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By Catherine Coulter | Comments: ( 516 ) | Date: ( Jul 04, 2020 )

FBI agent Ford Mac MacDougal is recovering from injuries he received in a terrorist car bombing when his sister, Jilly, a medical researcher, drives her Porsche off an Oregon cliff on purpose, it seems Curiously, even though he was in a hospital bed on the other side of the country, Mac feels as if he were in the car with her as she sails towards the sea.By the time MFBI agent Ford Mac MacDougal is recovering from injuries he received in a terrorist car bombing when his sister, Jilly, a medical researcher, drives her Porsche off an Oregon cliff on purpose, it seems Curiously, even though he was in a hospital bed on the other side of the country, Mac feels as if he were in the car with her as she sails towards the sea.By the time Mac arrives in Portland, Jilly has come out of the coma she s been in for four days But after only a few hours with her brother, she vanishes without a trace In searching for her, Mac hears a different story from everyone he encounters When the local sheriff enlist his aid in the puzzling murder of an elderly resident, Mac doesn t suspect that the case connects to his sister s disappearance FBI agents Lace Sherlock and Dillon Savich last seen in The Target join Mac to ride shotgun Not knowing whom to trust and whom to suspect, they must escape relentless pursuers before unearthing the tentacles of evil undermining The Edge.

  • Title: The Edge
  • Author: Catherine Coulter
  • ISBN: 9780515128604
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Catherine Coulter

Catherine Coulter Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Edge book, this is one of the most wanted Catherine Coulter author readers around the world.

Comments The Edge

  • Selena

    This is the first book I have ever read from Catherine Coulter. It is #4 in a series. I never read any of the previous book of this series but it was very easy to understand. I really liked this book, loved the characters, the action and the suspense. A very good mystery book for anyone who is a fan of mysteries.

  • Patrick

    My second C.C. read (listen) and it was not disappointing. I must say that in some areas the storyline dragged a bit but did spin out of it into other twists and turns. If I had a complaint, which I truly don't, it would be a little less romance and a spot more action. However, the characters are rich and there is the usual blood (mostly the bad guy's) and one does move around via auto, planes and even via boats. I really liked the protagonist, Ford McDougal, not quite a 'Reacher' type with the [...]

  • Vanessa

    I love Catherine Coulter and the 1st three books in this series were excellent. But I was disappointed with this one. The character development was poor. I didn't really feel any connection to any of the characters, except Sherlock and Savich who are repeating characters in the series. The romance was flat and just all of a sudden, it was there. Also, I found the fact that as soon as Mac started the romance, he seemed to forget about his sister, who was missing. The mystery thriller aspect start [...]

  • Nancy Bandusky

    This novel began with intrigue but it didn't take long for only the hope of maybe somehow getting a somewhat satisfactory resolution kept me reading. The author gets us to a small town with apparently some deep secrets. We wander (and wonder) for the remainder of the book; only to have many things never explained or resolved and a quick wrap-up to end the main part of the story. The characters aren't even sure who they are. The hero was seriously injured before the story began but manages to do [...]

  • Merredith

    This book is #4 in the FBI series. I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday, and also had trouble sleeping, so I read it all in one day. I think so far this was the worst book in the series, but it was still a good book. Sure, the main guy is a little bit slutty but I think that's realistic, especially after he's been in the hospital for a few weeks (he could try using some protection though!!). The story was a little muddled, but maybe that was my state of mind. If you like the series, youll want [...]

  • Dee

    Two-haiku review:His sis drove off cliffShe lives but then disappearsHe investigatesOdd dark charactersWell written but not my styleDidn't make me care

  • Jonetta

    Ford "Mac" MacDougal is recovering at Bethesda Naval Hospital from injuries sustained following a car bombing when he is awakened from his realistic dream involving his sister. He calls her the next morning and finds she was involved in an car accident and is in a coma in Edgerton, Oregon. Two days later, Mac is on his way to see his sister and find out what happened. I had such high hopes for this story afterThe Maze and The Target but it was not to be. This story had a good, solid start with l [...]

  • Linda Munro

    This book was chosen because I enjoy Catherine Coulter’s work and decided to try some of her earlier pieces which I had skipped over previously. I chose this book because it was an FBI thriller which normally features Savich & Sherlock a married couple working together for the FBI. While this novel did bring the couple in, they were basically absent throughout most of the novel. This book deals mainly with FBI Agent Ford “Mac” McDougal who at the beginning of the novel is hospitalized [...]

  • Dotti Elrick

    I've read this series several times, and overall I like it. This book however, is not one of my favorites.We first met our main character, Ford MacDougal, as Lacy Sherlock's training partner in The Maze. He was shipped overseas and injured. While in the hospital, he has a dream/vision that his sister has been injured. He rushes to her, they live in a small town on the west coast called Edgerton. There he finds things with his sister and her husband are not what it seems to be. Things are pointin [...]

  • Maureen

    I know that an author cannot "hit a home run" with every book, but rarely have I been so dissatisfied with a "series" book.This book tries to involve multiple plotlines, and becomes so implausible as to be unbelievable. The characters are, for the most part, one-dimensional. This makes the reader indifferent to what happens, and renders the fancy plot twists laughable.It feels more like Coulter was following an outline on "How to write a thriller" than using her own original style. It made me fe [...]

  • Beanse

    Ugh! This was the worst book I think I have ever read! This book is so horrible SHOULD HAVE A NEGATIVE RATING SYSTEM JUST FOR THIS BOOK!THIS BOOK MAKES NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER! I mean NONE! WHAT SO EVER! ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH!!! Where are the editors? Who approved this thing?The only thing that I could honestly say I learned from this book was what the weather was like in Costa Rica. Congratulations! You the worst writer I have ever read!After finishing this book, I decided to return the entire series [...]

  • Ana

    It was very bad. Too much unaesthetic nudity and sex. It seems to me that Catherine Coulter writes more about sex and characters getting married than about the crime. Her main characters meet, have sex, and the next minute they plan to get married. Who does that? The love and relationship never develops. There is nothing romantic about the characters. As for The Edge, it had a potential but it was a pain to read to the end. Mac being hard all the time and his desires to have sex is not interesti [...]

  • Paigersoccerfan

    This book was a bit bizarre. The idea of a drug that increases your sex drive and brings back bad memories was a little too far fetched for me. It was hard for me to believe that the main character, Mac, could have sex so casually with this kind of creepy girl and then days later find the love of his life. So far it is my least favorite book in this series.

  • Melissa

    Dad had this downloaded from the library for a short road trip so I listened to about 4 hrs of the audiobook (he who drives picks what we listen to, thems the rules). This is poorly written and plotted with the precision of an ADD ferret. Am not interested in finishing.

  • Renee Gillespie

    I have been reading the FBI Thrillers and I am not a fan of this book. Usually by the the second chapter I know if I am hooked on the book or not. This book took me over a week to read because I could not get into the book.

  • Jillian

    I like the main two people they were very lovable. However, I didn't like the story! And I didn't like who Mac always spoke in the third person.

  • Synthetic Darkness

    In this book we are reintroduced to Ford MacDougal (Mac) if you remember he was Sherlock's partner in "The Maze". Now we get to meet Mac'software sister Jilly. The last person we meet is the mysterious Laura. Laura makes an "appearance" in the very start of the book as a voice in jilly's head tormenting her to the point she drives off a cliff. After that scene your thrown right into Mac's point of view where he's waking up from a dream of what we just read. Of course Mac is in the hospital and h [...]

  • Cookie

    Catherine Coulter is a "formula writer," in that she generally uses the same plot line-style for every book (at least in this series - Sherlock and Savich/FBI Thriller). This particular one had a bit too much "nasty" sex in one part of it. I can accept the typical sexual scene or three, but this one had a part that was pretty far out there in a drug-induced way (and I am NOT a prude, either). The rest of the book was alright, but the drug-induced sex scenes I could have cheerfully done without. [...]

  • Linda

    This is really a 3.5 story. It started a little slow and then really picked up but ended a little short. FBI Agent Ford McDougal traveled to Edgerton, Oregon because his sister was in a coma from a car wreck and he wanted answers. After a lot of searching and questioning he found out that Laura Scott was under cover with the DEA on a tip about a new and dangerous drug that his sister and her husband might be involved with. Good read

  • Sandi Stover

    This book introduced two new characters - Mac and Laura. Mac went to Oregon to visit his sister after her car accident. Mac is FBI; Laura is DEA. Laura was working undercover at a library. They had a big (scary) adventure in Costa Rica when they were kidnapped from Oregon. Of course, Sherlock and Savich were in the story to help Mac - they were also kidnapped. Lots of twists and turns in this story.

  • Macjest

    This is one of the least favorite in the FBI series. The characters just don’t ring true. The main male character, Mac, annoys me with his cavalier attitude toward sex. It’s hard to believe that this book was written by a woman. The only thing that prevented me from giving it a one, was when Savich and Sherlock showed up.

  • Susan1566

    I love most of this series but this one is written differently. It is from individual character, first person point of view. That makes it a bit confusing and disjointed from my perspective. The story is good, it's just the style that is a problem for me. If it was written in the same way as the other books it would have 4 stars. (I very rarely rate five)

  • Creative_Mii

    Time to take a break from this series. This one was utter tripe! I listened to half the book on audiobook and read the other half as an ebook as the audiobook narrator was tedious in the extreme. Either way the characters were flat, made super stupid decisions and irritated me beyond endurance. I'm out.

  • Debbie

    Started off greatbut around chapter 4 got very mundane and confusing.hard to connect with characters, even the popular Savich and Sherlock. Finished it, but still no clue what I just read. Disappointed

  • Kathleen Kurdziel

    My least favorite of the Catherine Coulter FBI series. Terrible ending. Too abrupt, too many loose ends, too many unresolved issues. As though the author just gave up on the book and used the device of a posthumous letter to end it quickly. Blech. Readers deserved better.

  • Katy

    Another FBI thriller. FOrd is recovering from a terrorist attack when he feels as if he is in a car plunging over a cliff with his sister Jilly at the wheel. When he discovers she is in a coma,from plunging over a cliff, he travels to Oregon to discover what happened and why

  • Christine Fuentes

    One star or two? The plot deserves a one for shallowness and the inability of a novice writer to either stick with the romance genre or the FBI thriler. The second is awarded only the writer, Catherine Coulter will become.

  • NM Hill

    Held you and wanted to figure who did what and for what reason. First time reading her and will try another of her books. A change from my other authors I read. Wasn't bad, liked the character's she had in the story line.

  • Judy Hall

    Three stars might be generous, but I loved Grubster and Nolan.

  • Margaret Pinard

    Terrible writing, not even at level of guilty pleasure. Finished because on vacation and only brought two books to leave behind. Blech. Coulter has done way better!

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