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By Hilda van Stockum | Comments: ( 530 ) | Date: ( Apr 05, 2020 )

During World War II a young German girl, who has been indoctrinated into the Hitler Youth, travels to occupied Amsterdam to rejoin her parents then comes to realize the truth about the war So, you re falsifying papers said Janna You belong to the Dutch Resistance She looked at him curiously The boy shrugged his shoulders You could call it that I m just helpingDuring World War II a young German girl, who has been indoctrinated into the Hitler Youth, travels to occupied Amsterdam to rejoin her parents then comes to realize the truth about the war So, you re falsifying papers said Janna You belong to the Dutch Resistance She looked at him curiously The boy shrugged his shoulders You could call it that I m just helping the van Arkels rescue innocent people from certain death They need these identification papers and food cards to keep alive If you betray me, all these people will either starve or be forced to give themselves up to be sent to the gas chambers of a concentration camp Gas chambers Janna looked at the boy with horror You mean they are killed The book looked sternly at her Do you think, he said, that Germany is sending Jews to a nice vacation spa, or to pretty villages with geraniums in the windows That s what they told us at first, though in Holland we never believed it.

  • Title: The Borrowed House
  • Author: Hilda van Stockum
  • ISBN: 9781930900899
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Hilda van Stockum

Born February 9, 1908, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Hilda van Stockum was a noted author, illustrator and painter, whose work has won the Newbery Honor and the National Conference of Christians and Jews Brotherhood Award She was also a charter member of the Children s Book Guild and the only person to have served as its president for two consecutive terms.Van Stockum was raised partly in Ireland, and also in Ymuiden, the seaport of Amsterdam, where her father was port commander With no car and few companions, she recalled turning to writing out of boredom She was also a talented artist A penchant for art evidently ran in the family, which counted the van Goghs as distant relatives In the 1920s, she worked as an illustrator for the Dublin based publishing house, Browne Nolan She illustrated her first book, an Irish reader, in 1930, and her last book in 2001, giving her a 71 year career as a book illustrator Van Stockum attended art school in Amsterdam and later in Dublin, where she met and later married Ervin Ross Spike Marlin, who at the time was her brother Willem s roommate at Trinity College Willem Van Stockum was killed piloting a bomber over France in 1944 Van Stockum memorialized him in her book The Mitchells 1945 , about the travails of raising a family in Washington, D.C during the war She often used her family as models for the written and illustrated characters in her books.Not surprisingly then, Van Stockum was, in fact, raising a family in Washington, D.C at the time, having married Marlin, who by 1935 was a Roosevelt administration official.She had written and illustrated her first book for children, A Day on Skates, in 1934 It had a foreword by her aunt by marriage, Edna St Vincent Millay, and won a Newbery Honor During the next four decades she averaged one book per year written, illustrated, translated or some combination Van Stockum and the couple s six children were in tow for Marlin s peripatetic assignments, and it seems nothing short of miraculous that she managed to write and illustrate a score of children s books In addition, she translated and illustrated editions of many other authors.Asked in 1942 by the Washington Post how she did it, Van Stockum replied with characteristic aplomb, By neglecting my other duties Highly organized in her work, she illustrated and painted in the winter and wrote in the summer, when she could get her children out of the house.Known for their warm, vivid, and realistic depictions of family life in the face of danger and difficulties, van Stockum s books typically featured families and were set wherever she happened to be living Francie on the Run 1939 , about a child who escapes from a hospital, was set in Ireland Friendly Gables 1958 completed the Mitchells saga by then they had moved to Montreal from Washington.Her most popular book, The Winged Watchman 1962 is the story of two Dutch boys who help the Resistance during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II The book is based on letters Hilda received from relatives in the Netherlands, and has been praised for conveying an accurate sense of life under Nazi occupation Hilda van Stockum died in 2006 at the age of 98.

Comments The Borrowed House

  • Julia

    The Borrowed House by Hilda Van Stockum Is a wonderful book that I think everyone should be able to read . It's about a girl who is a Hitler youth and through some friends (who aren't German) she learns what Hitler is really like. I read it about 3 times. I couldn't put it down!!

  • Jessica Prescott

    Mixed emotions. ALL THE MIXED EMOTIONS. Guys, I'm not really sure what to think about this book. It wasn't a bad book. It was really a good book, as books go . . . But here's the thing: It could have been better. It could have been SO MUCH BETTER. And it wasn't. The whole premise--having the narrator be a young Hitler Youth girl who whole-heartedly believes the Nazis' lies because they're all she's ever known--that was a fantastic, awesome idea. And the main character herself, Janna--she's reall [...]

  • Starry

    Like the Winged Watchman, this story by Hilda Van Stockum tells a great story and is under-recognized. These two books share a time and place: the Netherlands during Nazi occupation. The author captures the hardships of hunger, of fear, of extreme danger to Jewish residents and the Dutch underground of resistance fighters. Both books are told from a child's point of view. The difference is that this book is narrated by a young German girl thoroughly indoctrinated by the Hitler Youth propaganda i [...]

  • John Tepper Marlin

    This story is about a young German girl experiencing occupied Holland as an occupier. It is based on a true story and opens realistically with the girl (Janna) for several pages soaking up German legends as part of Hitler Youth. It can be viewed as a sequel to The Winged Watchman, which is about two boys in rural Holland in World War joining the Resistance. The Winged Watchman has been praised for its handling of evil in a wholesome way, and is therefore appropriate for younger children in the f [...]

  • Steph (loves water)

    Finally Finally Finally found the name of this book, I read it in sixth grade and LOVED it! I'm sure this book came out far before 2000, I read it in the 70s.

  • Lisa Blair

    Hilda van Stockum does an amazing job highlighting Hitler’s propaganda in comparison with the reality of everyday life.Seen through the eyes of young Janna who leaves Germany and the propaganda of Hitler’s Youth to live with her parents in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, Janna comes face-to-face with Hitlers’ embellishments, real Dutch resistors, real Jews and her own families opinions and wrongdoings.Done through the eyes of a youth, this book is appropriate for young people. It sh [...]

  • Julie

    3 1/2 starsThe Borrowed House is a coming of age story that deals with the horrors of WWII in a gentle enough way to make this a good introduction for younger readers. As Janna and her family move to Holland and occupy the home of residents that were forced out to make room for German citizens, Janna begins to learn the truth behind the war through various relationships and encounters including a friendship with a Jewish boy who lives in hiding in the house. The transformation of the main charac [...]

  • Jaye

    This is a really well-written book which contains so many elements attractive to the middle-school and up reader; history, mystery, romance, conflict.The main character really begins to come of age in the book, as she learns to see for herself what life is like in her time and place. I really like that the romance in the novel is chaste and that there is ultimately respect for the value of marriage.

  • AlixJamie

    I loved the snappy characters, engaging dialogue, and well-paced action and suspense of this novel. It also gave an interesting view on Hitler's side of WW2. Since the main character is one of the brainwashed children the things she says really open up your eyes to what they were being convinced was right and true. Highly recommended!

  • Melissa

    This author is so wonderful, and this is another book of hers that I love. It's written from a very interesting point of view. A young German girl is in the Hitler Youth Organization as she faces the tragedy of World War II.

  • Audrey

    Hilda van Stockum is an amazing writer. I’m not sure why her books aren’t better know. As both a child and an "adult", she is one of my favorite authors. I absolutely LOVED this book. I’d read it before, but it was a long time ago so the story was mostly fresh to me. I love how Janna’s world view evolved as she learned more about what is really going on. I greatly enjoyed the characterizations of Hugo (his lectures were brilliant; I could’ve read a book just of them), Mina (how she kep [...]

  • Rachel

    This book was really good. It centers around a young german girl named Janna. She starts out in a small village in Germany until she is summoned to the Netherlands to where her actor father and actress mother are currently performing. Upon arriving she is dealing with missing her home in Germany and her friends; in the netherlands she deals with confronting the way Germans are perceived outside Germany. Janna has to come to learn about life and make some tough decisions. She needs to decide if t [...]

  • Micaela

    Set during WWII, this book takes a look at the war and attendant horrors from the perpective of a privileged German girl, a member of Hitler Youth, who gradually becomes disenchanted with the Nazi propaganda as she learns the truth behind the lies she was taught in school. Jana moves to occupied Amsterdam, to join her actor parents, who are both favorites of Hitler. She is surprised and eventually dismayed to realize that she is living in a "borrowed house," whose owners were forced to leave to [...]

  • Jolieg G

    Geschikt voor 10 tot 12 jaar wordt geschreven.Denk zelf dat het voor een 10 jarige wat te hoog is gegrepen.- Wil eigenlijk ook een keer "Mein Kamp" gaan lezen omdat er in dit boek dingen staan die ik niet wist.Wist dus niet dat Hitler een sterke afkeer had van religie en in het algemeen van het Christendom.Net zoals ik niet wist dat de Bijbel verboden was voor de Hitler Jügend en dat voor hen dan ook "Mein Kampf" was.- Janna is 13 jaar maar vond dat zij zich in veel opzichten niet als een derti [...]

  • Belinda

    Dit is zo een verhaal. Een verhaal met een blik op de andere kant zoals mijn oma zei. Mijn familie van moeders kant hebben het in de oorlogsjaren niet makkelijk gehad. Opa was gehandicapt (houten been) en ze werden naar Brabant geëvacueerd. Maar oma zei altijd: kinderen zijn de slachtoffers aan alle zijdes. Ze krijgen het maar in de schoenen geschoven. Dat wat de ouders hebben gedaan. De vraag die een kind stelt hoe kan dit allemaal?Janna geniet van haar tijd in het Zwarte Woud, waar ze met de [...]

  • Plethora

    Janna, a young German girl feels great pride in being old enough to join Hitler's youth. She has grown up believing whole-heartedly what she is told to her about Germany's future and past. It isn't until she joins her parents in Amsterdam that she begins to question what she has been taught and begins to understand things may not be as she thought.A gentle way to introduce readers to not always believe things without a little sleuthing on your own. Is also a light introduction to the war and the [...]

  • LuAnn

    This book is wonderful! Written at a middle school level, it takes an different perspective than most WWII literature of a loyal German girl and Hitler youth who encounters new ideas when she joins her actor parents in occupied Amsterdam. Interactions with her family, SS officers, the Dutch, Jews, events, Scripture passages and even her beloved Germanic mythology compel her to sort out the truth from the Nazi propaganda and teach her profound lessons about people. Reality is not water-down yet i [...]

  • Lea

    Sophia and I are reading this book about a German girl living in the Netherlands during World War II and how she comes to understand the damage that is being inflicted upon the Dutch and the rest of Europe.Very good book - excellent for children. Tells the story of a German girl who learns what the Jewish people are going through and that everything she had been taught in Germany was not true.

  • Deb

    I'd hoped to find "Pegeen" and "The Cottage at Bantry Bay" on the shelves, but alas, no luck. This book, though, was an excellent story of a German girl, full of false confidence in her Wagnerian "Aryan" heritage, who learns what real heroism is, in the Amsterdam house of secrets.

  • Carolyn

    This is a children's book but it was very interesting. It had lots of details that only someone who lived through WWII would have been able know about.

  • Caroline Scott

    very good. about a girl in WWII, but on the german's side. learns about her culture.

  • Kathleen Shipley

    Better than I expected. Same time period as "The Book Thief" and written from the perspective of a teenage girl.

  • Maryclare Fawver

    Really neat. It's about life in world war 2. A must read.

  • Karen

    It was about a German girl who moves to Denmark and sees the other side of WWII. Entertaining as well as educational.

  • Anke

    Leuk jeugdboek. Op een interessante manier wordt de tweede wereldoorlog vanuit een Duits oogpunt vertelt. Janne is een sympathieke, nieuwsgierige tiener.

  • Julie

    good book for teen girls

  • Melany

    AMAZING I thought it would just be another book, But it was SOOOOOOOOO good!

  • Irene Mueller

    It was wonderful. very insightful about the times

  • Mehsi

    Echt een mooi boek, ik mocht Janna niet echt in het begin, maar ze veranderde en leerde nieuwe dingen. En de boekcover is echt prachtig, die gaat op mijn lijstje van coverlove. :)

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  • ↠ The Borrowed House || ì PDF Download by É Hilda van Stockum
    249 Hilda van Stockum
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