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By Kristen Callihan | Comments: ( 264 ) | Date: ( Dec 14, 2019 )

First we were friends Then we were roommates Now I want What can I say about Chess Copper The woman is capable of bringing me to my knees I know this about five minutes after getting naked for her.No one is surprised than me The prickly photographer my team hired to shoot our annual charity calendar isn t my usual type She s defense to my offense, a challenFirst we were friends Then we were roommates Now I want What can I say about Chess Copper The woman is capable of bringing me to my knees I know this about five minutes after getting naked for her.No one is surprised than me The prickly photographer my team hired to shoot our annual charity calendar isn t my usual type She s defense to my offense, a challenge at every turn But when I m with her, all the regrets and darkness goes away She makes life fun.I want to know Chess, be close to her Which is a bad idea.Chess is looking for a relationship I ve never given a woman than one night But when fate leaves Chess without a home, I step up and offer her mine We re roommates now Friends without benefits But it s getting harder to keep our hands off each other And the longer we live together the I realize she s becoming my everything.Trick is Now that I ve made her believe I m a bad bet, how do I convince her to give this player a true shot at forever

  • Title: The Hot Shot
  • Author: Kristen Callihan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Kristen Callihan

Kristen Callihan is an author because there is nothing else she d rather be She is a RITA winner and three time nominee and winner of two RT Reviewer s Choice awards Her novels have garnered starred reviews from Publisher s Weekly and the Library Journal, as well as being awarded top picks by many reviewers Her debut book FIRELIGHT received RT Magazine s Seal of Excellence, was named a best book of the year by Library Journal, best book of Spring 2012 by Publisher s Weekly, and was named the best romance book of 2012 by ALA RUSA When she is not writing, she is reading.

Comments The Hot Shot

  • Karen Mc

    You don’t find love; it finds you. It’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, and what’s written in the stars.Love found me when I dove into The Hot Shot by Kristen Callihan, a deep and dreamy love story that soared straight to my soul. Maybe it’s because I love FOOTBALL and watch it obsessively.Maybe it’s because I love sports romances, my favorite romance genre next to rocker reads.Maybe because friends-to-lovers romances are my weakness…my kryptonite.Maybe it’s because I ne [...]

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads

    4 - 4.5 StarsI'm starting this "review" off with a tangent. You're shocked, I know. I am a moody as FUCK reader. Maybe I watched a football game that afternoon and then wanted to read a football romance.Maybe I saw a pack of bikers on the freeway that day and then wanted to read an MC club romance. Maybe I saw a friggin' preview for Downton Abbey reruns and felt like a historical.There is no rhyme to my non-reason. Sometimes I want said historicalmetimes I feel like some PNR shifter/vampire/were [...]

  • Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦

    LIVE! go! go! get it! :p➦Picking a right rating for a book is an ongoing struggle for me. A lot of bloggers will probably agree with me on this. You know how sometimes you finish the book and you sit there thinking "ok. 3 or 4 stars?" ➦Because, I mean, I did LIKE it but did I love it? Hold on. *proceeds making a pros and cons list* ➦You're probably rolling your eyes at me. And even though this is no rocket science, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.➦But then once in a while you pick up a book and by [...]

  • TheCrazyWorldOfABookLover

    4.5 Stars “…I’m so gone on you. There’s no coming back from it.” I kiss those candy lips. “Haven’t you figured it out?” I say against them. “Every time I call you Chester, I’m saying I adore you. I fucking adore every part of you.”The Hot Shot = swoony hero, fantastic banter, HOT HOT HOT scenes, and an overall great story. For those who haven't read this series, this book focuses on Finn Mannus, NFL quarterback, and Chester (yes that’s her name) Copper, a photographer who [...]

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾

    5 STARS So were going to…What? Be friends.” He looks almost boyish then. “Yeah. We are.” His eyes spark. “Fair warning. I’ll still be picturing you naked half of the time. So get used to a bit of leering.” I snort. “You just had to go and ruin the moment, didn’t you?” “Probably should get used to that too.”GAH. All of the stars! ALL OF THEM!Do you know why I love that one quote up there? Because it's the perfect summary of this book. It's this incredibly endearing combina [...]

  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    *****FIVE ++++++++ ELVIS & CHESTER COPPERPOT LOVING STARS*****ARC Generously Provided by AuthorI did not know what true joy was until Finn. Every emotion I’m capable of having amps up with him. I feel. I live. I breathe. The world is more real when he is there.FABULOUS!!!I say this every time I read a book by Kristen Callihan – she is one of my most favorite authors out there right now. Her GAME ON and VIP series are truly phenomenal! She creates the most charismatic and swoony Heroes [...]

  • ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆

    3.5 STARSA solid, entertaining read but nothing more for me. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first two books. I’m not motivated enough to write a review. Must be a reviewing slump.

  • Aestas Book Blog

    ::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED ::: WOOHOOOO!!! This book was so good! It's a sexy, swoony, slow burning friends-to-lovers romance with a strong, feisty heroine and a famous football player hero who was her complete opposite in almost every way and yet, even though they did their best to deny it, the sparks flew between them! After an unfortunate house fire left her homeless, they became roommates and again tried to stay friends only but when they had to pretend to be boyfriend/girlfriend for a holid [...]

  • Astrid - ☆Vanilla & Spice Books☆

    Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books✬✬✬ 5 GOONIES STARS ✬✬✬Chess is a photographer and she landed a job which requires her to take pics of the New Orleans football team. In. The. Nude. On a regular day the bodies of models, athletes or actors are shapes and shadows. Today she has Finn, quarterback of the team, before her lens and while he rubbed her the wrong way from the start, she does everything to ease his discomfort.Finn isn't happy about the shoot, he hates being reduced to his b [...]

  • Cristina | CristiinaReads

    Let's take a moment to admire this coverTHIS BOOK WAS EVERYTHING THAT JUST IS A COMBINATION OF LUST, PASSION AND FOOTBALL INNUENDOS ALL THE WAY!THIS BOOK NEEDS ALL MY LOVE AND ADMIRATION!CAUSE FINN HAS SWOON ME AWAY AND I NEED MORE OF HIM AND CHESS! KRISTEN BRING ME MORE! I NEED MORE GIRL!➳Hero rating: 5.0➳Heroine rating: 5.0➳Sexual tension rating: 5.0➳Sex scenes rating: 5.0➳Sex scenes frequency: 5.0➳Plot rating: 4.5➳Dialogue rating: 5.0➳Storytelling rating: 5.0➳Story ending ra [...]

  • Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog

    5 stars!Review and Excerpt at Of Pens and Pages.I’d say “move over, Gabriel Scott” but I love that man to bits. So, scoot over a little, Sunshine. Finn is joining you in my top Kristen Callihan book boyfriends!It wasn’t love at first sight for photographer Chester Copper and quarterback Finn Mannus on their first meeting. A feat considering Finn was in the nude, posing for her. But after the photoshoot, the two surprisingly become friends and enjoy each other’s company.Even with the at [...]

  • Sabrina

    NOW LIVE!!!**B&N*Kobo*I need Finn Mannus in me my life! Chess and Finn's chemistry was instantaneous and had me on the edge of my seat from the very moment they met. Which is one of the best meetings I've read about in a long time, by the way. It also showed me that I need a career change and someone needs to teach me how to take really amazing photo's so I can one day photograph a naked Hockey team. Any volunteers? Anyway, back to the book and out of my daydream, this story was fantastic. F [...]

  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)

    Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/Good golly, Miss Molly, I am seriously behind in reviewing. I read this sucker nearly a month ago. When I went to check what kind of notes I had left for myself regarding this one I found the following:“Finn is so perfect he’ll make your crotch catch on fire.”The eloquence. It just pours right out of me, don’t it?As you can see from both the placeholder “review” as well as the comments below, The Hot Shot ended up being a surprise little bonus [...]

  • Christie«SHBBblogger»

    Title: The Hot ShotSeries: Game On #4Author: Kristen CallihanRelease date:April 18, 2017Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]The Hot Shot is my sixth Kristen Callihan book, and with each new reading experience, she enforces my love of her witty writing. Sharp, and delightfully entertaining, her stories are pure fun from beginning to end. This story was no exception, in fact, it may have claimed a spot in my top three favorites of her books. And that's really saying something, beca [...]

  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*

    5 Falling For Finn Stars!Finn Mannus aka Manny is a gorgeous pro football player in New Orleans. As an NFL quarterback, he lives his life in the public eye. He's a bachelor known for playing the field & he never gives a woman more than a one night stand. His career is his top priority & very demanding. He doesn't have time for relationships.Chester Copper aka Chess is a design major who has been working as a photographer. She's been hired to shoot an annual charity calendar for the local [...]

  • Danielle

    I was going to give this author one more shot. Believe it or not, this is my fifth book by her, and yet I've failed to really enjoy any of them. So I ask myself, "Then why do you keep reading them?" Good question, subconscious. Kristen Callihan's books all follow a particular pattern for me. They are witty and cute in the beginning; definitely intriguing, and the writing is so well done you get all the feels. But then, bam. After the fifty percent mark, it goes downhill for me. (imagine that whi [...]

  • Amy (Foxy)

    The Hot Shot is the SHIT!The opening of this book was beyond funny.It’s bathroom humor, literally! The football team has arrived at the photographer studio where they think they’re getting photographed by a guy. When they knock on the door and no one arrives right away to answer the door the guys assume the photographer is in the bathroom because of the delayed response. They’re beyond surprised when the door is opened by a female. Starting a book off with an awkward moment that leads to t [...]

  • Talia (Red Hot Ink)

    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review10+++ Stars!!!First, let me say that before reading this book I was unwavering in my love for Gray Grayson. I was 100% sure that, no matter how endearing or cute, or hilarious, or romantic or hot Finn would be, no one would top my Cupcake.Secondly, let me admit Finn may have just done that. Forgive me Gray, but Finnegan Mannus is simply too amazing for his own good.Now, let’s proceed with order. This story started right with a b [...]

  • NMmomof4

    3.5 StarsOverall Opinion: I was super excited for this one, and unfortunately I think I set my expectations a little to high. I know that I'm part of the minority club here, and I just didn't love it *shrugs*. I really enjoyed the characters, and I also really enjoyed their progression into more. ButI feel like something was missing once they do finally get together romantically. The sex was hot! Don't misunderstand me -- it definitely wasn't that. I'm just not quite sure what it was. The ending [...]

  • Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog)

    5 starsI am in love with a fictional character, and I don’t care who knows. That’s right. Finn from Hot Shot by Kristen Callihan has stolen my heart. You might have heard of him: 6’4”, gorgeous, talented, professional quarterback, sensitive, and witty. Yeah. He’s mine. All mine!!Chess is a photographer and the kind of total badass I want to be when I grow up. Finn isn’t her type and she isn’t his. Yet despite a rocky beginning there is an instant connection between them. As the two [...]

  • Stacey is Sassy

    IT'S ALIVE!!!***4.5 stars***He’s more than just a pretty faceI’m fascinated by beautiful people. It’s not unusual for me to point out to hubby, men and women who I find striking. Obviously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what I find striking could be very different from the next person. While I may be fascinated with beautiful people, I’m also intimidated by them. I know most gorgeous people are born that way and can probably thank genes for their fine looks. Do they get embarr [...]

  • Katy Loves Romance ❤️

    6 StarsOmg I'm sitting here thinking what a perfect read this was, all the butterflies, all the feels, EVERYTHING that I wanted and needed in this read it was. It was honestly an read that ended with the biggest SMILE on my face, no word of a lie the words, the feelings and how Finn loved his girl just got better, and more intense the more I read. So I apologise if this review is slightly over the emotional side cause it was perfect in all the ways I thrive in when I pick Sports Romance up. So w [...]

  • Violina The Romance Lover


  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤

    4 STARS <33The Hot Shot is funny,romantic,sweet and hot. I love this series and Kristen Callihan gave me exactly what I needed! A strong heroine and a swoon worthy hero!Finn and Chess are complete opposites in so many ways but somehow they were perfect for each other. The chemistry between these two are off the charts. Their moments together are perfect and so realistic. They make me smile all the time.I adored The Hot Shot it was fast paced and entertaining!If you like friends to lovers then [...]

  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews

    Kristen Callihan has been proven over and over to be a master craftswomen. Her stories are known to be thoughtful, compelling, and feature some of the best characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about.With The Hot Shot (Game On #4) she outdid herself.Finn Mannus was everything a woman could wish for.Sensitive, protective, passionate, funny – I could go on. From the moment he realized that it was more than just attraction between him and Chess he was utterly devoted to her.They star [...]

  • Michelle

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewClick. Click. Click. Snap.Snap. Snap. Do you hear the sounds of the camera clicking and snapping away as we await to see the final picture as it develops? Well, no need to wait because I am here to tell you that Kristen Callihan has captured and developed one of most breathtakingly honest and raw love story in The Hot Shot. One day, Chess, you’re going to feel safe enough to let go. And I’m going to be there to catch you when you fall. [...]

  • Jayme

    It's another in this series of standalones wonderful sports romance. The best kind of friends to lovers story that will make you burn slowly.Sexy quarterback and sassy photographer. They did not have the best start, but then quickly became friends. It is a friendship that each of them would like more, but the circumstances and their own problems, do not allow them immediately surrender to love.It's also my favorite thing in the book, slow burning and develop of their friendship and then relation [...]

  • Elise Spencer

    2.5 STARSLoved the first half of the book, the last half was a mess with the OW drama and separation and the push and pull. I was so frustrated by the last half of the book, I might have pulled out chunks of my hair out. I love Kristen Callihan, love love her, but this book is one of her weaker works in my opinion. SAFETY GANG SPOILERS (view spoiler)[Hero was a manho, but he was celibate for 6 months, I'm guessing from their get-go meeting, until they decided to take things to sex and started be [...]

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞

    4 -4.5 ★'s"Some things you don't take a picture of, Chess. You live them."We got to know a little bit about Finn, the hot shot quarterback, from Dex's book and I couldn't wait to read more. But I was really surprised at who his love interest wasobably as much as he was. In fact, he's not really attracted to her at first and that was a little off putting for me. Chess is a photographer who takes pictures of several of the players (in the nude!) for a charity calendar. When she's taking pictures [...]

  • Tanja ~ KT Book Reviews

    It is no secret that Kristen Callihan is one of my most favorite authors when it comes to the New Adult genre. It's smart, witty, and best of all, well written. This author keeps the characters true to form even when there are changes around them. No deviations, no out-of-left-field character actions, or silly plot points. It's just a smooth and steady ride that has just enough angst to provide an emotional spike to keep the reader chomping at the pages for more.Another 5 star read from the amaz [...]

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