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Adam Sommerville always thought he had it all great family in a close knit community, worthwhile job as a high school gym teacher, and no shortage of women eager to be on his arm But it seems his luck has suddenly run out Because Buckhorn s most renowned bachelor has decided it s time to settle down and the one woman he wants just put him firmly in the friend zone.HidingAdam Sommerville always thought he had it all great family in a close knit community, worthwhile job as a high school gym teacher, and no shortage of women eager to be on his arm But it seems his luck has suddenly run out Because Buckhorn s most renowned bachelor has decided it s time to settle down and the one woman he wants just put him firmly in the friend zone.Hiding her true feelings from Adam has been a full time job for the past five years, but librarian Isabella Presley is determined not to be the latest heart he breaks The best way to get over her attraction is to find someone else to date even if it means asking Adam for flirting tips to help her land the perfect guy But when Adam sets out to convince her the perfect guy is him, will she face her fears for a chance at forever

  • Title: A Buckhorn Bachelor
  • Author: Lori Foster
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Lori Foster

Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St Martin s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley Jove She is currently published with HQN.Lori hosts a very special annual Reader Author event in West Chester, Ohio Proceeds from the event have benefited many worthy causes, including the Hamilton County YWCA Battered Women s Shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, The Conductive Learning Center for children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and The One Way Farm, Children s Home.Each year Lori donates all proceeds from one book to charity You can see the benefit romance books here lorifoster benefit books Career Highlights In 2001, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Fantasy In 2002, Lori s book Too Much Temptation was the top selling romance title for books In 2003, Say No To Joe was the second Bestselling Original Contemporary romance title for Waldenbooks In 2004, Lori Foster was a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle In 2004, The Secret Life of Bryan was the Bestselling Original Contemporary romance title for the BGI group In 2005, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Contemporary Romance In 2006, Jude s Law was the Bestselling Romantic Comedy romance title for the BGI group In 2007, Lori launched a new urban fantasy series under the name L.L Foster See on her dark side at llfoster In 2007, Causing Havoc was among s Top Ten Editor s picks in Romance In 2008, Hard to Handle made 2 on The New York Times In 2009, Servant The Acceptance was s 1 Editors Pick in Romance In 2010, Lori was a clue in the USA Today Quick Cross puzzle.

Comments A Buckhorn Bachelor

  • Tpagirl

    A Buckhorn Bachelor was the eighth book in Lori Foster’s Buckhorn series. I read it as the republished version Adam & Kiss and Makeup.Adam Sommerville was the Buckhorn high school gym teacher. Approaching thirty he was the town’s most gorgeous and eligible bachelor who had managed to avoid relationship commitments so far. Isabella Presley was the school’s librarian. She was known as being conservative and not easily approachable beyond the professional friendship, but now she was ready [...]

  • Alyse

    Every year Lori Foster writes a "benefit book" where all proceeds go to local (to Lori) charities. For a full list off all her benefit books and more information on the charities go here: lorifoster/benefit-books/If you are familiar with the Buckhorn Brother's series, you should recognize Adam as one of the kids from that series (he is Jordan's step-son). Well, now Adam is all grown up and approaching thirty. And turning the big 3-0 has brought on some thoughts that it MAY just be time to find t [...]

  • Anita

    Sweet, novella story about a Buckhorn's most eligible bachelor and the middle school librarian. Hot romance and fun look at the leading family of Buckhorn's next generation. I made me sad that Lori Foster decided to make Sawyer, Morgan, Jordan and Gabe old men! Seriously, they are now in their early 60's? When did that happen? I guess to advance the young'uns age she had to make the older generation . . . well, older. Adam Sommerville is the guy who has it all, wonderful community, a job he love [...]

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI have a very soft spot in my heart for Lori Foster's Buckhorn series and I love these novellas as the "kids" from the original series grown up and find love. A Buckhorn Bachelor finds Adam Sommerville (Jordan's step-son) turning 30 and thinking it is time to settle down. One thing about the men in this series when they set their sights on someone, they fall fast and hard and when Adam realizes that the librarian from the school where he work [...]

  • Jennifer Y

    This review was originally posted at The Book Nympho Love seeing a person get the object of their love in the end. Isabella has been in love with Adam for a while now. They've worked together at the school for five years. It takes some noisiness from the family's match-maker, Amber to get Adam to realize he's liked Isabella too.What a great match, school librarian and gym teacher.A Buckhorn Bachelor was fun to read. I really enjoyed seeing the original brothers from the earlier books. They were [...]

  • Darcy

    This one was very cute, although at the start I didn't want to like Adam. I didn't like that he seemed to take his friendship with Issy for granted and that just seeing her bare feet made him realize she was a woman. I think the best part of this one was how Adam's family all ribbed him about his new feelings for Issy.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)

    The eighth book in the Buckhorn Brothers series by Lori Foster. Adam Sommerville is on the prowl when he spies librarian Isabella Presley. Isabella has always put off uninterested vibes towards Adam but this day seems to be different. Meanwhile, Adam's cousin, Amber seems determined to find Isabella a match among the town's local men and Adam in not one of them.A cute, entertaining novella. I liked it. As a novella there isn't a lot of development but it worked.

  • Kari

    Forever ago (OK, 5 years), I had the pleasure of reading the original "Buckhorn Brothers" series, beginning with Sawyer. So what a pleasure it has been to be able to head back to Buckhorn County and check in with the next generation. A Buckhorn Bachelor is Adam's book. It was cool to see cute little Adam from Jordan's story all grown up and ready for love. I really enjoyed Adam and Issy together. Issy has been in love with Adam for a long time but has never flirted or acted on her feelings. With [...]

  • ♥ WishfulMiss ♥

    Cute short read. Really liked Adam and Issy was an okay h. I just felt that Adam's feelings came out of left field so fast. I needed more showing when it came to his change of heart around Issy and in the end it was all telling. Still a good quick read. Plus all the Buckhorn hotties make appearances!

  • Karen Machamer

    Another great book in the Buckhorn series. Just love this series and can't wait for the next one.

  • Shannon

    A Buckhorn Bachelor is another terrific addtion to what has become one of my favorite series from Lori Foster. The family and community she has created in Buckhorn, KY makes me want to pack up and move there!Adam Sommerville, Buckhorn's favorite bachelor, and Isabelle Presley, school librarian, have been friends for years. Adam never thought of Issy as anything more than that, until one day, he does. Issy, though, has had feelings for Adam for quite awhile, but it takes some meddling from Adam's [...]

  • Debra

    This is a sweet, lovely novella by Ms. Foster. She does a novella every summer as a benefits book for a couple of charities she supports and I think it is absolutely wonderful that she does this.A Buckhorn Bachelor is the story of Adam--he is the step-son of Jordan from the original series, The Buckhorn Brothers. The kids are grown up and finding their own loves. Adam is a teacher and Isabella (Issy) is a school librarian. One day, Adam starts to see Issy in a different way and the sparks start [...]

  • Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog

    4.5 starI was pulled right into this super story. The story has laughs, secrets, and heartbreak. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) firstSawyer (Buckhorn Brothers, #1)Morgan (Buckhorn Brothers, #2)Gabe (Buckhorn Brothers, #3)Jordan (Buckhorn Brothers, #4)Casey (Buckhorn Brothers, #5)Animal Attraction (Buckhorn Brothers, #5.5)Back to Buckhorn (Buckhorn Brothers, #5.6)A Buckhorn Summer (Buckhorn Brothers, #5.7)This is Isabella and Adam’s story. Isabella and A [...]

  • Brandi

    A great new addition to the Buckhorn series.Adam finally realizes Izzy is the one for him. Izzy finally decides to try and get Adam's attention. Adam Sommerville always thought he had it all—a great family in a close-knit community, a worthwhile job as a high school gym teacher and no shortage of women eager to be on his arm. But it seems his luck has suddenly run out. Because Buckhorn's most renowned bachelor has decided it's time to settle down—and the one woman he wants has just put him f [...]

  • Jennifer Kirkey

    Buckhorn, Kentucky's favorite son has finally decided to tie the knot in a sizzling new Buckhorn Brothers novella Adam Sommerville always thought he had it all—a great family in a close-knit community, a worthwhile job as a high school gym teacher and no shortage of women eager to be on his arm. But it seems his luck has suddenly run out. Because Buckhorn's most renowned bachelor has decided it's time to settle down—and the one woman he wants has just put him firmly in the friend zone.Hiding [...]

  • Rebecca Whaley

    Loved it! Such a sweet novella. Been a fan of the Buckhorn series from the very beginning. The characters are so great and reading this one feels lie coming home. The storyline was fast paced and so entertaining. Definitely a good story to buy and read over and over!This book was given to me by the author they netgalley for an honest review.

  • Alexandria

    Adam is the town playboy who constantly has a different woman on his arm. Issy is the school librarian who has kept her feelings for Adam to herself. When Adam finally notices Issy, she suddenly has a line of men waiting to go out with her and Adam's cousin bringing more to her.I enjoyed the small town charm where everyone knows each other's business. I couldn't live in a place like that, but I do enjoy reading about it.

  • Al


  • Christine D

    3.5 stars

  • Yolanda

    Adam and Isabella's story. He is a gym teacher and she is the librarian.

  • Misty (Red's Romance Review's)

    Adam Sommerville has always been known has Buckhorn's most unattainable bachelor, the mere thought of tying himself down to one woman has never been something that he willingly wanted to do that is until now. Lately he has been growing tired of the one night game and the idea of adding regularity to his dating life and spending his time with only one woman can be thought about without him feeling the urge to run. The problem is he can't seem to find that one woman who is perfect for the task, th [...]

  • Debby (Alwaysbooking)

    I am so excited to be back in Buckhorn again!! These stories will always put a smile on my face. This series is one of those great series where you can get all the feels in a smaller package. None of the Buckhorn books are super long but they stay in your memory forever. I think the kindle edition (which I had) was 90 pages. However I learned very fast with the first Buckhorn books that you will receive a whole bunch of feelings for these characters in a short amount of time.Lets start with Adam [...]

  • KC9

    Okay, I'm going to admit that The Buckhorn series was my first series I read of Lori's and I've loved her writing ever since. That being said it's like visiting your relatives and "catching up" when you read another Buckhorn story. I don't want to add any spoilers but it's fun to get to see some of the previous characters and get a glimpse of characters who'll hopefully get their own stories in the future.As with most families they all want "what's best" for Adam and they can't help but get invo [...]

  • Kim Green

    In Lori Foster’s latest installment in the Buckhorn universe, The Buckhorn Bachelor, I was immediately drawn in by Adam Sommerville. His swagger, that only a committed bachelor emanates, is always noticed among the unmarried ladies of Buckhorn and it’s all he can do to keep their minds off it. He’s a ‘heat of the moment’ kind of guy, that is, until he starts seeing his friend and co-worker, Isabella Presley, or Issy, in a different light. It’s like she has flipped a switch within her [...]

  • Amanda [Novel Addiction]

    I've said it before and I will say it again - Lori Foster is one of my all-time favorite go-tos for a seriously good contemporary romance. If you saw my review of Don't Tempt Me, you'll know I think she's the master of the full length romance. But A Buckhorn Bachelor just proves that she also rocks the novella. This is actually my first Buckhorn book, even though I know this is one of her more popular series. And man, I didn't realize how much I was missing until now!This book is just further pr [...]

  • Tiffany Willams

    "Suddenly the idea of a casual hookup with some other woman didn't interest him. Nope. Adam wanted to seduce Ms. Issy."Once again, Lori Foster has immersed me into the world of Buckhorn!This might have been a short read, but you don't feel like you missed anything. You experience an entire love story within a matter of pages. Adam Sommerville always had a crush on the sweet librarian, Isabella Presley, but he had no idea how deep her feelings ran for himor how much he really had feelings for her [...]

  • Kathryn

    This is such a sweet book! I highly recommend it. Adam Somerville lives in Buckhorn with his family and extended family. He is a ladies’ man but he has one female friend. Isabella Presley keeps him in the friend zone. He is the middle school gym teacher and she is the librarian. They have worked together well for years but he has never seen a hint that she is interested in him as other than a friend.Adam’s cousin Amber decides to help Isabella find a man. She does not consider Adam a good ca [...]

  • Diane Dudzik

    Yes, another visit to Buckhorn. It's great to be able to visit a series that is so endearing, especially the descendants of the original series who have won your heart!Buckhorn Bachelor is the story of Jordan's stepson Adam and his friend and co-worker, Isabelle, the librarian. Adam has always found her sexy and interesting but since she seemed to put him firmly in the friend category, he thought there was no spark on her part toward him. Meanwhile, the smart and sexy heroine has always wanted A [...]

  • Debbie Oxier

    Very disappointingLoved the Buckhorn books but this just didn't live up to the expectations. Issy was the local librarian while Adam was the high school gym teacher. Issy has loved Adam forever but he's always seen her as nothing more than a friend. All of a sudden he notices her in a different way when he's on the prowl, looking to get laid. His cousin, Amber, keeps parading men to Issy in an effort to make Adam jealous. Issy decides to tell Adam the truth, that she loves him. Then she informs [...]

  • Annetta Sweetko

    What is Buckhorn's most eligible bachelor suppose to do? He's ready to settle down but the one woman he wants wants to be just friends. This is Adam Sommerville's dilemma.Isabella Presley has hidden her feelings for Adam for years, because she is not going to be his latest heart to break. Deciding it's time to move on she thinks that the best thing to do is date others but she is at a loss of how to go about getting anyone interested. So, of course, you go to an expert. She asks Adam for flirt [...]

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  • ✓ A Buckhorn Bachelor || ↠ PDF Download by ☆ Lori Foster
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