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By Nini Church | Comments: ( 541 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

Unexpectedly, Abe finds herself thrust alone into the world after escaping too many years kept in stasis her aristocratic mother s notion of keeping her daughter safe and pure Now grown up and with little experience, Abe finds the world mysterious and fascinating, but also confusing and challenging Even so when she takes a whack to her head and briefly loses her mUnexpectedly, Abe finds herself thrust alone into the world after escaping too many years kept in stasis her aristocratic mother s notion of keeping her daughter safe and pure Now grown up and with little experience, Abe finds the world mysterious and fascinating, but also confusing and challenging Even so when she takes a whack to her head and briefly loses her memory only to be found by Jericho, a Jinn warrior, who is inexplicably drawn by her All too soon, Jericho realizes he has plans for Abe and yet he is also at war with himself about snap decisions he s making when it comes to this beautiful female who dropped a bomb on him with her arrival in his life By a simple tilt to her chin, she dares him to deny what she wants when she wants it Not used to handling a strong female who knows what she wants throws Jericho off balance A powerful Jinn, he s not used to the way Abe pushes him at every turn All too soon, he realizes that no way is she easily malleable and somewhat pliable as he wrongly assumed Jericho learns fast that it isn t about him, it s about Abe, what she wants, how she wants it and to hell with the why Sexual tension between them is irresistibly palpable Jericho s fantasies are all about him using his considerable skill to seduce her to his way of thinking so they can drop to the floor any floor and have raw sex Yeah, he wants to work that angle Except, Abe is tested in ways never expected evil and violence threaten her first taste of true freedom, bringing Jericho to a hard, infallible conclusion Will Abe succeed in a world she knows so very little about Can she cope with having Jericho Sullivan her ideal Fantasy 101 male so close and not give in to what her mind and body crave Will she ever be truly free

  • Title: Jericho
  • Author: Nini Church
  • ISBN: 9781310312564
  • Page: 478
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Nini Church

Currently, I write paranormal romance and am working on the final books in The Jinn Cycle Series.Jericho, Reno, CCX, Book 3 are available at smashwords books viewRoman, A Jinn Cycle novel, is published A satellite and stand alone book where some of thejinnboys appear.Rad, Book 4 in The Jinn Cycle will be published in the new year, 2018.

Comments Jericho

  • Stacey is Sassy

    I think this is the start of a beautiful addiction.I received an email from an author asking me to check out the blurb for Jericho to see if it might be something I’d like. Now, my reading and reviewing schedule is pretty damn full at the moment, but this book caught my attention from the blurb alone. I had to make time for it and I’m so bloody glad I did. Jericho is my favourite type of paranormal romance. We have big tough alpha males who struggle with emotions but can’t deny the attract [...]

  • Lakshmi C

    Why Jericho may be the start of a great series ?1 Spectacular World BuildingI have read about witches, werewolves, mermaids, shape shifters, vampires, elves so its difficult to be surprised. But in this book the author introduces us to The Jinn. She describes the mythology, the powers, the species beautifully without burying the reader under info dumps. The world draws you in, it manages to shock and delight without being overwhelming.2 AbeI liked Abe, she was smart, funny, compassionate and def [...]

  • Eva Mader

    Well this book was ommmm it was. it was GREAT! it realy is a awesome read! i love the caracters and the story is awesomee as well. It has action, humor and heart. I absolutely love the fact that most every caracter was telling the storry in his ore here view, it was refreshing and you got to know and love all the caraters from the start. there are so many caracters that sometimes wen there are so many caracters in a book i tend to mix them up in the beginning before i can figure aout all the car [...]

  • D.C. Triana

    “Abe was it for him. Just it. He didn’t want anyone else and didn’t know how to make it happen. His mind spun over possibilities and still seeing no way out – he couldn’t give up. He craved Abe – and only Abe – no one was going to tell him any different.” In a world full of vampires and monsters there exist the Jinn Warriors, a tribe of beautiful, powerful men who seek out protection for their people. In the midst of these warriors stands the Jinn King- Jericho Sullivan. Although [...]

  • Kristal Taylor

    Ok this book was freaking awesome. It has to be my fav of 2017. Jericho is an addition. As the main character I have read to know more about him. Not to mention Abe, the heroine of this book is freaking awesome with some kickass powers. She was intelligent and hilarious which made you want more of her also. This book materialized a beautiful world of the Jinn worriers. I've read about so many species witches, vamps, werewolves, shifters but draws you in and you love being in their world. Abe was [...]

  • Sherry Gonzales

    Loved the up and down of emotions the story inspired from heart stopping love scenes to frustration when Jericho and Abe couldn’t get their act together and make their love happen. Loved the twists and creative supernatural story line. Lots of different angles to go on with this new series can’t wait to see what is coming next. Definitely will be reading book 2 hopefully we won’t have to wait too long, “hint hint” PS this was my first review of any book on or any site so sorry such a [...]

  • JoM

    Well, I was very happy with this book. Grabbed it on the spur of the moment and am very glad I did. Really loved it. Great characters, theres lots of them, but once you get into the story they all fit very nicely. I couldn't seem to put this book down and when I did, it was on my mind. It was a bit slow at the beginning, but the rest of the book more than made up for that. Don't want to give it away - but what a HEA! Just loved it. Intentions are to read Book 2. I would recommend it to those who [...]

  • Mykael Roland

    Good Concept, Not As Great WritingThe book was really good, great story, and characters. It wasn't as well written as I would have liked though. I had to go back and reread some things a couple times just to understand what was going on in that moment. There was also a lot of confusion in how some of the characters correlated in the book, like what was there role, were they human or otherworldly like the others, etc. Overall, it's a really good read, I just wish there wasn't as many places of co [...]

  • S.K. Gregory

    Jericho is a Jinn who never wanted a mate, but then he meets Abe. He is drawn to her and will do anything to protect her. An interesting read, it was definitely a break from the usual vampires and werewolves in books today. There were a lot of characters, but once you knew who everyone was, the story moved well. I would recommend it.

  • Heidi R.

    Enjoyable fantasy.

  • M.A. Levi

    Busting with fantasy of both an erotic and of magical nature, Jericho truly bore originality! Jericho, the King Jinn, was a hard man set in his ways and the viewpoints of the world around him. Until one day he undeniably meet his match through an act of summoning. Abe, a woman without memory and in her unconscious state, was calling to Jericho in an aura that he had never sensed before. Once under the King Jinn's protection, intrigue and fascination became love and it bloomed quickly between Jer [...]

  • Katie Jaros

    "Jericho" was a delight! Fast-paced and easy to read with some nice twists, this paranormal romance kept me coming back for more. Jericho, a hot Jinn warrior, is a perfect blend of intensity and wry humor that carries through the whole book. His beautiful mystery girl, Abe, brings light and magic to an otherwise male-dominated world. I love their dynamic together; ooey-gooey heat that never felt forced--just pure sexy. Their love scenes popped and I and got so excited any time they were alone to [...]

  • Vanessa Wester

    I am sorry to say that this book confused me too much to rate it any higher.I was given a copy for review and decided to finish it in order to give my honest opinion. I think the reason it did not work for me was the fact that the storyline was too "out there". This is a fantasy read with some thrown in erotica. There was a lot going on A male jinn (super human) who is drawn to his "mate". A LOT of characters from vampires, to demons, to Gods, etcAnyway, I don't want to ramble on. Ultimately, th [...]

  • Michaela

    A real good read!

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  • [PDF] Download ñ Jericho | by é Nini Church
    478 Nini Church
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