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By Chris Mooney | Comments: ( 615 ) | Date: ( Jan 19, 2020 )

A RAZOR SHARP THRILLER FROM THE EDGAR AWARD NOMINATED AUTHOR WHO BLURS THE LINES BETWEEN DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES Abilene Reporter News, TX Darby McCormack was in high school when she first encountered the killer someone murdered a woman in the woods where Darby and her two best friends were partying His race to silence the witnesses was sure footed and violent but sA RAZOR SHARP THRILLER FROM THE EDGAR AWARD NOMINATED AUTHOR WHO BLURS THE LINES BETWEEN DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES Abilene Reporter News, TX Darby McCormack was in high school when she first encountered the killer someone murdered a woman in the woods where Darby and her two best friends were partying His race to silence the witnesses was sure footed and violent but somehow Darby survived Twenty five years later, Darby is a crime scene investigator for the Boston Police Department, and a chilling case a woman s late night abduction has her uncovering strange leads to missing women, past and present As forensic clues lead her closer to a psychopath called the Traveler, Darby must finally resolve the nightmare of her past and come face to face with a killer who is determined to keep the missing and the horrors they endured at his hands from ever coming to light.

  • Title: The Missing
  • Author: Chris Mooney
  • ISBN: 9780743463812
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Chris Mooney

Chris Mooney is the critically acclaimed author of Deviant Ways, World Without End, and Remembering Sarah, which was nominated for the Barry Award and the Edgar Award for Best Novel He lives in Boston with his wife and son Series Darby McCormick

Comments The Missing

  • Mary Beth

    4.5 stars! Loved loved loved it!RAZOR-SHARP THRILLER FROM THE EDGAR AWARD-NOMINATED AUTHOR WHO "BLURS THE LINES BETWEEN DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES" (Abilene Reporter-News, TXMany thrillers do not have the full characterization of the main characters that Mooney has included in Darby McCormick. He certainly allows the reader to get to know Darby and to better understand the fear, confusion and drive created by the various complications she faces.This is the first book I’ve read by Chris Mooney and I [...]

  • Lisa

    I came across Chris Mooney at my local library when I read Every Three Weeks no 4 in the Darby McCormick series & absolutely loved it the pacing was first to none right up to the end so I thought I would go back & read The Missing, I found this to be very well written & the characterization was well thought out it was a real page turner right to the very last pageE MAN WITH THE FACE IS COMING!!Crime scene investigator Darby McCormick finds an emaciated terrified woman hiding in the w [...]

  • Miriam Smith

    A twisted serial killer with gruesome deaths make this a brilliant read, just what I love from a really good murder book. Love Chris Mooney's style and will be reading more by him for sure!

  • Lee

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and totally recommend it. The pace moves fast and there are many twists and turns that make this story so good. I am now reading the next book Dying for Christmas.

  • Veronica

    Once you get past the improbability of a CSI directing a police detective on how to proceed with his criminal investigation, this is a pretty good book. I think some of the reveals, and there were several, were a bit of an overkill but the main protagonist was likeable and the struggles in her home life helped to ground the story somewhat. The story maintained a firm suspenseful tone throughout but the bits of humor sprinkled in helped to counter balance the darker parts. I do wish that the seco [...]

  • Kelly

    I came, I read, I didn't quite conquer.The novel kicked off with quite an action-packed first chapter which caught my attention from the start and only continued to progress at a good pace. I was sufficiently interested in the characters, the victims and the developments that would follow. My issue was solely with the writing style which was clunky, unsubtle and patronising. I am quite capable of reading and making connections, therefore when authors feel like they need to spell everything out t [...]

  • Debbie

    This was my first book by Chris Mooney but I will definitely look for others by him. His writing style reminds me much of James Patterson who I really enjoy. It was indeed a fast paced novel that kept me on the edge while I plowed my way thru it. At one point in the book, which I was reading in Zurich, Switzerland, I was somewhat spooked when my daughter-in-law came out of the bathroom.ing that someone was coming into our bedroomwhich we both laughed about shortly afterward. The book starts with [...]

  • Lukasz Pruski

    I found Chris Mooney’s “The Missing” a mediocre thriller. It is perhaps more of a crime-scene investigator procedural as efforts to find and interpret physical evidence play a major role in this novel. Towards the end it indeed turns into a thriller with many contrived “twists and turns”, which I intensely dislike because of their lack of credibility.Darby McCormick, a Boston crime-scene investigator works on the case of a missing 16-year old girl. Soon she discovers that the case has [...]

  • Ami

    3.5 starsI mostly liked it. It had fast-paced story telling. Since the villain was also written in the story (3rd person), it was nice to see how Darby and the other detectives were able to keep up with him. There was a couple of slight twists near the end I was able to guess one of them, but the other one was something I didn't see coming!Unfortunately I felt detached to Darby as the main character throughout the book. She didn't engaged to me, the way that I expected to be when I read the bl [...]

  • Betsy

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Excellent start to a series. Darby is a MC that is likable as well as the rest of the cast of characters. 4.5 stars

  • CariAnne

    Classic thriller with a couple of nice twists at the end.

  • Kelly

    I zoomed through this book in two days, only putting it down to go to sleep last night! It's a very fast read, with a storyline that really grabs and holds your attention. Also, the chapters are nice and short, which I appreciated; I often tend to feel bogged down when the chapters of a book are really long, so this was a refreshing change.The Missing is the first in a series featuring Darby McCormick, crime-scene investigator with the Boston Police. The story begins with an apparent murder that [...]

  • Jonetta

    Darby McCormack witnessed a murder when she was in high school. The killer attempted to silence the witnesses but Darby survived. Twenty-five years later, a woman's abduction bears an uncanny likeness to that case. Darby is now a forensice investigator for the Boston Police Department and finds herself confronting the nightmare of her past in the present. This story was pretty chilling for me and moved pretty swiftly. Darby is a skilled investigator and the forensic evidence was described in sim [...]

  • Tracy Fenton

    Take 1 feisty female CSI investigator with a dark background, add 1 (or 2) twisted serial killers, sprinkle with tonnes of gruesome deaths, add a twist towards the end and voilà the perfect recipe for a brilliant new series of books. Thank you Chris Mooney I am now a huge fan!

  • Kate M. Colby

    While I don't normally read crime fiction or thrillers, this novel was recommended to me by a friend, so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did! Mooney created a realistic and gripping world, with clever and calculating characters on both sides. I enjoyed watching Darby unravel the mystery, especially as it further entwined with her past tragedy. Though I did guess the first "big twist," the second one came as a complete surprise and left me wanting to continue the series to see how it affec [...]

  • Book Addict Shaun

    Chris Mooney is an author I have wanted to read for a long time but for some reason I've just never got round to picking up one of his books. I then became a blogger, and a few weeks ago I realised that I was neglecting so many books that I wanted to read, and I want to try and get a balance of new reviews and reviews of older books on the blog. It's rather refreshing to read solely for enjoyment, rather than over thinking what I'm going to write and making notes while I read plus readers of my [...]

  • Alan Taylor

    I have never been a huge fan of the serial killer sub-genre; I love Thomas Harris's 'Silence of the Lambs' and consider the predecessor, 'Red Dragon', a masterpiece. And the movies made from these novels are classics (I am including Michael Mann's 'Manhunter' here, not the Anthony Hopkins 'Red Dragon') as is Fincher's 'Seven'. However, aside from these, and very few others, and perhaps because of the success of 'Seven', it seems that every serial killer novel has to have a fiendish villain who m [...]

  • Lauren

    The Missing4 StarsSynopsisIn 1984, three young girls witness an attack on a young woman in the woods and become the target of a serial killer. Only one , Darby McCormick, survives. Years later, Darby is a forensic investigator called to the scene of a teenage abduction. As the evidence piles up, Darby finds herself tracking a psychopathic serial killer known only as the Traveler and soon comes face-to-face with the terror from her nightmares.ReviewA well-written, fast paced and intricate thrille [...]

  • Alycia

    Tout d'abord, il faut noter que ce roman est le premier tome d'une série de six livres. Lorsque j'ai commencé ma lecture, je l'ignorais et je regrette à présent de ne pas avoir la suite et encore plus de ne pas pouvoir me la procurer. Cependant, cela ne retire rien à l'excellence de ce thriller. En effet, nous pouvons nous contenter de ce roman, sans lire la suite, puisqu'il s'agit d'une enquête indépendante et propre à chaque tome. Ce qui est en fait une série, c'est le personnage prin [...]

  • Ryn

    Once you start reading mysteries, you can get bored pretty easily. I usually take long breaks between forays into this genre because I end up either cynically bored with the excess gore that writers come up with, or just plain bored because even a stray dog would be able to point out the killer by the first 50 pages but the main characters will just grin or mope around uselessly until the 'surprise' in the final chapters of the book. The Missing does not fall into either of those categories. Thi [...]

  • Rebecca McNutt

    I didn't find this book all that wonderful but it wasn't a bad story. It has some good characters and a few very eerie scenes.

  • Ellen Keim

    Not nearly as good as the author’s earlier standalone novel “Remembering Sarah.” After reading this, I read the second book in this series and liked the main character—and the mystery—much better. So this was a weak introduction to the series. It would be helpful to read it to know what happened to the main character when she was a girl, but it’s not necessary.

  • Andrew

    Here's a new year's wish of mine: I wish authors of crime fiction who want their main character to be something other than a cop would then NOT HAVE THEIR NON-COP CHARACTER CONTINUALLY DO "COP" THINGS! You don't want to write another cop character? Then don't do plausibility-backflips and have your reporter/game warden/umpire/accountant/whatever do all sorts of cop-doing stuff you need them to be able to do.C'mon, Man!Needless to say crime lab tech Darby McCormick continually does things I can't [...]

  • Lainy

    Time taken to read - 6 hoursPages - 368Publisher - Atria BooksBlurb from Darby McCormack was in high school when she first encountered the killer: someone murdered a woman in the woods where Darby and her two best friends were partying. His race to silence the witnesses was sure-footed and violent - but somehow Darby survived.Twenty-five years later, Darby is a crime-scene investigator for the Boston Police Department, and a chilling case - a woman's late-night abduction - has her uncovering str [...]

  • Joe

    I've thoroughly enjoyed this author's previous thrillers - they're roller coaster rides similar to the books by Harlan Coben with enough twists and turns to keep you reading late into the night. In this book protagonist Darby McCormick has a close brush with a serial kidnapper/murderer during her teenage years. Now as an adult and a cop said villain is back in her life and Darby is tasked to bring him to justice. Not the most original plot but workable. The flashback scenes with the adolescent D [...]

  • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room

    Another book I couldn’t put down-I wish I had had the time to read this at one sitting. I kept turning the pages so fast I’m surprised the book didn’t ignite. Chris Mooney is a wonderful author who juggles some mighty complex plots and a large number of characters, some on the good side, some on the almost purely evil, some straddling the moral fence, and keeps it all straight, revealing only piece by piece and never telegraphing.Darcy McCormick spends her adult years as a forensic investi [...]

  • John

    A few years ago I read and much liked this author's Deviant Ways. How amazing, I thought, that the prominent science journalist could write such an effective, original -- and, as I recall, pretty darned sexy -- thriller. So I bought this one. Much disappointed by it -- it's the standard tale of the sassy female investigator, here a Boston cop, who's on the trail of the serial killer who wrecked her childhood and now seems to have started up again, threatening her once more, imprisons his victims [...]

  • Kristen

    If you love scary thrillers, you love this one from debut author Chris Mooney. Take Kathy Reichs's forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan from the Bones series, and Lisa Black's CSI Theresa McLean series, two great elements in this dark thriller. Darby McCormick is a crime scene investigator for the Boston crime lab. Over twenty years ago, she and two of her high school friends watched someone commit a crime. One of her friends died and the other was presumed missing. Now fast forward as Dar [...]

  • Rizki Utami

    Bukunya menegangkan, tapi sayang nggak terlalu detail. Pas Psycho nya mau berburu korban-korbannya cuman di ceritain sekilas aja, padahal kalo sampai detail itu pasti lebih seru, lebih tegang. 300 halaman belum cukup, mesti nambah lagi nanggung sih ceritanya, apalagi pas Darby akhirnya tau kalau selama ini sang ibu lah, yang secara terpaksa, bantu para psycho buat ngubur Mel. Ibunya bilang lupa letak penguburannya dimana karena kejadiannya udah berpuluh-puluh tahun yang lalu, Darby cuman diem aj [...]

  • Kris - My Novelesque Life

    4.5 STARS When Darby was a teenager her friends and her were in the wood drinking when they saw a man murdering a woman. Darby makes a decision to call the police and the killer came back to silence the witnesses. Darby survived while Stacey was murdered and Mel was never found again. Decades later when she is a crime scene investigator she becomes involved with a case that brings back her own past.A great suspense/thriller with a strong female character and a killer that can give you the heebie [...]

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  • Unlimited [Manga Book] ↠ The Missing - by Chris Mooney ✓
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