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In this 1915 collection, Edgar Lee Masters tells the stories of the dead through their own posthumous words Realistic, often cynical, these epitaphs are spoken from the grave by 244 former citizens of a small Midwestern village The entire spectrum of human life is represented here everyone from poet to shopkeeper is given a chance to narrate their life, to tell of theirIn this 1915 collection, Edgar Lee Masters tells the stories of the dead through their own posthumous words Realistic, often cynical, these epitaphs are spoken from the grave by 244 former citizens of a small Midwestern village The entire spectrum of human life is represented here everyone from poet to shopkeeper is given a chance to narrate their life, to tell of their struggles and their thwarted hopes and dreams With these classic poems, Masters took his revenge on the hypocrisy and narrow mindedness of small town America, revealing it in all its injustice, corruption, and cruelty Edgar Lee Masters is best known for the Spoon River Anthology As well as verse, he wrote biographies of fellow writers, including Mark Twain and Walt Whitman.

  • Title: Spoon River Anthology
  • Author: Edgar Lee Masters John Ridland
  • ISBN: 9781843911081
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Edgar Lee Masters John Ridland

Edgar Lee Masters Garnett, Kansas, August 23, 1868 Melrose Park, Pennsylvania, March 5, 1950 was an American poet, biographer, and dramatist He is the author of Spoon River Anthology, The New Star Chamber and Other Essays, Songs and Satires, The Great Valley, The Serpent in the Wilderness An Obscure Tale, The Spleen, Mark Twain A Portrait, Lincoln The Man, and Illinois Poems In all, Masters published twelve plays, twenty one books of poetry, six novels and six biographies, including those of Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Vachel Lindsay, and Walt Whitman.

Comments Spoon River Anthology

  • Majenta

    If you liked Fannie Flagg's THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING, Thornton Wilder's OUR TOWN, and/or Virginia Woolf's THE WAVES, you might like this. I read this because of THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING.Thanks for readingd listening!

  • Carol

    Edgar Lee Masters was the first poet whose poetry I loved with my whole heart. My high opinion of his work has never changed, notwithstanding the fact that he hasn't been cool for 50 years, if ever. Ha! Neither have I.

  • Lyn

    Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters, published in 1915, is a unique literary experience.A collection of inter-related free-form poems, each title a person’s name, and each person a resident of the town cemetery. Masters has each relate a short story; some folks talk about their life, many about the circumstances of their death. Husbands and wives relate different perspectives of the same events, lovers and soldiers tell of their history, and each is a distinct, poetic voice.Masters begi [...]

  • Chiara Pagliochini

    « Molte volte ho studiatola lapide che mi hanno scolpito:una barca con vele ammainate, in un porto. In realtà non è questa la mia destinazionema la mia vita. Perché l’amore mi si offrì e io mi ritrassi dal suo inganno;il dolore bussò alla mia porta, e io ebbi paura;l’ambizione mi chiamò, ma io temetti gli imprevisti. Malgrado tutto avevo fame di un significato nella vita. E adesso so che bisogna alzare le velee prendere i venti del destino,dovunque spingano la barca. Dare un senso all [...]

  • Nood-Lesse

    Sarei tentato di credere che a Spoon River sia seppellita la maggior parte di noi. Io ci sono, sono uno di quei personaggi. Impermeabile alla poesia, sono stato alluvionato da una raccolta di epitaffi. In molti sono arrivati all'Antologia per merito di Fabrizio De Andrè, (l’album “Non al denaro non all'amore né al cielo” è interamente ispirato da alcuni personaggi del libro di E.L. Masters) io vi sono arrivato leggendo per caso l‘iscrizione sulla mia tomba. Con De Andrè ho il medesim [...]

  • Jon(athan) Nakapalau

    The dead tell their secrets where they are buried. With no reason to lie we find that all is not what it seemed to be: some of the "pillars" of the community were rotten to the core and some of the "dregs" of the town were the best citizens. I think of this book every time I see a homeless person and wonder: has society abandoned this person while (somewhere) a CEO commits crimes that will never come to light?

  • Orsodimondo

    NON AL DENARO, NON ALL'AMORE NÉ AL CIELOLa bibbia è la più letta, ma mi sa che questo ci va vicino. E' un 'must', no? Leggermente sopravvalutato, ma bello. Si può riprendere in mano più volte, leggere una poesia e rimetterlo giù, sicuro che lo ritroveremo fedele ad aspettarci, all'occorrenza.

  • Evan

    244 dead residents of the Midwestern town of Spoon River (some based on real people and some fictional) tell the stories of their triumphs, frustrations, unrequited longings, their secrets -- often harboring lingering grudges about people buried alongside them. Whole families and neighbors, cross-talking in death. Each poem is titled with the name of the person speaking; each is short and most of them are heartbreaking. The wife and husband and the doctor, all scandalized by an abortion, the boy [...]

  • Karla

    I've trawled through many a 19th century small town newspaper for various research projects, and one's dirty linen was often hung out to dry for public view in the printed word. Old men running off with the serving girls, errant wives being tracked down and found in flagrante with their lovers, etc. I've even got a great-great-uncle whose wife was run out of town on a rail by "The Community" for her illicit affair with a neighbor. Nasty little Victorian Peyton Places. Reading Spoon River Antholo [...]

  • Simona

    In quest'antologia Lee Masters dà voce al mondo dei morti di un villaggio americano del Midwest, Spoon River, appunto. I morti vogliono raccontare la loro verità, che è stata molto spesso taciuta e ignorata. In quest'antologia Lee Masters dà voce al mondo dei morti di un villaggio americano del Midwest, Spoon River, appunto. I morti vogliono raccontare la loro verità, che è stata molto spesso taciuta e ignorata per ipocrisia, convenienza, ecc. Un'antologia di imprecazioni, lamenti, epitaff [...]

  • Teresa Proença

    Edgar Lee Masters nasceu, no Kansas, a 23 de Agosto de 1868 e morreu a 5 de Março de 1950. Uma destas datas serviu-me de pretexto para comprar este livro; o de Masters, para o escrever, foi o seu encontro com o romancista Theodore Dreiser, cuja audácia e realismo o impressionou. Spoon River Anthology é uma obra singular, composta por 244 epitáfios, narrados pelos defuntos da localidade imaginária de Spoon Rider que, em poucas palavras, - dirigindo-se aos visitantes do cemitério - resumem a [...]

  • Thomas

    Not a bad book, but not one I would read again or recommend to others. It's a collection of free-verse poems, crafted as epitaphs of the former citizens of the Midwestern town Spoon River. While there were some meaningful poems and well-developed characters, there were quite a few sections that I did not care for at all. I've never been an ardent fan of poetry, though, and this one, while a good read, did nothing to change that.Here's my favorite poem from the book:"George Gray:I have studied ma [...]

  • Maria

    Masters coltivò le sue storie in un clima pregno di tragedia, un tempo nel quale le piccole realtà facevano da intermezzo tra grandi alleati e grandi nemici, vecchi miti e nuovi eroi. La gente normale non era interessante, non faceva presa. Eppure era proprio quella gente che, nella sua semplicità, deteneva la "verità umana"artfromscratchblog.

  • Bonnie

    This was so very lovely.

  • Οδυσσέας Μουζίλης


  • Christina

    I have read this book about 50 times, in bits and pieces, and about a half-dozen from start to finish in order. I love it. Let me start with what the book is about. This is a book of free-form poems that serves as a narrative, each poem told from the point of view of a resident of Spoon River who has died and who is telling their story after the fact, their own epitaph. Some poems go together, some stand alone, but they form the elaborate portrait of a community. A seeming non-sequitur, perhaps, [...]

  • Ben Loory

    i admit that i probably love the idea of this book more than the actual book, but i love the idea of it so damn much that the actual thing still gets five stars. a portrait of a small american town through the from-the-dead poem-soliloquies of hundreds of its departed inhabitants, it's unlike any other book i've ever read. the dead folk discuss their lives and deaths and thoughts and beliefs and relationships with each other, the town, and the larger world. it's from the dead so there's a pronou [...]

  • Guido

    Se i morti potessero parlare, sarebbero sinceri: liberi dall'obbligo della buona educazione, dal dover mantenere la necessaria discrezione tra vicini e familiari, dalla necessità di salvare le apparenze in nome dell'onore, insomma da tutti i meccanismi che hanno regolato l'ipocrisia della loro vita sociale, direbbero finalmente quello che, in vita, non hanno mai potuto dire. Un intero villaggio di morti improvvisamente coscienti della propria libertà di parola dà vita, in maniera quasi teatra [...]

  • S©aP

    L'ombra della morte, per ridare alla vita le sue dimensioni. Per restituire il giusto senso alle cose, oltre lo scempio delle millanterie dei vivi. Una geniale intuizione, quella di di E.L.Masters, capace di rendere, in pochi tratti di poesia, tutte le profondità dell'esistenza - Interessantissimi e illuminanti i saggi introduttivi, di Fernanda Pivano e Cesare Pavese

  • Jen

    This is a conceptually intriguing book in which the residents (represented by over 200 poems) of a small town cemetery speak from the grave about the truth as they see it, being free from social pressure or potential retribution to present themselves or others in a good light.I think it's important to remember that Masters was a lawyer by profession, a person who had heard people's testimonies about incidents and different people and had seen how judges and juries dealt with them. This book isn' [...]

  • Tristan

    The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.Edgar Lee Masters' great work is impressive in its scope; with over two hundred "epitaphs," each one an individual person, the collection takes apart small-town America in the early 20th century with astonishing precision. Masters makes no bones about the presence of corruption and cruelty (Thomas Rhodes is frequently indicted by the other dead), secret sins, everything that those who would have lived in a town like Spoon River saw every day of [...]

  • Franky

    Edgar Lee Master’s Spoon River Anthology is a series of poems representing the voices of Spoon River, a fictional Southern town. The citizens, who speak from beyond the grave on The Hill, tell of their lives and those they knew, lamenting on various aspects of their past life. The poems have a dramatic monologue, epitaph-like quality; they are snapshots of emotion, philosophy, wisdom and morals from these residents. The individual voices of Spoon River are quite diverse, as you might imagine. [...]

  • Jay

    I grew up in Northwestern Illinois. I knew the land to the Southeast of us was fertile ground for poets, with Galesburg’s Carl Sandburg and Springfield’s Vachel Lindsay, and with Spoon River’s Edgar Lee Masters about halfway between. I have long known that Master’s “Spoon River Anthology” was a series of short poems based on names on the gravestones in a cemetery near the river, having learned that from my Dad’s copy of his high school Literature book. I’m not sure how my Dad end [...]

  • Arwen56

    Herbert MarshallTutto il tuo dolore, Louise, e l'odio per me nacquero dalla tua illusione che fosse capriccio dello spirito e disprezzo dei diritti della tua anima a spingermi verso Annabelle e lasciarti. In realta' tu arrivasti a odiarmi per amore, perche' ero la gioia della tua anima, formato e temprato per risolverti la vita, ma non volli. Tu invece eri il mio strazio. Se tu fossi stata la mia felicita', non mi sarei forse aggrappato a te? Questo e' l'amaro della vita: che solo in due si puo' [...]

  • Frahorus

    Di fronte a un capolavoro poetico come questo non ci si può che inchinare. Geniale nella sua "polifonia", "L’antologia di Spoon River" è il sunto di molte vite, tutte accomunate da un luogo: Spoon River. Masters compila il suo capolavoro come una raccolta di epitaffi autobiografici dei vari personaggi che, nelle poche ultime righe racchiuse sulle loro lapidi, riassumono il senso di un’esistenza. Gli epitaffi recitati dai defunti dell’Illinois non fanno altro che offrire con estrema lucid [...]

  • J.

    After a full summer battling Infinite Jest (and thoroughly enjoying it), this book was welcome relief. It is a mix of homespun wisdom and incredibly insightful commentary. While very accessible, Masters is astute. He has a lot to say about living, death, and regret (and a surprising amount on lawyers). This is the kind of book you can give to your Grandma, with a nice note that says "I love you," and then have something to discuss over the holidays as you help her wash the dishes. On morality's [...]

  • Brian

    I, like many people, had read some of the pieces in "Spoon River Anthology" in college, but I have to recommend reading the entire work. It is a unique and very fulfilling experience. Edgar Lee Masters' greatest work was published as a unified whole in 1915 and is 244 individual poems, each from the perspective of a different dead person in the cemetery. Their name serves as the poem's title. Woven throughout the 244 pieces are 19 stories that are pieced together through interwoven portraits fro [...]

  • Alba LG

    "E se la gente vede che sai suonare,be', ti tocca suonare, per tutta la vita."

  • Sakura87

    Breve nota esplicativa da leggersi prima della recensione:Io non amo la poesia.Ho letto quel tanto che la scuola e l’università hanno comandato, nonché qualche testo selezionato per mio piacere e cultura personale. Tra questi, mi è capitata tra le mani l’Antologia di Spoon River.Tutto ciò, per anticiparvi che non sono un’esperta di poesia, dimentico sempre i nomi di tutte le figure retoriche, non m’importa molto del ritmo né della rima: le poesie che mi catturano il cuore, le amo pe [...]

  • Owen

    To think of a small town cemetery is to imagine peace. So begins the foreword of Edgar Lee Master's Spoon River Anthology. If only there was peace while the residents were living, but that doesn't sound likely does it. Well, dead bodies can't really bicker that much can they? Maybe just a bit.Small town life is often presented incorrectly. Have you seen the movie about the Mystic pizza place in Connecticut? I haven't, but I've been there. It's okay. My family went to the living history type plac [...]

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    420 Edgar Lee Masters John Ridland
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