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By Charlotte Elkins Aaron Elkins | Comments: ( 290 ) | Date: ( Jul 07, 2020 )

Alix London, the art restorer and FBI consultant renowned as the Art Whisperer, can spot a counterfeit masterpiece before the paint even dries What she can t see is why an elite European art dealer would offer her big money for a little mirror that s no than a homemade gift from her beloved uncle Tiny Not that Alix would part with it at any price But when the mirroAlix London, the art restorer and FBI consultant renowned as the Art Whisperer, can spot a counterfeit masterpiece before the paint even dries What she can t see is why an elite European art dealer would offer her big money for a little mirror that s no than a homemade gift from her beloved uncle Tiny Not that Alix would part with it at any price But when the mirror is abruptly stolen from her home, she realizes that someone sees in the looking glass than mere sentimental value.When her uncle Tiny disappears mysteriously just after the mirror is stolen, the simple art theft becomes a personal and professional challenge Alix can t ignore With backup from her friends in the FBI, her game for anything pal Chris, and an aging but dogged Italian police detective, she delves into the puzzling case, only to find that there is much to this theft than meets the eye Once the Mafia shows up on the scene, Alix s mission becomes a do or die race to find the one possible man with all the answers.

  • Title: The Trouble with Mirrors
  • Author: Charlotte Elkins Aaron Elkins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Charlotte Elkins Aaron Elkins

Charlotte Elkins born July 4, 1948 is an American author who teamed with her husband, writer Aaron Elkins, to write a series of mystery novels about Lee Ofsted, a struggling female professional golfer.Series Lee Ofsted with Aaron Elkins Series contributed to Malice Domestic

Comments The Trouble with Mirrors

  • Annie

    almost two stars a good read but needs some more "umph"

  • Tracey

    History time: I have been reading Charlotte and Aaron Elkins forever. I have quite a few paperbacks and a couple of hardcovers, mostly discovered at library sales and suchlike. I never read any of this series, though, the Alix London series; I don't know why I never came across them. I know I always enjoyed the books back in the day; they're light, somewhat clever, often art-related, and I always found them fun. My relationship with the authors hasn't really aged well, I guess. I really didn't e [...]

  • Christina

    This was an enjoyable entry in the Alix London series. It was light and there was some progress made on the personal front when it comes to Alix's love life. The cast of characters are back, and this time the story revolves around Tiny, a regular character and a reformed art forger who served as a surrogate uncle to Alix. He has gone missing and so has the painting he gave to Alex when he was a child. The mystery as to what happened to him and the painting isn't terribly hard to figure out, but [...]

  • Kaitlyn Dunnett

    Another excellent entry in this series. The nicely twisty plot is cleverly resolved and several personal conflicts that have developed in the course of the series are also worked out by the end of the book.

  • Rainey

    Another fun light mystery. Looking forward to the next one if they do another.

  • Judi Easley

    This started out sort of plodding along, but it picked up and once it did it got really good. Full review to follow soon.My Review:Charlotte and Aaron Elkins have been writing together for years now, and have turned out some really good books. This one doesn't disappoint.Alix finds her art has been stolen off the wall in her apartment. Why would someone steal a whole wall of basically worthless art posters?She's on the front of a current magazine and she's been photographed in front of this same [...]

  • Daniel

    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 4.0 f 5This is only my second "Alix London Mystery" although it's the fourth in the series, and already I'm a convert and tremendous fan. Although probably considered to be a 'cozy' mystery - something I'm generally not too excited about - there is plenty of grit and excitement here. And as I wrote about in my review of The Art Whisperer, the subject matter of fine art, and a 'detective' who has a knack for spotting art forgeries [...]

  • Trish R.

    This was an okay book. Tiny disappeared and Alix and Chris went looking for him. The theft of a painting 20 or 30 years ago came into play after a few days and Alix’s 300 pound friend, Tiny, was thought to have had a part in the theft.Alix’s had been married only a few days and she lives in Seattle and her new husband, Ted, lives in Washington D.C. and that’s the way they were going to leave it, each taking turns flying out to see each other when time allows. She’s an art consultant and [...]

  • Cate

    Do yourself a favor and skip the audio version of this title, narrated by Kate Rudd. The narrator's inconsistent habit of over-enunciating prepositions and definite articles has a jarring effect, as does the uneven cadence; both are affectations that detract significantly from the experience. Add to that truly ghastly Italian pronunciation (the city of Genoa was mis-pronounced throughout the entire recording) and the title was a chore to listen to.The mystery itself was a good one, but the relat [...]

  • Jane Irish Nelson

    Alix London has a secret that she can't wait to share with her friend Chris — and wonders how on earth to tell her father. But first, she arrives home to find her condo burglarized, and a mirror given to her by her "uncle" Beni (an old friend and colleague of her father's), also known as "Tiny". Then when she discovers that Tiny is missing, she becomes very concerned, and sets out to find him, with only the slimmest of clues. This is a very fast-passed story, with good characterization, an int [...]

  • Jansie

    I enjoyed this fast read, courtesy of NetGalley. This is a good book for lovers of art and mystery. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, even though the mystery didn't surround a murder or some lunatic killer. Alix London is the female art expert, commissioned by the FBI to evaluate pieces of art for fraud. When a piece disappears from her apartment, she is determined to find out what happened to it and to its creator!

  • Jim

    This was not a traditional whodunit, in fact it was not a whodunit at all. It was more a "what the heck is going on" kind of story. I enjoyed it. I like the characters and the background of fine art is intriguing. I actually learn something about the masters and their work when I read one of these as I keep looking up the references. I hope there will soon be a new edition to the series, but the way the story ended makes me fear that this may be the last. That would be a shame.

  • Susan

    Alix London is brilliant when it comes to art – tracking down the story of an obscure 16th century painting with almost nothing to work from. Otherwise, the plot requires her to be incredibly obtuse, and the other characters to be almost as dumb. To make up for it the authors allow her to eat anything she wants without getting fat. They also bring to life the settings in San Francisco and Monterey.

  • Jeff Crosby

    This is one of those series where the characters grow on you, becoming old friends. The strengths of this series are the onteresting characters, the art world setting, and the light tone of the narrative.This is probably my favorite so far. The mystery is interesting, but inevitable. It is the journey that makes this book fun. I also enjoyed the Chris Norgren cameo.

  • Mary Riccetti

    Alix London Mysteries "I have read all four Alix London mysteries. Each one is a separate mystery. I have enjoyed all 4 books and couldn't put them down till the end. I hope other people enjoy them as much I have.

  • Superquest

    Aaron Elkins is one of my favorite authors. I think I've read all of his Gideon Oliver books twice, and I've enjoyed those he co-wrote with his wife. This one, however, fell short for me: the plot seemed contrived, and failed to really hold my interest.

  • Vivienne

    Fun art themed mysteryI have enjoyed all of the Alix London mysteries and was so happy to find a new one . It was a fun light read to cheer a rather gloomy afternoon. Also well researched, which is a big plus given my love of art history.

  • Carolyn

    The Alix London series are some of my go to cozy mysteries when I'm looking for a light read. I enjoyed this latest installment - nice to catch up w/ Alix and her friends - but missed some of the extensive attention that was paid to art history in the earlier books.

  • Melanie

    Another adventure/mystery with Alix London and her friend Chris who is really enjoying life except for one thing. Where is Tiny? Art and intrigue with a lot of subtext comedy and friendship.

  • Loy

    pretty good entry in the series. Not much mystery. But I enjoyed the characters. this one was about Tiny. needed a little more ump as one reviewer stated.

  • Bronwyn

    Lots of art informationAnother fun mystery full of art history. Story moves along quickly , characters are smart and likeable. Looking forward to the next installment.

  • Jessie

    I hope this couple writes 10 more Alix London books. I love this series!

  • Melissa

    Tiny's storyThis time around we finally learn about the gentle giant, Tiny. It's the usual adventure, cops and robbers, thugs and goons. But it was fun.

  • Sheila Cohen

    This book was enjoyable. I hadn't read any of the others but it was fine as a standalone.

  • Jim Mcateer

    Another good Alix London mysteryVery easy to keep reading. A little slow at first compared to the previous books but still kept my interest.

  • Betty

    Not my favorite in the Alix London series but good enough to make me want more.

  • DelAnne Frazee

    Title: The Trouble with Mirrors - Alix London Mystery Book 4 Author: Aaron Elkins & Charlotte Elkins Published: 10-25-2016 Publisher: Thomas & Mercer Pages: 256 Genre: Mysteries, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: British Detectives; Amateur Sleuths; Cozy Mysteries ISBN: 13: 9781503940437 ASIN: B01F1Z682M Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalleyRating: 4.5 Stars I received a copy of The Trouble with Mirrors from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for m [...]

  • Tony Parsons

    South Seattle. Uncle Benjamin Guglielmi “Tiny” Abbatista (55+, Zio Beni) worked for Venezia Fine Arts Imports.Christine “Chris” Lemay (Alix’s BFF, former tech stock advisor) came to see Alix London (art restorer, FBI consultant, aka Art Whisperer) & wanted to invest in some art.Green Lake (Condo). Mr. Allessandro Ferante (Italian art dealer) had recently called Alix wanting to buy the $500 mirror that was hanging on her wall he saw in the recent issue of Art World Insider (magazine [...]

  • Bethany

    I'm finished I'm finally finished!This book was a chore to get through. When I first started I anticipated a nice mystery, that would engage my interest be and enjoyable read. Sadly that didn't happen, I found myself trudging through this story and found myself nearly DNF multiple times. However I was determined to finish. I mean it's not a long book and I thought it might get better. I mean it's suppose to be a do or die race to find the man who's gone missing. (at least that's what the back co [...]

  • skw

    I like this series. Our heroine is an art consultant. Her business takes many forms. She recommends artwork to collectors, she works with the FBI to help spot forgeries and forgers and bring them to justice, she tries to save up enough money to collect art herself (pretty slow going on that front, though, since she wasn't born rich).This one had a twist at the end that I didn't see coming. I like that in a mystery.One thing I didn't like is the attitude change in our heroine's love interest. She [...]

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