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Paris, the City of Lights To seventeen year old Dani Deane, it s the Promised Land There, her widowed mother s depression will vanish and she will no longer fear losing her only parent, her arty New York life, or her devoted boyfriend.But shortly before their Paris getaway, Dani s tyrannical grandfather falls ill, pulling them to rural Pennsylvania to deal with his hoardParis, the City of Lights To seventeen year old Dani Deane, it s the Promised Land There, her widowed mother s depression will vanish and she will no longer fear losing her only parent, her arty New York life, or her devoted boyfriend.But shortly before their Paris getaway, Dani s tyrannical grandfather falls ill, pulling them to rural Pennsylvania to deal with his hoarder horror of a house Among the piles, Dani finds disturbing truths that could make Mum completely unravel Desperate to protect her from pain and escape to Paris, Dani hatches a plan with the flirtatious neighbor boy that only threatens the relationships she most wants to save Why would God block all paths to Paris Could real hope for healing be as close as a box tucked in the rafters

  • Title: Almost There (Dani Deane #2)
  • Author: Laurel Garver
  • ISBN: 9781530836918
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Laurel Garver

Laurel Garver holds degrees in English and journalism and earns a living as a magazine editor She enjoys quirky independent films, word games, British television, and Celtic music She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter Facebook author page facebook AuthorLaurelTwitter twitter LaurelGarver

Comments Almost There (Dani Deane #2)

  • Robyn

    Almost There by Laurel Garver is a story of grief, yet it's filled with inspiration and encouragement in a world where both are desperately needed. It's a book that you will not put down until you come to the last page. And then you're upset because it's over. Ms. Garver has her eye on the problems that affect teen girls, and that is half the battle when writing a story anyway. You have to write authentic characters. From the opening pages, I felt like I was a part of the story. The setting is w [...]

  • Kathryn

    SYNOPSIS: This is a really well written Christan YA Novel by Laurel Graver. The story itself circles around the main character Dani, a 17 year old girl who is living a normal teenage life, dreaming about going to Paris and trying to maintain a pure relationship with her boyfriend.Drama ensues when her grandfather becomes ill and Dani has to navigate going to stay at his house in Pennsylvania. During her time there she learns a great deal about love, truth and what it really means to be alive. ( [...]

  • Tessa Hall

    Almost There made me fall in love with the YA genre all over again. This is the kind of teen fiction I enjoy: An authentic and inspirational novel that accurately portrays the teen life. Throw in a romance thread, family drama, teen angst, beautiful wordsmithing, an artistic element, and weave them together to create an original, page-turning-worthy plot.Honestly, this is the best YA novel I've read in a while. The plot was well-paced, and the story was a quick-read, but mainly because it was di [...]

  • Kellyn Roth

    Almost There is a descent contemporary Christian fiction novel about a teenage girl who wants nothing more than to get her mother away from the hustle and bustle and pain and terror of their life and take a trip to Paris which, she is sure, will heal all her mother’s old wounds.I’ll start with the plot. It was original and well-paced; it kept together and ended perfectly. I found the subplot with Laughlin to be a little distracting and it made Dani sound a little I don’t know, shallow. Per [...]

  • Jaime Lynn

    Almost There is even more absorbing than Never Gone, and I couldn't put it down. Dani's evolving relationship with her sometimes prickly Mum gains even more nuances as Dani begins to see Grace (Mum) as a person with a history, especially because that history is more troubled than Dani ever realized. Dani's bond with Theo endures some strain, and their struggles to work through the baggage that each of them brings to the relationship are both moving and realistic. Never Gone focused on the immedi [...]

  • Tyrean

    Beautifully written, Almost There by Laurel Garver continues to explore the tough realities of grief and healing of Danie and her mother that was started in Never Gone. Dani's dreams of healing her mother through art have hit a stand-still, and the trip to Paris can't seem to come fast enough. And then, Dani's cranky grandfather needs help and the Paris trip is put on hold. Dani struggles for direction and discernment, floundering to find a way to heal herself and her mother. She's such a realis [...]

  • Ana Shoemaker

    This is one of those books where you fall in love with the characters and find yourself relating to more than one of them in various ways. The problems the characters faced were realistic and reminded me of my own teenage angst moments growing up. I especially love how Dani is so concerned for her mom and wanting to take care of her. I can remember feeling similarly about my mom and I'm sure my kids will one day feel this way about me. The readiness that supporting characters showed in going to [...]

  • Audrey Rich

    This book had enough romance, teenage angst, and secrets to keep me interested. The unexpected twists were believable and sometimes depicted how people think of themselves without caring how their actions affect others.It was fun to see the drama that both the teenagers and the adults had to deal with and how they came up with some of the solutions. The teenage characters were as flawed as the adults, which made them real.I'll be interested in reading other books from this author.The author prov [...]

  • Mary

    Pleased this was recommended by a friend; decided to read the first in this series and found both wonderful.

  • Kim

    This is an excellent read. Even though its aim I believe is the YA audience I found it compelling and highly insightful myself. Its also great that its a clean read because so much literature( among other things) targeted for young people today isn't . Its story manages to tackle difficult life issues with tact and wisdom and not a little bit of faith.The characters were all believable and relatable I could see them as a movie in my mind as I read along .Overall it was brilliant .Kudos to Ms.Gar [...]

  • Rachel John

    I'm so used to reading books driven by a romantic plot, or fantasy adventure, that it took me a little while to get used to this one. I would categorize it as YA Christian Family Drama. Dani has a flawed family she's trying to keep together, and big dreams. Her boyfriend Theo has his own issues, but he's seems to own them and share them in a way that Dani can't yet.I loved the fact that when Dani makes a mistake, it comes back to bite her, and she must unravel it on her own, rather than somehow [...]

  • Lynn

    Almost There continues the story of Dani Deane, a New York city teenager with aspirations to be an artist including spending her summer vacation in artisan Paris with her widowed mother. The plans are derailed though, when Dani's eccentric grandfather falls ill and she follows her mother to Pennsylvania not knowing if the immediate needs he requires will be completed prior to their scheduled flights to Paris. Can she rely on God to figure out things, or does she need to take matters in her own h [...]

  • Carrie Westmoreland Kurtz

    This book was so refreshing to read! I have read so many really intense books, fantasy and scifi, super action packed and dramatic books this was just what I needed.Not that Almost There didn't have its serious, dramatic moments. It did. But, I guess there was just something about the writing that made it so refreshing to me. I think I just really needed to read something different from what I have been reading lately. I've been in a bit of a slump and this book was just what I needed.I didn't k [...]

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ✓ Almost There (Dani Deane #2) : by Laurel Garver ↠
    259 Laurel Garver
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