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By Frank Miller Brian Azzarello Klaus Janson Andy Kubert Eduardo Risso | Comments: ( 319 ) | Date: ( Mar 28, 2020 )

The unexpected finale to the Dark Knight saga continues as Carrie Kelly gets caught that is, she finds herself she gets into well, you re just going to have to read it yourself.

  • Title: Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2
  • Author: Frank Miller Brian Azzarello Klaus Janson Andy Kubert Eduardo Risso
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Frank Miller Brian Azzarello Klaus Janson Andy Kubert Eduardo Risso

Frank Miller is an American writer, artist and film director best known for his film noir style comic book stories He is one of the most widely recognized and popular creators in comics, and is one of the most influential comics creators of his generation His most notable works include Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One and 300.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

Comments Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2

  • Sam Quixote

    Bruce Wayne is dead. Long live Batman? Except he’s not. And that’s why the start of this second issue cheesed me off a bit - of course Bruce isn’t dead! There’s no Dark Knight book without him so why are we spending a third of the issue on this water-treading pretense? But there’s an extended interrogation sequence at the start between Commissioner Yindel and Carrie Kelley (who’s been masquerading as Batman) where Carrie spins this yarn about Bruce’s boring bed-ridden death. There [...]

  • Mark

    The second installment of this Miller series in which the Dark Knights Robin has taken on the mantle of her fallen idol and has to explain to the police why, what , when and where concerning the Dark Knight. She tells them a story and gets shipped away. Enter the Bat-mobile and chaos the starts.On another story-line we finally meet the Masterrace that comprises the subtitle and it makes the upcoming battle in the movie Batman vs Superman look like a stroll in the park.What I realized with this i [...]

  • David Schaafsma

    Second in the series, slow-paced, not much happening yet, though Carrie Kelley who was masquerading as Batman, is interrogated. In the first comic, an "extra" was a comic by Miller on The Atom, and in this one it is about WonderWoman. I really like the concept of having these mini-comics as cute separate mini-comics; this is a cool textured storytelling device. Not much happens in these comics, but now we can see The Atom and Lara and WonderWoman are making their way into the story. The pace of [...]

  • أحمد

    Still just an okay slow-paced story. But we had two good moments:1- The first appearance of the "Master Race" of (SPOILER!) evil Kryptonian supermen!2- The Batmobile strikes again!I'm still waiting for that full-page panel that introduces the return of Bruce Wayne in full costume!

  • Jedi JC Daquis

    The second installment of The Master Race certainly has good moments, but the almost bland story in this issue makes the whole work uninspired and forgettable.Carrie Kelly and Commissioner Yindel's conversation is the most interesting part of this book. The two have retained their core personalities in TDKR with Kelly just a tad serious and Yindel being humanized. The exchange of words is a battle of wits and I like how these supporting characters are given moments in the comics.In fact, this is [...]

  • Stacy Fetters

    This really isn't worth the cover price. I would wait for the entire collection to be released. At 6$ a piece, we are getting strung out.And Batman, what can I say except. we all knew you weren't dead. Faker! We did get a glimpse of the powerful Master Race and they are ready to destroy.The best thing about this is really the phenomenal art. The storyline is slow throughout with a few hidden jems few and far between.

  • Gianfranco Mancini

    The Master Race of the title enters with a bang.Things are getting really interesting and was great seein again the tank-batmobile in action.Just nobody believed in Bruce's death.Miller and Azzarello are giving us a great DK tale for now and Kubert/Risso's art is just perfect with Janson's inks.

  • David Edmonds

    Not much goes on in the second installment of Dark Knight III, but we are given our first look at who/what the Master Race may be, and it sets up nicely the addition of some of the more important players in the story. Still looking forward to how this whole story will play out.

  • David Dalton

    This is an expensive comic series, running $6 per book. But if you are a Batman/Dark Knight fan, you almost have to read it. I am glad I got in early. Excellent series: well written & drawn.

  • Jerry Jose

    Surprisingly this is getting better, If one can ignore the tie ins by Miller. I am genuinely intrigued, and moving to the next installment.Never thought I would say it after the first book.

  • Nick Nguyen

    3.5 stars

  • Steven

    After the first issue I wasn't in any rush to dig into the second one. As it turned out, it was relatively dull, and at no point does it explain how five foot nothing teenage Carrie Kelly could pull off masquerading as six foot four built like a tank grizzly old Batman, despite Commissioner Yindel interrogating her and getting the story of how Batman died a miserable and lonely death (for at least the third time in this series, and, no, it doesn't stick this time either.) That leads into a gosh [...]

  • Luis Reséndiz

    todo sigue muy bien. tdkiii es en verdad mucho mejor de lo que esperaba (tomando en cuenta que pese a que soy fan esperaba que fuera una bosta completita). el dibujo de kubert, genial, milleresco pero sin perder su toque. el guion de azzarello y miller: fino y puntual. se nota que azzarello lleva la batuta pero que miller sigue allí para hacer brainstorming. ah, y tener una historia extra con dibujo de risso es un lujo. espero que no caiga porque está funcionando como perfecto enjuague bucal p [...]

  • Logan

    Another okay issue. So my main problem with #1, was they didn't really tell you anything, luckily this issue fixes that. The story though is just really weird though! The artwork is disappointing though, its Andy Kubert, but instead of doing his artwork, he ends up trying to recreate Millers artwork; now its much better then Millers artwork, but its still not really nice to look at. In The end, this series is much better then, DK 2, but nowhere near as good as DKR. If you haven't picked up the i [...]

  • Gregory Kerrick

    I'm still enjoying this so far. I liked the Carrie Kelley escape sequence and the interrogation scene wasn't bad But I'm not totally connecting with the villain that Miller is setting up yet. The whole Dr. Palmer aspect isn't quite clicking with me but we'll see where things go Not a lot happens here outside of more set-up but still an enjoyable read and I'm loving Kubert's artwork.

  • Kwaku Osei-Afrifa

    Outrageous. Bombastic. Foulmouthed. Bloody. Frank Miller's Batman. A slightly slower issue from the first and we get a look at what will be the Big Bad.The issue also ends with an 'of course' quite disappointingly.

  • Etienne

    Even better than the first one. I really enjoy it!

  • Juan Carlos

    Uy, uy empiezan a pasar cosas muuuy interesantes, el guión pega giros que molan y el dibujo espectacular, esto va bien

  • iTZKooPA

    I'm still waiting for the actual plot to come forward. I'm not sure why they broke up the book with so little substance in each volume.

  • Roland

    Not as good as the first issue as second issues are usually slower & less packed. The reveal of the Master Race was awesome though!!

  • Octavi

    Mantiene el nivel del primer número, pero las supuestas sorpresas no lo son. Veremos.

  • Francorum Martinezku

    la continuacion progresa y sorprende como andy kubert reemplaza a miller sin que se note la ausencia. la historia es prometedora pero demasiado temprano para cantar victoria. seguiremos leyendo.

  • Russell

    There seems to be too little story in these comics. I like that Miller is still being inventive in structure, but I'm not sure I see enough story going on here. I will finish it though.

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  • Best Read [Frank Miller Brian Azzarello Klaus Janson Andy Kubert Eduardo Risso] ↠ Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2 || [Suspense Book] PDF Ñ
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