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Every werewolf knows the meek don t inherit the earth Fen Young is a half shifter whose inner beast is mouse than wolf Home is her castle, the only place she s ever felt safe Enter Hunter Green, an uber alpha strong enough to stop traffic with a single look He s handsome and enticing and seems like just the ticket to broaden Fen s horizonsuntil the uber alphaEvery werewolf knows the meek don t inherit the earth Fen Young is a half shifter whose inner beast is mouse than wolf Home is her castle, the only place she s ever felt safe Enter Hunter Green, an uber alpha strong enough to stop traffic with a single look He s handsome and enticing and seems like just the ticket to broaden Fen s horizonsuntil the uber alpha brushes off his admirer and summarily rejects her from her home pack Now treading water in the no man s land of outpack territory, Fen must confront a missing pack mate, a tantalizing stranger, and a serial killer targeting half werewolves Will she be able to shore up her waning power in time to save her friendd half breeds everywhere it s too late

  • Title: Half Wolf
  • Author: Aimee Easterling
  • ISBN: 9781530440498
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Aimee Easterling

Aimee Easterling is a USA Today Bestselling author writing on the boundary between urban fantasy and paranormal romance She specializes in spunky shifters and invites you to dive into her werewolf world in the Wolf Rampant trilogy, the spinoff Bloodling serial, and her new Alpha Underground series.Studying biology and working as a naturalist have both informed Aimee s writing, but she s quite willing to let reality slide in favor of a good story When not writing, she loves to read and always keeps books by Robin McKinley, Patricia Briggs, and Elizabeth Peters on her shelf You can learn at aimeeeasterling.

Comments Half Wolf

  • Lexie

    DNF omg such a DNF I can't DNF this quick enough. look. I'll forgive then instalust just add mate angle. I'll forgive he was an alpha hole "for her own good" malarkey.But to have the one chick be like "you're straight despite all the visual evidence to the contrary" discussion with the MC just no. She's young, but not THAT young and she didn't say it to be cruel. She was genuinely flabbergasted that Fen was straight despite apparently looking like the most lesbian chick ever.Which brings me to a [...]

  • So, I Read This Book Today

    “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” - Albert Einstein“Whining is not only graceless, but can be dangerous. It can alert a brute that a victim is in the neighborhood.” ― Maya Angelou, Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now Having not read any of Ms. Easterling’s books before, when I got the chance to pick this up on Kindle Unlimited, I did so based on other people’s comments on her work.Now? I truly, deeply wish I hadn’t. It left a severe [...]

  • Lost Girls

    I was given a copy of Half Wolf for free in exchange for an honest review.Fen has been cast out of her old pack and become the alpha of her own small pack. She has a hard time embracing her new role. She is a half wolf, a "halfie", and prefers to use her human wits (and a katana) rather than her wolf abilities. Danger seems to be following Fen and her pack. There is a group called the Shifter Sanitation Society that is abducting and sacrificing halfies. When the other halfie in the pack goes mis [...]

  • Darlene Cruz

    Fen . . . Fen . . . Fen . . . swoosh went the sword that Wolfe gifted, now she must move on. Bloodlings, Halfies now pure breeds, together as one, watching, protecting devoted to each other. Enters a masculine domineering hulk of a man powers to stop you in place voted ‘nay or yay.’ Cowboy looks suave persona, voted ‘yay’ now things turn around and action begins. I was fooled and deceived which absolutely caught me by surprise. Halfies hunted and halfie she is, Fen will defend and others [...]

  • Kelly

    It's no secret that I love werewolves. A lot. Possibly more than I should. But that's another story for another time. Right now, I'm going to say that Fen and her mass of issues completely hit the spot. Completely.Not only is the poor woman a half-shifter trying her best to keep her small pack together (a pack she's unqualified to lead if we're looking strictly at how powerful one's wolf is), she also has a strong alpha dogging her footsteps and a group of killers out looking specifically for so [...]

  • Linda

    I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review, and readers who are tempted rest assured that this Underground Series is a MUST READ! Fen Young is a half shifter where her wolf is more mouse like and sleeps most of the time. She was kicked out of her pack when Hunter, had her kicked out in order for her Alpha to let a young pup stay with him. Now, she was head of her own pack of two troubled twins, their sixteen year old cousin, and her Beta who gave up his pack to go with them. Just bare [...]

  • Ashley Martinez

    The cover was the first thing that drew my eye and who doesn't love an underdog shifter book with what looks like a kick butt lead. The only problem was it wasn't. I had a hard time liking Fen, the main character. Not sure why but I just couldn't connect with her. The other characters were just okay for me as was the story.I was expecting lots of action and fun drama but it was predictable making me dislike the main character for her choices and it was just kind of blah nothing really exciting h [...]

  • Steph Parks

    It seems sometimes shifter novels just keep with the same boring storylines, but not anything by Easterling! Having loved every other book by her, I jumped at the chance to review Half Wolf. Fen is an amazing leading lady, and everyone one in her rag tag clan is so different. This story was great, I cannot wait for the next installment.*I received this book free for an honest review*

  • John BAMFORD

    Fen reached Maturity Fen started of her exile from clan Wilder and From Wolfe and Terra . Though the Uber Alpha whom insisted on her exile has a soft spot in his heart for Fen. When her pack and his Investigation into wolf killings of female half bread werewolves draw them together. An Intriguing read folllows.

  • Lynn Hill

    If you are in need of humor and shifting and fighting and a little romance and mystery, ok I will quit! You have to look no further. This book has it all. I hope there is going to be another one so I can follow the pack. Good job.

  • Timnah

    One of her best!Love this new series in Amy Easterling's shifter universe! I has all the intrigue of her previous books, with a little extra sexual chemistry thrown in. Perks of just finding this now being that the second installment is out and waiting for me to read!

  • Carolyn S Beckett

    LOVED IT!I LOVE this book and am EXCITED to read the next in this series! Fen is a spin-off of Alpha Ascendant and the Complete. Bloodletting series I couldn't hardly put the books downIf you do not read them you are missing out on some FANTASTIC reads!

  • Angel Mcduffie


  • Claire

    meh. didn't really feel the story. there was no real chemistry between Hunter and fen. it was pretty obvious who was going to be the wrong un in the group had a good idea but fell a little shirt in the reading enjoyment factor. sorry to the author - I know you would have worked hard on this!!

  • Tani

    Crap, just ate my review of this. Think I left the review window open too long Anyway, I picked this up on a whim because it was free and I wanted something to read on my lunch breaks at work. And I do love my werewolves. I liked the concept of this one. Fen, the main character, is a half-werewolf, which means that her werewolfy powers are much weaker than average. For Fen, her wolf is so weak that she sleeps a lot of the time, which allows Fen to sometimes sidestep pack dynamics by the simple [...]

  • Hollie

    Wow - I hate to be a bitch but this was one poorly written novel. It was all over the place. The heroine was so incredibly weak. Not to mention her inner monologue drove me insane! The most irrelevant thoughts that crossed her mind were disclosed. The plot was lame and the secondary characters felt like total cardboard characters. Very generic throughout. I also tired of the constant references to the "trouble twin" and the mutterings of the word heck. I basically skimmed the last 30% of this bo [...]

  • Melissa

    Well, this was okay. If you are just looking for a quick read with werewolves this will probably scratch that itch. But if you are looking for something with twists and turnsis won't be it? I mean I grabbed it cause it was on kindle unlimited and I knew I was going to be without internet for a time and wanted something to pass the time. And it did do that.But while some of the action scenes were gripping I just think there is better wolf fiction out there than this. I found many aspects predicta [...]

  • Cheryl

    This is a great book. I have never read of halfie-wolves this was interesting to find a wolf that didn't have the connection that every pack needsbut to find her mate in an unexpected situation. Cannot wait to read the next book.

  • Tina

    FntasticI love love love Aimee's style. Edge of your seat action, great characters, believable storylines that have u pulling all nighters. Love the female alphas, strong characters that think for themselves and accept the consequences of their choices.

  • KathyKnuckles

    Loved It! Pulls You in and Keeps You!Easterling has done it again! She is a master of brining twists and turns, fun, havoc, life and love into her writings! Please read the series and Please leave reviews!!!!

  • Nancy Sutphin

    Keeps You GuessingI truly enjoyed this book, and the way that it constantly kept me guessing. I can not wait to read the rest of the series.

  • Mich Must Read

    So tedious and boring

  • Jeanny

    Mediocre 2.5/3 stars

  • A. Cook

    review coming. 4.5 rating.

  • Wendy

    Good bookThis writing was good , I like the wolves and how she was getting through life and Hunter her mate was always there.

  • Whitney Bunker

    This book was hard to read I don't understand most of the lore. I feel as if I missed a prequel or books between that may explain things further.I am also in book three and mates have not been defined. Are these your end all love of your life kind of mates or just someone you can breed with? Also uber-alpha and other types of alpha's have not been defined. The main character calls her wolf weak and NO ONE I mean NO ONE tells her she is wrong. So what if she can push it down in my mind that makes [...]

  • Kiera

    Entertaining,butI enjoyed the premise of this story very much, and for the most part it's very well written and realised. There aren't any honking grammatical or spelling mistakes, either.However.It's very, very, very, very repetitive.Hunter is an uber-alpha. We get told this several times a page. Fen's wolf is weak, ditto. Ginger and Cinnamon ore the trouble twins, again, ditto. I feel we lose time that could have been spent on character development in reiterating known factsAnd the finale is d [...]

  • Annette

    It took me a few pages to get into the story but once I did - I did not want to stop. Fen, a weak halfblood werewolf, has been ejected from her clan, made into the alpha of a small pack and struggles to keep them safe. While roaming from place to place in the outpack, they encounter Hunter, the enforcer that caused her to be expelled and they all learn at the same time that there is an evil group calling themselves the SSS kidnapping and sacrificing the halfies to steal their power. Leadership s [...]

  • Altivo Overo

    Important back story for the author's character Fen, but at least for me, not as captivating as her Wolfie stories. This is an action adventure, with a complex plot and a lot of tight situations, but we know Fen will survive them all. Frankly, even though there's a lot of reality to suspend in any werewolf tale, I found this a bit unbelievable in terms of the character interactions. Despite that, it works in terms of plot mechanics and helps to explain who Fen is.

  • Joanne Hampton

    Werewolves and more werewolves in attendance wanting to be the Alpha. Exciting storyline moves right along with half werewolves trying to find a home while not getting killed in the meantime. Fighting for their lives and with one of their own getting captured required everyone working together to save her. Loved the continuing storyline and easy reading. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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