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On May 25, 1977, a problem plagued, budget straining, independent science fiction film opened in a mere thirty two American movie theaters Conceived, written, and directed by a little known filmmaker named George Lucas, the movie originally called The Star Wars quickly drew blocks long lines, bursting box office records, and ushering in a new way for movies to be made, maOn May 25, 1977, a problem plagued, budget straining, independent science fiction film opened in a mere thirty two American movie theaters Conceived, written, and directed by a little known filmmaker named George Lucas, the movie originally called The Star Wars quickly drew blocks long lines, bursting box office records, and ushering in a new way for movies to be made, marketed, and merchandised It has become one of the most adored and successful movie franchises of all time.Now, the author of the bestselling biography Jim Henson delivers a long awaited, revelatory look into the life and times of the man who created Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Indiana Jones.If Star Wars wasn t game changing enough, Lucas went on to establish another blockbuster series with Indiana Jones, and he completely transformed the world of special effects and the way movies sound His innovation and ambition forged Pixar and Lucasfilm, Industrial Light Magic, and THX sound.Here, Lucas s colleagues and competitors offer tantalizing glimpses into his life His entire career has been stimulated by innovators including Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola, actors such as Harrison Ford, and the very technologies that enabled the creation of his films and allowed him to keep tinkering with them long after their original releases Like his unforgettable characters and stories, his influence is unmatched.

  • Title: George Lucas: A Life
  • Author: Brian Jay Jones
  • ISBN: 9780316257442
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Brian Jay Jones

Brian Jay Jones is a New York Times bestselling biographer and past president of Biographers International Organization, the world s largest organization of practicing biographers A former policy analyst and adviser in the U.S Senate, Jones took up biography in 2008, with the publication of his award winning Washington Irving His second book, Jim Henson The Biography was a national bestseller, and won the 2013 Choice Award for Best Biography His biography of filmmaker George Lucas was released in December 2016, and was immediately named one of Kirkus Best Books of 2016 He is presently at work on a biography of Dr Seuss.A note from Brian I ve taken a somewhat different tact with this site, starting with a day one approach where l ve added books as I purchased and read them, rather than trying to recreate my entire library apart from a few favorite biographies that I can t resist sticking on the shelf.

George Lucas George Lucas, Writer Star Wars George Walton Lucas, Jr was raised on a walnut ranch in Modesto, California His father was a stationery store owner and he had three siblings During his late teen years, he went to Thomas Downey High School and was very much interested in drag racing He planned to become a professional racecar driver. George Lucas Steckbrief, Biographie und alle News Der Filmemacher George Lucas prgte das moderne Kino wie kaum ein anderer Auf seine Kappe gehen die Kult Filmreihe Indiana Jones sowie das Weltraum Epos Star Wars Krieg der Sterne. George Lucas Infos und Filme Neben seinem Freund Steven Spielberg zhlt George Lucas zu den wichtigsten Erneuerern des amerikanischen Films Denn ab Mitte der Siebzigerjahre ist er das Mastermind hinter zwei der bahnbrechensten Produktionen der Filmgeschichte Krieg der Sterne George Lucas Starportrt, News, Bilder GALA Filmemacher George Lucas prgte mit seiner Kult Filmreihe Indiana Jones und dem Weltraum Epos Star Wars das moderne Kino wie kein anderer. George Lucas Steckbrief, Bilder und News WEB Alles ber George Lucas aktuelle News alle Bilder mit groem Steckbrief Alter, Gre das groe Star Profil von George Lucas jetzt informieren und mitreden How Star Wars creator George Lucas George Lucas is one of America s wealthiest celebrities Here s a look at how the Star Wars creator built and spends his . billion fortune Here s a look at how the Star Wars creator built George Lucas Star Wars So sah George Lucas Sequel Trilogie aus George Lucas griff diese Gedanken auf und verwies auf eine deutlich tiefgrndigere, metaphysische Herangehensweise an die Star Wars Sequels Die andere Trilogie was spter mit Luke Star Wars Das plante Schpfer George Lucas ursprnglich George Lucas lag vor allem die Idee der mikrobiotischen Welt am Herzen, die Midi chlorians am Herzen In der letzten Star Wars Trilogie wollte er noch tiefer in die Wissenschaft rund um die biologische Erklrung fr die Macht eintauchen, die er bereits in Star Wars Episode I Die dunkle Bedrohung angerissen hatte Dass diese Idee keinen Anklang bei den neuen Verantwortlichen fand und

Comments George Lucas: A Life

  • Jake

    Here's something I never thought I'd say: George Lucas is a complicated man. A riddle wrapped in an enigma, wearing a flannel button-down. He's a man blessed with vision but cursed with poor communication skills, a shrewd businessman who was never in it for the money, a passionate director who went twenty-two years without directing a movie, a logical cool-headed micromanager who found himself nevertheless genuinely hurt when his ardent fans turned on him. This is not a book about Star Wars. But [...]

  • Louise

    In the 1960’s the studio system with stars under contract was essentially gone, but the studio attitude and culture were still alive. Film executives were stunned by the success of “Easy Rider” and had still not adjusted when Lucas, Spielberg and Coppola arrived on the scene. Of the three, Lucas made the most fundamental changes in film making and the way business was done.Brian Jay Jones takes you through a childhood where comics supplied the excitement missing in his family and school li [...]

  • Donna

    I enjoyed this biography about George Lucas. His vision for his craft was evident. I liked that this wasn't all sunshine and roses. He seemed dedicated to doing things 'his way' as he set out in college. He immediately started doing things outside the box. When he had a little power, a little money and a little fame, he set up his business so that he'd have complete control over everything. I thought it was ironic that we created the same environment he bucked against in college and his early mo [...]

  • Igrowastreesgrow

    Will update with review later.

  • Dominic

    I read Brian Jay Jones' biography of Jim Henson when it first came out and found myself captivated. Jones conveyed Henson's passion for his work and his joie de vivre. When I saw that Jones had written a book about George Lucas, I was cautiously optimistic. I was interested to see what somebody with Jones' talent could do with one of the most influential filmmakers in history. On the other hand, I wondered if the world really needed another biography of George Lucas.After reading the book, I've [...]

  • Ricky

    This book was a good exploration of George Lucas life and career. Most of the book dealt with his Star Wars era since that makes the bulk of his story. Some times used to cover Indiana Jones and others but not as much as Star Wars. This book is good but some issues with incorrect facts for example the book stated that "Avatar" was the highest grossing film of 2010 but its considered to be 2009. This was one of the few mistakes that it had but overall the book was entertaining and showcases the i [...]

  • W. Whalin

    Fascinating Insights Into the Life of George LucasWell-written biographies are revealing and filled with valuable lessons for the reader. Brian Jay Jones has crafted an excellent biography GEORGE LUCAS. I listened to the audiobook version and heard it cover to cover. While today, George Lucas is on the Forbes list as one of the wealthiest people in the U.S. (a billionaire in fact), he came from a humble background. Growing up in Modesto, California and the son of a business man who owned a stati [...]

  • Učitaj se!

    George Lucas za mnoge je, a pogotovo fanove njegovog rada, vječna enigma. Čovjek koji je svojim radom zauvijek promijenio svijet filma i način na koji se filmovi stvaraju jedan je najuspješnjijih i najpoznatijih filmskih redatelja na svijetu, ali je istodobno vrlo zatvorena i povučena osoba, koja se teško snalazi u komunikaciji s ljudima, pa čak i vlastitim glumcima. Kao vizionar koji će svoje vizije, ako mu se da potpuna kontrola nad time, lako pretočiti u film, ali će ih teško objas [...]

  • Andrew

    I'm guessing this not an authorised biography, as Lucas comes across as less than mythical and certainly no saint, but rather as an eccentric artist and business manager with an almost pathological need for total control. It isn't a hatchet-job, either, but rather a more realistic, non-hagiographical, non-sensational, non-scandalous narrative of the life of one of our generation's last great shapers of western culture. The greatness, the flaws, the creativity, the mis-steps, the vision, the blin [...]

  • Petra Miocic

    Mislim da je Shorty, prije podosta godina, pjevao o tome koliko ljubavi stane u 1.68. George Lucas je pak svojim životom, a Brian Jay Jones prenijevši taj život na papir, pokazao koliko kreativnosti stane u 1.67. Sjajno!

  • Jakub Karda

    Skvela kniha, za kterou je velmi detailni prace autora se vsemi dostupnymi prameny. Avsak zde je jeji jedina chyba - kompletni informace, chronologicky, detailne, navazujici na sebe, souvislosti, vse je skvele, ale tim, ze se nejedna o autorizovany zivotopis sledujeme zivot Lucase z dalky. Bohuzel z takove az neosobni dalky. Jeho vhled by knize pomohl az na literarni olymp peti hvezdicek. Nicmene pokud jste alespon z poloviny fanousek SW a Indy Jonese jako ja, tak si automaticky pridejte tu osud [...]

  • Cindy

    Fascinating book and one of the best biographies I've read lately. It is well written and pulls no punches. George Lucas is a complicated man and, whether you love him or not, there's no denying his passion. From American Graffiti and Willow to Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Lucas touched souls and changed our viewing experience. When the technology wasn't there, the Lucas companies developed new technologies to help power his visions and dreams. The behind the scenes and animation developments we [...]

  • Anonymous Phenomenon

    Jam-packed with every detail you wanted (or didn't want) to know about George Lucas, although long, tedious and boring at times.

  • Jack Gattanella

    "I love cinema. All kinds no matter how big, no matter how small. I love to watch them. I love to make them. But if I didn't have anyone to enjoy them or appreciate them, there wouldn't be any point. So thank you all for going to the movies - especially mine!" - Lucas accepting the AFI Lifetime achievement award(From the writing of Return, nay the "Revenge," of the Jedi): "As (Lucas) described Luke dragging the mortally wounded Vader to safety near the conclusion of the film, Lucas, with a strai [...]

  • James

    For such a dull, humorless, somewhat authoritarian and anti-social, and stubborn director and writer and, honestly, a bit of a genius, George Lucas makes a pretty fascinating subject of a biography. This takes you from his childhood in Modesto, CA right up to his billionaire status after selling his empire, of sorts, to Disney. You learn about his relationships with Spielberg and the prickly, yet mentor-like friendship with Francis Ford Coppola. He wanted to make art films and he did in film sch [...]

  • Breck

    This is one of the most engaging, fun non-fiction books I’ve listened to in a while. I started out meaning to just listen to a few sections for a story podcast I produce for kids (lookup Bedtime History on Apple Podcasts or YouTube if you are interested), but quickly got lost in the details of George Lucas’s filmmaking career, the making of Star Wars, the history of ILM, THX, LucasFilms, Skywalker Ranch, even Pixar who I learned started at ILM before they were bought by Steve Jobs. Lucas is [...]

  • Liz Dee

    This was really eye opening. I didn't even know that George Lucas had other movies! I'm interested in seeing American Graffiti and re-watching the Indiana Jones movies. The man sounds like a very complicated man. His tendencies to control everything was surprising. I didn't know that about the man either; very interesting. And I always thought the Star Wars IV, V, VI were intentionally made first because the technology at the time was not ready for Episodes I,II, & III, but it turns that was [...]

  • Adam Christian Smith

    Ah, the life of being a creator. Very interesting read.

  • Mary

    So cool to read about all that he accomplished, this strange little man. Brilliant and groundbreaking in his work.

  • Myk Little

    This isn't a feel-good book. It's sad, even when there are triumphs. Brian Jones knows how to drag out all the bad luck during filming, awful reviews, and depression, but when the films do great, he speeds through it. He's only happy when it rains. I know there's more to Lucas than thisklittle.wordpress/2017/

  • Sami Eerola

    A little too much like a fan book.

  • Brandur

    A good and unbiased biography of George Lucas and some of the prehistory of Star Wars. Recommended if this stuff interests you.

  • Aaron

    I ended up picking this up because I was really intrigued by reading a biography of Lucas and also because who wrote this particular book. I really liked the writer's prior book, which was a biography of Jim Henson, which is probably the best written biography of a modern person I have ever read. This book was just as well written. I really wanted to keep digging in and learning about the various related issues and concepts tied to George Lucas, his films and the various sub-companies related to [...]

  • Melissa Borsey

    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. With the new Star Wars movies being released, seeing this book really piqued my interest because I am a huge fan, having grown up with the original movies and I thought this book would be an interesting read as I really know absolutely nothing about George Lucas. I really enjoyed this book, it was very interesting and readable. Pretty much anything and everything about this man and his life is in here and what a life [...]

  • Barry Hammond

    Despite his being one of the most famous film-makers on the planet, I really didn't know much about George Lucas prior to reading this biography. Brian Jay Jones takes you inside Lucas's life and allows you to understand the people, places, interests, and drives that shaped his life. What emerges most is his desire for control, though that's softened when you understand his frustrations at his lack-of-control and the somewhat arbitrary nature of studio decisions on his early films. It's an inter [...]

  • Christopher

    Having read Brian Jay Jones's masterful (and comprehensive) biography of Jim Henson, I had very high hopes for this biography. While I wasn't angered, per se, I was also not overly impressed, nor did I feel like I had learned much I didn't already know. If you are someone who has a reasonable curiosity about Lucas's career but has never delved much into it, this is an up-to-date, fair-minded overview that paints a more-or-less complete picture of Lucas, the creator, both his accomplishments and [...]

  • Brandon St Mark

    I read this on-and-off since Valentines day, and it was pretty enjoyable. I skimmed a few sections if they were boring, but over-all it was cool read. I think George is an interesting person, and Star Wars is not only an inspiration of mine, I hope to one day write something to rival it. Would definitely recommend to any Star Wars fan.

  • Mary Bird

    Brian Jay Jones, simply put, is one of the best biographers out there. Here's the thing - I really don't like Star Wars, and I don't really like George Lucas. However, given the astounding writing and content in Jones' Jim Henson biography (which I am OBSESSED with and re-read regularly), I decided I would give this one a shot. Even if I don't like him, George Lucas certainly is a cultural powerhouse in terms of contributions to the film industry and, well, popular culture in general.Good news! [...]

  • Amy Sturgis

    This really offers nothing new to the previous biographies of Lucas and treatments of Star Wars history. It is, however, concise and well written. Those familiar with the subject won't need to read this, but those new to Lucas or his legacy may find this a useful resource.

  • Ruth Ann

    I had to slog through this book, talking myself into reading moreeach time I picked this book up.I enjoyed learning about the life and working life of George Lucas - that wasn't the problem. There was just too much detail, especially for the first parts of his life through 1977. Lucas is a film and cinema genius and a visionary! He knew that movies would be able to filmed digitally long before the technology was even thought about by most people in the business. He envisioned online multi-player [...]

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