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By Rachael Slate Kelley Heckart | Comments: ( 853 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

Her arrow pierced his centaur heartWhen Eione, daughter of the Lapith Lord Macareus, accidentally shoots the centaur Agrius, she must choose between saving his life and finishing him off Their races might be not be at war any, but for her family, the hostility never ended Yet she can t kill the male with gentle eyes, whose touch ignites her with so much than a dHer arrow pierced his centaur heartWhen Eione, daughter of the Lapith Lord Macareus, accidentally shoots the centaur Agrius, she must choose between saving his life and finishing him off Their races might be not be at war any, but for her family, the hostility never ended Yet she can t kill the male with gentle eyes, whose touch ignites her with so much than a desire for peace.But captured his human oneLord Agrius risked his life in venturing to Lapith lands, trespassing through enemy territory to retrieve the sacred water that could cure his brother s grief The lovely huntress who shot him yet saved his life entices him to risk far But to claim her as his mate means he ll have to steal her hand and hazard a war.On the run for their lives and their heartsWhen her family arranges a betrothal to another, Eione convinces Agrius to flee with her Dark times drive a chasm between their races and they ll have to choose blood or love and which one is worth dying, and killing, for.The Lords of Thessaly Series A spin off of the Halcyon Romance Series Five intertwining tales of seduction, temptation, and adventure where fierce, capable women and wild, seductive centaur shifters will risk everything to lay claim to love.Wicked Lord of ThessalyHer arrow pierced his centaur heart, but captured his human one.Brutish Lord of ThessalyShe ll coax out the darkness in his soul, even if it threatens to consume her.Masterful Lord of ThessalyHe ll unravel her darkest secrets, unless she kills him first.Untamed Lord of ThessalyHer sultry whisper will either drive him to madness or blissful surrender.Lost Lady of ThessalyShe s supposed to be dead and he shouldn t exist, but together they just might find a love worth living for.Halcyon Romance Series Reading Order Halcyon Romance Book 1 Moon BorneBook 2 Earth BorneBook 3 Water BorneLords of Thessaly series now complete Book 1 Wicked Lord of ThessalyBook 2 Brutish Lord of ThessalyBook 3 Masterful Lord of ThessalyBook 4 Untamed Lord of ThessalyBook 5 Lost Lady of ThessalyCursed Immortals Book 1 Shadow BorneOther books by Rachael Slate Chinese Zodiac Romance Series Reading Order Book 1 Trancing the TigerBook 2 Rematch Standalone novella Book 3 By the HornsBook 4 Match Me Later Standalone novella Book 5 Reining Him InBook 6 Matching Dragons Standalone novella Book 7 Never Match a Dragon Standalone novella Book 8 In Wolf s Clothing

  • Title: Wicked Lord of Thessaly
  • Author: Rachael Slate Kelley Heckart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Rachael Slate Kelley Heckart

USA Today bestselling author of scorching hot fantasy romance Check out her two steamy series, the Chinese Zodiac Romance Series and the Halcyon Romance Series.Rachael Slate resides on the West Coast of Canada with her husband, two children, cat, and dog Plus hummingbirds, songbirds, mason bees, and the occasional butterfly in her garden When not writing, she s probably thinking about food cooking, baking, or watching cooking shows She also adores the outdoors running, hiking, canoeing, camping, swimming, etc so that helps to offset her culinary obsession Rachael writes sizzling stories that blend the lines between mythology, reality, and fantasy In her worlds, you ll encounter strong, sexy alpha males and the fierce, capable heroines who challenge them And always, scorching hot romance.

Comments Wicked Lord of Thessaly

  • Lindsay

    4.5 wicked stars! I loved this short romance. There was plenty of action and romance to keep you on your toes, and yet you don't feel rushed. Agrius and Eione are perfect for one another, both stubborn but perfectly matched! I look forward to reading the rest of this spinoff series!

  • Meg (booksandwinewithmeg.blog)

    I'm not even sure what I just read It was a quick sexy read, that was very confusing. But hey not bad

  • Nikki Brooks

    Eione, daughter of the Lapith Lord Macareus, goes hunting a lot, not exactly behaviour her family condones. But when she shoots what she thinks is an animal she is in for a bit of shock!! She has shot Agrius, one of the Centaur royals! Their kinds have never been friends but they are not technically at war any more so she decides to save him. Agrius risks everything by venturing onto Lapith territory. But he feels the reward outweighs the risk. His brother is slipping slowly into madness after t [...]

  • Kathi

    More centaur magic to be found within!!! 4.5 starsEione accidentally shoots the centaur Agrius while sneaking off to hunt to provide food for the villagers. Both are of noble birth and while their races are no longer at war, for her family the hostility never ended. Agrius morphs back to human to heal but collapses from his wounds. Knowing her family would execute him Eione carts him to her childhood hideaway. As Eione nurses him, they both feel an innate draw to each other. Upon her return, her [...]

  • Robin

    Another heart warming heart melting romance. I loved unveiling this story Eione is a strong woman with a heart of gold. Agrius is a fine example of a centaur. These two really balanced one another.Ms. Slate writes with a lot of emotion and gives you warm fuzzies. I'm so thankful that I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. If you love centaurs, strong women and action with your romance then grab your own. I cannot wait for the next story, I am loving this series.

  • Stacy Aube

    I have loved this series from the very beginning so this didn't disappoint me. I was drawn into Eione and Agrius's story from their intense first meeting. From history they are to be mortal enemies, however something has drawn the two together. Where they destined to be? What is the outcome? Is something bigger in the works? I guess you have to read this to find out.

  • Gina Roberts

    With the same action and well-rounded characters as her full length novels, this novella spin-off will hook you from the very first page and keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.The main characters, Agrius and Eione, were first seen in Earth Borne where, despite their short appearance, caught my attention and left me wondering about their story.In Romeo & Juliet fashion, these destined lovers are not simply from warring families, but warring *races*. Caught up in the threat of war [...]

  • Nicole Smith

    I'm a huge fan of the Halcyon Romance Series and super excited that the Lords of Thessaly are getting their stories told because after reading Earth Borne I wondered what was going to come of Thereus' brothers. Now they are going to have their stories told. Rachael kicks off with Agrius. Eione is a strong compassionate woman and she finds herself on the path of a future she wants nothing to do with. Luck must be on her side when Agrius crosses her path because she is soon set on a new path. How [...]

  • Lyn Mckenzie

    I loved both of the characters in this book exactly as they are, both of them show their deep loyalty, protectiveness and love for all those around them. The way all of the characters are written makes you feel like you know them and would want to find out more about their past and future.This book could be read alone or read as a continuation of a series as there is enough information into the history if you have never read the other books but if you have read the others it's a reminder of what [...]

  • Sue Davis

    A Special and Different Kind of Love StoryAgrius (a centaur) and Eione (a huntress) both of noble birth but each born to waring people. Eione hunts to secretly feed her people without her family knowing till the day she finds her game is also a man. Agrius finds himself shot while trying to do something to save his brother. The captivating young woman is his life mate but he can't have her because it would cause a war. Then she asks for his help offering to take him to what he seeks if he helps [...]

  • Patti

    This novella is my first exposure to the works of Rachael Slate and I found it entertaining and sweet. Agribusiness and Eione make a wonderful pair and this author brought them to life swiftly. The storyline moved along great and stirred the yearning for a good resolution for the characters. A very easy and delightful read I would recommend to PNR fans. There are steamy scenes so this should be read by adult audiences. Agris portrayed the definition of gentlemanly restraint and respectfulness to [...]

  • Gladys

    Wicked Lord of Thessaly by Rachael Slate is a sweet PNR romance. Lady Eione is a Lapith Princess, Lord Agruis is a centaur Prince and the two races do not get along. While hunting Eione shoots Agruis with her bow and arrow. Shocked to discover she has injured a centaur, she quickly decides she must hide and help save him from execution. This begins our story of this forbidden love. This was a very good book and I recommend it. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.

  • AndiG.

    An enchanting tale full of adventure, discord and mythical creatures. The love story is woven amidst a intricate plot line that will ensue the readers full attention until the last word. The romance is both heartwarming and spicy and the characters are interesting and lovable.A wholehearted recommendation for any reader who wants a whole new experience from the PNR genre.I received a free copy and voluntarily reviewed.

  • Sherry Haynes

    Despite the fact that I hadn't read the books prior to this one in the series, I truly enjoyed this book. It shows that love can overcome obstacles despite how deadly the obstacle can be. The reader will not be confused but I could see where reading the others could make this book more enjoyable. I plan to go back and read the rest of the series.

  • Chrisette Trevino

    I got this novella free for signing up for the authors newsletter. This is the age old battle of centaurs against humans, caused by the gods fighting. It's a well put together novella with violence, sex, and the desire for peace.

  • Barbara Watts

    Short book of 105 pages that can be read at one sitting , I enjoyed this book and will have looked into getting the rest of the series which I just did. I am going to enjoy reading these books together.

  • Willow

    Great story with strong characters. I liked how devoted Agrius was right from the start and Eione was kick-butt awesome! Think this is my first centaur book 😊

  • Julie Jefferies

    Eione is trapped, her family who rule the land do not look after their townsfolk, so Eione takes it on herself to hunt and feed them. One morning as she goes to finish off the deer she hit, she is surprised to find a centaur there instead. Agrius is instantly drawn to Eione's strengths. He believes her to be his mate, but is determined to do right by her, including blessings from their opposing families. When she is promised in marriage to another she begs him to help her escape. As they flee ft [...]

  • Cherri-Anne

    Could this bonding be true? 5 GOLD ARROWSThe Fates have brought us together. The gods have passed favor over us. What a CENTAURRIFIC story!! I ABSO-SHIFTING-LUTELY love, Love, LOVE it! I adored Agrius right from the start, while Eione had me intrigued & curious to see what she would do or say next! She certainly is a feisty one! And the lake scene?? WHEW! Obviously there wasn't any fish around because they would have all been steamed or boiled! In true Rachael fashion, she had me intrigued, [...]

  • Aviar Savijon

    An incredible story you just gotta read. I loved it!

  • Liana Smith Bautista | Will Read for Feels

    ***I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review, which was first published on book blog Will Read for Feels.I’ve been a fan of Rachael Slate’s for almost as long as this blog has been active, and her Halcyon series has me as excited about where things are going as I am about her Chinese Zodiac romance series. Both feature worlds full of fantasy, destined love stories, and life on the ve [...]

  • April Symes

    Eione, daughter of the Lapith Lord Macareus, loves to hunt and her family doesn’t exactly like her hunting. Eione doesn’t care and continues to hunt and ends up shooting a stag who really isn’t a stag but Centaur shifter named Agrius. Note we met Eione and Agrius in Earth Borne . Now this is their story. Agrius is enchanted by Eione and knows she is his mate after he wakes from his injuries. Eione kept him with her and hid him after she realized who and what he was and took care of his inj [...]

  • Elizabeth/snoopypeach

    Eione is a noblewoman who does not believe in the way her family lives so tastefully and selfishly. While in the woods trying to get meat for the poor villagers, she shoots a stag. When she goes to collect it , she finds a handsome Centaur, shot with her arrow. Could he be the answer to the life she dreads being forced to live?Agrius is the son of the king of Centaurs. He is Lapith lands on a quest for his brother, when a beautiful huntress shoots him with her arrow. While she tends to his wound [...]

  • Roxanne Johnson-bisland

    What can I say about this book besides Rachael Slate does not disappoint.Eione is out hunting, she shoots her bow and it hits home, as she approaches she is wondering who is going after her kill before she can. Eione is suprised to find not a man at her kill but that she has shot a centaur named Agrius in the heart. Agrius tells her who she is and that if she wants to avoid a war she needs to allow him to morph into his human form.Eione allows him to and as he is thanking her he falls. She takes [...]

  • Chu-Salyer Sharon

    Strong Centaur Agrius and Eione, daughter of Lord Macareus. And how they met in dangerous times, not only did Eione try to kill the handsome centaur, she falls in love with the half man and half horse. While risking his life, Lord Agrius traveled to Lapith lands to retrieve the sacred water that could cure his brother’s grief. But in order for Agrius to claim Eione’s as his mate means he’ll have to steal her hand and her heart, and also cause a war. When Eione’s family arranges a marriag [...]

  • Sharon Hatt

    Eione, hunting on her family’s lands shoots what she thinks is a stag only to find out it is Agrius (Centaur shifter). Agrius, is bewitched by Eione from the moment he saw her. When he blacks out from his injuries she hides him and cares for him till he wakes, at which point he realizes she is his mate. Unwanted family obligations and a future with a man she despises sends Eione back to Agrius with a bribe to take her to Centaur lands. Agrius takes her along to finish his quest and return to h [...]

  • Kay Smillie

    Every tale I read by this author I always say, at that particular time, "That's the best one". I really should add "so far" to that sentence. She gets me every single time.I so enjoyed this story of Eione and Agrius. It has everything I have come to expect from Rachael Slate - action, adventure, heartstring-tugging love, crackingly well written, humour, a strong leading lady and a male who can handle her in all senses (in this case, the most personable Centaur you've ever met), and oh, such pass [...]

  • Jennifer Alvarez

    An excellent read! The third book in this series is a suspenseful yet passionate tale of Agruis and Eione. On the verge of a war between the gods, Agruis must save and claim his mate before the Lyssa drives him mad. Eione must leave the shackles of her home life and the restrictions placed on her to be truly free. Will she follow her heart? This story will leave you craving more. A truly excellent and inspiring tale of the gods and their mechanizations.

  • Kristine (A Cozy Booknook)

    I really enjoyed this story. The story quickly grabbed my attention and kept me turning the pages I enjoyed the characters and the story being told. The author has done an wonderful job of blending mythology and romance. I look forward to reading more in the series. i received a copy of this manuscript from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jeri

    Another book in the Halcyon series. Wicked Agrius finds his way into Eione's lands and heart. "Two souls born to separate races and destined to become one." Enjoy! This book has been provided by the author with no expectations and that in no way influences my review.

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Wicked Lord of Thessaly | by ☆ Rachael Slate Kelley Heckart
    358 Rachael Slate Kelley Heckart
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