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By Joe Fenton | Comments: ( 926 ) | Date: ( Jul 05, 2020 )

Fred doesn t want to go to sleep, he s worried about what is hiding underneath his bed Is it big Is it small Is it skinny is it tall Hardly any text is needed to tell this adorable story because the accompanying illustrations are so lively and bold And never fear, what is under the bed is as harmless as Ted, Fred s stuffed bear.

  • Title: What's Under the Bed?
  • Author: Joe Fenton
  • ISBN: 9781416949435
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Joe Fenton

Joe Fenton is a British artist, designer, sculptor and illustrator, who mainly works in monochrome using graphite, ink, acrylics, oils on paper, canvas, and other.Joe Fenton became internationally known through his first large scale drawing rendered in graphite, acrylics, gouache, and ink, called Solitude Completed in 2011, Solitude took over 10 months to produce, with its size being approximately 8 feet wide and 5.5 feet high

Comments What's Under the Bed?

  • Liam Mernagh

    What’s under the Bed is a book by Joe Fenton dealing with the contemporary fears of children at night. Fred is a reluctant sleeper who prefers playing with his teddy bear to putting his head to the pillow. Once he's under the covers, his imagination runs wild and he frets, "Could there be something under my bed?" Fred cannot stop worrying about creatures that might be lurking beneath it. As Fred's worries take shape, he questions all the different features it may have as well as the sounds it [...]

  • Chelsea Kirkland

    Preschool storytime really liked this book and requested to read it again twice, I think we did it total 3 times in October. Good for Halloween season, but could be good anytime of the year because of the combination of questions that kids can answer (yes or no), and being a little bit scary. Only complaint is that I feel like the ending is a little bit anti-climactic

  • Becky

    Fenton, Joe. 2008. What's Under the Bed?Incredible illustrations, simple text, What's Under the Bed is a book that almost works well. Almost. I loved the illustrations. They're striking. Using limited amount of colors--black, gray, white--with the barest splashes of red, green, and blue, it is also incredibly detailed. The book tells the story of a boy who is afraid that something or rather someone might be under his bed. The boy has a vivid imagination when it comes to imagining just who that s [...]

  • Anna Baker

    Young children will love this book because it is funny and age-appropriately frightening. It's good for reading development because of the rhyming and somewhat repetitive nature. Illustrations are great. I think they could spark ideas and imaginations before a creative arts activity. They show many different ways you may draw one subject. Good for discussing use of color: everything is black and white except for the monster he is imagining. And good for discussing composition: the different plac [...]

  • Alicia Evans

    Fred needs to go to sleep but he's worried there might be something under his bed. He then imagines all of the different forms that the mysterious monster can take until finally deciding to be brave and look under the bed. What will he find?The illustrations did fun things with color splashes that accented the mainly black and white book. The text wasn't that difficult to read, so it may be especially fun for younger readers and the book was also quite short. It was cute, but I don't know how of [...]

  • Davenport Public Library

    Oh, man. Oh, man. Fred hears a noise. On the ground. Under the bed. What color is it? What size is it? What can it be? Join Fred on a tense trip into bravery. Predominantly black and white illustration coupled with simple oversized pictures add to the drama. Perfect for reading alone with your youngest, or for sharing with a group during a sleepover. (And don’t worry – you’ll be ok with what is really under the bed.)

  • Cassie

    Fred does not want to go to bed, he wants to stay up and play with Ted. Though forced to lay down his head with Ted, Fred does have an imaginative adventure searching under his bed. Joe Fenton's first picture book is a treat to read and share with your young one. The pared down rhyming text is perfect for the toddler set (they illicit OOooo's and giggles from my little boy), as are the bold, detailed, and fun illustrations.

  • Heidi-Marie

    I love the illustrations of Fred. The monster, well, are we trying to help a child get over its fears in this book or not? Because this wouldn't have helped me as a young'un. And the ending is a little confusing--I'm assuming it's the one in the bed saying the last line. If I had a preschool group with absolutely no bedtime or monster fears, this could be fun to read aloud. Otherwise, I guess more for older kids if they didn't feel the book was too young.

  • Christopher Obert

    This is a cute children’s book about what is “under the bed?” The illustrations are fun and very interesting to look at because of the minimum use of color. The story is short and is written on each page in English and Spanish. Both the story and the art were created by Joe Fenton, so they work well together. I liked the story and plan on reading it to my granddaughter if she is ever scared of “What’s Under the Bed!”

  • Dolly

    This is a fun book to read aloud with children at bedtime. It's Fred's bedtime, but he's worried about what's under the bed. The illustrations are mostly black and white with some single color shading, particularly of the monster that Fred is imagining. It's a dramatic effect and it helps convey the fright Fred experiences. The narrative is a simple, rhyming text that is great for beginning readers. Our girls really liked it.(A free book we got in our box of Cheerios)

  • Kirsten

    The very book that asks and answers the question WHAT'S UNDER THE BED? I enjoyed reading this to my classes and they seemed to get a big kick out of the kid in the book's imagination. The illustrations are wonderful, the wording and typing is fantastic A great book for kids who are going through the "monster under the bed" phase.

  • Alice

    3.5 starsI cute book about what is under the bed. Did you ever worried what was under the bed. I know I did. But I was actually more afraid of 'things' looking in my window. I liked the black and white element as well!

  • James Jones

    His mom called up to Fred saying "Time for bed, Fred!" for Spanish it said "!Hora de acostarte, Fred!" Fred thought there was a monster under his bed and he said "Could it be green? Or maybe it's red. Is it tall? Or rather small?" At the end it turned out it was his teddy bear under his bed.

  • Brittany

    These illustrations remind me a lot of Tim Burton, I love the use of color in this. The story is also very cute for kids with the ending and all, a great reaffirming story to tell them nothing is under the bed.

  • Daniel

    There's nothing amazing about this book. The only reason I read it, is because I got it in a cereal box. The story is for children. It's simple and has art work that sort of resembles Tim Burton's art. It's a nice story.

  • Marie

    Definitely not for the anxious child, this darkly illustrated book is deliciously scary while still being funny. The best part is that the text is very simple, so a somewhat competent beginning reader could read it by him/herself.

  • Kim

    This is one of JT's favorite books. It helps to introduce him to comparison and descriptive adjectives and dispels fears of things under a bed. The artwork is odd but he seems to enjoy it.

  • Dee-Ann

    This is a good childrens book. I think I liked the black and white pictures the best the eyes are cute. My boys liked the suspense and the monster.

  • Nojood Alsudairi

    Unique illustrations. An unexpected ending. Thanks to hope.

  • Kevin Summers

    This book's limited use of color in the artwork is interesting.

  • Jennifer

    This was a cute book and I am glad the kid is a tough kid even though he was scared.

  • Clara Bowman-Jahn

    see my Perfect Picture Book Friday review on my blog. Http://clarbojahn.wordpress/

  • Melissa Dwyer

    Originally Rated E by Sam JackendoffWonderful mixed media illustrations.Lot's of rhyming - great for read-alouds.

  • Tina Bartholoma

    "nighttime fears, monster grows as boy describes, large, oversize shapes in illustrations, gothic hues"

  • Zack

    Simple and fun rhyme, but the illustrations are what really shine! Could be fun for a number of ages, and for those little ones with short attention spans.

  • Garren

    Not great as a read aloud to a group, because the big attraction here is the black and white art with accent colors. Also the extent of the kid's imagination.

  • Rebecca

    I love how this book highlights how our imagination can run away.

  • Stephanie Griffin

    It bothered me that the boy's eyeglasses were as big as his head and his image got lost in the rest of the dark, dark images. Just didn't like it.

  • Paty

    Loved the illustrations. Great ending too!

  • Molly

    A boy is worried what is under his bed and finds out that it is ok to only cause and noise and make the monster in his bed what is under there. Cute and funny. Ages 5+

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  • Best Download [Joe Fenton] ☆ What's Under the Bed? || [History Book] PDF Í
    166 Joe Fenton
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