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By Beatrice Sparks | Comments: ( 778 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

Fourteen year old Jennie s life is turning upside down Her father has walked out, and her anguished mother seeks solace in pills Her best friend practically abandons her to be with a boyfriend It seems like Jennie s real best friend is her diary Then she meets Mr Johnstone, the substitute math teacher Jennie has never met such a charismatic teacher She feels honoredFourteen year old Jennie s life is turning upside down Her father has walked out, and her anguished mother seeks solace in pills Her best friend practically abandons her to be with a boyfriend It seems like Jennie s real best friend is her diary Then she meets Mr Johnstone, the substitute math teacher Jennie has never met such a charismatic teacher She feels honored when Mr J seems to single her out for special attention, and begins to fantasize about him as her boyfriend When Mr J first reveals his feelings for her, she is thrilled by the relationship that grows outside the classroom walls Then, slowly, Jennie s diary becomes a record of her loneliness, pain, and confusion Will it also offer her a way to escape from this treacherous love

  • Title: Treacherous Love: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager
  • Author: Beatrice Sparks
  • ISBN: 9780380808625
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Beatrice Sparks

Beatrice Sparks was an American therapist and Mormon youth counselor who was known for producing books purporting to be the real diaries of troubled teenagers The books deal with topical issues such as drug abuse, Satanism, teenage pregnancy or AIDS, and are presented as cautionary tales Although Sparks always presented herself as merely the discoverer and editor of the diaries, records at the U.S Copyright Office show that in fact she was listed as the sole author for all but two of them.Sparks began working with teenagers in 1955, after attending the University of California at Los Angeles and Brigham Young University She has worked as a music therapist at Utah State Mental Hospital and taught continuing education courses at BYU.Critics have called the precise extent of Sparks qualifications and experience into question The editorial credit on some of the diaries published by Sparks identifies her as Dr Beatrice Sparks, PhD However, when journalist Aileen Pace Nilsen interviewed Sparks for School Library Journal in 1979, she was unable to find any confirmation of where or when Sparks earned her doctorate Nilsen also wrote that Sparks was vague about specifics when asked about her counseling qualifications and professional experience.Sparks said that her experience working with troubled adolescents made her want to produce cautionary tales that would keep other teens from falling into the same traps Her first work, Go Ask Alice, was published under the byline Anonymous in 1971.

Comments Treacherous Love: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager

  • Eva Leger

    Wow-de-wow! Like, this is the most totally awesome book I've like, EVER read! When I was reading, like, all the liquid in my like, body, like TOTALLY CARBONATED! Stupid me, how DUMB and babyish can I BE all the time? Get OVER IT! GROW UP for once! Like, it's JUST a book! There- you can basically say you've read this book now. You're welcome.

  • Bea Casallecchio

    I absolutely loveeed this book. Unlike Beatrice's other books, like Go ask Alice and Lucy in the Sky i didnt expect the ending i was just shocked and couldnt believe it. I felt angry and helpless for Jennie, and ughhhh frustrated. I absolutely recommend this book. I read it in a day, and i usually take at least a week to read books

  • Kristal

    This book disappointed me. I was expecting a Young Adult novel that dealt with the serious issue of child sexual abuse, but the majority of the book was mainly about Jennie's friend problems. Also, I know this wasn't actually written by a 14 year old-it's quite obvious in the writing style.

  • Anina

    There's a whole bunch of these Beatrice Sparks PhD books each one something (or, actually, a ton of random) horrible things happen to a teenage girl. The plot of this one involves a decline into boinking the math teacher and vicodin addction after the main character's parents get divorced. The series is told in "based on a real diary" form, and here is where I think I should mention that the author's claim to fame is that she was the "editor" of Go Ask Alice. Now, I really like Go Ask Alice, but [...]

  • Laurie

    So I won't really write a real review because I picked this book up when I was sixteen and had just fallen head over heels for my history teacher. I even hid it in my room because I was sure if my mom found this book she would be on to me. I obviously then was not so into the cautionary tale that this book obviously truly was (yes, at 16, I was expecting a romance like a dense fool). So I wasn't that into it. Now as a teacher and an adult woman, I am glad that a book like this exists, even if I [...]

  • Annie

    This book was unlike any of the other books I have read before because this one was a diary of a fourteen year old girl, who talks about her life and how it has changed. It started out with her talking about her best friend and how she felt neglected by her once she has a boyfriend. Then she describes her problems at home, when her father decides to leave her and her mother. Towards the middle and end of the book though, she starts obsessing about her substitute teacher, Mr. J. She talks about h [...]

  • Audrey

    I felt that the pacing of this book was slow, for it being about a girl who gets involved with her teacher a lot of it was spent talking about her friends and family, and the amount that dealt with her teacher was surprisingly small. For a good portion of the book, her teacher isn't even a character.I didn't feel that this protagonist was as realistic as the protagonist in Go Ask Alice and I didn't much like her. She uses a lot of words I feel like a 14 year old wouldn't know [and states herself [...]

  • Carrie G

    Eh. I know this is supposed to be the anonymous diary of a teen, and sometimes the writing and topics were SO juvenile, it was completely believable. But other times, I just had a hard time believing this was a real diary written by a real junior high student; it felt more like a cautionary tale written by an adult behind a typewriter somewhere imagining what a teen in this situation would say and do.I am most certainly not trying to belittle the teen who went through this experience or minimize [...]

  • Dina

    This book has probably been the most relatable and realistic book i have read in awhile. It is a true story about a teenage girl's life and all the twists and turns it has taken. She talks about a variety of issues, from her relationship with her bestfriend after she got a boyfriend to her relationship with her substitute teacher. I really thought that the author did a really good job setting the mood of this book. She really did a great job making the reader uncomfortable when talking about the [...]

  • Zoey Becker

    This book was very good. I could not put it down, and I thought it was one of Sparks best. I am very sad that I lost the book right before I finished it, but I think I got the essence of the book from the majority that I read. It was intense and heart breaking, sometimes cheesy, but it was written a long time ago. I definitely recommend it for readers 7th grade and above, because it also has a good lesson in the end.

  • Alexis

    This book is so messed up, but is so good. I couldn't put the book down and read it in one day. It was disgusting, but interesting. The only issue that I had with the book was that Jennie was too moralistic. She would say something about herself and then say how horrible that is and how she should say good stuff about herself. I don't mind that I think like that too, but she would do it every entry. But a very good book overall.

  • Soaring Seahawk

    An unrealistic approach to what could have made for in interesting plot. The author of this novel clearly does not comprehend how teenagers act, therefore, their edit of this anonymous diary seems very exaggerated and unrealistic. I give, Treacherous Love, two stars and would not recommend it.Lauren Nagy

  • Emily Young

    I found this novel pretty boring. Although the idea that it was a true story does add some substance to the novel, I felt like this novel was not based on any real topic, and had no real plot.

  • Michelle *The Bookish Hobbit*

    I was highlighting everything I had a problem with so as to include it in this review, but I chose to stop before carpel tunnel set in. What especially annoyed me were the childish words and tendencies that seemed too young for a 14-year-old scattered throughout the whole book: being happy and saying she could detect the happiness of her pajamas and other inanimate objects, crying because she and her best (and only) friend mutually said they were best friends, and so on; and also, just many inst [...]

  • Kerri

    It’s become well known that most of Beatrice Spark’s “edited, anonymous” journals were actually entirely or almost entirely written by Sparks and not actual teenagers. This book has the exact same tone and style as so many of the other “anonymous diaries” by Sparks. I thought the plot could’ve been interesting but overall, while I wanted to see how it ended, it was pretty blah.

  • Alexis Stankewitz

    It definitely felt like I was reading a 14 year old diary. for most of the entries,I just kept thinking "poor kiddo". Jennie is a poor poor kid who was preyed on by an predator who knew better. At least he's in jail.

  • Bookworm Jo

    This book was alright.Its about a 14 year old girl, Jennie, whose parents are going through a divorce and she becomes the victim of teacher abuse. The book is told in diary form. I didn't really like Jennie. Her writing was very annoying and it seemed unreal. No 14 year old kid would write the way she did. It seemed babyish. Most of it was all rainbows and butterflies and unicorns. with a dab of depression and crying in between. She uses words like lovely and wonderful too often to be believable [...]

  • Shyene Clemens

    Strategy 1 Preview: This book shows that it is possibly about a woman or young woman that is going through tough times and her writing in her diary. This is because on the cover of the book a girl is standing and is partially blurred out because of rain running down a window and she is behind it. Strategy 2 Set a purpose: I am reading this book because I had no idea what to read and I went through tough times when I was younger also. Not like these but I thought it would be interesting to read [...]

  • Kiara

    In my opinion this book wasn't well-written. In the book,a fourteen-year old girl,Jennie, falls in love with her teacher who then takes sexual pictures of her and sends them to his friends. The reason why I didn't think this book was well-written was because of how stereotypical Jennie was. Being a teenager I've never heard another teenager or myself talk like her. She's very naïve,which many people can argue that all teenagers are naïve,which I somewhat agree with but,Jennie was very stereoty [...]

  • Kennedy

    The book cover is kind of scary but when you read it, you begin to realize that it is about a 14 year-old girl who thinks her life Is falling apart. Okay well kind of until one man she meets To start, this book is god. I liked it because of the moral behind it. I love how the book answers your questions about why it is called this. Treacherous love is basically about a girl who has a crush on her math substitute teacher and he does not treat her in an appropriate, professional kind of way. It de [...]

  • Megan Pohl

    Treacherous Love wasnt the best book i have ever read but only because it was a little disturbing. We met a girl named Jennie who never was the most popular kid in school and was just starting to get used to high school. Her friends where kind of on and off because her bestfriend got a boyfriend and kind of lost intrest in Jennie. I know how that feels my friends do the same at times. Jennie was in class one day and a substitute teacher walked in and she found herself thinking about how nice loo [...]

  • Alea

    I would like to start off by saying I loved this book. The reason I decided to read Treacherous Love was not only because it was a nonfiction book but because I read the back of it and was instantly pulled in. “I just woke up with a cold spooky feeling running through me” (Sparks 1).With this book, Visualizing/Connecting was easy. I think everyone has had a crush on one of their teachers before. We have all thought our parents fighting was our fault at some point in our lives. “I got to he [...]

  • Lavelle Mitchell

    The main character of this book is a 14 year old girl named Jennie. At 14 Jennie has to deal with her parents fighting all the time and when they fight she feel like it's her fault. Her parents fighting leads to them seperating and her mother abuse of pills. Although Jennie has nothing to do with her parents seperation she blames herself. Her parents try to illuminate the situation and let her know it is not her fault that they are seperating but she thinks differently. With Jennie's mother abus [...]

  • Joanna Rocano

    Treacherous Love by Beatrice Sparks is the diary of a fourteen year old girl named Jennie that happens to fall in love with her teacher Mr. Johnstone. Jennie's life begins to go through rough situations and she believes she can only rely on her diary, she believes her is diary is the only way she can express herself.Jennie has to go through many struggles first, she has to deal with her parents divorce, and to make things worst she begins to fall in love with her math substitute. Mr. Johnstone h [...]

  • Rhea

    Jennie, yang dalam keadaan kalut, mendapat perhatian yang besar dari JJ seakan membuat dirinya sangat-sangat tersanjung dan dia menjadi menghormati JJ.Membaca buku ini, seakan emosiku ikut meledak. Betapa lihainya JJ dalam merayu korbannya. Seorang guru yang lemah lembut, baik hati, perhatian dan pengertian. Siapa yang tidak akan suka terhadap guru berkarakter seperti itu.Ini sebuah buku harian Jennie, berumur 14 tahun, yang hanya menjelaskan tentang perasaannya terhadap keluarganya, sahabatnya [...]

  • Wan Yu( Stephanie)

    I think this book isn't as interest as other books I had read. But it does shows big and important themes. Family and love are the two main ideas in this book. Jennie had separated from her father since a little. But after 15 years, her father came back but got divorced with her mother. this new drove her mother crazy. therefore, her life turning upside down. At this point, she met Mr. Johnstone, he's the subtitude math teacher of Jennie. She loved him and started their treacherous love. She thi [...]

  • Sofia Dominguez

    When I saw this book during the summer, it caught my eye when I saw it said "Soon their friendship moves far beyond the classroom," WHITH HER OWN SUB!! In the beginning, we see how wonderful her life is. Then we see a change in her life. She blames her self for the problems happening around her. She thinks Mr.Johnstone and her are In love. They do illegal thing together.This is a story told by a 14 year old, Jennie, and what happened to her might happen to anyone.I can connect to something's in [...]

  • Julie

    Treaterous love is based on a real diary from a girl that has her many obstacles and problems. At first, she falls in love with her teacher. She is all happy and all and feels as though she found the most important and best man on earth. They share problems and tells each other many things. But as time passes, weird things start to happen. The way the teacher treats her is different and the things they talk about. It seems as though he no longer wants her. From a whole different world in her dia [...]

  • Chrissie

    This book, to put it mildly, was awful. Sparks has no actual knowledge of how teenagers speak. The main character, Jennie, is supposed to be fourteen but ends up reading as more along the lines of eleven or twelve. To make the prose even more awaked, random words like "ethereal", "ethical", or other outrageous words would be thrown in that didn't fit into the character's thought pattern. Jennie's constantly shifting from being very happy to extremely upset, and her extreme emotional state became [...]

  • Rebecca McNutt

    Horribly written, with a character so superficial and boring that I honestly didn't care what happened to her. It was like reading a school psychology pamphlet and Jennie, the main character, was so naive it wasn't even funny.Jennie's teacher was an obvious perv from the time he was first introduced. How this just "slipped through the cracks" and even Jennie herself didn't suspect it was beyond me. The writing was sloppy and very much like some kind of fanfiction written by an elementary school [...]

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