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  • Title: আফ্রিকান সাফারি
  • Author: John "Pondoro" Taylor Ishtiaq Hasan
  • ISBN: 9847762142
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

John "Pondoro" Taylor Ishtiaq Hasan

John Howard Pondoro Taylor was a big game hunter and ivory poacher of Irish descent Born in Dublin as the son of a surgeon he developed an urge to go to Africa and become a professional hunter Taylor mainly hunted for his own account and had little interest in guiding clients His parents paid for his passage to Cape Town In Africa he experimented extensively with different types of rifles and calibers which made him an expert in big game rifles He is credited with developing the Taylor KO Factor, and authored several books.Taylor s personal life in later years was one of misfortune As an alleged homosexual, Taylor was persecuted in Africa in his latter years there and was eventually forced by local authorities to leave Africa However, it was almost surely Pondoro s unflinching support for, and always standing up for, the black man not any supposed sexual deviancy that caused him to be asked to leave Africa Taking into account his vast experience as a hunter, as well as his expertise with rifles, Taylor should have had no trouble finding a well paying job as a representative of one of the high end gunmakers in London However, whispers alluding to Taylor s past in Africa followed him to England, and he found little work available Taylor s last years were spent in povertyJohn Taylor died in 1969 in London.

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  • Best Read [John "Pondoro" Taylor Ishtiaq Hasan] ↠ আফ্রিকান সাফারি || [Self Help Book] PDF ✓
    455 John "Pondoro" Taylor Ishtiaq Hasan
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