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By Craig Laurance Gidney Orion Zangara | Comments: ( 582 ) | Date: ( Jan 24, 2020 )

Three very different people are plagued by a mysterious entity in this darkly magical and finely distilled story that unfolds in dreams and waking life Includes cover art and three interior illustrations by Orion Zangara.

  • Title: The Nectar of Nightmares
  • Author: Craig Laurance Gidney Orion Zangara
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Craig Laurance Gidney Orion Zangara

Author of SEA, SWALLOW ME OTHER STORIES Lethe Press l BEREFT Tiny Satchel Press , SKIN DEEP MAGIC Rebel Satori Press , THE NECTAR OF NIGHTMARES Dim Shores Publications Numerous short stories.Free fiction available at Wattpad wattpad user CraigGidney

Comments The Nectar of Nightmares

  • Karl

    In Craig Laurance Gidney’s new chapbook “The Nectar of Nightmares” from Dim Shores the author gives us four short, and for lack of a better word, vignettes that concern themselves with the dreams, visions and nightmares of the individual characters involved with each, and their encounters within those dreams.The first is titled “Sweet, with acidic notes” and concerns itself with a poignant story of a young girl named Tori and those surrounding her as she tries to perform a ballet of Le [...]

  • Rodney

    Three distinct characters are haunted in dreams by a bizarre being. The writing has a poetically carnal feel that to me was the best part of the experience, and had me looking deeper into the author's work. The subtle theme interpreting the "nectar" of nightmares as something which has a taste was also a plus. Add the illustrations by Orion Zangara and you have another gorgeous chapbook from Dim Shores, both memorable and recommended.

  • Jeff Hanson

    The Nectar of Nightmares is a small, but beautiful chapbook illustrated by Orion Zangara and containing a set of 3 short, but related stories. The themes are similar to those in Gidney's other two collections--Sea, Swallow Me and Skin Deep Magic, as well as his fairy tale/mythology inspired e-book releases Fur and Gold and Liturgy of Ice (inspired by Beauty and the Beast and The Snow Queen). At first I thought it was going to just be 3 separate stories, but the 3rd story ends up pulling them all [...]

  • Ross Lockhart

    A stunning collection of miniatures, sensual and sensory, themed around the the taste of nightmares. Lovely stuff!

  • Christopher

    I read this on the metro this afternoon, and it luxuriously took me out of the world of stalled tracks. Craig Gidney has a continual and infectious love of the seductive dark side of words, and the worlds they create in weird fiction. Three people- a child dancer, a soon to be rebellious young adult woman, and a haunted male veteran of our wars-are all impacted by a spirit that is simultaneously enthralling and disturbing. I wanted more. Can there be more?

  • Barry

    Three deceptively separate tales that, on their own, seem to end rather abruptly, but all of them slowly converge into one larger story. However, even this story simply stops on a more-tell, less-show ending, which was unfortunate, because there were some genuinely fascinating uses of language and characterization to render an unsettling mood. Uneven, but memorable.

  • Janie C.

    Three individuals experience disturbing illusions in these interconnected stories. Gorgeous and dreamy, this chapbook is beautifully illustrated by Orion Zangara. My copy is Number 140 out of 150.

  • John Muñoz

    My first piece of fiction by Craig Laurence Gidney, a quick little set of connected vignettes with a Dark Fantasy atmosphere that never quite reaches Horror. Perfect title for the chapbook.The book itself is very nice. I've been thinking of checking out chapbooks for awhile and decided on buying some Dim Shores, and they don't disappoint in terms of design. I really liked a couple of the interior pieces of artwork, and the cover art in particular.The stories themselves are well written for the m [...]

  • Brian O'Connell

    A dark and fantastical fragmentary yarn of three vastly different people plagued by a mysterious vampiric entity beyond our plane of existence. Orion Zangara's wonderful illustrations pair very well with Craig L. Gidney's gorgeous prose. Words cannot do it justice - one of my favorites.

  • Samaire Provost

    I'm reading this book now and I'm finding it very weird, odd, disturbing - edging toward spooky, but taking a side road. Very twilight zone-y, interesting. different. just odd :)I have copy 115 out of 150

  • Jason

    Gidney arranges these decadent bites of nightmare like petit fours on a plate; beautiful and strange combinations of flavor with a smooth finish that lingers on long after the final page has been turned.

  • Orion Zangara

  • Craig

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  • Best Download [Craig Laurance Gidney Orion Zangara] ☆ The Nectar of Nightmares || [Graphic Novels Book] PDF ☆
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