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By David Owain Hughes Matt Shaw | Comments: ( 724 ) | Date: ( Dec 14, 2019 )

Matt Shaw Presents David Owain Hughes Man Eating F cks An average teenage girl and her father find themselves caught up in a brutal nightmare at their local recreational centre, when an age old enemy comes stumbling out of the woods to crash a heavy metal gig a gig that has all the promises of being killer.This is one blood soaked gig you won t want to miss

  • Title: Man-Eating F*cks: An extreme horror
  • Author: David Owain Hughes Matt Shaw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

David Owain Hughes Matt Shaw

Bio David Owain Hughes is a horror freak He grew up on ninja, pirate and horror movies from the age of five, which helped rapidly instill in him a vivid imagination When he grows up, he wishes to be a serial killer with a part time job in women s lingerie He s had multiple short stories published in various online magazines and anthologies, along with articles, reviews, and interviews He s written for This Is Horror, Blood Magazine, and Horror Geeks Magazine He s the author of the popular novels Walled In 2014 , Wind Up Toy 2016 , Man Eating Fucks 2016 , and The Rack Cue 2017 along with his short story collections White Walls and Straitjackets 2015 and Choice Cuts 2015 He s also written three novellas Granville 2016 , Wind Up Toy Broken Plaything Chaos Rising 2016 After discovering Richard Laymon, David set out on a path to become the best writer he could, holding a BA and MA in creative writing.

Comments Man-Eating F*cks: An extreme horror

  • John

    A fairly decent story but not "extreme horror".

  • Darren Dilnott

    David Owain Hughes knows how to create a great story, and this is one of his finest. He brings hordes of cannibals into Wales, and the slaughter begins. Its brutal, bloody and extremely nasty, but is incased in a terrific story. If like me you consider cannibalism to be jolly good fun, then you are in for a treat.

  • Michelle Gardiol

    Brilliantly doneEven though this is an extreme story of blood,sex,and vicious killings I have to say I loved it so much.I thought it went beyond what most books do and really loved the story.

  • amanda Pickett

    FantasticI have been waiting to read a book like this for a long. Loved the characters, loved the storyline, so if you want blood, guts and more, this is your book.

  • Kevin

    I am a massive fan of cannibal and crazy family type horror so this book was a must read for me, couple that with my growing appreciation of David's work and my love of all things Sawney Bean related and I couldn't wait to get started. I'm not going to go over the storyline as it's in the synopsis and I'm sure all the other reviewers will do that anyway. What I will say is I do really enjoy David's style of writing and the characters he creates. His storytelling is fast paced and there’s rarel [...]

  • JasonMorton

    In the traditional splatterpunk wayI am having trouble putting into words what I thought of this book, so here I go, this was a book for punks and metal heads, in a way it reminded me of the woods are dark by Richard layman , but it was is own story, it was gory and it had heart , it was impossible to put down and had me guessing a few times, over all I think all fan's of modern horror should read this.

  • Orkney Dean

    Brilliant with room for improvementExcellent story and characters, the author not afraid to hold back. This was very close to getting 5 stars but the editing in the first half of the book was atrocious, for some reason the second half, from the scene of the big attack at the gig, was faultless! Great story that I would love a sequel to.

  • Keith

    not as gory as i thought it would be but an enjoyable read none the less

  • Tamara

    Bloody metallic good fun!Inside is as intriguing and extreme as the cover. If the title lures you in, dear reader, you'll really enjoy this story.

  • Mandy

    Well Hot Damn!! That Welshian writer savant David Owain Hughes begets us yet again with another thrilling, pulse pounding and brilliantly written hardcore horror tale. And as always, delightfully graphic and mega layered with lively and appealing characters, yeaat's pretty much his MO. This time it centers around; a concert event, a group of friends, sex-drugs-and rock and roll (<---that's a good one :), the coppers, confused and hapless wrong place-wrong time citizens, the great and vast - v [...]

  • Jonathan Ondrashek

    After a few chapters, you begin to see why this story is labeled "extreme horror." There are some truly brutal, disturbing moments, depicted with enough detail to make many people squirm. Which is perfect for those of us who like pushed boundaries--perverts, cannibals, gore, violence. The overall plot is sinister and chillingly realistic--it could happen virtually anywhere. Tons of metal/rock references too, which was a sweet bonus.There were a couple head-hopping scenes which jarred me from the [...]

  • Candace Nola

    Needs workAuthor needs to proofread more. This book had sentence fragments, unfinished thoughts, missing words and tons of typos. The dialogue often fell victim to these errors making it that much harder to follow along. Too many loose ends at the end of the book. Storyline was a decent concept but it needs a major overhaul to be considered well written or enjoyable. I'm not opposed to reading more from this author but I do hope for many improvements in the grammar.

  • Lisa *OwlBeSatReading*

    I couldn't finish this unfortunately. There was error after error after error. The story itself interested me, but there wasn't any flow, the punctuation needed an overhaul, as did the continuity as times. What a pity.

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  • ↠ Man-Eating F*cks: An extreme horror || ↠ PDF Read by ☆ David Owain Hughes Matt Shaw
    178 David Owain Hughes Matt Shaw
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