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By Jason Shawn Alexander | Comments: ( 241 ) | Date: ( Apr 05, 2020 )

SPECIAL LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF 9.99 Eisner nominated artist JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER Abe Sapien The Drowning, Queen and Country brings us a future eighty years after a worldwide black out The world is a much darker and scarier place Corinne White is an ex soldier turned black market spy, data courier, manic depressive, alcoholic Punishing herself for mistakes fromSPECIAL LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF 9.99 Eisner nominated artist JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER Abe Sapien The Drowning, Queen and Country brings us a future eighty years after a worldwide black out The world is a much darker and scarier place Corinne White is an ex soldier turned black market spy, data courier, manic depressive, alcoholic Punishing herself for mistakes from her past, Corinne is brought out from her spiral when she s contacted by her dead friends who inform her of a plot to reanimate the bodies of the dead by a psychotic billionaire EMPTY ZONE follows Corinne as she confronts these undead monsters and comes to terms with her past is is truly above and beyond anything I ve seen before MIKE MIGNOLA HELLBOY What a gorgeous book BRIAN K VAUGHAN SAGA

  • Title: Empty Zone, Vol. 1: Conversations With The Dead
  • Author: Jason Shawn Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jason Shawn Alexander

Jason Shawn Alexander Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Empty Zone, Vol. 1: Conversations With The Dead book, this is one of the most wanted Jason Shawn Alexander author readers around the world.

Comments Empty Zone, Vol. 1: Conversations With The Dead

  • RedL.

    4,5 Ghosts of your sins Fantastic art. Gritty, sensual and perfectly urban-decay, so compelling and eye-holding I kept staying on the pages to absorb every little detail. I loved the colours, the mixed techniques, framing and sequencing, plot and characters. Yes, everything, I know. I am an easy target for this story, with its elements of fallen technology, post-apocalyptic world, horror, machine-mixed men, military experiments and corrupted politics, all wrapped up in lost love, violence, guilt [...]

  • Kaisu

    Der Einstieg ist etwas zäh und verwirrend, aber der zweite Part ist perfekt!

  • Cata


  • April

    A barrel of awesomeness dipped in teeth baring dystopia and bleeding with the ghosts of tech. One hell of a ride.

  • Derek

    First off, the artwork is amazing. Very dark and ominous, with sprawling colour schemes that fit well with the comic's noir leanings. The writing isn't moving, the third act was a bit deus ex machina like, that fight between Corinne and the robot. Not very convincing. Still the lab full of carcasses, that's bound to open up some interesting story arcs in later issues.

  • Frédéric

    Dark, gritty, cyberpunk as can be and one mean-ass female character this side of overkill you won't believe (I think I'm in love). All this and a wee touch of horror. Can't wait for the next arc!

  • India


  • Agnieszka Kubicka

    This was very well drawn, and very well executed. I love the whole steampunk vibe to, it's so awesome!

  • Rainey

    Killer art but the story didn't catch me.

  • J-man

    The dark, grim setting is perfect in this emotional and gruesome tale.The main character was easy to get to grips with, and revealed a heavy backstory as the book progressed. The gritty future really worked for me and the art was exceptional. The painted, scratchy style gelled with the scenes and tone.Its a story of choices and exceptional people in a future of enhanced individuals, where everyone has their quirk. The characters path is paved with violence, regret and darkness which makes for a [...]

  • Brian Dickerson

    BCDER: 87Fantastic artwork drew me in, an unique storyline and presentation elevated this book to awesomeness. Dystopian world. Biomechanics. Sensual. A buddy cop romp without the "cop" part. Hank and Corrine are such likable characters that I pray these series to continue for many volumes.The art? Mindblowingly good! You need to experience it.

  • Alicia

    I like the artwork. The story has a ghost in the shell feel that I can get behind. Some scenes were brutal, anybody that doesnt like gore shouldnt read this. good start to the story

  • Mathew Duncan

    4.5/5. Artwork was great. Story itself sometimes moved too fast for me to follow easily but still great. Still want to continue the series

  • Amber

    The art is wow but the story is eh.

  • Ryan Shoemaker

    Shockingly good, characters you quickly actually feel something for, I couldn't put it down.

  • Colin

    Complicated art style.

  • Andrea

    La misma reseña para los números del 1 al 6. Me llamaba bastante la atención la idea de partida: mundo futurista, robótico, distópico en el que nuestra protagonista es un ser especial (como suele ser común), con un trabajo exótico y especial que, de repente, comienza a sentir la presencia de alguien no identificado y cada vez que lo sigue no puede encontrarlo y le lleva a tener una serie de sueños/visiones con personas de su pasado que están muertas. Quizá a otras personas les pueda pa [...]

  • Skye Kilaen

    (Written right before I read Volume 2, which gave me some bad feelings about yet another WOC character ending up naked, bloody, and dead. I'm not sure I'll be going on past Volume 2.)I’m so thankful for Empty Zone, given how hard it is to find good science-fiction comics. I’ve just re-read it so I can read the second volume, and I liked it even better the second time around. Achingly beautiful, dark, dirty, sexy art. Post-apocalyptic setting. Bisexual main character. Corporate conspiracy. A [...]

  • Gunnlaugur Arnarson

    Empty Zone is a blend of cyberpunk science fiction and horror in a future dystopian setting. The story is a study and introduction to Corinne, a woman with a mechanical arm (as depicted by the cover) and each chapter reveals something about her and her past. The art style is raw and dark but in being so it compliments the mood of the setting and the story. Each of the major characters depicted felt interesting and fleshed out.Empty Zone is a good choice for anyone who is interested in mature, da [...]

  • Amber

    When you want a gorgeous, violent, erotic, queer, and surreal mechapunk ghost story, think EMPTY ZONE.

  • Kevin Mann

    I read this in single issue form. I absolutely loved the art. This futuristic mashup of a lot of different Bladerunner/Mad Max/cyberpunk/hip-hop/alternative lifestyle tropes worked for me. I liked it. The storytelling was a tad confusing in places, which at first added to the dream-like quality, but towards the end, this disorienting storytelling style frustrated me some, but the amazing art MORE than made up for it. If you want something radically exotic and strange, not like everything else on [...]

  • Paul Allard

    Science fiction series about a bounty hunter with one armThis intelligently-written story takes place in the future and our heroine, Corinne, is a bounty hunter of sorts. She has one mechanical arm and is plagued by bad dreams and ghosts from her chequered past in this post-apocalyptic world. Conspiracies abound and some of the plot is unclear (deliberately) as we discover some of Corinne’s past.Nicely illustrated and if nudity, sex and gory violence don’t offend you, you’ll enjoy this. We [...]

  • Ithlilian

    I'm sure this is supposed to come off as edgy and ragged, rough around the edges, a stark future with creepy dead things and brutality, that's nice and all but not if it overshadows the plot and characters and story. Fragmented memories that eventually will come together to make some sort of sense, lots of dead things, sex, violence, that's all I'm getting from this. Maybe it's supposed to be artsy, I don't know, just not my type of thing. Read issues 1-4.

  • Karen

    Blend one part Jason Bourne with one part Tank Girl, toss in a dash of Blade Runner, garnish with something that looks a little like lezploitation and serve on fire. Not bad. Not great, but not bad.The art is lovely, if you like dark-toned, gritty, ghostly (and sometimes gorey) outré realism. Flying cars, body modification, and cyborgs in your typical undercity/overcity dystopic future.

  • AndyHaigh

    A strange but sublime blend of cyberpunk and horror as Corinne, a girl with very special skills, finds herself dealing with nightmarish visions. Jason Shawn Alexander brilliantly realises the dark and dangerous world Corinne lives in with atmospheric and moody art unlike anything else in comics.

  • Michelle

    Oooh this was dark. And gritty. She was the most interesting looking character I've come across in a long time. Really loved her look. And is cyberpunk horror a thing? Because I think that sums this up pretty damn well. Drugs, sex, violence, cyborgs, animal hybrids, zombies, soldiers this comic packed a lot. The art matched the mood perfectly too.

  • Kit

    This book quickly stole a dark corner of my Ripley and Rachel-loving heart. Absolutely can't beat the art, which reminds me very fondly of the work of Duncan Fegredo, who stands out for me in the comic world. Mr. Alexander is a person of clear and decisive artistic vision who is able to create unease and ambiguity through his beautiful artwork while never sacrificing his pacing or gravity.

  • Janet Jay

    Plot isn't anything too groundbreaking, though the art is really beautiful and original. Very cool for fight scenes & love scenes. Also cool from a disability perspective, she wasn't any less badass for her arm (if not more!)

  • Joshua

    Some interesting cyber-punk dystopian action. Our main character is haunted by the actions of her past (literally) when she discovers her dead spec ops team mates are being reanimated in an odd twisted experiment. Now she must stop those involved and face the hard facts of her past transgressions.

  • Ryan Viergutz

    A former special op soldier in a dystopian Pittsburgh gets chased by mecha zombies and haunted by visions of her dead squad.Gripping story, amazing, shadowy, eerie illustrations. LOVE LOVE this kind of art.

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  • Best Read [Jason Shawn Alexander] ↠ Empty Zone, Vol. 1: Conversations With The Dead || [Music Book] PDF ↠
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