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By Mindy Tarquini | Comments: ( 927 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

Tarquini s innovative concept is paired with realistic characters and sparkling wit, making this enjoyable novel a keeper Publishers Weekly, Starred Review2017 Benjamin Franklin IBPA Award Gold Redbook Magazine, Best Books of 2016Finalist, General Fiction 2016 USA Best Book AwardsEUGENIA PANISPORCHI LIVES WITH HER MOTHER, TEACHES CHAUCER, AND REMEMBERS ALL HER PAST Tarquini s innovative concept is paired with realistic characters and sparkling wit, making this enjoyable novel a keeper Publishers Weekly, Starred Review2017 Benjamin Franklin IBPA Award Gold Redbook Magazine, Best Books of 2016Finalist, General Fiction 2016 USA Best Book AwardsEUGENIA PANISPORCHI LIVES WITH HER MOTHER, TEACHES CHAUCER, AND REMEMBERS ALL HER PAST LIVES SHE IS DESPERATE TO CHANGE HER FUTUREBorn this time around into a South Philadelphia Italian American family so traditional, she and her siblings are expected to marry in birth order, Eugenia lives a simple life no love connection, no controversy, no complications Her hope is that the Blessed Virgin Mary who oversees her soul s progress will grant her heart s desire, the option to choose the circumstances of her next life But when a student reveals he shares her ability, Eugenia suddenly finds herself setting up a Facebook page and sponsoring a support group for others like her, an oddball odyssey, during which she discovers she must confront her current shortcomings before she can break the cycle and finally live the life of her dreams A layered contemporary fable, Hindsight reminds us to live this life like it s the only one we ll have.

  • Title: Hindsight
  • Author: Mindy Tarquini
  • ISBN: 9781943006014
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Mindy Tarquini

Mindy Tarquini Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hindsight book, this is one of the most wanted Mindy Tarquini author readers around the world.

Comments Hindsight

  • Shirley

    A very complicated bookhalfway through I found that I had insufficient grounding and started overose attention must be paid to the plethora of rich detail presented. An amazing romp through the lives of a disparate band of people trying to learn who they are and more importantly who they want to be. Thirty-three year old Dr. Eugenia Panisporchi spins this tale from the home of her mother in South Philadelphia. Ma P irons the underwear for all three of her grown children! Very entertaininga multi [...]

  • Lolly K Dandeneau

    "My last life, I got to be Greek. But not in actual Greece. I got to be Greek in Northeast Philadelphia, a life almost exactly like the one I'm living now. Except I crossed myself in the opposite direction when I prayed."This novel has just the right amount of humor that I needed. There have been many novels about psychics and women with different mystical gifts, but not quite like Hindsight. Eugenia isn't Greek this time, but Italian American and she can see many of her past lives, which become [...]

  • Miriam Joy

    This was a NetGalley read, so I'll try and write a proper review at some point. I really liked the concept of this, a variant on reincarnation stories wrapped up with ideas about forgiveness and the past. Plus it manages to get Chaucer and history into there, which always helps. However, it was difficult to follow, the story muddled to the point where I felt I was always missing part of the information. I feel like there was probably a solid plot under there, but certain details stayed in the au [...]

  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd http://mrsmommybooknerd.blogspot.com

    A multi-layered story that adds magic and a complex story into one good read. You will be entertained and delighted while reading this story. There are lessons to be learned in this book that will leave the reader thinking.

  • Chocolategoddess

    I used to be pretty interested in reincarnation until I read some books containing "proof" of reincarnation and realised that the "proof" was shaky enough that a fourteen year old could see through it. I still think it's a cool concept, so I was excited to read Hindsight.Sadly, I gave up at the 20% mark. The book opens with Eugenia arguing amongst her family as they're about to go to a rushed wedding. She's been picked to be a bridesmaid at her brother's wedding. Throughout this scene we're show [...]

  • Sabrina Mcmillin

    One of the most troubling things God could ever do is give you exactly what you want. Something tells me this is a quote I once read in the form of a needlepoint pillow, but who knows? Google certainly doesn’t. But I digressHindsight’s premise entertains a few undoubtedly common wishes and questions. “What if reincarnation exists?” “What would happen if I could remember my past lives?” “Oh, what amazing things I could do if only I had more time.” With “thirty-three” years of [...]

  • Melissa Lopez

    As an English teacher and history buff, Tarquini's novel speaks to my liberal arts' soul. The narrator's voice is reminiscent of Faulkner's stream of consciousness but with a witty humor that makes you laugh out loud. The protagonist is relatable and the plot is intriguing and engaging, different from many books on the shelves today. The novel was also a challenge to read and unpredictable which I very rarely find in modern novels. Throughout my reading, I could't help but think how much my stud [...]

  • Debi Lantzer

    As most of you know, I've had the privilege of being a part of the BookSparks 2016 Fall Reading Challenge. Today's post is one of the December books on the list. The "Course Title" for this book is "Contemporary Fables", and the Department is "Magical Realism".So with that description I'm sure you want to know what's the book all about? Glad you asked.The protagonist to this "fable" is Eugenia Panisporchi. She's a 33-year old Chaucer professor and she isn't quite like the rest of the world - she [...]

  • Molly Lloyd

    The idea behind Hindsight interested me from the beginning: what if reincarnation existed? And what if you could remember your past lives? Tarquini addresses these ideas wonderfully and creatively and even accurately – if you can believe anyone could do that! Hindsight is fast-paced, witty, and quirky whose characters are dynamic; they are simultaneously frustrating and loveable. The book moves quickly from the get go. It is a bit difficult to get your bearings in the beginning – many import [...]

  • Andrea

    I enjoyed reading Hindsight very much. The premise is slightly outside of my comfort zone, but I liked it nonetheless. This is the first book I've read about reincarnation. At first I had trouble suspending my disbelief, but as I immersed myself in the gripping prose I finally was able to let my "real" world lens go. The author truly enjoys the writing process and it shines through in her imaginative characters and the interesting connections between them. This book contains many, many character [...]

  • Kathryn Mohrman

    READ THIS BOOK! Tarquini has a wicked, irreverent, quirky sense of humor that kept me smiling. The story unfolds from different perspectives as the reader learns more about past lives in Oberholt, Germany. And the ending was a big surprise!

  • Sue

    Hindsight by Mindy Tarquini is a novel about previous life memories. The central character, Eugenia has the second-sight and it works backward. She remembers her past lives and the Virgin Mary speaks to her, to offer advice and commentary. In each of these lives she remembers the people from 400 years previous in Bavaria, and she recognizes them in each of her lives. This tale of shared past lives is reminiscent of Robinson's "The Years of Rice and Salt" in which people of the same village repea [...]

  • Beth Surdut

    As if life isn’t complicated enough—too old to be living at home with her overbearing and superstitious Italian Catholic mother and listening to a meddling Virgin Mary—Chaucer professor Eugenia Panisporchi remembers her many past lives. Flawed, confused, cranky, very funny, and holding onto centuries-old grudges, Eugenia wrestles with finding closure in a world where death is less an ending than the beginning of a new chapter.Like life, this book is messy and frustrating, intelligent and c [...]

  • John

    Eugenia Panisporchi has 'hindsight', the ability to recall her past lives. Eugenia lives in contemporary South Philly, where the biggest danger is auto accidents and ambulance-chasing lawyers, but centuries ago, in a past life, she lived in a town in Germany engulfed by the passions and violence of the religious wars of the Reformation. Memories of the events of those tumultuous times, lost love, murder, betrayal, still torment Eugenia, and others around her who also have hindsight. With the aid [...]

  • Yuki

    Hindsight by Mindy Tarquini is a must read! From the first sentence, “My name is Eugenia Panisporchi.”, the reader is drawn into the world of an Italian American heroine who is funny and witty, and must come to terms with characters from the past that keep popping up into her present life. Eugenia, who teaches Chaucer at Temple University, lives at home with her mother, not because she wants to but because she has “no choice”. The author keeps the reader totally engaged page after page a [...]

  • Cecil Atkinson

    For anyone who has grown up as a first or second generation American with specific expectations of how their life should develop, Tarquini's Hindsight will entertain the thoughts you have had in quieter moments. The way in which the characters actions and mannerisms are described by the narrator has a certain nostalgia that can remind readers of the difficulties and hilarities that many people growing up in ethnic households encounter.The plot of the story follows the witty narrator, Eugenia Pan [...]

  • Sarah M

    I loved the idea behind the book about hindsight and atoning for sins of past lives but the book was difficult to follow at times. Several times I found myself rereading a scene and still not quite understanding what was happening or what the connection was between the characters. There are a lot of characters and I found it difficult to keep straight who each of them were and what their connections were to each other in each of their lives. Despite this, the book was still a page turner and I c [...]

  • Lane Gallett

    The premise of this book is unique and something I'm not familiar with: the protagonist is able to remember her past lives (hence, hindsight), so her interactions with everyone in the present day is influenced by her experiences with whom they were in a past life.This is almost as confusing for the narrator as it is for the reader. As some other reviews have mentioned, the characters are introduced pretty quickly in the beginning of the book. Add to that the fact that each character has multiple [...]

  • Debrouillarde

    Love this book! The premise is innovative but not precious or pushy-innovative, the characters are compelling - strange enough to be interesting but not so out there that I couldn't relate, and the plot had enough twists and turns to keep me turning pages into the middle of the night. Eugenia (whose erstwhile boyfriend can't keep her name straight) has hindsight, and keeps meeting people she knew in one of her previous lives, and reliving those moments rather than enjoying the moments she could [...]

  • MavelleRunda

    This book was funny, quirky, reference-filled and thrilling, and none of those descriptors came at another’s expense. The idea of reincarnation being visible in the opposite direction has always been a fascinating idea to me, and to not only know I'm not the only one who thinks so, but to have it fleshed out in a novel was a joy. The characters are charming, each in their own way (even Carlotta!). If you’re interested in Chaucer, enjoy Italian delicacies, or just want a real page-turner of a [...]

  • Jonathon Cassell

    Hindsight is the answer to the question: what good is having all those past lives if I don't remember them? And the answer is: be grateful you don't! Tarquini's Eugenia can hardly take a step without bumping into a past lover or enemy, reincarnated, and having to keep the past and present sorted out. And to make life even simpler (NOT!) the Blessed Virgin Mary is always judgmentally looking over her shoulder from a statue, a key-ring, a painting, and giving her snarky opinion. Sometimes quirky, [...]

  • Liz Martinez

    The first few chapters rapidly introduced a number of characters so interesting and important to the plot, that I had to re-read a handful of lines to make sure I correctly committed them to memory. As I progressed, I found that the humorous dialogue and witty turn of phrase made the story flow more seamlessly, making this novel a page tuner and easy recommendation to friends, family, and anyone that just wants a good laugh.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sharon R

    Tarquini's debut novel sparkles with wit and humor while taking us along for the ride with Eugenia Panisporchi's current life in modern day Philadelphia. Problem is Eugenia's always meeting up with characters from her past lives in her current day life as a Chaucer professor.Eugenia's life becomes even more complicated when a freak accident occurs and events spin out of control. Eugenia just wants to make her own choices but the road is long between her present life and the next. Thoroughly enjo [...]

  • Meghan Degnan

    Wow! This novel truly was a page turner. The complexity of each character mixed with an emotionally driven plot line had my nose glued to each page. The wonderfully crafted dialogue was witty and clever, and further developed each character and their relationship to the grand story. Believable, personable, engaging and insightful, I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for their next best read.

  • Antonia

    Hindsight is a must read! A lyrical Italian Catholic story set in South Philly but intertwined with Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Tarquini's captivating layered tale reveals wit, humor and delightful turns from characters wrought by a master. Slipping in and among her past lives, the heroine Eugenia crosses centuries, cultures and continents. Tarquini's writing is fresh with bursts of dark humor that bring a chortle, and a plot that thoroughly satisfies. A great gift for the holidays!

  • Lisa DeWaard

    Hindsight definitely had a new and different concept that I really enjoyed. It's a story about a Chaucer professor who has the ability to remember past lives. It's very thoughtful and fast past and definitely holds your interest. I had to go back and read parts of it again to catch some things I missed. It has wonderful humor and thoughtful, imaginative characters and it's definitely worth reading. I think I'll go through it a second time to see if there were parts I missed. Recommended.

  • Jimmie Polo

    Such a wonderful easy read. Generally I enjoy fantasy. This book has just the right amount of reality and fantasy to keep me engaged. Such a unique way to delve into the intricacies of reincarnation, and what that would or could be like. Love all the little details in the descriptions. A wonderfully complicated book.

  • Kathleen Parrish

    Sharp and quirky, the ending made my throat ache.Hindsight speaks to every woman who ever struggled with her past to wrench her future from Fate's hands. Funny, poignant and heartbreaking. Mindy Tarquini is a rising star.

  • Racheal

    I didn't love this book but I read it all the way through because there were aspects of the main character that charmed me and yet I wasn't captivated enough to read more than 10-15 minutes at a time. Usually a great book hooks me and I'm flying through entire chapters while hours melt away without notice not so with this book. Eugenia Panisporchi, the main character, has Hindsight, which allows her to be conscious of her past lives. Her surrounding family, friends, and acquaintances, whether aw [...]

  • Katie

    The MC's daily life is a murky stew of current events and invading past lives. The premise is intriguing. Yet the writing style does a disservice to this tension since the writing itself is not clear. The MC is surrounded by a large cast of heroes and heretics and she spends a lot of the plot figuring out who is who and from when/where each hails. Of equal importance is determining who else has hindsight, too. Again, this puzzle is not well-managed for the reader's experience. There is a differe [...]

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