Chris

    A second great outing for Gotham Central, Jokers and Madmen continues the momentum from the first volume, as Rucka and Brubaker deliver more compelling stories. As with In The Line Of Duty, it's the superb characterisation that drives things forward. All the personal touches to each character help to build a real connection to the detectives of the GCPD and their daily lives.Of course, everything is turned on its head when the Joker goes on a killing spree. It was great to see how everyone react [...]

  • Damon

    Thats the Joker!

  • Scott

    This series continues to be great, and Book Two: Jokers and Madmen may even improve a little from the initial volume. One welcome addition was the intro's cast of characters page, which listed the two dozen investigators (with their shift assignments) and support staff with 'headshots,' and it's a mystery why that wasn't included in the first book. It's a large cast but used exceptionally well, and on top of THAT there are probably close to 100 characters throughout with dialogue. All in a day's [...]

  • Chris Lemmerman

    Some more great stuff from this series.We begin with a look inside the head of one of the civilian members of the MCU, Stacy, the one member of the team allowed to operate the Bat-Signal. This issue is a little daft at times, but is full of heart and a nice spotlight on a character we've not seen much of.Next comes Soft Targets, the highlight of this volume, in which the Joker goes sniper crazy over Christmas. This storyline will have major effects on all the characters involved, and keeps you g [...]

  • Eric

    This volume was better than the first, slightly -- which is still high praise. I wonder how much this particular comic influenced the film The Dark Knight. I know Batman: The Killing Joke is often cited as Heath Ledger's inspiration for his Joker in the movie, but I saw a lot of that character in this trade, which came out a few years before the movie did in 2008.

  • Matt Garcia

    Very good, hard nosed, gritty, noir, police procedural, and mystery storylines all put together. The writing was great and the artwork fit the tone of the stories quite well. This is a top notch series that can stand on its own without Batman having to be involved at all. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Caitlin

    3.5 starsThis volume is honestly a pretty mixed bag. It’s got two strong stories in Soft Targets and Unresolved and an incredibly weak story in between. Soft Targets by Ed Brubaker and Greg RuckaThis was one of the most interesting stories I’ve seen yet in Gotham Central, primarily because it puts the police square in the middle of the war between Batman and Gotham’s costumed “freaks.” It starts with a sniper taking out a number of Gotham’s high-ranking public officials and quickly t [...]

  • Sam Quixote

    Ugh - you know when you’re reading a stinker when you keep checking the page count - ok, p.156 - and you think after a couple mins “I must be on p. 160 by now” and you check and you’re on p. 159. And there are another 120 pages to go. Yeah I gave up on this, but I’m still going to review it because fuck this book for making me wade through 159 pages of crud! It’s partly my fault as I didn’t care much for the first Gotham Central book and was happy to leave the rest of the series al [...]

  • Juan Carlos

    Misma tónica que el primero, dejando a Batman de lado para centrarnos en casos policíacos del departamento de policía de Gotham. Uno de las historias tiene como protagonista al Joker, que pone en jaque a la ciudad sólo con un rifle. Para fans del género negro una obra super disfrutable.

  • Michael

    Did you love the world of Batman? I love that world. It's a little city called Gotham. The only problem is Batman can't be everywhere at once. Gotham still needs a police force. In that police force they need a unit to investigate the super-powered criminals of Gotham. Welcome to Gotham Central. Brubaker and Rucka have written another amazing volume of this police unit. They interweave the characters and drama from the beginning of the series through out the entire book. Even after a case is clo [...]

  • David Schaafsma

    In preparation for a class on graphic novels next summer I am trying hard to read as many of the central texts of just ONE superhero, and why not Batman, most people's favorite? But this series I discover is not so much about Batman as about the cops who work in his shadow solving crimes, and I thought the stories and noir artwork were great, and putting Batman in the background was a great idea. Tow great crime writers, Brubaker and Rucka, tell these tales. Worth a read, for sure. A must if you [...]

  • Relstuart

    Of the four volumes in this series I thought this was the best. It kept me engaged throughout. The Joker story was one with more Batman than most while still firmly centered on the police department.

  • Louis Skye

    Wow, that was a wild ride from start to finish! We get to see close up what life on the ground is like for detectives in Gotham. It isn't easy. What with city officials banking on Batman to save the day everyday and a whole bunch of super criminals who have no regard for non-Bat life. The characters are more fleshed out in this book and that makes their fury at being dismissed and pilloried by the press more significant. Because, while Batman arrives at the end to save the proverbial day, these [...]

  • Wing Kee

    This one is even better than Book 1! The way this series weaves in the iconic characters with the deep and rich characters in the M.C.U. is wonderful. This is not only a good comic book, it's a great crime series:1) The world is Gotham, anyone who has read enough Batman knows the world. However, here we get to see another side of it, in the trenches as it were. As in the Book 1 of this series, more layers of the world is shown's essential New York but a stylized one. However, it's not the world [...]

  • Nicholas

    Great detective stories continue! This time prominently featuring the Joker's latest antics intermingled with the downward career spiral of Lieutenant Probson and the return of Harvey Bullock on the other side of the badge as he returns to the unfinished business of a high school bombing. What's great about Book One continues to be great about Book Two. Above everything this is a police procedural and a human drama of the highest order. The fact that they're dealing with Bats's rogues just helps [...]

  • Rob

    StoryThis volume is made up of issues 11-22 comprising four stories. It features notable Batman characters like the Mad Hatter, Harvey Bullock, the Penguin and The Joker. Batman once again makes a few cameos, but he's present even less than he was in the first volume.Daydreams and Believers (1 issue) - 3 starsSoft Targets (4 issues) - 3.5 starsLife is Full of Disappointments (3 issues) - 3.5 starsUnresolved (4 issues) - 3.5 starsI thought all the stories were decent, but not exceptional. It's a [...]

  • Michael (Mai)

    I’ll say what I said in my first review, Gotham Central is not a Batman comic. It’s a noir/crime comic where Batman occasionally graces the pages. If you took out Batman and swapped the supervillains for normal villains you’d still have a solid piece here. That said, with Batman and his badies, you’ve got something special.In this installment you’ve got the ultimate bad guy, the Joker, up to his nasty tricks. He’s got a sniper rifle and he’s not afraid to torture all of Gotham with [...]

  • Nick Kives

    Though it may say Gotham on the book, this really has nothing to do with Batman except for a reference here and there and the criminals they are chasing may end up being villains like Joker or Mr. Freeze. As with the first book, he may show up for a page or two in all 280 pages. This is a crime series, which Brubacker and Rucka are probably the top of the current list of crime comic writers, and with them teaming up in this series, it has been great. The whole series follows all of the major cri [...]

  • Kurt

    This collection is about as good as the one before. The concept is still the same - Brubaker and Rucka write a police procedural about some hardworking detectives who are trying to solve crimes without Batman showing them up. This volume has some high points with a one-shot look at the girl who lights the signal and a story arc with the Joker terrorizing Gotham as a random sniper. I did not engage much with the story about the dead chemical company employees or the cold case story with the Mad H [...]

  • Sarah

    Ack, the Joker! He is just the worst, and Gotham Central book two explains why: he can't be explained or controlled. Trying to process his thoughts is difficult enough, but when he turns himself into the police after starting a terrifying career as a sniper, he becomes even more confounding, and thus, more deadly. Brubaker uses the Joker's spree to highlight how strange it is to live in a city like Gotham, where chaos is embodied in a man like the Joker; the consequences of his actions prove wha [...]

  • Kimberly [Come Hither Books]

    Great police procedural noir in the Batman universe. Gotham Central focuses on the regular men and women who track down clues and process criminals, without any special powers. It's a fantastic view of life in Gotham, where the heroes cause just as much chaos and destruction as the villains they protect you from, even if you do sometimes need a little help. If you've watched cop shows and longed to know what the other detectives are up to, or watched superhero movies and wondered about the colla [...]

  • Mohammad Al-bahar

    Gotham Central Book two: Jokers & Madmen, is a captivating collection of stories about the detectives working in the Major Crimes Unit, how their work intervene with their personal lives, and how that affects them on a personal level.

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