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By Jennifer Shirk | Comments: ( 131 ) | Date: ( Oct 14, 2019 )

Sandra Moyer s preschool is struggling, so when her sister suggests allowing a super famous actor to research his latest role there, she reluctantly agrees Except the actor turns out to be Ben Capshaw a playboy who s never serious, always joking around, and who knows zero about kids or being a parent Case in point his involvement in the untimely death of the preschool sSandra Moyer s preschool is struggling, so when her sister suggests allowing a super famous actor to research his latest role there, she reluctantly agrees Except the actor turns out to be Ben Capshaw a playboy who s never serious, always joking around, and who knows zero about kids or being a parent Case in point his involvement in the untimely death of the preschool s class pet Ben is enjoying teaching than he thought he would, but that doesn t mean he s looking for a permanent position Sure, he s ready for serious movie roles and less goofing off, but the buttoned up, beautiful Sandra and her young daughter are than he bargained for Plus, Sandra still won t trust him what if it s all an act, research for the role As the lines between make believe and reality blur, Ben will have to decide if love is worth casting aside the role of his life for a new role that could last a lifetime Previously released as The Role of a Lifetime May 2008 and has been enhanced with new material.

  • Title: From Fake to Forever
  • Author: Jennifer Shirk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Jennifer Shirk

Jennifer Shirk has a bachelor degree in pharmacy which has in NO WAY at all helped her with her writing career But she likes to point it out, since it shows romantic at hearts come in all shapes, sizes, and mind numbing educations.She is a USA Today bestselling and award winning author of sweet and sometimes even funny romances for Montlake Romance and Entangled Publishing Lately she s been on a serious exercise kick But don t hold that against her Feel free to join her newsletter eepurl Q6TH1 Monthly giveaways

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Comments From Fake to Forever

  • Sissy's Romance Book Review

    I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.'From Fake to Forever' by Jennifer Shirk is the story of Sandra Moyer and Ben Capshaw. Sandra is a mom on a little girl. Sandra's ex had been an actor and does not stay involved with her daughter. Through Sandra relationship with her ex has set her against men and specially actors. So when she first meets Ben who is with his nephew she tries to keep things in a safe zone. Ben on the other hand is very much att [...]

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    Cute!I have really come to love the whole normal girl falling for the Hollywood star storyline and thought it was handled really well here. While this love story is a little fast for me, I can still put that aside and enjoy the fireworks between Ben and Sandra. Sandra has been hurt in the past (which makes me think she'd need a bit longer to truly trust Ben) and isn't looking for love. That goes out the window when Ben waltzes into her life. I liked Ben and Sandra and thought they had a fun stor [...]

  • Irene

    4.5 starsFrom Fake to Forever was a sweet, fun and heartwarming love story.I loved watching the relationship develop between Ben and Sandra, they had great chemistry and both were likable/entertaining characters. I also enjoyed Ben connect with Sandra's little girl, they were adorable together :) Overall a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, I highly recommend this book. Thank you Entangled Bliss via NetGalley for the advance copy.

  • Katie W

    Sandra is the owner of a preschool and when famous Hollywood actor, Ben Capshaw, comes to research his potential role, she's not impressed. Little does she know, she had an encounter with him the previous day and thought he was a criminal! Add that to the fact that she has a past with an actor and that doesn't help Ben's case.This isn't a new idea, but this one is well done. I'm not a huge fan of a quick falling in love story, but this one is done in a way that is believable and fun--I loved eve [...]

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)

    Happy Release Day to From Fake to Forever! I love posting release day reviews. It's like attending a birthday party for a friend. :)This isn't a new plot- girl hates famous because she's been burned but then a famous boy comes into the picture and sparks fly- but it is a fun plot when it's done right, and this one was. There was all sorts of sparking chemistry flying between Sandra and Ben. Between that and the witty banter, this book was so much fun to read. It was easy to give in to the pull o [...]

  • Danielle

    This is a cute HEA read and I liked how different the characters were which stood out the most to me. Sandra was a single divorced mom who owns a preschool with her sister. Her ex was a Broadway actor who cheated on her and doesn't spend anytime with his daughter so when Ben comes into the picture she wants nothing do with him. As the story starts to unfold you can see that not only is Ben falling for Sandra but also her daughter. This story was sweet and to the point. I enjoyed the characters a [...]

  • Emily

    Actor and carefree playboy, Ben Capshaw, is wanting a chance at a role that could change his career path into one where people would take his acting abilities seriously. His agent tells him he needs to do research for the role in a daycare. Sandra Moyer believes she has met a crazy man and when he shows up at her daycare to do work with her, she knows he is off his rocker. Ben is thrilled to get another chance at Sandra, but the single mother who owns the daycare is not thrilled by his appearanc [...]

  • Kathleen

    Single mom Sandra Moyer owns Storybook Land preschool with her sister Missy. Her life revolves around her four year old daughter Hannah and finding a way to keep her business afloat. She hasn't thought about dating any man since she caught her actor ex-husband Steve cheating with one of his co-stars.Ben Capshaw is a famous actor who is up for a leading role in a new movie called Heaven Sent. His agent Denise has set up an opportunity for Ben to do some preparatory research for the role at Storyb [...]

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group

    As sweet as From Fake to Forever was—and it WAS—I’m going to have to admit that there was a little something missing for me with this one… I’m all for a good, clean romance, which is why I cracked this book opened today. I wanted swoony and cute, and I got it, to an extent. However, the pacing and the depth of this story was off, leaving me feeling a little disconnected—and a little disappointed. Ben Capshaw was, no doubt, a very charming character, but while his playful demeanor was [...]

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3.5 starsThis is a re-issue of a book that I originally read many years ago called Role of a Lifetime and it was just as enjoyable today as it was back then. Sweet, funny and endearing, From Fake to Forever pairs a Hollywood actor researching his next movie role and a single mom pre-school owner fighting their feelings and still managing to fall in love.Ben Capshaw isn't use to women not wanting to get to know him better but that's exactly wh [...]

  • PaulaPhillips

    Sandra's husband has left her and moved on after he became a cheating celebrity , so now she is raising her daughter Hannah and on top of that trying to run a successful preschool alongside her sister and friends. When Hollywood star Ben needs to A) clean up his act and B) gain experience with children for a new role , his publicist along with Sandra's sister Missy organise Ben to spend a couple of weeks at the Storybook Preschool. This starts off not so well for Ben as he kills the class pet an [...]

  • Brittany

    I received this from Netgalley/ Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This was such a sweet heart warming story. I laughed a ton and couldn't but it down. This is a clean romance but very well done.

  • Kathy

    content: mild language, innuendo, Ben has lives the life of a Hollywood heartthrob so there is much implied about his past but only kissing in the scenes of this book.

  • Anniek

    Sandra is a single mother. Together with her sister she opened a preschool. This way she gets to do what she loves and she can spend time with her daughter. Her ex-husband is an actor on Broadway and he doesn't really want to keep any connection to the family he left behind. Sandra has been very cautious of love ever since and concentrates fully on her business and her daughter, Hannah.Their preschool could use more publicity so, Sandra's sister Missy has come up with a great plan. Ben is a famo [...]

  • Suze Lavender

    Sandra owns a preschool together with her sister. They're still trying to make a name for themselves and the school is in dire need of funds. When her sister comes up with a creative idea to bring in some money Sandra isn't happy, but agrees to go along with the plan, because they can use the extra income. Ben, a famous actor, will help out as an extra teacher at the school as part of his research for a movie. He doesn't know much about kids and has a lot to learn. He's actually behaving like a [...]

  • Nicole Smith

    This was a nice light fun read. It had the make you feel good vibe. I just loved reading about Ben interact with the children especially Hannah. He's very first interaction with them is a memorable one for sure. Ben may be an actor, but there is so much more to him then his fame. Sandra has a bad experience with actors take her ex-husband. She's very wary of Ben, but slowly her defenses come down once she gets to know him better. Ben is fun loving carefree guy and relationships are not in the ca [...]

  • Bette Hansen

    I loved this wonderful sweet romance! It's a fantastic story of a devilish playboy actor Ben Capshaw spending time in a preschool to prepare for an upcoming role. The owner, Sandra Moyer, of the preschool had no idea he was coming. Everything had been set up by her sister/partner but now it's her job to deal with it. Him. GAH! These two are wonderful together and the kindness and gentleness Ben has with the kids, especially Hannah, is so touching. Sandra tries to resist the attraction between th [...]

  • Isha Coleman

    ARC Review: From Fake to Forever by Jennifer ShirkLike a fish out of water, Ben stood out. Ms. Shirk played up that element beautifully. It's so easy to judge a person before taking the time to get to know them. Sandra was guilty of that on a grand scale. Much of that was due to her own issues with doubting herself. This was my first read by Jennifer Shirk and I've been missing out. Ben had a grand career and a full pocketbook, but it took a penniless teacher and a roomful of precocious children [...]

  • Donna

    DiscoveryShe is on guard against men and he is a magnet for women. They both learn through charming and sometimes funny encounters to be there for each other and that love is sweetened by being a family. I would have gone with five stars but felt it bordered on PG-13. There are occasional sexual references and mild swearing. Sleeping with someone is the given mentality and there is no religious ideals mentioned. I loved how they meet, I can totally picture it Especially after seeing the Duck Dyn [...]

  • Mary McFarlane

    Eh, it was cute and very short but falling in love after 2 weeks of knowing each other come on. I really liked Hannah and she was only 4 years old I wanted more of her in the story and to see her reaction towards the ending.

  • Jules

    Adorable and fun! I read this a long time ago when it was called The Role of a Lifetime. I liked it even better now!

  • Alisa

    Cute story with fun characters.Source:

  • Sara Cardon

    Sandra is a hilariously protective mom who mistakes a Hollywood actor at the playground as a shady man up to no good. Sandra's past makes it difficult for me to accept her falling for a handsome actor. I also have a hang-up over a hero who's been a player (he'd have to hit absolute rock bottom and convince me he'd changed). I didn't love some of the crass language or wording (minor swear words, "needs" grosses me out). Overall though this is funny, flirty, and a cute escape read.

  • Bec - Book Magic: Under a spell with every page

    4.5 Stars Opening a business can be hard for some, and that's why Sandra Moyer's sister, Molly, has decided to help. However, Molly's latest promotional tool turns out to Ben Capshaw, a super-famous playboy actor that needs to gain some experience with kids, if he wants to succeed in his latest role. Reluctantly, Sandra agrees to giving Ben the opportunity to teach alongside the rest of her staff. Now, if only she can stop herself from falling for him, especially when he's so charming. Ben Capsh [...]

  • Gaele

    Divorced single mum Sandra is still reeling from her ex’s demonstrated lack of connection and concern for their daughter, Hannah, and she’s made several life-changes to ensure stability and happiness. Opening a pre-school has been a struggle, but with the help of her sister and friend, she’s able to keep it all together, make ends meet and never seems to doubt her choices - at least so it appears. Ben Capshaw is an actor with his eyes on a new role, one that will bring him that Oscar nod a [...]

  • Rachel

    Their arrangement is fake but their attraction is real. There are no truer words for the hero and heroine of this wonderful sweet romance from Jennifer Shirk. This book is going to be the perfect summer or winter afternoon read for those who love simple, sweet, adorable romances that will charm and delight you from the first page till the end when you finish with a satisfied sigh.From this pairing’s first hilarious encounter (okay not for them but from our perspective it’s really funny), to [...]

  • Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)

    Jennifer Shirk continues to be my go to author for sweet romantic reads.Sandra Moyer is a single mom, running a struggling preschool with her sister Missy. When Missy is approached about allowing a Hollywood superstar to do some research at their preschool, she doesn’t hesitate. She does however, forget to tell Sandra about the arrangement. Ben Capshaw is a tabloid favorite and has been dubbed as Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor. He wants to change his image and do more serious roles. His [...]

  • Jane

    Disclaimer: I received an ARC for review/blog tour purposes. All thoughts are my own.It's okay to admit you're upset, that you need someone to talk to. It doesn't mean you're weak.Awhile back, I was on a reading slump but reading this effectively pulled me out of the slump. This book is one of the few feel-good books that at the same time, has such an amazing story.When I first read the synopsis, I know, I just know, that I would end up liking it (or loving it). It's has that something that I ab [...]

  • Brianne

    I have been so fortunate to be able to read this great books and I definitely can add, "From Fake to Forever" as a great read. For anyone who loves a good, ol' fashion romance, then From Fake to Forever is the book for you. Jennifer Shirk, writes a beautiful tale of how two people from two different worlds, can be thrown together in a way that is beautiful, sincere and will make you want to fall in love all over again.I really loved Ben Capshaw's character, as he was a man who knew what he wante [...]

  • Mignon Mykel

    This was a super sweet read that started with one of the more comical meet-cutes I've read.Ben roles into town for a vacation -- something his nephew can't understand when Ben lives in the land of beaches and bikinis. While at the park playing with Todd (the nephew), Ben eyes up this blonde -- and his trying to utilize Todd so he could flirt with her was so flipping cute. Add to that an unfortunate event with a nephew nowhere to be found and a crying little girl? So cute.When Sandra first sees B [...]

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