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On a seventeen hour long flight, a chance upgrade to business class lands journalist Risha Kohli next to handsome real estate hotshot Arjun Khanna What s Risha has been moonlighting as a photographer and her next assignment is Arjun s sister s wedding the most anticipated social event of the year But Arjun doesn t trust journalists and suspects this smart, sexy andOn a seventeen hour long flight, a chance upgrade to business class lands journalist Risha Kohli next to handsome real estate hotshot Arjun Khanna What s Risha has been moonlighting as a photographer and her next assignment is Arjun s sister s wedding the most anticipated social event of the year But Arjun doesn t trust journalists and suspects this smart, sexy and incredibly spunky girl of using their mutual attraction as a ploy to invade his privacy for a newspaper scoop And Risha, unaware of Arjun s personal demons, is worried that this dishy tycoon s unnerving behaviour will jeopardize her biggest photography gig so far.What follows is a rollercoaster of snarky quips, sizzling chemistry and simmering drama amidst a Big Fat Indian Wedding

  • Title: The Wedding Photographer
  • Author: Sakshama Puri Dhariwal
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Sakshama Puri Dhariwal

Sakshama Puri Dhariwal was born and raised in New Delhi, India Her first novel was the critically acclaimed romantic comedy The Wedding Photographer Her most recent book is a cricket romance, Man of Her Match.Before pursuing a full time career in writing, she was a brand manager at e commerce and media companies.Sakshama lives in California with her husband and daughter.

Comments The Wedding Photographer

  • Sruthi

    This is just thee "most best debut book" ( This is how Nani speaks in the entire book , "Most worst" , "Most Best" , and she calls Risha "Single Bachelor" LOL ) I really really love Romantic comedy especially those with the touch of Hinglish , it makes it sassy and more humorous in my opinion . And I can't believe this is author's debut book , she is definitely fabulous . Risha is a journalist and also a wedding photographer ' candid ' of elite society in India . She mets Arjun on her way back t [...]

  • Rubal

    An Indian soap opera in book form, right down to the kaleere falling down on the heroine's head. With all the cheesy clichés of romance books. And a drunk grandma (thanksVicky Donorfor this trope).

  • Kishore

    Have you ever watched a Romantic Comedy Hollywood & Bollywood movies that makes you relaxed, makes you forget all your worries, laugh out loud and keeps you captivated till the end? Sakshama brings you exactly the same through her fiction “The Wedding Photographer”. With plentiful of wit spread throughout the book, this book will refuse to leave your hand until you hit the last page. And, when you read, you cannot avoid your brain painting pictures of Risha, Arjun, Nitisha, Rohan, Rishab [...]

  • Anushree

    This was SO much fun! Anyone looking for a light-hearted but super-delicious romantic comedy must pick it up. :D

  • Diptakirti Chaudhuri

    A delightful debut novel, it is a romantic comedy as well as a sharp satire on present day Delhi and India. Despite not being a fan of this genre, I zipped through the book in a day and a half and found Bollywood references, Punjabi quirks, snarky asides spicing up the sugar of the romance. This book will probably get a lot of praise for its breezy style, smooth pace and the eminently likeable heroine but in addition I found there was a fair bit of research on various aspects - wedding photograp [...]

  • Vidya

    Easy read Loved the plot and writing style

  • Somesh

    Fun feel good book that gets better as you keep progressing. The author had a very good vocabulary up her sleeve, which was very impressive.

  • Priti

    The first thought which came to my mind after reading this book was it’s similarity to the KJO movies. This book is all about the big, rich and very loud Punjabi family with a beautiful love story.Rashi and Arjun belong to totally different backgrounds but somehow from the first moment they met, they seem to share a Chemistry. The sparks fly whenever they are in same place. This book is all about happy go lucky kind and though this was the author’s first book, its actually a sequel to author [...]

  • Karthic Sivaswamy

    The Wedding Photographer, is light weight rom-com novel by the debut author. The plot is when a part-time wedding photographer and a full-time journalist Risha gets upgraded to business class in her travel from America to Delhi she meets a real estate tycoon Arjun, who hates journalists. And, coincidentally Risha's next big assignment was Arjun's sister's wedding next week. Risha got this big gig through her friend and colleague Nidhi. They both get to know each other during their time in the fl [...]

  • Vivek Tejuja

    Now I am a fan of good comic writing (because it is so rare and far and few in-between) and when I come across something really nice, then I cannot help but speak about it. Even if it is a little cheesy and quite predictable this was the case in most places in Sakshama Puri Dhariwal’s book “The Wedding Photographer”. Why did I like it then?I liked it for various reasons. The prose is racy, cracking with wit and does not lose its steam at any point. It becomes predictable yes, it is also ja [...]

  • Padma

    After ages, The Wedding Photographer is one book which I finished reading in (almost) one sitting. Found it to be thoroughly entertaining, with some really spunky characters and a fresh and breezy romance. There were several moments which, literally, made me laugh out loud and some which left me a tad wet-eyed. But, in the end, more than anything it left me feeling good and optimistic about life, the choices we make and love.What really stood out for me was the author’s smooth style of writing [...]

  • Pavitra (For The Love of Fictional Worlds)

    Actual Rating 4.5 Stars This was such a surprise read - I went into the book expecting a cute romance but what I got was a a fun filled; dramatic and passionate romance that wormed it's way into my heart! Plus; I was so stocked to red about the place I actually live in; in a romance - is this how American Readers feel when they read about their hometown? Because if yes, then IT IS FREAKING AWESOME! Loved the writing style; the character developments and the wonderful chemistry between Arjun and [...]

  • Divya

    The blurb says that 'The Wedding Photographer' will be a fun, entertaining, masala-filled read and it totally lives up to that promise. The characters are well-etched out, especially Nani, with her ability to down numerous Patiala pegs while staying sober, and also figure out who "matched". The plot draws you in, from the initial scenes on the 17-hour long flight, all the way through to the hours post 'the scandal', all neatly tied together by the big, fat Punjabi wedding at the center of it all [...]

  • Nidhi Arora

    This book in un-put-down-able!From the well defined characters to the modern writing style, the book has you gripped till the end. The use of recent Bollywood dialogues, the recognisable family characters that we all learn to live with and the SMS lingo (not the cul8 types) made me think "i have been there" at so many points in the book and yet the book took me on a journey that I remember even after several weeks of reading the book. I am sure that this will turn into a movie very soon - so the [...]

  • Snigdha Puri

    If you're Punjabi (or not), like whiskey, chicken (or paneer), bollywood, romance, are in love (or want to be), have grandparents who are either crazy or embarrassing, have one aunty in your life who is always trying to (not so slyly) hook you up with someone's friend's cousin's uncle's daughter/son, have a friend called Karan, Kunal, Rahul, Amit, Nidhi, Neha or Pooja, if you spent a bucket load on that professional degree but are pursuing your passion instead here's the perfect treat for you.Pi [...]

  • S

    A light rom com and a fun read . Great for a good relaxing weekend reading. Both Arjun & Risha are just perfect for each other . This was such a delight to read. Loved Nani character she was the Most fab and her dialogue was just too brilliant couldn't stop laughing. Absolutely enjoyed this story. Can't wait to read more stories from this author

  • Rachna

    The only complaint i have with this chicklit is that it was not long enough. I loved the characters and the storyline and the references to Bollywood. Not to mention all the descriptive prose on wedding themes and events which was written with ease. Write more books Ms. Dhariwal. Let us give Mills & Boon a run for their money!! ;)

  • Donna Dias Manuel

    A fun summer read. It's hard to believe it's her first novel. Each scene is as real as real can get; they are crisp and not unnecessarily winding. The author is painsatkingly particular about describing each element in the scene, which makes you feel like you're actually part of the story. A perfect mix of romance and drama.

  • Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

    Enjoyed it, even if I felt the male lead was a bit two-dimensional. The female protagonist though has shades of what's that author who's always writing about her heroines eating and how amazing they look when they eat and also what nice people they are? That one. Still, an engrossing piece of commercial fiction, good for a short trip or by the pool.

  • Abhishek Pathak

    Usually I don't read romantic genre but I truly fell in love with Risha Kohli. A simple / cute book and love story. Must read it once.

  • Surbhi

    Such an adorable light read. Perfect read for a flight.

  • Maarisha Chhajta

    I don't remember the last time I read a book one sitting. So light and so much fun! Breezed through the book and loved every moment of it.

  • Neha

    A big fat Punjabi wedding with such adorable characters ! Especially Patiala Nani ! A huge fan of her ! Loved every bit of it !

  • Nazz Chibuikem

    This was such an amazing quick read. Lots of feels too. I totally loved it and would love to read more of the author's works.

  • Radhika Sheth

    2.5/5If I was to describe this book in one word:'Meh.'Full of cliches drawn from Bollywood movies that you've seen all your life. Quick summary: boy meets girl, instant chemistry, and yet a love-hate relationship. A couple of misunderstandings later, they finally get over their egos and 'fess up and get married. Sounds so original, right? Don't get me wrong, you might enjoy it if you enjoy your run-of-the-mill romcoms. But I expected it to be more along the lines of The Zoya Factor by Anuja Chau [...]

  • Simran Bhatia

    Quick, light and breezy are the words that describe 'The Wedding Photographer'. I am not generally fan of Indian rom com writers but this one enjoyable read. The story is fast paced you don't get bored even with a predictable setting of a big fat punjabi wedding in Delhi.The humor and many colorful characters make for the predictability. The plot is simple rich boy meets cute girl on a plane and They have a crackling chemistry one misunderstanding boom happy ending. I loved the way the chemistry [...]

  • Sherin

    Entertaining and funny! I finished it in a day 😊

  • Vijay V

    a colourful and enjoyable ride

  • Pallabi Priyaadarshini

    A breezy read on a sunday morning !!

  • katayoun Masoodi

    very bollywood-ish fun!

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