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By Dani Collins | Comments: ( 799 ) | Date: ( Mar 29, 2020 )

Skye Wolcott planned to marry, have children, and live happy ever after in her hometown of Marietta, Montana Then her marriage imploded in a cloud of scandal Now she d be happy if people would just stop talking about her Chase Goodwin worked hard to get away from Marietta, where poverty colored his past Living his dream as a major league baseball player, he has no reasSkye Wolcott planned to marry, have children, and live happy ever after in her hometown of Marietta, Montana Then her marriage imploded in a cloud of scandal Now she d be happy if people would just stop talking about her Chase Goodwin worked hard to get away from Marietta, where poverty colored his past Living his dream as a major league baseball player, he has no reason to return beyond helping his half brother escape as successfully The last thing Chase would consider is staying Then he sees Skye Wolcott, a girl he always had a thing for in high school They get off to a rough start, but are soon carrying on like high schoolers Chase wants her to join his fast paced, larger than life world, but Skye s a small town girl at heart Can she convince him that Homecoming is than a game, and he s back where he belongs Book 3 in multi author Montana Born Homecoming Book 1 Sing Me Back Home by Eve Gaddy Book 2 Finding Home by Roxanne Snopek Book 3 Hometown Hero by Dani CollinsBook 1 in Dani Collins Love In Montana Series Hometown HeroBlame The MistletoeThe Bachelor s BabyHis Blushing BrideScorch, Firefighters of MontanaHis Christmas Miracle releases Oct 27, 2016

  • Title: Hometown Hero
  • Author: Dani Collins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: None

About Author:

Dani Collins

A USA Today Bestselling author, Dani Collins began writing in high school, spending than two decades writing and submitting before she got The Call After a brilliant debut in the UK with No Longer Forbidden, a Mills Boon Modern Book Of The Month in January 2013, Dani Collins saw her first Harlequin Presents, Proof Of Their Sin, win that year s Reviewer s Choice for First Series romance by Romantic Times Book Reviews Dani has gone on to sell than two dozen sexy, witty, vibrant romances to a variety of worldwide publishers including Harlequin Mills Boon in London, Tule Publishing in California, and Champagne Books in Alberta Canada Dani has even published some indie books out of her office in rural British Columbia where she lives with her high school sweetheart.While Dani s settings span from glitzy Greek islands to small town Montana to imaginary medieval worlds, she always delivers alpha heroes squaring off with spirited heroines with passion and humor.Try before you buy Join Dani s newsletter and receive Cruel Summer, a short story ebook written exclusively for her subscribers Get Dani s Free eBook

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  • Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)

    Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviewsby KimI’m a sucker for second chance love stories. Dani Collins has done a wonderful job of showing two people who had dreams for their lives and did their best to stick with those dreams. I also love and appreciate that Dani didn’t have the book go the way I thought it would. I think we all make some sort of sacrifice for love. I mean, that’s one of the things that makes love so special, knowing when to sacrifice for someone else and knowing when [...]

  • Jean

    I loved this story. Skye and Chase both had crushes on each other in high school but neither one ever did anything to pursue it. Now they are adults - she is divorced and working at the school, and he is a professional baseball player. They run into each other while he is in Marietta resting from an injury and checking up on his little brother.These characters were both so lovable. I really liked how down to earth Chase was considering his status as a well known ball player. The story was nice a [...]

  • Dani Collins

    Montana Born HomecomingNow on Kobo, Nook & SmashwordsLook for next in series:Book 2: Blame The MistletoeBook 3: The Bachelor's BabyBook 4: His Blushing Bride (tentative title)

  • Cruth

    Author: Dani CollinsFirst published: 2014Length: 1653 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary. Marietta, Montana.Hero: Sporting personHeroine: School SecretaryIncludes: Excerpt from Blame the Mistletoe.Nice enough. Nothing spectacular except that she make him work for it.A good enough read.Love in Montana by Dani CollinsBook 1 Hometown Hero - Skye Woolcott and Chase GoodwinBook 2 Blame the Mistletoe - Liz Flowers and Balke CanonBook 3 The Bachelor's Baby - Meg Canon and Linc BradyBook 4 His Blushi [...]

  • Teresa

    This was a funny, serious, happy, sad, totally almost perfect love story about 2 hometown natives who are totally opposite but similar. Having grown up together they were secretly infatuated with the other. Small town guy makes it big but finds his true home in the most unlikely place : his hometown high school. Small town girl is faced with her hardest choice yet : dare to reach for the dream she has always harbored. On one hand, she must choose to leave the one place she swore to always stay. [...]

  • Se Mcgregor

    Purchased on , didn't realise it was a novella till I clicked on the first page - sigh. Of course I had already purchased the first two in the series thinking they would last me a week. Good story, not great - I prefer this author's Harlequin Presents titles. A bit more quantity, quality and substance.

  • Bette Stanek

    I picked this one up when I was out and wanted something quick and easy. It served the intended purpose. It's cute, low drama, some funny moments, and a super quick read. There's nothing you wouldn't expect.

  • Nancy

    Read this along with the next 3 in the Love in Montana series as a boxed set. Nice small town romances with heat and pulls on the heartstrings. This one features a major league ball player and the h.s. secretary who had gone to h.s. together.

  • Bernie

    Hometown Hero is the first sweet romance in the Love in Montana series written by author Dani Collins.

  • Emma

    Hometown Hero, by Dani Collinskye Wolcott planned to marry, have children, and live happy ever after in her hometown of Marietta, Montana. Then her marriage imploded in a cloud of scandal. Now she’d be happy if people would just stop talking about her.Chase Goodwin worked hard to get away from Marietta, where poverty colored his past. Living his dream as a major league baseball player, he has no reason to return beyond helping his half-brother escape as successfully. The last thing Chase would [...]

  • Moran

    ***I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion***Hometown Hero is book #3 in the Montana Born Homecoming series and I enjoyed it.This is the first book I read by Dani Collins and I'm sure it won't be the last!I'm really enjoying reading the book in this series since they are all about second chance in love which is one of my favorite themes in romance books.Skye Wolcott married her high school boyfriend but after years of being married her husband and her best friend told her he's gay a [...]

  • Kerry Croucier

    All Skye Wolcott Baynard ever wanted was a husband, family, and home in Marietta. Then her marriage ended in a huge scandal and now all she wants is for people to stop talking about her.All Chase Goodwin wanted was to get out of Marietta and leave his past behind and becoming a successful pro-baseball player helped. Now he is back in Marietta, rehabbing from an injury and watching over his little brother. When a stupid comment draw's Skye's ire, it isn't just the town that talks about it. Neithe [...]

  • Rosemary K

    Skye Wolcott wants a happy every after filled with a man she loves and children. Her recent divorce shattered those dreams. She hates being a source of gossip but she is. Things get worse when she and local hero, Chase Goodwin, have very public face-off when he makes a flippant remark about her turning men gay. The sad thing is that Skye and Chase are attracted to each other. He's a famous pro-baseball player who is home to help his brother, Flynn. He hates being in Marietta, but loves being wit [...]

  • Paula Pugh

    The timing was never right for Chase Goodwin and Skye Wolcott to find themselves sweethearts in high school. They were both dating someone else and Chase was leaving Marietta as soon as he graduated to a big league baseball career. Even though they both felt something for each other, neither said a word. Now, Chase is back in Marietta nursing an injury and sorting out his younger brother's problems. Skye never left Marietta. She married her high school boyfriend only to discover later that he wa [...]

  • Janine

    A cute romanceAn embarrassing encounter between a small town girl and a big time baseball player brings two unlikely people together. It was fun watching the drama unfold and how they worked it to their advantage. Skye Wolcott Baynard and Chase Goodwin both went to school together but never even had a friendship. Chase is back in town recovering for surgery and helping out at the school in order to spend more time with his younger brother. Skye is the school secretary. After a scandal, they find [...]

  • Cindy Hamilton

    Hometown Hero by Dani Collins is book #3 in the Montana Born Homecoming series and is a sweet, endearing, passionate, romantic love story. This is a story about a 2nd chance at love. Having known each other in high school Chase Goodwin and Skye Wolcott meet up again with Skye telling Chase off. You see Skye is a sweet, strong heroine who had overcome town gossip about her and Chase really puts his foot in his mouth with a remark. But as we read we find out that Chase is really a strong, caring h [...]

  • Myla

    Chase Goodwin is a big shot baseball player and has come home to nurse his injured shoulder and keep tabs on his little brother. When he sees Skye Wolcott (now Baynard), it's like he's back in high school all over again. Except this time he will talk to her and try to taker her out.Skye followed the path she had always intended, marrying right out of high school. Only problem was, she married her best friend who also happened to be a closeted gay man. Now divorced, her ego has taken a hit. When [...]

  • Alexia Adams

    This book started kind of slow for me. There was a lot of backstory and pages and pages of narration and a huge cast of characters that I couldn't keep track of, which I guess is typical in a small town romance where everyone has an opinion to offer. I nearly stopped reading but once I got to the halfway point I started to enjoy it more. And I'm so glad I persevered. The last half of the book was wonderful. The chemistry between the characters and their maturity, their willingness to sacrifice t [...]

  • Kanoko

    I don't know which is worse: your fiancé outing himself on your wedding day (like The Best Man) or your husband of a few years outing himself (like this book). Oh, boy.Didn't completely hit the sweet spot for me—it introduced issues that I didn't think were satisfactorily handled—but this was an enjoyable read. It was interesting how two ambitious people in very different ways got together beyond the physical attraction. Really nice chemistry between the couple.Appreciated the amicable rela [...]

  • Heidi Pergolski

    Skye Baynard is the Marietta High School secretary. Chase Goodwin is back in town on leave until his pitching arm has healed. Both are chaperones at the school dance when Chase starts asking about her. However, as Chase makes a snarky comment about Skye, just as the music fades, Skye tells him off. Chase fears she won't ever ask about him again. Finally able to apologize, Chase decides he is going to do anything he can to make it up to her. Skye wants the whole package, husband, kids and a home [...]

  • Runner10

    This is my first book to read by Dani Collins. I am happy to have found a new author! I really loved her writing style. It is very quick paced. This story is short, but she really captures the reader. This is the third book in the homecoming series. It can be read as a stand alone book, but I encourage you to read the whole series to experience the Montana homecoming story.Hometown Hero is the story of Skye and Chase who went to school together. After graduation, Chase left Marietta to play MLB [...]

  • Shelagh

    Chase Goodwin is back in Marietta and helping out at the high school while he gets over an injury. Skye Baynard never left, and now he's spotted her at the school dance he can't stop staring. Back in high school he had a thing for her and unbeknownst to him she had a huge crush on him. At the time both were dating other people so each put the other on the out of bounds list and moved on with their lives. Now they're together again, both single and ready to explore their feelings. I enjoyed readi [...]

  • Jen_C

    Pretty good. I enjoyed the overall story but the dialogue and style were not for me.“Hey, I didn’t post that clip. And for the record, I was being sarcastic last night. I know you can’t turn people gay.” “Sure about that?” she shot back, once again finding herself pushing back for the simple reason that he had the gall to say to her what no one else had. “Wanna put it to the test?” “I’d love to.”WTH quote: She tilted back her head and let him see all the frightened bunnies [...]

  • Laura D

    Chase returns to Marietta to let his shoulder heal. He left and became a famous ball player years ago. Skye married her boyfriend from high school right after graduation. Now she is older, divorced and no closer to her happily ever after. When they meet again, after all these years, the attraction is still there. Their timing was never right for them to hook up in high school. Can Chase's feeling for Skye make him forget why he left Marietta in the first place? A fun story about chances not take [...]

  • Debbie

    Hometown Hero was a fun, quick and great revisit to Marietta, Montana. Chase, a professional baseball player recovering from an injury, returns to Marietta to check up on his younger brother, Flynn. Skye has always dreamed of settling in her hometown with a home and family of her own. I loved that while Chase and Skye were in high school and were attracted to the other, they were each a bit oblivious to their mutual attraction. Hometown Hero was a perfect fit for the Homecoming series, I loved i [...]

  • Bette Hansen

    A wonderfully written small town romance. Chase Goodwin, pro baseball player, is back in Marietta while rehabbing an injured shoulder. Skye Wolcott has lived her whole life in Marietta, happy with life in a small town even if she has been the topic of way too much gossip. When they fall in love one of them has to give up the life they love, or can they work out a compromise they can both live with?A great afternoon read that will definitely leave you smiling with great characters and a wonderful [...]

  • Valerie

    Sometimes people say you can’t go home, then there are times when home is everything. Ms. Collins takes us back to Marietta where everyone knows everything and sometimes to catch up on the old gossip you have to become part of the new gossip. In this short but sweet novella a high school almost romance becomes a grown up fling. In a shockingly short amount of pages it feels as if Chase and Skye have become a part of the family. Take a few moments and invite them in….

  • Rachael Mcdonald

    Chase couldn't believe that he was back at his old high school, or that he was still having to deal with rehabilitation for his shoulder, or that of all the people for him to run into it would be Skye the one girl who he was ever too scared to admit his feelings about. Not only was Skye back in town but she was recently divorced and looking mighty fine. Maybe he would finally get to live that teenage hormone fueled wet dream of his.

  • Christine

    Skye and Chase knew each other in high school and crushed from afar. Chase went on to play ball, while Skye started a job as a high school secretary. Chase returns to Marietta to be around his younger brother Max and reconnects with Skye. I didn't fall in love with this Marietta or with the characters. I felt the book lacked the southern charm and small town connection. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ginny

    This is a lovely, quick read. Skye’s marriage collapsed in scandal when her husband announced he was gay, and all she wants is for folks in her small hometown to stop talking about her. Chase comes back home to help his younger brother, never planning on staying long. Both had High School crushes on each other. Can that manifest itself into real life grownup love? It can for these two.

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  • Best Download [Dani Collins] ✓ Hometown Hero || [Psychology Book] PDF ✓
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