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Named one of 13 Detective Book Series You Obsessed over as a Kid by Buzzfeed and the inspiration for a hit Disney film, the masterful Great Mouse Detective series is now available to a whole new generation of readers Basil the famous sleuth of mousedom lives in the cellar of Sherlock Holmes s house A devoted admirer of the great detective, he has learned his craft bNamed one of 13 Detective Book Series You Obsessed over as a Kid by Buzzfeed and the inspiration for a hit Disney film, the masterful Great Mouse Detective series is now available to a whole new generation of readers Basil the famous sleuth of mousedom lives in the cellar of Sherlock Holmes s house A devoted admirer of the great detective, he has learned his craft by listening at the feet of Holmes himself But will it be enough to help Basil solve his most baffling mystery yet The Mystery of the Missing Twins is one of the strangest cases in Basil s career With only a few crumbs of clues with which to find answers, how is he ever going to figure out where Angela and Agatha are being kept and, of course, who mouse napped them Will Basil s mouse sleuthing skills be up to the task of finding the twins before it s too late

  • Title: Basil of Baker Street
  • Author: Eve Titus Paul Galdone
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About Author:

Eve Titus Paul Galdone

Eve Titus was the author of numerous bestselling and beloved children s books.Her most famous characters include Anatole, a French mouse and Basil of Baker Street, a mouse who works as a private eye Her book, Anatole, won the 1957 Caldecott Honor Book award.She died in 2002 in Orlando, Florida.

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  • Richard Denney

    4 STARS!!This was so much fun to read. I just finished A Study in Scarlet and unintentionally I was reading this as if this story was taking place during the first Sherlock Holmes book and it made it a whole lot more exciting. The Disney movie is one of my favorite animated movies of all time and I wish they had made sequels to the movie. I love these new re-issued covers too! I kind of want to own them all now. - Richard

  • Rebecca McNutt

    Does anyone else remember this 1950's children's classic about a mystery-solving mouse? Reminiscent of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and The Rescuers, Basil of Baker Street gives the old but always-in-style stories of Sherlock Holmes a voice, the small but determined voice of a mouse to be exact.

  • Lindsay Stares

    I have mixed feelings about this book. I appreciated it on several levels, just not the level of actually reading the thing.I know, it's intended for kids. Small kids. We should just say it's not one of those kids books that holds up. The adventures of "The mouse sherlock holmes" should be cute, but oddly diminishes Basil compared to the Disney movie. Faced with the example of actual Holmes, he is overawed, and over the course of this book managed to do relatively little. They follow some obviou [...]

  • Sarah83 L

    Sherlock Holmes als Maus? Wer sich das nicht vorstellen kann, sollte sich an Eve Titus wenden. Flott geschrieben und immer einen Hinweis auf den großen 'Holmes' in der Hinterhand, ist es ein kleines Buch für zwischendurch.

  • Chris

    I’m sorry to admit that as much as I have always love Disney’s Great Mouse Detective, this the first time I have read this book. I don’t know why I never picked it up as a child, but I didn’t.It is a mouse version of Sherlock with nice tie ins to the Sherlock stories. A bit moralistic at the end – don’t talk to strangers you hear. But good fun.

  • Krista

    My son and I read this together. Well, mostly he read to me and I listened. We both enjoyed this cute little book and are continuing the series together!

  • Chandlercanfly

    What a delightful little book. This series seems to've been forgotten, which is a shame, because I can't imagine little ones not enjoying this tiny tribute to Sherlock Holmes!

  • Kevin Magpoc

    I'm reminded of "Ben and Me: An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin by His Good Mouse Amos" (written far before this book) in which it is revealed that Franklin was actually heavily inspired by a mouse friend. "Basil of Baker Street" works the other way around - it tells the story of a mouse who lives with Sherlock Holmes, though presumably unbeknownst to Holmes himself, and idolizes him to the point of actually going out and solving crimes and mysteries in the mouse world. So what you get her [...]

  • Sheila Beaumont

    Basil is the Sherlock Holmes of the Mouse World. His friend and associate Dr. Dawson narrates the story. Mrs. Judson is their mousekeeper. The mouse detective has learned his sleuthing skills by listening to Sherlock Holmes tell Dr. Watson how he solved his cases. Basil takes notes in shortpaw. Basil and Dr. Dawson live in the mouse village, Holmestead, in the cellar at 221B Baker Street. In this book Basil solves the kidnapping of the mouse twins Angela and Agatha. Children will enjoy this book [...]

  • Amanda

    After watching the great Disney movie The Great Mouse Detectives I decided to look up some fanart. Suddenly I kept hearing about some book about Basil, so I looked it up here on , and sure enough it's a book. The next time I visited the library I looked for it and to my great delight it was there. It was a very easy read. My forgotten childhood hero rose to new heights. A really great kids book and another great mystery to add to my small shelf. I usually don't willingly read mysteries but I beg [...]

  • Jen

    For fans of Sherlock Holmes and the Disney film about Basil, this is a great and incredibly easy read. I love how the author nonchalantly creates her mouse detective as a Holmes miniature, paying homage along the way and every now and then throwing in the considerations one must take to be a mouse. Also, Dawson is not nearly as bumbling as Disney made him, the which I totally approve of. Basil is a cleaned up, caring version of Holmes; as the author wishes, a great bridge to the grown-up's detec [...]

  • Stephanie

    Great children's book. Similar to Sherlock Holmes, but written for elementary-aged kids, with a mouse detective (Basil) and a mouse sidekick (Dr. Dawson) and lots of other mouse characters. Looks like My Father's Dragon in terms of length, size of type, and number of words on a page, but has lots of high-level vocabulary. Written back in the 50's so a bit old-fashioned, and I mean that in a good way.

  • Sydney

    Really good for kids! This was one of my favorites, along with Ghost in the Third Row, when I was just starting to read (I really hated reading, but you would know an interesting book if I actually kept with it.) This is short and quick enough to keep a kid engaged and it's about mice in clothes! Who wouldn't like it??

  • Myrna

    I love detective stories so it was a good read. Myrna, age 7

  • Michaela Raschilla

    I reas this guy as part of some rsearch Im doing on a possible future video discussing the use of rodents in childrens books. I am now super keen on rewatching the disney film based on the wonderful little mice in this story as well.I enjoyed this one not just as a child's introduction to Sherlock Holmes, mystery, detective fiction, and who knows what else, but because it didn't pull its punches. I always commend children's books that don't talk down to the kids. This is a chapter book with fair [...]

  • Zacaro Caro

    Read this with the kids, it has their attention and I’m not bored to death. It’s like the mouse detective and they like it more than redwall.

  • Evangeline

    This is one of my favorite Sherlock retellings ever. It's clever, original, and yet it is written like a classic Sherlock Holmes mystery,but with mice. I read this aloud to myself (but only when I was home alone) because I wanted to give all the characters accents, and just in general act it out a bit, which I recommend if you are a dramatic human because it's super fun. The mystery was simple, but it was the characters (and the accents, if I may say so myself) that really shone about this book. [...]

  • ThenSingsMySoul

    I read this book because I loved the Disney movie it inspired; The Great Mouse Detective. When I found it had first been a book I had to get my hands on it. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I had read it before seeing the movie. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I were younger. The thing of it is, this book is very much a children's book. I do not mean that as a negative necessarily, there have been many children's books I enjoyed immensely and will continue to read the rest of my l [...]

  • Marya

    The pictures are kind of weird; for anthropomorphic mice, their faces look a little too mouse-y. Where are their mouths??! Maybe that's just because I saw the Disney movie based on this book (the Great Mouse Detective) first. The story itself is fine and works as a great introduction to the world of Sherlock Holmes for small children.Still, I'm not sure I kept this book because I liked it, or because I spilled blood on it while I was at the hospital.

  • Selah Pike

    Super quick and cute read!

  • Cindy

    Love this book. Reminds me of Ben and Me.

  • Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)

    *Special Content only on my blog, Strange and Random Happenstance, during Sherlocked. (October - December 2015)Basil is a mouse with one great ambition, to be the best detective for mice that ever was, much like his idol, Sherlock Holmes, is to humans. Basil has learned his trade at the very feet of this great detective, even if that detective is unaware of this. In fact Basil, with his trusty assistant, Doctor David Q. Dawson, has set up his headquarters in the basement of 221B Baker Street. Th [...]

  • Pop Bop

    The Whole PackageThis is the first book in the Eve Titus "Great Mouse Detective" series. It was first published in 1958, but the entire series has now been reissued in a crisp format with new cover art and the like. This struck me as one of the better Holmes knock-offs and one of the better mouse-character series, so the combination of the two make the whole series very appealing.The setup is that Basil, the famous mouse detective, lives in the cellar of Sherlock Holmes' house, and so he is able [...]

  • Megs

    "Elementary, my dear Dawson."A mouse version of the great Sherlock Holmes? Yes please!The great Basil of Baker Street, and his sidekick Dr. Dawson, are off to solve the case of the missing twins in order to save their newly founded mousetown along Baker Street.An adorable story with a surprising amount of suspense! I read it within two hours, but enjoyed every minute.And let me mention the cover. Just look at it! It makes me want to squeeze those adorable, tiny little heroes! My hat's off to the [...]

  • Charlene (Bookish Ramblings)

    This was a cute children's story and one that I think my children will probably enjoy when they're older. It was a quick read and easily held my attention, as I finished it in one sitting. One chapter felt a bit unnecessary, as it seemed like the author was trying to add some last-minute drama to the story, but otherwise it was pretty enjoyable.

  • Spokhette

    Basil is amazing and the artwork is the cutest, this time you are on a mission to not only stop the terrible three, but to rescue to twin mice who have been captured and to save holmestead from becoming a city for the criminal element.Daring, wit and a bit of cosplay await you on this adventure. Its a great and QUICK read! Come Dawson, the game is afoot!

  • Mary

    So cute. Kid’s book about the mice that live in Sherlock Holmes’ house. Having studied the great Holmes methods, the mouse detective sets out to find some kidnapped mice. Just like the original, the mouse shows knowledge of the natural world, different trades of mice, and other topics which contribute to his deductions. Great introduction to Holmes.

  • Kristine Hall

    The audio book is delightful! I have never seen the Disney movie, so I knew nothing going in to the story of Basil, the mouse who admires, observes, and emulates Sherlock Holmes. Highly recommend this for young listeners. Full review coming to Hall Ways Blog.

  • Meghan

    I read this aloud to my youngest. We really enjoyed it. He liked that the characters were all mice, and he loved that I read it with accents. It's really fun to read the books that one of my favorite Disney movies is based on.

  • Jennifer

    Huge fan of the movie "The Great Mouse Detective". I was so pleased to find it was based on a book! Many of the scenes in the book were used in the movie, though Disney made it their own version.Highly recommend reading this series. :)

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