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By Franklin W. Dixon | Comments: ( 850 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

The Hardy Boys tangle with an international terrorist killer and a secret government agency called the Network.

  • Title: Dead on Target
  • Author: Franklin W. Dixon
  • ISBN: 9780942545425
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Franklin W. Dixon

Franklin W Dixon is the pen name used by a variety of different authors Leslie McFarlane, a Canadian author, being the first who wrote The Hardy Boys novels for the Stratemeyer Syndicate now owned by Simon Schuster This pseudonym was also used for the Ted Scott Flying Stories series.

Comments Dead on Target

  • Eh?Eh!

    I started out with Nancy Drew before realizing most of the girls in my class were reading ND while most of the boys were reading The Hardy Boys. Pssh! I crossed the divide and read BOTH!I nearly went crazy trying to find all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. The public and school libraries had patchy collections; combined it was frustratingly close to complete. I started to keep a list. Then I learned there were spin-off series, the equally infinite Files/Casefiles and I think there was a Nan [...]

  • Jason

    I used to read the shit out of these in elementary and junior high. I put this one up because it's the first of the "casefiles" which was the publishing company's attempt to modernize the old Frank and Joe franchise for a more modern audience. They started off with a bang, literally, killing off Joe Hardy's girlfriend Iola (who he'd been dating since about the mid-30's apparently) in a car bomb meant for the Hardys. Hilariously, I used to go to the Amarillo Public Library's Southwest Branch and [...]

  • Kelli

    Cheesy, of course. But still worth reading if you're a fan of the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mysteries.

  • Muhammad Ali

    Just when I thought the stories couldn't be more interesting I read this.

  • The Stumps

    I had a bunch of these books as a kid. They are pretty good for a high interest YA book.

  • Christine

    The Casefiles take a more serious turn from the original Hardy Boys books, but, as an older teen, I enjoyed spending time with my favorite detective duo in a slightly more believable setting. While I was shocked they killed off Iola, I also feel like the new unpredictability of the series gave credibility to the more serious storylines.

  • Spencer Moser

    Dead on Target by Franklin W. Dixon is about the Hardy boys. They are two teenage brothers who love to solve cases. In this story, Joe's girlfriend Iola gets blown up in a car explosion meant for the boys. The people responsible are a 1000 year old terrorist group whose boss is getting hunted by the hardy Boy's father. Frank and Joe Hardy go and try to take out the leader "The Bullet" who's is also after their father. Dead on Target is an amazing book for young teenage boys who do not like readi [...]

  • Myles

    I agree with Eh! I too crossed the gender divide and the original Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series and a patchwork of the new series. They were so funMy neighbor owned a hardcover set of the first 15 Hardy Boys Casefiles and when I borrowed them.s changed. Iola died. Sure, she was a pretty insignificant character but the sudden introduction of fierce, deadly reality into these books shocked my system. I read through I think10 or 11 of the Casefiles but the spark was out of me. I let go of most o [...]

  • Jaron Grass

    Dead on Target was a mystery book by Franklin W. Dixon. This book was part of the Hardy Boys: Casefiles series. The main characters in this particular book were Frank and Joe Hardy, who are brothers and their friends, Callie and Tony. What happens in this book is it starts out with Joe's girlfriend getting blown up because of this terrorist guy. Frank and Joe then promise to put Iola's killer to justice. When they nearly get killed a second time, a British government agent goes with them to a so [...]

  • Aashey Goel

    Hi readers,I read this book a few days ago and I was delighted to read a book like this. Actually this was the first book which I completed in my lifetime. I get bored of books and leave them unfinished . But this book kind of encouraged me to read books. From now on I only read The Hardy Boys Casefiles. STORY - Joe's girlfriend Iola dies from a bomb blast which was set for Joe, he wants to get revenge for Iola's death. MY REVIEW - This book is just awesome. It has some good suspense and the act [...]

  • Georgia

    Joe and Frank Hardy are two brothers. When Joe's girlfriend is blow up by a terrorists bomb they go on an investigation to find her killer and discover many government related issues along the way.Obviously this is a book aimed at teenage boys but I enjoyed the on goin action scene. From the begining BAM! The ending BAM! The book was really well written. Would defintately recommend to any pre-teen/teenage boy or just anyone looking for a quick action packed novel.As the series is now quite a bit [...]

  • Amy

    I'm giving this book five stars, not becaue the writing or plot is that good, but because like the first Mandie book, "Dead on Target" represents a change in reading for me. It was the point where I gave up the kid section and finally moved onto the 'teenage' section of the library. Hardy Boys were safe xD I got into some bad books those first few months, but Hardy Boys were something I could trust. And I still think it would be sweet to have their gray, bullet-proof van!

  • Sean Menon

    Dead on Target by Franklin W. Dixon is a great classic mystery that is very well written. When the Hardy Boys got revenge on the person that killed Joe's girlfriend that was the best part of the book. Frank and Joe showed great courage during this book and I think they were very brave and strong willed. I would recommend this book to people that enjoy reading spooky mysteries. Timeless Classic!!!

  • Melody

    This is your average Hardy Boys book, but particularly notable for having the balls to *SPOILERS* kill a major character who had been a consistent presence throughout the entire series *END SPOILERS.*

  • James

    I remember these books being super awesome when I was like 10 years old. I liked the ones where the shadow government agency was involved the best. I think I also read some of those hardy boys/nancy drew crossovers too.

  • David

    When I was still schooling, I tried to read all of the Hardy Boys books. I didn't come close to finishing the whole series, and by now I had already forgot most of the content of those that I had read. But I do recall how much I loved reading each and every one of them.

  • Brian Vasconez

    i want to read this book

  • Dannuel Saùl Delizo

    Nobody takes an assassin alive!

  • Opticalillusion

    Crossing from Nancy Drew to the Hardy Boys I can see with this story alone there appears to be a lot more violence.

  • Dave

    In lieu of adding 80 more books to my shelf, let's just say I devoured these in grade school and read a good chunk of the Casefiles series.

  • Katie Loucks

    loved these series when I was younger!

  • Erika

    When I was in Elementry school these books were all I read!!

  • Shelbie Hughes

    great book really had me on end. I was a bit upset when the killed of one of the main characters but it was really good.

  • Jebin

    Loved it.

  • Kristen

    Nice to read about Joe and Frank again. It's been ages! I must say this series uses every excuse to blow things up though. Heh. Much more action than the bluespines.

  • Lovechild

    i haven't read it yet

  • Govardhan Rush

    A very good book Joe's girlfriend Iola get killed in a explosion.

  • Charissa

    Nothing like the originals and not worth your time in my opinion. :)

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