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By Elizabeth Bluemle Anne Wilsdorf | Comments: ( 756 ) | Date: ( Nov 22, 2019 )

These dogs, these dogs They ll take over your space but can t be beat for warmth as celebrated in this spirited story with humorous illustrations.What s a family to do when the bed is overrun by dogs Move over, of course In this rollicking, rhyming romp, Mom, Dad, and the kids settle in for a peaceful story before sleep but their canine companions have other plansThese dogs, these dogs They ll take over your space but can t be beat for warmth as celebrated in this spirited story with humorous illustrations.What s a family to do when the bed is overrun by dogs Move over, of course In this rollicking, rhyming romp, Mom, Dad, and the kids settle in for a peaceful story before sleep but their canine companions have other plans Dog owners will recognize the familiar shenanigans pets engage in at bedtime stretching out sideways, barking at outside noises no one else can hear, whining to be let out and in again all night long But demands aside, adored dogs are still the coziest comforters around.

  • Title: Dogs on the Bed
  • Author: Elizabeth Bluemle Anne Wilsdorf
  • ISBN: 9780763626082
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Elizabeth Bluemle Anne Wilsdorf

Elizabeth Bluemle was born in Arizona and has since lived in Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland, and New York City She has been an assistant to a television writer producer, editor of a small press, creative director for a book packaging company, production manager for a literacy press, a volunteer literacy tutor, an elementary school teacher, and a school librarian She has a master s degree in Education from Bank Street in NYC, and a master s in creative writing from Vermont College She has lived in Vermont since 1996, when she opened The Flying Pig Bookstore now in Shelburne, VT with co owner and stand up comedian Josie Leavitt In 2002, Bluemle co founded The Community WordPlay Project, a nonprofit effort to get new books into the hands of qualifying Vermont families, with friend and Vermont artist Sumru Tekin Together, they created The Charlotte Town Players, a community theatre whose proceeds fund the WordPlay Project, and The Charlotte Book Shelf, a program that gives bookstore vouchers to families who use the Charlotte Food Shelf So far, the organization has donated thousands of dollars in books to these programs and other Vermont and national literacy initiatives.Bluemle is the author of My Father the Dog illustrated by Randy Cecil , Dogs on the Bed illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf , How Do You Wokka Wokka illustrated by Randy Cecil , and Tap Tap Boom Boom illustrated by G Brian Karas , all from Candlewick Press.

Comments Dogs on the Bed

  • The Library Lady

    Personally I prefer CATS on the bed--they're much more civilized and take up a lot less space :) But this is attractive and I'm sure it will be popular in my part of the world.

  • Ruth Estrada

    This book is my life.

  • Brigid Keely

    "Dogs on the Bed," by Elizabeth Bluemle, is a rollicking, goofy, rhyming account of what happens when you have a bunch of dogs in your bed. It also made me miss having a dog, while being glad I'm not dealing with a bed-stealing, shedding, slobbery, fur furnace any more. A mixed bag! The illustrations are absolutely charming and expressive and the writing is playful and fun. This is a book that lends itself well to reading outloud, and expressively. I think the people who will most appreciate thi [...]

  • VegasGal

    This is a totally cute, hilarious, and oh-so-true tale about, you guessed it, too many dogs on the bed. Written in short and simple rhyme, with illustrations that give the story just the right touch, it's a wonderful tribute to our lovable K9 companion and his family. Dog owners/lovers and of course children, will enjoy this book and laugh right along with the characters' plight with their dogs, because after all, we dog fans understand!

  • Nicole Sterling

    Cute book, but definitely too you for my almost 10-year-old. We read it one more time before adding it to the "give" pile.

  • Kelly Warren

    I felt okay about this book. there were a lot of difficult or confusing rhyming words. The ending was good.

  • Jodee

    A very relatable story.

  • Manintheboat

    I want George Clinton to do the audio book :)

  • Ina

    This is a story sure to make anyone who has slept with a dog on the bed. This family is settling down with a bedtime story (nice detail: they are reading a cat book!) and are joined by six dogs in the bed. The bouncy rhyming text struggles in a few places, but otherwise is a laugh-out-loud read-aloud. My storytime audience was engaged, helping to count the dogs with each page turn. The illustrations are filled with humor. The two page spread which shows the Mom letting dogs out "Now they're scra [...]

  • Liza Gilbert

    The pictures work really well for the story. Thumbs up to Wilsdorf for the illustrations. The text, however, is a little hard. The rhymes can be gagging at times: rodeo with to-and-fro-deo with pill-e-ow with heave-ho. Also, other terms are perhaps out of reach for the picture book crowd, like the difference between "in" and "inn" and what an "ottoman" is. The dogs are the stars, and it is worth a few minutes to admire the illustrations.

  • Jennifer Heise

    Just not as good as I hoped it would be, and my six year old son would have nothing to do with it. This despite its humorous-realistic of a family not only unable to get into the bed due to a carpet of dogs, but being kicked out of bed by their dogs once in; eventually, they notice that dogs make excellent supplemental heaters and all take one or two dogs each and retire to their own bed. (Yes, the family was trying to share a 'family bed' with about 6 dogs.)

  • Dolly

    This is an entertaining tale about a family with six dogs. The rhyming narrative is entertaining, although I struggled to get the rhythm of it when I read it aloud. Some of the passages flowed well, but I stumbled over others and I was frustrated reading this book aloud. Still, the story is humorous and the illustrations are colorful and cartoonish. We enjoyed reading this book together, even if our big dog isn't allowed on our beds.

  • Traci Bold

    I love books about dogs and this picture book was about a lot of dogs and dogs being bed hogs which is completely true.Funny book with spot on illustrations showing the comedy of sharing your bed with a dog or five.Written by Elizabeth Bluemle, illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf and published by Candlewick Press.#mustlovedogs #humor #PB

  • Meg McGregor

    I was a bit disappointed by this book. I thought it was going to be a version of "Ten On a Bed" and it wasn't.Now my dogs sleep with me every night and so do my cats so I know what it means to be crowded and I love it.It is just that the book didn't really make me smile and it didn't interest my littles who were listening and looking at it!

  • Rachel

    This story is a great one to read to children who have pets along with those who don't. Students love the funny nature of the dogs and what they do when they take over the beds in the house. It shows the love dogs have for their families and shows pets as part of our family as well. I would recommend this book for read alouds or for readers age 6-10.

  • Rebecca

    I'm not a dog person and this book made me less of a dog person, if that's possible. I cringed when the dogs shed on the bed and slobbered on the sheets and pushed the owners out. Seriously, who wants a dog who does that stuff?!?

  • Natalie

    There are perks and pitfalls to letting your dog(s) sleep in the bed with you. Bluemle mentions many of them. The bit about when the dog sleeps in the middle of the blanket and it feels like the damned little thing weighs a ton is so right on.

  • Kathryn

    The wording or the most part was awkward. Illustrations were good, but the text left a lot to be desired. Even my almost 3 yr. old when asked if he liked the book or if the book was only ehhh? Said "ehhh"!

  • Laura

    Explains in funny detail why I don't want the dogs to sleep on my bed.

  • Joenna

    Fun read aloud and great for vocabulary.

  • Becky

    This children's book is a sadly accurate depiction of my adult life. (I guess it could be worse. We could be living under a bridge. Or inside a giant shoe.)

  • Marie

    The illustrations are vibrant and energetic, but the rhyme is often forced. I wished it had been better.

  • Julieanne Clements

    This was a really cute book that any family with a dog can relate too. There was a nice rhythm to each page which made it easy to read. Certainly going on my "to do" list for playgroups

  • Tina Bartholoma

    "bedtime, pets, dogs"

  • Lisa Andres

    Clearly written by dog lovers. And it's awesome. (You get 5 stars if you write a picture book that both me and my kid enjoy.)

  • Tricia

    i love dogs but this book was a bit over the top. too many dogso many mention of the word dogs. fun illustrations though.

  • Naomi Blackburn

    I found everything about this book to be forced. the rhymes to the illustrations. It is a short book and I couldn't wait for it to end. I can't see it being a good storytime book.

  • Stephanie Wycihowski

    Fun story with soft but colorful illustrations! Perfect for a dog lover or a fun dog themed storytime for all ages!

  • Susan

    There's always trouble when you have that many dogs, but the ending is very true - that's the best thing about dogs. That's what the phrase "three dog night" is about.

  • Meghan

    Will use if I do a dog theme PJ storytime. I feel like the author must know me.

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  • ✓ Dogs on the Bed || Ó PDF Read by ✓ Elizabeth Bluemle Anne Wilsdorf
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