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By Lea Davey | Comments: ( 639 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

An isolated fishing shack on a beautiful bay in the Whitsundays provides Luke with a retreat where he can find peace and solitude However, the discovery of family war relics, and a developing relationship with the beautiful Lily, connects family histories and reveals a story that threatens to destroy his chance at real happiness.Will the wartime secrets prove to be the brAn isolated fishing shack on a beautiful bay in the Whitsundays provides Luke with a retreat where he can find peace and solitude However, the discovery of family war relics, and a developing relationship with the beautiful Lily, connects family histories and reveals a story that threatens to destroy his chance at real happiness.Will the wartime secrets prove to be the breaking point for a beautiful romance Or can two families put the deeds of the past behind them Romantic and purely Australian, The Shack by the Bay captures the pristine beauty of the Whitsundays and the wartime memories of older Australians while introducing an eclectic blend of friends and family.

  • Title: The Shack by the Bay
  • Author: Lea Davey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Lea Davey

The Shack by the Bay is Lea Davey s debut novel and was released in 2016 It has captured the interest of both Australian and international readers, drawn to the intriguing blend of Australian characters, unique landscapes and story of romance Silkworm Secrets was released in March 2017 and as a work of fiction has been widely praised for covering sensitive issues including child abuse, mental health problems and domestic violence The overriding story of the novel however, is of the wonderful and loving relationships that exist between many children and their parents.Lea draws on her experiences gained from travelling around Australia and years spent studying and teaching history to bring together compelling contemporary fiction Passionate about literacy, she believes in the power of books to not only provide entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment but also to educate readers in both historical and contemporary issues and events Lea continues to write and hopes to release new books later in 2017 instagram leadaveyautfacebook valeenapresslea.davey hotmail

Comments The Shack by the Bay

  • Sharon

    Luke was only six years old when he went to live with his grandparents after his father was killed in a terrible car accident. Luke adored his grandparents and he particularly loved going fishing with his Pa. Pa taught Luke all there was to know about fishing and the pair spent as much time as they could doing something they both loved. But sadly ten years on and his grandparents passed away, which deeply upset Luke. Life would no longer be the same without his Nan and Pa, but Luke would now hav [...]

  • Brenda

    When Luke was four, his father was killed in a horrific car accident – when he was six he went to live with his Nan and Pa on their farm. For the next ten years Luke was content – he loved his grandparents and spent a lot of time fishing with his Pa, learning about life and how to live it to its fullest. When his grandparents passed, Luke was shattered. But he was left the shack which they had holidayed at; the Whitsunday Islands was surrounded by beautiful, tranquil bays, and Luke’s shack [...]

  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews

    *mrsbbookreviews.wordpressA fishing shack nestled in the picturesque and tranquil setting of the Whitsundays, north Queensland, is the anchor of Australian author Lea Davey’s first novel, The Shack by the Bay. This shack is the place where a forbidden wartime romance played out. It is also the place that draws two souls in the present day together, as their family histories are intertwined with one another and this special shack by the bay.In the present day, Luke is the owner of a little run [...]

  • Merie McClintock

    I loved it. I became so attached to Lily and Luke that I was dreading the story coming to an end. It completely hooks you in and compels you to keep reading. I've passed it on to all of my friends. Highly recommended!

  • Angela

    ***** I was a lucky winner of this book in a giveaway by the author*****Where do I begin in my review of this wonderful book? Wow, wow, wow!! This was a tough book for me to read, one in which I wanted to power through so that I could see what happened, but one I also wanted to take my time with as I was so immersed in the lives of the characters and didn't want to leave them! Each sentence was so perfectly formed, each word carefully chosen, combining into pages of pure delight which left me s [...]

  • Andrew

    " Loved this book from the first page. Real Australian fiction incorporating World War II history and contemporary local people and places. Great relationship story and loved how the connections emerged and unfolded. Refreshing to read this debut Australian novel.

  • Lauren

    I was totally hooked on this book and couldn't put it down. It was lovely to read a book where I could reference the places where the story took place. I didn't want it to end and want to know what is next for Luke and Lily.

  • M.B. Gibson

    The Shack by the Bay is a lovely, romantic novel set in Queensland, Australia. The author’s vibrant descriptions of the secluded bay, the town of Proserpine, and the city of Brisbane were not only beautifully written, they pulled me into the novel with the characters. I was also drawn by the main characters, Luke and Lily, who were so real, I felt I could sit beside them for a cup of tea. I’ll give nothing away, but my favorite part was the intriguing mystery within Luke’s family. I thorou [...]

  • Jill Agnew

    Loved the North Queensland setting for this novel - the coastline and fishing, the beaches, the shack, towns and pubs were all brought to life with beautiful description. An interesting mix of family turmoil, a coming of age, love and its complications against the backdrop of World War 2 and Australians fighting in New Guinea. A very commendable first novel - so looking forward to Lea Davey's next book that should be out later this year.

  • Donna Mawhirt

    Great read; fantastic book. Living near the Whitsunday region, I could relate to the locations mentioned in the book. This brings back memories of a fishing shack me & my family have stayed at. I enjoyed the storyline; very descriptive, takes you away to another place. I would definitely recommend!!

  • Sarah

    Just loved the mixture of history, Australian people and places and a beautiful romance. Fabulous debut novel and I can't wait for Lea Davey's second book due out shortly. Relaxing holiday read that I couldn't put down.

  • Natalie

    I loved this book so much I read it in 2 days. It is so full of life and I could relate to the characters so well. The Australian history and way of life described in the book tops it all off. Definitely an excellent holiday read!

  • Sue

    (I received a review copy of this book through .) I loved this gentle story of coming to terms with a past and developing a friendship - the way it used to be done before social media and the intrusion of too many electronic devices. The writing is evocative and realistic. At a very few points there was a bit of repetition, which was a bit distracting. I am looking forward to Lea Davey's next book - I'm sure it will not disappoint.

  • Joanne Mawhirt

    I enjoyed this book. It's characters & storylines show just how small the world is with the entanglement of lives. I found its history and location description very good. I recommend this book to all romance readers who enjoy some history with a twist and a happy ending.

  • Sara Glancy

    I thought it was a great book. It sucked you into the story as if you were one of the characters yourself. I don't want to say too much other than, just read it. Once I got started I couldn't put it down until I was finished. Now that is all I am saying.

  • Emma

    This book made me angry. It could have been so amazing. An interesting story, beautiful descriptions of scenery, a couple who could have been good if I didn't want to hit them, and some lovely side characters. It is just so close to being a 4 star book that I'm cranky it had such major failings. casual racism, stilted conversations, extraneous bits added just to bring in a stereotype, lack of logic, and inconsistent characters. Still there was enough promise that I will likely try another one of [...]

  • TheMadHatter

    Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars. At the surface level, this book is a very slow burn romance book between Luke (typical country boy) and Lily (lost city girl). However, when you scratch the surface there is so much more to this book. This is the quintessential Aussie novel with your very well crafted (and oh so real) characters, your unique Queensland landscapes and typical aussie lingo/slang. My favourite character was, without a doubt, Pa. He just felt so real and warm to me and when I found myself s [...]

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Shack by the Bay | by ✓ Lea Davey
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