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By Yeon-Sik Hong | Comments: ( 494 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

Inspired by Yeon sik Hong s attempt to move to the country with his partner, Uncomfortably, Happily is the story of a young couple finding their way Burdened by unmet comics deadlines and high rent, our narrator and his wife know they must make a change Convinced the absence of traffic noise will ease his writer s block, our pair welcomes the idea of building a life fromInspired by Yeon sik Hong s attempt to move to the country with his partner, Uncomfortably, Happily is the story of a young couple finding their way Burdened by unmet comics deadlines and high rent, our narrator and his wife know they must make a change Convinced the absence of traffic noise will ease his writer s block, our pair welcomes the idea of building a life from scratch Deciding on a home atop an uninhabited mountain, they excitedly embrace the charms of their new rural existence.From tending to the land and attempting grocery runs through snow, to the complexities of fighting depression in seclusion, the move does not immediately prove to be the golden ticket they d hoped for, and the silence of the mountain poses as much of an obstacle to output as the sirens of the city Through it all, though, we see simple pleasures seep in and gain prominence over these commercial, and, often, comparatively trivial worries the smell of the forest, the calming weight of enveloping snow, and the gratification of a stripped down life making art begin to muffle other concerns.Originally published in Korean to great acclaim and winning the Manhwa Today award, Uncomfortably, Happily uniquely explores our narrator s inner world Hong propels the comic with gorgeously detailed yet simple art, sharing the story of two lives unfolding slowly, sometimes uncomfortably, yet ultimately, happily.

  • Title: Uncomfortably Happily
  • Author: Yeon-Sik Hong
  • ISBN: 9781770462601
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Yeon-Sik Hong

Yeon-Sik Hong Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Uncomfortably Happily book, this is one of the most wanted Yeon-Sik Hong author readers around the world.

Comments Uncomfortably Happily

  • Elyse

    Let's be honest I felt overwhelmed before I even started this 600 page graphic autobiography. Its physically heavy. It wasn't cheap either. Doesn't sound like I'm selling this book very well -does it?On the politically correct plus side of things,e book cover is recycled paper: nobody had to tell me that -- it's pretty obvious! I've mentioned this before -- I've developed an appreciation for graphic novels ( I WANT THE CREAM OF THE CROP ONE'S), crappy junkie graphics, please. I can justify buyi [...]

  • Melki

    What a strange read . . . A young, newly married Korean couple flee the city for life in an isolated rented house on a mountain. He's working on a graphic novel; she's working on her art. Neither is very likable. They whine, and they carp. He fumes about deadlines, and his editor, then tussles with his inner demons, rages at tourists visiting the mountain, and criticizes his wife's cooking. She repeatedly mentions that she should get a job, and contribute to their income, but does nothing about [...]

  • David Schaafsma

    A beautifully done graphic memoir by Korean artist Yeon-Sik Hong about he and his wife's year or so renting an isolated house on a mountain. At 592 pages (originally published in two volumes) it is massive, promising Moby Dick-like epic-ness, but what you get is the sweet story of the marriage of two artists. Hong needs to get out of Seoul, a big, loud, dirty city, though he is still going to school there. He wants clean air and isolation. He also needs to find a balance between the commercial a [...]

  • Rod Brown

    This book is a bit uneven - I could have done without all the fantasy and dream sequences for instance - but if you commit and make it through to the end, you get a pretty good portrait of a man navigating a psychological and physical crisis through the strength of a loving relationship with his wife. At first I was annoyed by the narrator's whininess and then at one point I worried the narrative was going to take a turn toward The Shining, but this semi-autobiographical book stays on a domestic [...]

  • Matt Ely

    This is very different from most graphic novels I've read. The author is merciless about himself, both reveling and ridiculing the escapist fantasy of moving off the grid. Anyone with a penchant for procrastination, financial stress, and thought spirals will find themselves clearly reflected. Perhaps what I enjoyed most, though, was the clear expression of the secret language of a marriage, an understanding that only two people are allowed to share. This was a wonderful journey, though not alway [...]

  • Aaron

    Mr. Hong is a serious layabout. He's good at his craft, sure. And his idealism is admirable, yes. But the Yeon-sik Hong of UNCOMFORTABLY HAPPILY is perhaps the most regrettably honest a creative person can possibly be. If not for the steely kindness and self-sustaining compassion of his wife, Sohmi Lee, then it seems inevitable that Mr. Hong would have ended up in a ditch somewhere (no doubt surrounded by used ink pens, crumpled drafting boards, and fossilized dog poop).UNCOMFORTABLY HAPPILY is [...]

  • Erin

    At over 500 pages, this is a commitment. Some of the humor and sentiment does not translate well, but what does, sticks. It's cheery, and dark, and frustrating, and relatable, and adorable.

  • I.D.

    Maybe something was just lost in the translation for me, but I just wasn't that into this. The art was great, but the main character was a whiny jerk and his wife was very one dimensional. I could see how comic artists could find something here but I didn't really. It had a sweet ending that salvaged much for me but getting there was occasionally an exercise in wanting to throttle the lead.

  • Zorphie Zorro

    A graphic novel saga of two struggling married artists who move to a remote rental home on a mountain after financial desperation and frustrations in big city Seoul. The narrator's wife takes to rural life with a cheerful attitude and thrives creatively, while he (a big city kid) becomes isolated and paranoid, nearly having both a complete physical and mental breakdown. Over the span of 500 pages or so, we witness a lot of their triumphs and trials, everything from the challenges of carrying gro [...]

  • Jason

    Incredible graphic memoir. In this book's afterword, Hellen Jo (who translated it from Korean) says that when she read it for the first time, she kept grabbing her boyfriend and yelling "IS THIS US?!" I too found this book eerily relatable to me and my wife's struggles: dealing with rising rents and greedy landlords, moving out of the city and feeling both lonely/out of the loop and inspired by our peaceful new surroundings. This book will send you into a dark head space at times, especially dur [...]

  • Mark Victor Young

    Really entertaining story of a couple. The author took the time and space required to investigate this semi-autobiographical (?) tale of a newly-married couple in unique circumstances in South Korea. It's a graphic novel about two graphic novelists - one of them writing what he knows! But the artwork and the honesty and the adversity are so compelling that the size of the book becomes its greatest strength, as you keep on wanting more of this story.

  • James Eckman

    A good reason why artists should have savings or an indulgent spouse. Also a sad comment on development and land greed in the country.

  • Dov Zeller

    This is a very long book that repeats a lot of daily happenings and goes deep into the author's anxieties. It goes on and on to the point where I feel fairly acutely the frustration and struggles I think that the author is trying to make clear. But also, I kind of feel frustrated with him and the book at a certain point and by the end I was much more interested in reading his partner's work, which I can't seem to find. It is not, as far as I can tell, available in English. There is a lot to appr [...]

  • Kimberley Hope

    Sappy. Sincere. Strikingly raw. Uncomfortably, Happily indeed. The story of two newly wed artists who naively move from the hustle and bustle of Seoul to a pastoral abode in the mountains. There they are faced with the trials of enjoying life and comfort with little cash, adhering to the oppressive schedules and demands of their publishers (and facing the desire to follow their own paths as artists), and for the main character, coming to terms with his internalized criticisms of his naive and id [...]

  • Nate

    I enjoyed reading this quite a bit, but I hated the main character SO much. He was SUCH an asshole. I guess he's the author too, so.

  • Aaron

    3.5I'm always tempted to rate long comics higher because of the work that goes into them, but I think this is a good score. It's another comics memoir about someone making comics. The tone was sometimes to whiny for me and I thought his wife's character lacked depth. The end did get to me, however. It does a good job of showing time passing and noting how we advance during these fast paced, stressful periods of life. I'm not surprised Seth has a blurb on the back. This is paced a lot like a comi [...]

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  • Sarah Luchins

    I love this book, even though (because?) it made me cry.

  • Blue

    Yeon-Sik Hong's Uncomfortably Happily will speak to the hoards of millennials and gen-Xers who are constantly talking about moving to upstate NY or Hoboken or the Catskills or Jersey City or Portland to live a simpler, nature-centered life away from the costs and stresses of the big city (Brooklyn is full of us, wanna-be escapees!) Hong and his new wife do exactly that, leaving behind the noisy, distracting city for a rental house at the foot of a mountain in a protected nature preserve. Of cour [...]

  • ダンカン

    Picking up Uncomfortably Happily was a personal reason of mine - to really understand what is it like living in country side. This manhwa graphic novel is a semi-biography of Yeon-Sik Hong, a struggling procrastinator artist that struggles to meet its deadline and his supportive wife living near a mountain side further away from Seoul. As they rented a house over there, memories were made, animals were loved, and other troubles assured. As he tries to complete his and revise his drawings and stu [...]

  • Sarah

    I absolutely hated this book. And it was a great read.Reading about a young couple who had little money was fine. Reading about a man who felt he was going crazy in an emotional crisis, and a woman who did so little to help with money/chores (even though, being honest, she offered a little and her husband told her to quit being foolish) was excruciating. Maybe this is a culture gap for me, but having all this stress put onto the husband, and the wife calming the husband down (with what seemed to [...]

  • Hina

    I found myself a little confused when I first started reading this book because of the dream sequences and mini-hallucinations that crop up every now and then. I wouldn't have wanted it to be different though, I like that the author doesn't baby us through what's going on. I could also tell the book had been translated into English since some of the wording seemed a little formal for a graphic novel. However, this book was very enjoyable for me and I found myself relating to a lot of the author' [...]

  • Maggie Gordon

    Wow, this is a brick of a book! Uncomfortably Happily details a short segment in the life of Hong and his wife when they move to a house on an isolated mountain outside Seoul. He discusses both the freeing elements of being so far outside the city, but also the terrible poverty and struggles he and his wife underwent trying to make ends meet and survive. It's often an uncomfortable book given Hong's frustrated emotions, but, as the title implies, it also represents a strangely comforting time in [...]

  • JumbleofJargon

    The peaks and valleys of daily adult life are depicted so realistically in this graphic novel. My only wish is that the wife's character, Mrs. Hong, was developed better and more fleshed out. Nonetheless, the clever imagery, in addition to characters whose joys and frustrations are easy to relate to, made this a rather delightful read. It wasn't always easy. Although, this ends on a hopeful note, there are pretty bleak moments - such as the following quote I felt was written beautifully:"And thi [...]

  • Matthew Noe

    This was a hard read and I don't think I truly understood why until the last quarter of it: it's a memoir about life in the truest sense. The discomfort. The lack of clarity. No sense that it would all truly work out in the end. A messy affair with the next up and down - a great deal of down indeed - always lurking but impossible to predict. Reading this had to come in spurts and with preparation. This is a book that shows the universality of anxiety, self-doubt, and the need for others honestly [...]

  • Aldeena

    A warm, beautiful story that is illustrated as beautifully. The struggle, the joys, the bubbles and the bursts are all so real. A lot of us city folk have at some point claimed that we want to give up everything and move to a house in the hills. The author does just that and the story is about what follows. About relationships, love, understanding, growth, disappointments, victories, lamentations, everything that is real and everything that is so everyday. Which is the real charm of this story, [...]

  • Dan Clark

    Uncomfortably Happily is a book that may overstay its welcome and feel unnecessarily tedious at times, but still showcases the trials and tribulations this writer went through to find peace and quiet and the motivation to complete his work. As a fan of comics its a window into the struggles writers have to go through to provide us such great entertainment. People often talk about how money should not matter when it comes to art, but what Uncomfortably Happily shows is that is easy to say when yo [...]

  • Jessica

    A Korean couple of cartoonists move from the smoggy crowded city to the bubolic countryside, which is simultaneously great for them and isolates them from the world. It's nice to see them slowly find their way - through sickness and struggles (especially financial). But ultimately the story is positive, which helps it from being depressing. Kinda existentialist, SO long, very diary-like, slice of life.

  • Sahaniza

    It's so hard not to cry ugly tears while reading this. I'm very much like Hong with anger management issues and insecurities pile up like some birthright curses :) To pick up unnecessary fights and say what's on my mind without thinking. And the need to publicly shame people so they'll learn their lesson, sigh, Mr Hong, welcome to the club (where all the members spend the time moping and regretting their action so terribly soon). To MY, thank you. My anchor. My rock.

  • Dana

    It had a slow start and it took me a while to get into (because the situations at the beginning were so stressful) but once things started to settle down, I got to dip into the lifestyle that the author and his wife wished to live, and it was lovely!I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. Its motivated me to get things done and appreciate all my accomplishments, even if they are small ones.

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