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In the Finding Fatherhood series, these shifters become daddies in unconventional ways U.S Marshal and bear shifter Lucas Anderson failed to protect his pregnant witness, so when she asks him to adopt her daughter as her dying wish, he can t refuse Angel is a sweet baby, and he soon feels like Papa Bear, and maybe she ll be the key to help him wear down his mate s resisIn the Finding Fatherhood series, these shifters become daddies in unconventional ways U.S Marshal and bear shifter Lucas Anderson failed to protect his pregnant witness, so when she asks him to adopt her daughter as her dying wish, he can t refuse Angel is a sweet baby, and he soon feels like Papa Bear, and maybe she ll be the key to help him wear down his mate s resistance Libby has shut him down for months, and he knows they belong together, but she won t give him a chance to prove it Can the stubborn bear and his baby win her over to their readymade family Can he keep his mate and child safe when the cartel that killed his witness comes after him, putting all three in danger

  • Title: Papa Bear
  • Author: Kit Fawkes Kit Tunstall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Kit Fawkes Kit Tunstall

Kit Fawkes is the pen name USA Today bestselling author Kit Tunstall uses when writing steamy paranormal especially shifter romances It s simply a way to separate the myriad types of stories she writes so readers know what to expect with each author.

Comments Papa Bear

  • Marsha Spohn

    Reviewed at Shifter HavenU.S. Marshal Lucas Anderson finds himself a father in a most unusual manner. He and his partner are protecting a pregnant witness who is scheduled to testify against a nasty cartel leader. Unfortunately, just as the witness goes into labor and they leave the safe house gunshots ring out and Astoria is hit. She will not survive and makes Lucas promise to raise her daughter, to protect Angel from life in foster care and especially from her biological father, the nasty cart [...]

  • Selina Durio

    While this book included organized crime, murder, drugs and abusive childhoods; this was a great light, quick read. Lucas has found his mate in Libby but cannot get her to even go on a date. As a result of his job as a US Marshal he becomes a father to a newborn girl. His job has also caused him and everyone around him to be in danger. I must say that I figured out the snitch immediately!

  • Jennifer Holzapfel

    Astoria Martin's water broke while under witness protection. She was the star witness to murder, and while US Marshall Lucas Anderson was helping her out to the car, blood blossomed in the middle of Astoria's white dress. His partner went looking for the shooter and Lucas protected her body while he called for an ambulance and backup. The shock of being shot caused the baby to come very quickly, and as she was bleeding out, she made Lucas promise to become baby Angel's father before death took h [...]

  • Stephanie Pittman

    I love PNRLucas tried to protect Angel's mom the best he could but when she was shot and asked on her deathbed for him to raise Angel he could not deny her request. Maybe he could get help from his mate Libby. If she gave him chance that is. Come see what happens when danger threatens this bear shifter ready made family.

  • Cait

    Short and sweet adventure This was a short and sweet thrilling adventure story with a baby in tragic circumstances, a couple trying to make things work, and people after them who are definitely not making life easy.

  • Blue Rose

    AdorableI really enjoyed this story and will definitely read more of this series. The characters and plot were both well developed and very engaging. And I love the inclusion of the baby.


    Papa Bear (Finding Fatherhood Book 1)I enjoyed reading this book. It was so special how baby Angel was accepted and loves by 2 people who were not her parents and protected her from her father's famiy.

  • angela gunstone

    Papa bearLoved the storyline and characters and can't wait to read more in this series so it's a well deserved five stars and I would recommend this book to everyone

  • Keba


  • Latte

    Light romance. Minimal paranormal to the storyline. Isn't quite satisfying for either genre.

  • Cynthia

    Pregnant and in witness protection ,the dying Mom gives her baby to her Protector as Angel is born. He enlists his neighbor to help with the new baby.

  • Jenny Brightman Harris

    I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet U.S. Marshal and bear-shifter Lucas Anderson and his mate Libby. When this story opens up we find the Lucas on a case where he is protecting a witness from the cartel. Astoria has agreed to testify against the mob who include her own boyfriend and the father of her unborn child. However when Astoria's water breaks they have no choice but to leave the safe-house to get her to a hospital. As they leave though Astoria is shot [...]

  • Amy

    Lots of mystery and romance-and a bear who wants his mateThere's lots of action, romance and mystery in this shifter tale, and there’s even a giant angry bear running through the streets of San Diego.This suspenseful shifter romance is the first book in the author’s new “Finding Fatherhood” series. Lucas is a bear shifter and a US Marshall who adopts his witness’ baby. He's found his mate, Libby, and is slowly working on asking her out. Just when they finally start dating, a sudden pro [...]

  • Lin ( Nerdy Bookworm)

        *** Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review ***This is a wonderful, heartfelt story of Luca and Libby. Lucas a bear shifter as well as a U.S. Marshal was assigned to protect Astoria, but due to circumstances beyond Lucas control was injured and asked by Astoria to protect her newborn daughter Angel. I loved how this story was written with so much love and emotions that touches your heart. Lucas bear have pinpoint Libby as his soulmate but due to her family tragedy [...]

  • Leona Bowman

    Where to start, mm mm! It a good question. First I was trying to figure out why Libby was so scared about her past and family connection, but I could definitely understand. My ex had me think that because some my distance family was bad. He could take my son. I believe him for years. It show fear is strong you just have to be stronger. Kit definitely brought out high emotions in this short story. I loved how protective Lucas was with his little family. There was definitely lots of action with a [...]

  • Julie Jefferies

    Lucas Anderson is a shifter and US Marshall, when a women in witness protection dies and leaves him her baby, Angel, life as he knows it will change forever. Libby lives behind Lucas, and she has been trying to keep him at bay for weeks, but when he comes home with a baby, things begin to change. Libby's problem is her past and wether it will cause Lucas to lose Angel.The first chapter had me bawling my eyes out, it was so beautifully written, my heart ached. Papa Bear was written in true Kit st [...]

  • Pam Louis

    Astrid had seen a murder and was in protective custody for the last 6 weeks but when her baby decided now was the time to come. On the way to the car she was hit by a bullet, she had her baby then asked Lucas to raise her. Not long after she died. Lucas knows who he wants to help him raise the baby. Libby us his mate. But he can't seem to talk her into dating him yet!Lots of action on this one and it a little bit of a emotional roll-a-coaster ride.I loved the characters their so loveable! Great [...]

  • Lynn Vincent

    This story grabbed me from the beginning and didn't let go till the end. Lucas is a U.S.Marshall charged with witness protection. His charge is murdered, but not before she delivers her daughter. She makes Lucas promise to adopt her child. Libby is the true mate to Lucas, but has no clue about it. She has a shady past that is stopping her from acting on her liking Lucas. Will Lucas be able to wear her down? Will they find the assassin who killed his child's mother? I give this must read 5 stars. [...]

  • Lynn Z

    I received this audiobook free for an honest review. I thought this was a great book. The story was very intriguing and very detailed. The characters were wonderful as well. Very Creative. Kit does a great job of telling a story that is suspenseful, a thriller and very romantic. You can see the people in your mind as you listen to the story. The narrator did a good job. Have heard him before and he is acceptable. Doesn't really have a deep voice that portrays the sexy man. But he will do. At lea [...]

  • Kimberly Walden

    Standalone shifter book - sweet.Kindle Unlimited read with no cliffhanger. What do you do when you find yourself with a baby that's not yours? What do you do when your a shifter who's mate keeps rejecting you? What do you do when the baby's dad is trying to kill you and the baby. Lots happen in the short book. Was the first I read by this author and I enjoyed it a lot. Will defiantly read more published by her!

  • Goddess of Chaos

    Lucas is just the Papa Bear you'd want for your little AngelLibby is stunned the first time she sees Lucas with baby Angel after all the man has been hitting on her, and never mentioned being involved with someone else, but this series is about men who become father's in unusual ways, and Lucas story certainly lives up to that description.This fun, quick read is a great Kindle Unlimited entry, and has me looking forward to more in the Finding Fatherhood series.

  • Leslie

    Fantastic This is the first story I have read by this author, so I was kind of wary, but pleasantly surprised. It was an enjoyable read, and I loved the characters. I could understand Libby's uncertainty about becoming involved with Lucas, especially after meeting Marla Vickers, but was glad things worked out and all the bad guys were apprehended. I am looking forward to reading more by this author.

  • Lyngay

    Papa bear fights for Mama bear.U. S. Marshall goes beyond his job description. Now, his new foster daughter challenges him and his mate to be. Past history has a habit of over lapping and the cartels are out in force. All good stories come to an end. See how this standalone one plays out. I enjoyed reading this story. The author usually has very good ones.

  • sue

    Great read!This was a well written book. Started out sad but then got more interesting. I'm so glad it ended the way it did but was Hoping for a tiny bit more of them 3. Look forward to the next.

  • Zee Williams

    GoodThis was a good book to read in a sucker for baby books. I hate what happened to little Angels mom but glad Lucas so readily accepted to care for her even though she want his blood. I'm glad Libby came around even though she was in love with Lucas the whole time.

  • Melody

    I really enjoyed reading Libby & Lucas' story very much. Definitely will read the next book in series.

  • Katrina

    Short and a bit wishy-washy for my liking.

  • Shelley Chastagner

    Fun and fast paced with plenty of action. Nice weekend book. Adult read

  • Ceola

    Sweet shifter romance.Marshal protecting pregnant witness.Double crossed by partner. Agrees to raise dying mothers child.

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