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By Maris Black | Comments: ( 765 ) | Date: ( Jul 04, 2020 )

Can their love survive the most shocking revelation Sexy college senior Jamie Atwood has fallen hard for MMA dark horse Michael the Machine Kage With his hot muscled body, intoxicating green eyes, and proclivity for rough sex, Kage is a potent aphrodisiac to the innocent boy next door The danger, the intrigue, the feel of his strong hand around his throat, the knowledCan their love survive the most shocking revelation Sexy college senior Jamie Atwood has fallen hard for MMA dark horse Michael the Machine Kage With his hot muscled body, intoxicating green eyes, and proclivity for rough sex, Kage is a potent aphrodisiac to the innocent boy next door The danger, the intrigue, the feel of his strong hand around his throat, the knowledge that his fighter would kill or die for him From the moment Kage grabbed onto his hips and channeled all that masculine aggression into claiming his body, Jamie was ruined for anyone else.Passions run high as the lovers try to assimilate into each other s lives coming out to family and friends, blending into the high profile MMA world, dealing with Kage s sketchy uncle But behind Kage s mask of strength and indifference lies a crippling vulnerability, and a devastating secret As the mask comes off, past traumas surface, dark desires spin out of control, and the damaged fighter is driven to hurt the man he loves than life itself.

  • Title: Kage Unmasked
  • Author: Maris Black
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Maris Black

Maris Black Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Kage Unmasked book, this is one of the most wanted Maris Black author readers around the world.

Comments Kage Unmasked

  • Judith

    *** This series is so good.One of the best M/M series I've readI just ADORE Kage and Jamie ***OH GOD,I'm totally gushing about this series!!This book finds Jamie and Kage back on track with the realization that Kage's uncle has been deliberately keeping them apart.I just love these two guys.They are just perfect together.Kage is so assertive,hot and so damn sexy.I think I might have actually growled a few times when he gets going!!And Jamie is still adorably submissive but does have his moments [...]

  • Sheziss

    Final round of the Kage series (for now).I must say I was really disappointed in this installment. These characters are very extreme sometimes and I've always been pretty tolerant and understanding with them, accepting them the way they are. But enough is enough. I was seriously having problems dealing with it all. First of all, the author leaves things hanging in the air. It's true that some of them are solved in the following pages, but not at the speed the conclusions should happen. Things co [...]

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**

    ***3.5 Stars***He was mine, and I loved him. But fuck if the man wasn't dangerous.After gobbling up all three books in almost as many days, my addicting journey with Kage and Jamie has come to an end. Unfortunately, the ending has left me a bit underwhelmed. Let's start with the positives. ♥ Jamie and Kage have finally worked through most of their issues as a couple. They've gotten to a place where they truly do trust each other and know that whatever comes their way, they can handle together. [...]

  • .Lili.

    I've got no one to blame but myself. I should've quit after book 1, but the cliffhangers demanded I keep going. Damn book OCD forcing me to finish. I'm obviously the minority- but I felt like I was reading a different series than everyone else. The melodrama and the OTT storyline only intensified here. All I could do is shake my head at times. I don't think this author's writing is for me. I don't want to turn this into a ranting review so I'll stop here.

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘

    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Was that it?*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ It was an okay ending, but I felt like we didn't really get any closure do we get more? I mean, I feel like we didn't get enough of Jamie Atwood (21) and MMA fighter, Michael ‘The Machine’ Kage Santori (24) as a couple around others. I needed more, and I'm kinda pissed that I didn't get it. Also, there's still that mystery around Kage that we still don't know.“What are you doing?” I growled, sounding more amused than the angry I was goin [...]

  • Gigi

    4.5 stars for this one. Half star penalty for the pantry sex.

  • Shile loves books

    5++++ for the Audio versionAll of these guys have got someone to go home to after the fight. They’ve got their baby, I’ve got mine: Jamie Atwood. That’s who I love. He’s the one I go home to at night, and who patches me up after I get beaten down.”This book was an emotional roller coaster, I got hooked to the audio and never looked back. Kage and Jamie got chemistry, there was no faking i felt their connection, enjoyed their journey and growth. I don’t regret picking up this series. [...]

  • BWT (Belen)

    WELCOME TO THE MACHINE.I devoured these three stories. I practically mainlined them like they were heroin and I was on a bender. I enjoyed them thoroughly and couldn't read and turn the pages fast enough.That being said, it's not the greatest of plots (there are plot holes I could drive a semi truck through), the characters are sometimes caricature-like, the mental health professional is terribly portrayed (and in real life would probably be sued for malpractice), and there are so many instances [...]

  • Victorialove books

    Overall book rating 5+++++++++ I'm already taken stars Audio book N/A Book Cover 4 starsWOW What the hell can I say??????? What a freaking journey!!!!!I went from this Straight to thisAnd the rest of the book went like this@ the end I loved every word. This was just one of those books you will never forget it was real, it was raw and it was awesome as hell!!!! I will Love Kage and Jamie till the end of time - Love you boys to death!!!

  • Elsbeth

    Review to come.

  • ★MC's Corner★

    “Sorry, guys. I’m already taken.” – Michael Kage #MeDEADI didn’t know it was already published! I’m kinda pissed with myself for not subscribing to Maris Black’s newsletter after I read the first book. GRRR!!!I just want to thank Maris Black for making me watch UFC. I never watched it before I read this series. Now I’m hooked. LOVE IT! To be honest though, I just watch those fights with hot guys on it… SORRY! *grin**MC’s Corner*• BTW, I LOVE THE NEW COVERS!• I cant wait f [...]

  • Elsa Bravante

    Por fin! Doy mi palabra que aunque he tenido la tentación, me he leìdo hasta la última pàgina y ha sidohorrible.Libro absolutamente mediocre con una trama ridìcula y unos protagonistas que no inspiran la màs mínima simpatìa.Se me escapa totalmente que cuente con tan buenas crìticas, creo que deberìamos exigir màs calidad, nos gusten o no las historias que nos cuentan los libros, con una trama solida y coherente y unos personajes definidos.

  • Olizia

  • Wendy

    I'm soooo sad that I'm done with these books. Ofcourse I will be reading them again and again, but still.I absolutely loved this series. It's def. going in my top 5 of favorite trilogies.Kage and Jamie were awesome together.damn I want a Kage of my own ;)Not gonna spoil the plot, just gonna advise you to read these books. I loved the suspence, the drama, the emotion and the hot as hell sex !!! 5 stars from me !! This is an author I will be following in the future :)))

  • Josy

    ~ 3.5 stars ~Woah! So this has been intense! I felt as connected to the characters as in the first book and there were so many emotions!When Kage's past was finally revealed, I cried. Like a lot. I had a feeling about what had happened but having it spelled out broke my heart.In this book, both guys finally made up their mind about how they feel and what they want from each other and, unlike in the second book, they stuck to it and fought for it.So why isn't this a 5-star read you ask? Well, the [...]

  • Anja

    Super sexy, super gripping series! Jamie and Kage were soo hot together and so real. Neither was perfect and they definitely had issues and hang-ups to overcome. But the characters felt really down to earth and realistic to me. Especially Jamie. I felt like I was reading about a real life couple and not those book couples that you know never happens in real life anyway :D And have I mentioned the sex scenes? Scorching! Add in a deep, dark family secret, an abusive past and the resulting issues a [...]

  • Dena

    I'm not sure I was reading the same book as everyone else giving this 5 stars. I have read other books by Maris Black and enjoyed them but this series really disappointed me. Jamie was an immature whiny jerk for most of the story. Really--Cameron who he had barely exchanged a few words with? Jamie went from an accomplished sportsman who played basketball in college to a twink between books 1 and 3. I liked Kage but felt the whole plot about his life was unbelievable. The therapist slapping Jamie [...]

  • Ruth

    I think it might kill me, waiting until October for the third installment. I love this series.

  • Kora Knight

    Great final installment to an addictive trilogy. Gonna miss these two immensely.

  • Marion

    4.5 Stars!Loved this final book, loved this series. I am definitely going to miss Kage and Jamie.This series is highly recommended.

  • Bev

    Another great narration from J.F. Harding. He certainly nailed this series!!Book Review. 4.5 stars from me. Still not enamoured by the author's writing style, but that cover more than makes up for it, sighs. I had everything worked out after book 2, and knew that the death that was hinted at would indeed be ????? and that the evil Uncle would be behind it all. Thank goodness Aaron was on Kage and Jamie's side, otherwise there would have been several more deaths I fear, but what happened to the b [...]

  • Amy

    ***Audiobook*** I loved this series something fierce! And discovered a new found love of growly, alpha male MMA fighters. Who knew? I loved Kage and Jamie. Yes there were some over-the-top moments. And yes there were some issues that were not resolved. But as a whole, I loved this series. And the narration was excellent!

  • Trio

    oh my god, it's sooooo good!Absolutely incredible - several times I actually got chills. It was almost too intense, too good (don't listen to me, I'm just still reeling from the whole experience).Seriously, one of the best trilogies I've ever read, or in my case listened to - J.F. Harding was amazing.Best scene? The pantry - blue hand print (oh my god, too funny).

  • Sanaa☆ Sanaa's Book Blog ☆

    4.5 stars. Loooooved it so much! Probably my favorite book in the series. And I don't say this often, but Maris is one of the very few authors who's books I've read which have only gotten better the more you read them.

  • Isabel

    Absolutely perfect!!! Kage is just amazing!!!!

  • I~❤️~Books

    I absolutely loved this series. I want more. :D

  • Annery

    ***This is a combined review of all three books in the series.***I could be snide and point out all the crazy, unrealistic, melodramatic parts of this series but I'm going to be honest and say that I loved it! Yes a good part of the love comes from J. F. Harding A masterful narration. Every character gets a distinct and believable voice. And what feeling! Awesome.This series sits firmly in the FSOG genre: a babe in the woods gets introduced to the world of money and non vanilla sex, here in M/M [...]

  • Denise H.

    * 10 Stars* Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !!! Book 3) Wonderfully written tale by Maris Black of two men who need and want each other and the obstacles in the way. This is more than an interesting trilogy, it's a deeper look at a relationship that grows into amazing love, with true commitment and devotion. There is nothing simple about this. Michael Kage is a MMA fighter, Jamie, his new publicist. Well done anticipation, attraction, fulfilling that yearning and becoming the most important p [...]

  • Kaje Harper

    This story does a good job of tying up almost all the parts of Jamie and Kage's saga, and coming to a satisfying ending. I'm never one to complain about a few bits not knotted into a perfect bow in the last page - I like the realism of a few unanswered questions. As usual, the author's writing style pulled me eagerly through the book. I enjoyed seeing Jamie come into his own, and watching the guys finally become the couple they were meant to be, past the hurts and mistrusts and communication iss [...]

  • Bitchie

    I loved this one! The sheer amount of drama revolving around Kage's uncle is the only thing keeping me from rating this 5 stars. I just thought all the stuff at the end was a bit much, it pushed the guy into cartoon villain territory for me. Just let him be a regular bad guy, not a bad guy willing to (view spoiler)[ murder his own nephew for wanting to come out (hide spoiler)].All in all, I'd highly recommend this series to anyone who loves the territorial, domineering alpha male trope, and if y [...]

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