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By the winter of 1870, Caleb Fletcher has carved out a sheltered existence for himself in a simple cabin, outside a small town in the backwaters of Nebraska, resigned to living out his days as a solitary wolf But his quiet life is interrupted when another werewolf lands on his doorstep on the eve of a snowstorm, brutalized almost beyond repair, with nowhere else to turn.By the winter of 1870, Caleb Fletcher has carved out a sheltered existence for himself in a simple cabin, outside a small town in the backwaters of Nebraska, resigned to living out his days as a solitary wolf But his quiet life is interrupted when another werewolf lands on his doorstep on the eve of a snowstorm, brutalized almost beyond repair, with nowhere else to turn When Caleb reluctantly welcomes Jacob into his cabin, and eventually his bed, it forces him to face up to the traumas he s been running from the shame that made him leave his pack behind, and the horrors of war he endured As the weeks pass, it seems that Jacob s arrival might not be the coincidence it first appeared Jacob has an agenda One that involves Caleb And if Caleb agrees to it if he can let go of his past and his prejudices it will change Caleb s whole world Maybe even for the better.Without a mate a family, a pack a wolf has no home But what if home finds you The Alphas Homestead series Book One66k words

  • Title: Home Is Where You Are
  • Author: Alex Jane
  • ISBN: 9781311790279
  • Page: 481
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Alex Jane

Stories of M M romance with happy endingseventually.After spending far too long creating stories in her head, Alex finally plucked up the courage to write them down and realized it was quite fun seeing them on the page after all.Free from aspirations of literary greatness, Alex simply hopes to entertain by spinning a good yarn of love and life, wrapped up with a happy ending Although, if her characters have to go through Hell to get there, she s a okay with that.With only a dysfunctional taste in music and a one eyed dog to otherwise fill her days, Alex writes and walks on the South Coast of England even when her heart and spellcheck are in New York.Sign up for my monthly newsletter on my website.

Comments Home Is Where You Are

  • Elsbeth

    Oh. How I loved this story!!Very slow paced in the beginning. We really get to see into Caleb's thoughts, what he was living with. His guilt and shame for being who he was. It hurt him so much, he left his pack, went to war and has been an alone wolfever since.But one day another werewolf is delivered at his home, severly injured, no other place to come and recover from his injuries. Caleb tends to Jacob's injuries and Caleb's wolf is overjoyed he has found his mate. But Caleb fights his wolf an [...]

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    FREE at Smashwords after coupon SFREE Until March 11th, 2017. smashwords/books/view

  • Susan

    I normally don’t like historicals much, but since this had shifters I wanted to try it anyway.Caleb is an Alpha who has chosen to live alone in a cabin in the woods. The townspeople know he is a wolf, but mostly leave him alone. Then all of a sudden the sheriff brings over a young man. The young man is nearly beaten to death, but because he is a wolf, he survived the brutal attack. Caleb takes him in because he sees no other way the young wolf will survive the harsh winter that’s coming.Cale [...]

  • R.J.

    So every so often I find a book that I really want to recommend to everyone. This is that book for me at the moment. A shifter book, but not, and you'll see what I mean when you read it. There are very few cliches in this book, more a whole new look at the shifter trope. Add in the alphas, and a suspicious town, and heroes oh and children my heart Give this book a try, a new author, and a gorgeous world she has created.

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *

    4 Stars!This here is great shifter goodness with an interesting and different slant to the world building. (view spoiler)[ Werewolves are known and live among humans; only alphas can fully shift into a wolf. (hide spoiler)]Caleb is an alpha and is alone on purpose. Having left his pack due to his secret shame, he resigns himself to his self imposed exile, seemingly thinking he deserves it. However, when the sheriff brings a severely injured alpha to his door, he can’t help but notice his inner [...]

  • Kaje Harper

    Caleb is a werewolf, but he lives a solitary existence far from his home pack. He's isolated himself, because ever since he was a teen, he's been attracted to other male Alpha wolves. And that's forbidden. He left home abruptly, and went off to the Civil War, not following the man he wanted, but in some kind of hopeless echo. He still has nightmares from it. The man he might have loved died there, not in his arms, but on some other battlefield, already the wife of a woman back home. And what Cal [...]

  • Alona

    Really really enjoyed this lovely book.It's got this atmosphere of historical/fantasy that, if written well, I can hardly put down.It reminded me a bit of Kim Fielding fantasy books (Treasure, Guarded, Brute) that I like a lot.I also really like books that tell a story that begins with one of the MCs being badly hurt, and the other MC is taking care of him, helping him to heal, and in the proces the two fall in love.(If the MC that takes care of the wounded one is a reclute, a misunderstood outc [...]

  • Bev

    What a peach [cobbler] of a story this was, and big hugs to JR for his review that made me want to read it. Another UK author to follow [congrats Alex!!], and a delightful story about love, family and friendsooh and werewolves set in Nebraska after the American Civil War. There were a few little niggles as far as editing and typos are concerned, but the sequel is already locked and loaded on my kindle and the baddies got what they deserved, woot!!

  • Martin

    A werewolf romance. Who thought I'd ever become a fan of those?!I absolutely loved the story of Caleb, the lonely alpha wolf living in a homestead in the woods of Nebraska, and Jacob, the injured wolf who stays with him and eventually becomes his mate.Growing up with the knowledge of being different isn't easy for Caleb. As a teenager he experiences the strong urge to mate for the first time, but not only is the object of his desire another boy, it's also a soon-to-be alpha wolf, just like Caleb [...]

  • Chris

    This was a lovely story about a lonely Alpha who gave up his family and pack thinking it was wrong to want a male as his partner. He lived isolation, keeping to himself until a seriously injured wolf was brought to him to recover. Caleb was confused by Jacob and couldn't reconcile his feelings especially as Jacob was also an Alpha. Time heals all pain and as new pups were slowly left in Caleb's care he came to realize that he truly was an Alpha of his own pack. This was a sweet easy read ❤️

  • BWT (Belen)

    3.5 StarsInteresting world building, well fleshed out characters, all in all I found it to be an engrossing and entertaining read.Single POV, which was a little disappointing, but Caleb was such a strong character, it didn't hurt the story.I'll definitely check out the next book in the series.This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.

  • Kathleen

    Ok, that was rather lovely. An interesting mixture of brutality, healing, courting, learning to trust, excitement, a growing family, and love. Well written but needs an editor. Feb 6, 2018: Reread and still a strong contender for one of the best shifter stories in our MM romance genre.

  • Nile Princess

    Absolutely loved!! This author has a beautiful writing style that draws you in right from the start, and keeps you hooked till the last page. Love how descriptive she is without rambling, and how she manages to make the story both tender and sexual, romantic but with a bit of violence too. This story had generous helpings of tropes I love - winter/cabin, hurt/comfort, alpha pairing, m/m, shifter/wolves, ranch life, horses and kids. Combine all of that with superior writing, and a few tearjerker [...]

  • Emily Seelye

    Beautiful shifter story. Well written, interesting world building, nice, believable romance. 1870s shifter society seems to be a lot more progressive than our world today, particularly when it comes to gay mates. Caleb's older brother leads him to believe otherwise, so he runs away from home at the first opportunity to fight in the Civil War. Years later, he's living alone in Nebraska when a younger shifter male is brought to him practically on his deathbed. Jacob is his mate and came looking fo [...]

  • Raj

    Albeit it being fantasy this book has silent sorrow about it that is simply mesmerizing to behold as it's characters flounder towards the golden glow of happiness.It echoes with a subtle realism even though it's about two blue eyed alphas meeting under horrendous circumstances in a world where men are aware that preternatural predators hunt amongst them.Set in the old west it resonates with the theme that mankind is somehow more violent in nature than any beast ever found in nature.If you in the [...]

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden

    I like the premise of this one, but the execution was lacking as it was beginning to put me to sleep a little more than halfway through.

  • JenMcJ

    I'm surprised I didn't write a review for this back when I read it. I really, really liked this book and the sequel.

  • Alisa

    I really dug this book. I had never heard of this book or author before but it caught my eye in that big group of free books that came out recently. I am SO glad I gave it a try.The story is historical and is set post Civil War era. Caleb is a shifter who fought in the war and has isolated himself due to PTSD and some other issues (which I'm being vague on cuz.spoilers). He desperately misses having a pack but has resigned himself to being alone for the rest of his life. One day the local sherif [...]

  • Manfred

    Caleb is a wolf shifter and an Alpha, who settled all alone, away from his pack after the Civil War. Jacob is an Alpha as well and when he is brought to Caleb after being severely injured, they quickly connect. But Caleb thinks that there can never be more between them because they are both Alphas. Very often I am not completely enjoying shifter stories because some of the rules and assumptions seem to have the sole purpose to explain the story or even make a story possible. This happened here a [...]

  • Donna

    Broke down and bought it! Just might read it next.

  • Naomi

    3.5 stars. Pleasant. All the really hard stuff happens before the story starts, so it's not angsty or tragic or anything like that. Also, no crazy Alpha shenanigans, which was a nice surprise. I'll probably read the next book.

  • Borderstar

    3.75 starsNice little historical shifter story. I didn't really know what to expect from this at all but it was actually really enjoyable - I hadn't anticipated the family feelz we got either, so that was quite a nice surprise.I will def pick up the sequel at some point but you can just read this as a standalone too and it would still provide enough of a HEA.

  • Cassandra

    Holy crap I adore this book!What a fun, sad and hilarious ride

  • Meep

    2- 3* rounding up. Probably being generous as reviewing a time after reading.It's good, the characters are likeable, but it lost a lot from being all telling which kept it distant, can't muster up much enthusiasm for the book when with a little more effort it could be an easy favourite. Unfortunately there's very little conversation in the book at all.The Were aspect seemed an unnecessary addition in fact the stress on being Alpha often confused me with it's significance. Maybe if Alpha/Omega st [...]

  • JR

    Caleb walked away from his pack years ago. After fighting in the civil war, he has made his home in the the flat lands of Nebraska. He lives a solitary life, till one night the sheriff presents him the body of a young shifter. The young man is barely alive. Caleb tends to his recovery, but he doesn't need or want this complication in life. Jacob left his pack in New York, to find the man that walked out of his life. He never thought he would wind up in the plains of Nebraska, fighting for his li [...]

  • Neko

    **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**Oh man this was an absolute marvel to read!I must first point out, that I really don't read much of historical settings. Not because I don't like it, it's just simply not the first thing I pick up. This however, was so beyond my expectations that I am so thrilled to have given it a chance.Caleb Fletcher, a lone wolf, is the only werewolf living in a simple cabin, in a small town, in the backwaters of Nebraska. The people there barely tolerat [...]

  • Kelly H. (Maybedog)

    This started out with way too much telling in the beginning. There were a couple of times where this happened again and went on a little too long but for the most part the story was well written. The romance was very sweet and I liked both characters. I didn't feel Caleb's love as much as I felt I should in the beginning, and that may have to do with his feeling someone else was his mate in his youth that he never really got over I don't think. (view spoiler)[Jacob felt the same thing about Cale [...]

  • caroline wilson

    A new favouriteI really enjoyed this book it had 2 of my reading loves (historical and paranormal). This book is about 2 alphas that come together to form a family after Jacob is seriously injured and the sheriff brings him to Caleb the only wolf in the town. Together they take in 2 children from the orphan train as well as revealing who beat Jacob to within an inch of his life as well as escaping an arsonist bent on destroying their family. It was a sweet story and I will read again as it just [...]

  • Gillian

    4 starsThis was a low-angst shifter novel that would be perfect for when you need something sweet and low key. Simple but interesting characters and a decent storyline make this an easy, Sunday morning read.

  • Lala

    3.75 stars.Very enjoyable, but left me with lots of questionsI was baffled when Jacob revealed the reason for coming to Caleb. was so out of the blue. And the details of that journey and the assault were never told in details wish the author expanded on that.

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  • [PDF] Download â Home Is Where You Are | by ☆ Alex Jane
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