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By Rebecca Belliston Rebecca Roberts | Comments: ( 305 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

Her home Her parents Her freedom Gone His dreams His sister Himself Lost Two people One future The economy crashed, the country is floundering, and Carrie Ashworth struggles to keep her siblings alive She has two jobs in her newly formed, newly outlawed clan grow crops to feed thirty six people, and maintain contact with Oliver Simmons, their local patrolman Her home Her parents Her freedom Gone His dreams His sister Himself Lost Two people One future The economy crashed, the country is floundering, and Carrie Ashworth struggles to keep her siblings alive She has two jobs in her newly formed, newly outlawed clan grow crops to feed thirty six people, and maintain contact with Oliver Simmons, their local patrolman Carrie s life is almost content when Greg Pierce shows up A man with the ambition to help them survive A man determined to hate her Greg sets to work devising systems to protect the clan from the new regime, but it doesn t take long to realize the true reason behind their safety Patrolman Simmons has fallen for Carrie When a government raid nearly wipes out their clan, Greg takes it upon himself to give the socially awkward patrolman what he wants Only Carrie doesn t like Greg throwing her in Simmons path, especially when Greg s brusque exterior melts, and she catches a glimpse of the real man underneath Neither of them realize that Simmons coworkers have grown suspicious A clan the size of Logan Pond can t have slipped past his patrols all this time When their hidden loot goes missing, they want revenge, and the one thread holding Logan Pond together is about to break Carrie is forced to choose follow her heart or save her clan Life won t let her choose both.

  • Title: Life
  • Author: Rebecca Belliston Rebecca Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781504765824
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Audio CD

About Author:

Rebecca Belliston Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Belliston is the author of five novels, clean romances with heart pounding suspense In D tale Magazine called her dystopian trilogy, CITIZENS OF LOGAN POND, a piece that should be required reading for young and old alike In addition, Rebecca has written and arranged nearly forty religious and classical style pieces When she s not writing books or music, she loves to make sarcastic comments, play tennis, or curl up with a good book usually not at the same time She and her husband have five kids and live in the gorgeous state of Michigan WEBSITE rebeccabelliston FACEBOOK facebook rebeccalundbe TWITTER twitter rlbelliston BOOKBUB bookbub authors rebec SUBSCRIBE alturl wijhb

Comments Life

  • Katie W

    I was very impressed with this book! What a great start to a fantastic new dystopian series! What really makes this story unique is the way the world changed--it was all from a couple of economic crashes that left the country in shambles.Logan Pond, in Illinois, is home to 30+ citizens, most of them illegal residents of the country. Carrie, an orphan left to care for two younger siblings, is a very kind, resourceful young woman, who is slightly oblivious to what's going on around her. I couldn't [...]

  • Melanie

    In this dystopia series, the US has collapsed because of the economy. The government has tight control over the supplies and the people are isolated. Carrie lives with a small group of people who have worked together for over five years to keep their clan safe from the government's prying eyes. There is one older couple, the Trenton's, who are legal since they owned their home outright when the collapse occurred. They help to keep everyone safe during the government raids. They know about the ra [...]

  • Rebecca

    This book series grew out of one simple question: What if the end of civilized society isn't because of some huge war or catastrophe, but instead comes from the loss of one small thing: the dollar? Instead of taking a large-world view on something this devastating, this series focuses on the microscopic. How would something like this affect an individual, a family, a neighborhood, a small town? I've loved delving into the world of Logan Pond, asking myself what if, what if, what if? Because hone [...]

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    I've been in the mood for a good dystopian novel and this was a nice fit. Most of the dystopian novels I've read take place way in the future when the new world order is already established. I liked that in this story things are still relatively new. It's been almost six years since the second major stock market crash and the United States as we know it is long gone. Along with the crash of the market, the President has made drastic changes and for those who don't want to conform to the new regi [...]

  • Julie Carpenter

    It's been a week since I finished Life and I'm finally getting to writing the review for it. I have since read book #2, Liberty, in the series and must say that I am excited for August to come because the final book in the trilogy is set to be released then. This is another great find of a book series for me lately. I've recently read CJ Anaya's The Healer series(the first three books are released, just waiting for the final one) and Tenille Berezay's The Convergence series(only book one is out [...]

  • Fay Roberts

    I wish I had sufficient powers of writing persuasion to convince you to read this book. Many will read the blurb and dismiss it as genre fiction when actually it's not going to win the Pulitzer because it's accessible and enjoyable but it does have some important things to say.The first book in any series is difficult, especially if you're creating a whole new world. It's difficult to balance getting across how this universe works, getting you invested with the characters and involved in a story [...]

  • A.L. Sowards

    Disclaimer: I was given an electronic copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion. I know the author (through the internet at least), but that actually made me hesitant to read this book, because what if I didn’t like it? I often enjoy dystopian novels, but the dystopian romance label made me leery, even though I knew it would be clean romance. I decided to try out a chapter or two and the prologue quickly caught my interest.Belliston’s dystopian world is created not by nuclear war or [...]

  • Shash

    The US economy has crashed. The government is taking over more and more. Carrie Ashworth’s parents have died, and now she must take care of her siblings. They have found a home in an illegal clan outside the city. Thanks to a sympathetic patrolman, the clan is able to live there in peace. But then relatives of the clan leaders show up and things in the clan start to change. At the same time, Oliver, their patrolman, is encountering problems at work that may affect his ability to help the clan. [...]

  • Mindy

    Carrie and her brother and sister live in their old neighborhood. Under the protection of a kind patrolman, their clan is able to do things most people can't. Live in their own homes, grow gardens, etc. May and CJ's daughter and grandson come home after years of being away, Greg and Mariah. Greg right away starts shaking things up in the clan. Some of his ideas ruffle some feathers. Most in the clan sees that change is good for them, but not all take it in stride. They are getting too comfortabl [...]

  • Charissa

    This story is set in the future. America has experienced a fatal financial collapse and life as we know it doesn’t exist anymore. Freedoms have been stripped away and citizens are required to have cards issued by the government. Those without are sent to work camps and have no rights. Carrie is 17 when her parents leave Chicago and head back to Logan Pond to live with their good neighbors who have citizen cards. Five years have passed and Carrie is part of a clan of about 30 non-citizens who a [...]

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)

    I always love changing up the genre a bit and delving into a good dystopian. The thing that makes dystopian books so attractive to me is the idea that any of these things could happen. They could be a distant reality. Especially this book with the economic crash and a floundering country left to survive in it's wake. All too real.The setting is great. What used to be a normal suburb is now the hiding grounds for a group of people who have band together to survive. They have so little yet they ma [...]

  • Shauna

    When the stock market crashes for the second time, people begin to lose everything-- including their citizenship to the United States.Living illegally in abandoned houses the people of Logan Pond rely on each other and a patrolman who is wiling to look the other way.Life is hard, but it is better than the work camps or the prisons where everyone else has gone.Then Greg Pierce and his mom show up.Greg has grand ideas to help the citizens of Logan Pond.1- Everyone move to one street.2- Block the e [...]

  • Sydney

    Rebecca Belliston has created a futuristic world where the economy crashes and the country is doing all it can to stay afloat. It brings to light the struggles and the bonds among a group of clan members as they rely on one another for survival as each person completes his or her own task for the clan. I would recommend this novel to readers that enjoy futuristic/dystopian novels, as well as a little bit of adventure and romance.Series: Citizens of Logan PondGenre: science fiction; romance; new [...]

  • Amy

    Ok- so it took me a while to read this. It wasn't because I didn't like the characters or the writing style- it was because I think I must have had too much stress in my life. This book is pretty tense. The entire community in this story could fall apart in a matter of minutes. They could all be carted away or killed at any moment. I really liked the characters and the story but it is a very stressful story and hard to get out of your mind when you aren't reading it. I began again by listening t [...]

  • Steelwhisper

    A 17-year-old who needs to ask her father about very basic finance matters? Nope. I hate reading about teenage MCs who come across like toddlers.

  • Beccie

    It's hard to review this book because I was so immersed in it that I felt like I was living it. I was scared, I was heartbroken, I was cold when it snowed, I was in pain when the main character was hurt, I missed my parents; but I also loved my neighbors, felt joy at new growth, and loved the sunshine. To me that means that this was an amazing book. At one point while reading, I actually stood up to put my light jacket on and go to work when I said to myself, "Oh this isn't a warm enough coat wh [...]

  • Crystal

    I really like dystopian books. A lot. So naturally I decided to read another one. A second Great Depression has hit America but much, much worse. The government, being the government, is in no hurry to fix the mess. The fact that there are illegals really intrigued me. In all other book everyone can walk freely in some form or fashion. But to truly survive with people after you is something else. The romance parts are well executed. There is a love triangle but at the same time there isn't. It w [...]

  • Kathy

    After the collapse of the banking system in America, the President of the United States instituted marshal law. The government seized all indebted land, forcing families into working for government factories with blue cards, law enforcement agencies with green cards, or the few that owned their land outright were given yellow cards. All other people were considered illegals and they formed clans, dodging discovery by the police, struggling to survive. Seventeen year old Carrie and her family tri [...]

  • Sally

    Belliston has done an excellent job presenting a unique take on a dystopian society in the not-so-distant future. This novel, the first in a series, follows two characters - two people who are such opposites in their views of the new world order that it seems unlikely they will ever see eye to eye. Carrie lives in an illegal community of people who are trying to retain some semblance of normality. They farm, they fish, they dig wells, they cook over open fires, they hide during the regular gover [...]

  • J.J.

    It was a delight to read this book. Its premise is dystopian, but there was a lot to love about the society of Logan Pond. It revolved around decent, kind people. Belliston’s writing plays with some thought-provoking themes. What happens if all the trappings of society go away? What if all you have to recommend you is your personality, skill and whatever looks you can salvage without makeup and a hairdryer?Against that backdrop, Carrie subsists in a community that relies on her but doesn’t g [...]

  • Natalie

    I've been looking forward to reading The Citizens of Logan Pond trilogy for awhile. I really enjoyed the author's Sadie books and was thrilled when I found out she was writing an apocalyptic/dystopian story. For those who aren't familiar with Rebecca Belliston, she is the daughter of author Gerald Lund, and is the author of Sadie and Augustina.So I loved the whole concept of Life; a small group of Americans struggling to survive after an economic crash. What I didn't like was the so-called roman [...]

  • Donna May

    This was an interesting book – an example of an author who thinks outside the box. When I first started reading it, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not. A different America, a different way of living – having to become a slave or hide from the government. What kind of life would that be? These are not things I want to imagine, let alone read about. But, the author did such a great job with this book. I ended up really loving it and even buying the next installment. So many thing [...]

  • Bianca

    A dystopian novel like no other, instead of a terrifying dictator, or new society or any over-used, exhausted ideas, this book was very to the point and simple: what if we lost money, the one thing that runs our society? The president was very amusing and (worryingly) relatable. I loved the focus on one small community, although Carrie's internal dialogue was a bit frustrating and seemed to be endless. However I did find all her quirks extremely interesting and I loved how they gave dimension to [...]

  • Andrea

    Wow! If you like dystopian novels, you should definitely check out Life. It is very well written, and I was pulled into the story right away. I really enjoyed the characters. Carrie is amazing in so many ways. She's mother to her orphaned siblings, and she does so much for her clan. She's quite selfless, and I really felt for her when some of the other clan members didn't seem to appreciate all she constantly did for everyone. I was drawn to her for her goodness, and her flaws.The interaction be [...]

  • Michelle N

    This is the first book that I have read by Rebecca Belliston and I am now a BIG fan!! Life was so well written and really thought out. I liked the variety of the characters from the sweet and generous Carrie who is always taking care of others and never asks for anything for herself. Greg, the cocky, hot headed, loyal, and giving (just don't tell him that) new leader of the group. Then Oliver, their quiet and shy protector. As well as all of the other characters that make Logan Pond. They all mi [...]

  • Julie Casey

    I absolutely LOVED this story! Each night before going to sleep, I became so engrossed in the story that I later dreamed about being there. In the mornings, I had to think about whether what I dreamed was in the book or part of my imagination. The characters were so genuine, I almost believed they were real. If it weren't for the horrifying situation these characters found themselves in, I think I would actually enjoy the challenge of living off-grid in a community like Logan's Pond.The ending o [...]

  • Heather

    This book was not what I expected it to be AT ALL! It was fast paced and intense, keeping me wondering what was going to happen next. Case in point, I finished this morning at 6 am. Carrie's willingness to do whatever needed done did expose her flaw of not having much of a backbone. It was nice to see her work on that though. I think the relationship between Greg and Oliver was my favorite. Two men, several years apart willing to help and learn from each other really added a depth to the book th [...]

  • Rachel Devaughn

    This book was gripping and fantastic! It always gives me anxiety to read "end of the world" books, but the reality is that our economy or government may crash and our way of living could change, so I like to get ideas and feel more prepared after reading books like this."Life" is book 1 in this series and has a good ending but definitely leaves you wanting to read book 2. The characters and situations were very well written and I enjoyed the book immensely! I would consider this book to be clean [...]

  • Sharon

    Rebecca Belliston creates a believable story of dystopian society. The characters come from different backgrounds, their lives intertwined because of circumstances out of their control. Her characters face problems that are relatable, realistic, and make the reader question: what would I do? I was completely sucked in to this book and read it in a day. What I found most compelling were the characters. Each with his own sets of flaws, the characters feel like real people and I found myself invest [...]

  • Tricia Pease

    I was lucky enough to read an ARC of this book and I loved it! I enjoyed Rebecca's first series, Sadie, and couldn't wait for this one. It was a complete change of pace from Sadie, but in the best way possible. I felt like the characters were real people and the story was really happening. The variety in personalities was very well done. The premise was very believable and well researched. Now I'm just dying for the next two books :)

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    473 Rebecca Belliston Rebecca Roberts
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