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He s one of the smartest, the best and the baddest Since Dane achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a Navy Seal, his life has been packed with action but now he wants Especially after seeing several of his friends find something someone special On a mission hunting a chemical weapons terrorist, Dane runs into a captivating woman, and everything aboutHe s one of the smartest, the best and the baddest Since Dane achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a Navy Seal, his life has been packed with action but now he wants Especially after seeing several of his friends find something someone special On a mission hunting a chemical weapons terrorist, Dane runs into a captivating woman, and everything about her touches his deepest needs But the circumstances are suspicious, and he can t determine whose side she s on Marielle came to Germany for a short busman s holiday, only to end up running away from the very man she came to see, and into the arms of a man she knows she ll never be able to keep As their situation slides from bad to worse to desperate, their lives are on the line And so are their hearts.

  • Title: Dane
  • Author: Dale Mayer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion Second Chances, SKIN , her thrillers will keep you guessing By Death series , and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling It s a Dog s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series.She honors the stories that come to her and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system She has recently published her Career Essentials Series All her books are available in print and ebook format.To find out about Dale and her books, visit her at dalemayer Or connect with her online with Twitter at twitter dalemayer and on Facebook at facebook dalemayerthor If you like Dale Mayer s books and are interested in joining her street team, sign up here facebook groups 40238Books by Dale MayerPsychic Vision SeriesTuesday s ChildHide n Go Seek Maddy s FloorGarden of SorrowKnock, KnockRare Find Eyes to the Soul fall winter 2014By Death SeriesTouched by Death Part 1 FreeTouched by Death Part 2Touched by Death Full bookHaunted by DeathChilled by Death fall winter 2014Second Chances Love SeriesSecond Chances Part 1Second Chances Part 2Second Chances Full bookNovellasIt s a Dog s Life romantic comedyCharmin Marvin Romantic ComedyBroken Protocols 1Broken Protocols 2Broken Protocols 3New adult adul crossover Books In Cassie s CornerGem Stone a Gemma Stone mystery Design SeriesDangerous Designs Deadly Designs Darkest DesignsFamily Blood Ties SeriesVampire in DenialVampire in Distress Vampire in DesignVampire in DeceitVampire in DefianceNon Fiction BooksCareer Essentials The ResumeCareer Essentials The Cover LetterCareer Essentials The InterviewCareer Essentials 3 in 1

Comments Dane

  • Sassy Beta Reading & Review

    I am so glad that Dale decided to write a Seals Series. So far she is 3 for 3 when it comes to awesomeness in this series. Granted, 3 is probably my least favorite of the 3 so far but it was still fantastic!!! I will always have a soft spot for Mason (from the first book) and he's going to be tough to beat. Not as much action for the heroine of this story, yes she's been shot at, attempted kidnappings, etc. but she seemed to get off easy compared to Tesla and Mia in book 1 and 2. Would I want to [...]

  • Linda Carlson

    I can’t stop reading this series!Dane is another member of the elite Special Operations SEAL Team. This team is tight and they work together flawlessly. Dane and his team are in Germany tracking a member of a terrorist group. Marielle is in Germany to visit her old professor, Dr. Michaels, at his invitation, and combine it with a little vacation for herself. Things start going wrong when, on her first morning in her rented house, Marielle is surprised by a huge, muscular man dressed in all bla [...]

  • Jo-Anne

    Marielle needed a break from her Ph.D. studies and caring for her mother so when her old professor, Dr. Michaels, invited her to visit him in Germany, she jumped at the chance. But when she saw a man in the trees in the backyard, who leaped over the fence like it was nothing, she knew it was not going to be a relaxing vacation. Dane and his team were in Germany to track a terrorist group who have plans to blow up the US. He is no sooner gone, when Dr. Michaels, comes over to “visit” and pull [...]

  • Lisa Gibbs

    Dane's story was fast and furious and love at first sight only the Dane didn't realize that when he first saw Marielle while he was on a mission. She soon becomes part of the mission unknowingly. She is sucked into espionage and kidnapping for a chemical discovery that she discovered completely by accident, the problem is, the bad guys want it as much as the good guys.Dane just wants was two others in his team have found while Marielle does't thing she is worthy of him. She is a strong woman wit [...]

  • Margaret Watkins

    Dane's story is as fast paced and exciting as the other books in the SEALs of Honor series. It is fun to keep meeting up with his team mates and getting to know them as well. When Dane and his fellow SEALs are sent to Germany on a mission, he doesn't expect to meet up with the graceful and beautiful Marielle. Despite their first meeting, when faced with danger Marielle realises that Dane is more dangerous than the threat facing her, but she instinctively knows that he will protect her. The story [...]

  • Barbi

    I really enjoyed this book.Marielle is a chemistry PhD student who goes on vacation to Germany to see one of her former professors, Dr Michaels. She "meets" Dane while out on the patio enjoying a cup of coffee. Dr Michaels attempts to recruit her for his company but she resists. So, he then attempts to kidnap her but she runs to Dane and his team for help. Thus begins a crazy turn of events around this woman.Add in Masters, Dr Michaels cat who responds well to Shadow and it was a very enjoyable [...]

  • Linda

    This is the last of the books one to three, but the GOOD news is there is a total of SIXTEEN books so I have plenty more SEALS to go! It's Dane's turn to fall in love and meet his match with a stubborn chemist! I loved Dane from the moment he popped up in the forest as he watched Marielle. He achieved his dream to become a Navy SEAL and the guys were all his family now, but one thing was missing Naive chemist Marielle Standfield needed a break from her job and taking care of her mom and her frie [...]

  • Ollie

    Dale Mayer knows how to write an action packed adventure. I must say I would have been too tired to think with all the different houses they had to use and all the air travel in such a short amount of time.

  • Carol and Gary Curtis

    Not up to the same level as previous books in this series. Good nonetheless,certainly worth the time. The last book in the series for me.

  • Linda Chase

    GoodNot as spell binding as the others iv read but still goode family of seals is for those who like excitement in their reading

  • Jane

    Dane, a Navy SEAL meets Marielle, a PhD chemist that has discovered a new type of chemical reaction that has chemical warfare uses. She was working on another chemical problem when she stumbled on her new discovery.She shared her findings with her old professor from UCLA; he now works for a German chemical company that wants her new process. He planned to talk her into working with him on it and if that didn't work he planned to hold her prisoner in his private underground lab. She spotted Dane [...]

  • Renee Schuster Lindsey

    Great story, lots of great detail and realistic conversation. I am definitely hooked on this series of books.

  • Mandy Menasco

    Great Read

  • Lindsay

    Author improved writing style quite a bit, there was still a lot of unbelievable parts and crazy moments but overall this book was pretty well written.

  • S. R. Lewis

    Another very enjoyable book in this series. This one has the wonderful strong characters and a great story with suspense and romance. Very good. And I love the cat.

  • Elizabeth Neal

    **4.5 Stars**Dane, a SEAL, is in Germany on a mission with his team. Marielle, a chemist, is there visiting Dr. Michaels, her former professor. Of course, this means everything is lined up as it should be leading to these two crossing paths. *evil laugh*Dane, hiding in the shadows, moves away once Marielle comes into view, yet it seems she can see him. *I'm thinking she has special Dane-vision.* She's wondering where he came from, especially as Dr. Michaels lives nearby. We learn that Marielle's [...]

  • Zita

    Amid action and suspense a Navy SEAL and a chemist connect…This is the third book in the SEALs of Honor series that can be read as a stand-alone.In Germany on a mission with his team, Navy SEAL Dane Carter is thrown when a woman notices him while he’s in stealth/hiding mode. No one has ever done that before and she’s a stunning woman, but she’s not the targeted objective of his mission, at least she wasn’t at that moment. Circumstances soon find her in the middle of the team’s hunt f [...]

  • Deeann Pullman

    Given this as a ARC for a honest review.The Navy Seal guys we all know and love are back and they're sent another action packed mission to Germany on the hunt of a chemical weapons terrorist. Since Dane has achieved his life long goal of becoming a Navy Seal his life has been full only he was still missing something.He's one of the smartest, toughest best badass Seal, but after seeing several of his friends find something well, really someone special that understands his job requirements and can [...]

  • Hazel Harkins

    I started reading this series at the invitation of the author, Dale Mayer who gave me the first book in the series, Seals of Honor. I was hooked so I began purchasing the others. She is an amazing author.The heroine in this book is Marielle Stanfield is a Chemistry Ph.D at UCLA who goes to Germany for a short busman's holiday at the invitation of one of her college professor's who, unknown to her, will involve her in mystery, murder, kidnapping and bring her face to face with Dane, a member of a [...]

  • Wendy Hodges

    Dane is quiet, great looking and fantastic at his job. Patient, kind and protective. Marielle is good at her research job, still studying chemistry she has discovered a weapon quite by accident so stressed by that and my her mothers poor health she goes on holiday. Invited by a professor to Germany she sees a military guy in the garden where she's staying, things start taking a downward spiral from there. Threatened, blown up, snatch attempts she ran to Dane for help at first then once she thoug [...]

  • Niki Driscoll

    Marielle just wants a vacation and to visit with her old professor. When she see a man dressed in black in her back yard she knows its not going to be as restful as she hoped. Dane is amazed that the blond beauty can see him in the shadows, he should have known right then and there that his life was about to change. Ms. Mayer did an awesome job on this series, her characters are strong and likeable and the storylines just pulls you in and doesn't let go. The team is still trying to locate the te [...]

  • Judy

    Dane by Dale MayerSEALs of Honor Series Book ThreeDane Carter is rather envious of two of his fellow SEALsey found love. Women who are tough enough to know their men have a job to dod willing to let them do it. He thought he wanted that too. Maybe. Right now he had a mission to focus on, finding a man involved in terrorism. And the woman they find might be guiltyor could she be as innocent as she seems? Marielle Stanfield has become a workaholic. Work and taking care of her mom. Her only family [...]

  • Sara

    Book 3 of the SEALs of Honor series continues the romantic suspense explosion and is sure to have readers gnawing their fingernails to pass the time until they can get book 4. There is so much packed into the story. Although the story happens in a really short period of time, the HEA between Dane and Marielle is believable and romantic. I loved the action, it was non-stop from start to finish and I loved the initial though brief meeting between Dane and Marielle. Seeing the team back together, e [...]

  • Melissa

    Once again, I loved this book!! I am not sure which one would be my favorite out of the first 3 books of this series, but this one is a favorite of my. I love the story line. I love the suspense, too. Not knowing if the running and hiding is ever going to end.Marielle is so sweet. She knows what she wants and does not settle. Plus Marielle doesn't compromise her beliefs. She does not want to do harm and won't allow that to happen. Dane is a Navy SEAL and wants to protect her at all costs. He thi [...]

  • Amy

    I loved Dane and Marielle’s story! This is my favorite so far in the SEALs of Honor series. The story is excellent and very well written. I was so drawn in and engaged in what was happening, I couldn’t put it down. As with all the books in this series so far, there are so many twists and turns, danger lurking around every corner, we are kept on the edge of our seats, waiting with bated breath, anxious to see what is going to happen next. On top of all the action, we learn more and more about [...]

  • Geri

    WOW! I am into Book 3 of this series and I WANT MORE!!!! This SEALS team is one of the best SEALS series I have read in quite some time. I have loved each one of these stories and appreciate the fact that not only are there hot, alpha SEALS, but also strong, capable women that are their perfect matches. Dane never thought he would have a chance like Mason and Hawk, but he sure hoped he would one day. Who would think he would have to travel half way around the world to meet the love of his life, [...]

  • Donna Kranz

    This is the third book in the Seals of Honor Series. Dale Mayer did an awesome job on this series, her main and secondary characters are all likable and interesting. This book is about Marielle, an unique smart chemist, who takes a vacation to visit her past professor in another country. The Seal team just happens to be at the same location looking for a terrorist group who is planning on blowing up the USA. Dale and Marielle instantly bond and help the team to resolve the mystery. Once this boo [...]

  • Denise

    Dane's story was an incredible journey across quite a few countries and is another great addition to the 'SEALs of Honor Series'. The storyline was past paced, full of action, suspense, thrilling scenarios and very sexy characters. Dane is an able protector, even when it seems the $hit is going south. Marielle is bold, strongwilled, naive at times and an all around good natured person. I can see what drew Dane to her. But Marielle was a magnet for trouble and head injuries. I loved the way Dane [...]

  • Scott Ryan

    I was reminded of a family trip to Germany some years ago; and boy am I glad I didn't have to deal with what Marielle (and Dane) did! These SEALs seem to get some smart women; Software Engineer, Chemistry PhD, and also very tough. But I have also met academics who are very like Dr Michaels, at least as far as caring for others. And evil manipulative medical corporations? That couldn't happen, could it?

  • Michelle Baldwin

    NO SPOILERSDANE. (SEALS BOOK 3)This is book three of the latest books from Dale Mayer and as ALWAYS Dale has written yet again an amazing booksI'm hooked.They are such a pleasure to read we all love a bit of romance with a bit of action thrown in This team are a loveable bunch and I can't wait to read book 4 SWEDE

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  • Free Read [Thriller Book] ✓ Dane - by Dale Mayer ✓
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