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The elves have a plan to save humanity by enslaving them And the angels are too busy to intervene.Aaru is at war The rebel angels are calling for Sam s exclusion from the Ruling Council and her banishment to Hel But Sam s isn t the only future at risk If they re defeated, Gregory and his brothers will face exile, losing everything they ve spent billions of years to buiThe elves have a plan to save humanity by enslaving them And the angels are too busy to intervene.Aaru is at war The rebel angels are calling for Sam s exclusion from the Ruling Council and her banishment to Hel But Sam s isn t the only future at risk If they re defeated, Gregory and his brothers will face exile, losing everything they ve spent billions of years to build.The fate of heaven and earth is in the balance, and only an angel from Hel can save them both.

  • Title: Exodus
  • Author: Debra Dunbar
  • ISBN: 9781370548965
  • Page: 498
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Debra Dunbar

Debra lives in a little house in the woods in Maryland with three sons, and a Noah s ark of four legged family members She has a corporate job during the day, and writes novels at night, after the kids are tucked in bed She drives an Excursion affectionately called The Beast, couldn t carry a tune if you duct taped it to her back, and enjoys an occasional cosmopolitan heavy on the vodka On a good day, she jogs and horseback rides, hopefully managing to keep the horse between herself and the ground Her only known super power is Identify Roadkill.

Comments Exodus

  • Marianne

    Move over, A Court of Mist and Fury, I've got a new favorite book of the year. ❤Fun fact - and I think Sam would enjoy this one: It's actually possible to laugh yourself six feet under! At least according to the internet. (Cuz everything you read on the internet is true, right?) No, but seriously; there are some pretty well documented cases out there!The reason why I'm mentining this is because this book (AKA my PRECIOUSSSSS) is actually a good indication of your body's susceptibility to death [...]

  • Tokies

    I'm actually stupid pump for this book.I hate every bitch who reads this book before me.

  • Jeanny

    First my thoughts on the cover art: It's definitely not run of the mill. The chosen color scheme, the details on the wings, & the model's stance are all beautifully done. Next comes the disclaimer: Exodus (Imp, #8) eARC kindly provided by author Debra Dunbar in exchange for an honest review.& lastly my review: I've always enjoyed reading the imp series but it most be said Debra truly out did herself this time. Exodus (Imp, #8) was a highly entertaining read with excellent editing, a tigh [...]

  • Elena

    The Imp series has been a serious candidate to enter the Olympus of Greatness, or my illustrious "favorite shelf", but the last two or three books have been showing some weakness. It was clear since A Demon Bound that Debra Dunbar was taking some big chances with her massive cast of characters, variety of fantastical creatures and a worldbuilding that spans in at least three different directions, but she did a great job of it until Kingdom of Lies, when it all came crashing down. The last couple [...]

  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews

    This is a series that I wish I had found outside of a reading challenge so that I could have started this series from the beginning! What a great read!

  • Lexxi Kitty

    Okay, so book 8, the last one available for me to read in the main series line. Ah, I’ll start with that.This is a series that has many many ‘other’ side books that got published along the way. I’ve read none of them. As such I can’t really say how much I missed by not reading them, but I can say that Sam, as the main character, likes making a lot of references to stuff that occurred to other characters which I assume got detailed in other books. Like Dar suddenly found himself in Chic [...]

  • Meigan

    There's nothing more exciting than a new release in the Imp series and although it feels like I've been waiting for quite a while for Exodus, the wait was totally worth it. Throughout the course of this series, readers have witnessed resident Iblis/Ha-Satan/Angel of Chaos/Imp Sam Martin slowly transform from a hell-raiser, to a demon with many titles and even more responsibilities. Trying to balance everything is oftentimes an effort in futility on Sam's part, and that's very apparent in this in [...]

  • Amyiw

    I love the series usually, and this one was a game changer. I want to go on and read the next right away, but I'm caught up. Drat it. OK so Raphael's book comes out soon and I've preordered it and I have a couple of spin offs that I can read but I wanna see what happens next!(view spoiler)[ So the elves evil take over is thwarted by the lower elves lead by Sam and her friends. The war in Aaru has pretty much come to a head and now is as over as it can get. Wow, didn't see that coming and neither [...]

  • Abra

    I really enjoyed book eight. This series got bogged down a few books ago with Sam having new responsibilities in each book until it got really annoying. In Exodus Sam is trying to keep the elves from taking over the Earth and enslaving humans. The rebel angels are on the elves' side and want the elves to guide humanity into being more enlightened so the angels don't have to. They don't believe that in the last two million years the elves have devolved and are not the highly moral beings they use [...]

  • Melinda

    What a wild and marvellous ride. I love this series, the characters, the chaos, the action. It's all going on. I especially love that our heroine is not all cutesy and noble and amazing. I love how the author has crafted this whole series, building on previous stuff to get the readers to this stage. Brilliant.

  • Fangs for the Fantasy

    The elves are once again up to no good. Now that they've managed to secure the blessings of Angels who simply want to be rid of the work of improving humans and hunker down in Aaru. The elves plan to leave Hel behind and become the new rulers of earth. Sam knows that she has to put a stop to this but what can one Angel of Chaos do? Sam turns to her angelic boyfriend only to find that things in Aaru have gotten so out of control that he doesn't really have the time to help. With a baby dragon liv [...]

  • Patricia Huynh

    Wooowweee! I've been dying for this book; riveted with enough anticipation to faint once when it showed up on my e-reader ready to download.Exodus, without spoiling anything, is everything you know and love about the Imp series. It seems like Sam is still doing her thing, mucking things up and somehow always coming out on top albeit in her same, "oh shit" fashion. There's plenty of killing, explosions, and general impish shenanigans filled with a host of old and new characters alike. Like the Ne [...]

  • Dale

    Hold on! I did not put it down Full of unexpected twists and turns. So , where is Book 9 ? I Will find it.

  • Laura

    Excellent ! Another fabulous installment in the Imp series! As usual, Sam is spread too thin and the forces of order are increasingly ganging up on her and her position as Iblis. A war is brewing in Aaru and the elves are plotting to leave Hel. Sam is once again out of room in her house for more unwanted guests and wondering if she can, in good conscience, place Gregory in the position of having to choose between her and his beloved Aaru. All is not gloom and doom, however, for the first time in [...]

  • Vivian Smotherman

    Have devoured every book in the series thus far. Debra has done an amazing job of keeping the storyline going without getting stupid about things. Our hero continues to grow (a little slow in the last few books). Angel Sex is awesome! And the characters and relationships all have depth. I could use a few more explanations, it seems reasonable to me that at certain times someone might ask a few more questions when hints of important things pop up unexpectedly. Then again that's probably why I kee [...]

  • Rayna

    Rushed endingI started reading the series a few days ago when I receive book one. So far it was ok, There were a few times it reminded me of a couple other books but I liked it, I liked the heroine. This last book and a few others, I noticed the endings are quick and abrupt. Conflict resolution in what felt like ten pages. I just would have like more than for of five lines from the bad guy before he died.

  • Elizabeth Meadows

    Wrapping up the seriesThis book feels like the preparation of the end for this series. Debra Dunbar's Imp Series is winding down to its final book. Samantha has achieved a new level of impressive power without the prestige of the previous Iblis. Her new found empathy and compassion guide her path to redemption. Irreverent humor including puns and outright mocking are shared by Sam, Gregory and members of her household. Now I need to buy book number nine.

  • Ann Zdunczyk

    Elves!!Yes elves are coming to earth!! Iceland wants to keep theirs but the others are fair game. Boy did they under estimate humans. When the high lord made his speech about being the new ruler of America he was laughed at, not a good thing since the elf guards started shooting arrows at them and killed some. Little Red to the rescue!!

  • Andi

    This was slower than the last one, with the majority focused on the prelude to the war between the angels. Sam is also dealing with the sudden appearance of elves around the world. There were some fun parts related to Little Red (the baby dragon), Nyalla (Sam’s amazing half demon/elf protege), and Diablo (Sam’s half demon/horse hybrid). But overall, this felt like another filler installment.

  • Candace

    Once again I was underwhelmed with the 8th in the series. So much happening and yet not that interesting. I really can't see what the point is for the whole series. It feels like it could go on forever with no resolution. It definitely needs more sex!

  • Jay Collins

    3.5 Stars, good series, well worth the read

  • Lirajean

    This author f'n rocks! This series, this world she build is solid and fun; reliable from book to book, all of them laugh-out-loud funny.

  • manesha shubrick

    I loved this whole series I loved this whole series thus far, finished in less than 2 weeks waiting on the next book!!! I can't wait!!!

  • Laura


  • Jana Gundy

    I love this series!Sam and her gang are some of my favorite characters. The writing is always solid, the world is interesting and complex, the relationships are realistic and enjoyable. The author keeps you entertained and after 8 books, I still need more!

  • Ksenia

    With each installation Imp quickly becomes my most favorite Urban Fantasy. I love how inhuman Sam is and yet she is written with so much compassion and protective. I love how Dunbar writes her main character: with all the change and growth Sam went throw the series, she never ceases to be amusing, naughty imp who can be both demonic and angelic. I love how she keeps collecting people to be hers to care about. I think she needs to buy a new house, may be the whole town. I was not sure about the b [...]

  • Epicbookaddict

    I love this series. I love how Sam is developing but still keeps her smartass demon mouth. All the characters and species tangled up in a delightful mess. Lots of fun!

  • Lisa

    Another great book in this seriesYou can't not like this series and the books keep getting better and better. This time it's the elves that are a problem for our favourite imp Sam. The rebel angels have a plan to take over Aaru and let the elves enslave the humans and its up to Sam and Gregory to stop that happening. Things don't go well and when Sam used her power, things happen that she didn't expect it want leaving chaos in her wake. Recommended

  • Henry Lazarus

    I got addicted to Debra Dunbar’s eight book imp series and couldn’t stop till finished. Slum landlord Samantha Martin is really a young imp, only a thousand years old and has played on Earth for forty. Angels will kill her if she is found, but when one does, she becomes A Demon Bound (paper) instead. Things get complicated when she finds Satan's Sword (paper) and it chooses her, the first Satan since the war between Angels of Chaos and Angels of Order two million years before. The new demons [...]

  • Steve

    Great seriesThis was as good as any of the books in this series and that's unusual in my experience, normally as the series goes on the story line tends to weaken and starts to fall apart, but not the imp series, if anything it just gets better.

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  • ✓ Exodus || Ò PDF Read by ☆ Debra Dunbar
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