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By Zachariah OHora | Comments: ( 518 ) | Date: ( Jan 18, 2020 )

A hilarious story that celebrates the power of books and libraries in the vein of It s a Book It s Saturday, which means Oskar and Theodore get to go to the library with their dad It means donuts for breakfast And it means endless quiet hours lost in stories But on this not so quiet Saturday, Oskar and Teddy get a rude surprise when they re interrupted by a five headed,A hilarious story that celebrates the power of books and libraries in the vein of It s a Book It s Saturday, which means Oskar and Theodore get to go to the library with their dad It means donuts for breakfast And it means endless quiet hours lost in stories But on this not so quiet Saturday, Oskar and Teddy get a rude surprise when they re interrupted by a five headed, hangry monster Will Oskar ever get to finish his book in peace Will Teddy ever get to gorge on his donuts Or might both of them hold the secret weapons to taming the beast OHora brings his signature humor and quirkiness to a story with evergreen appeal This laugh out loud picture book is perfect for story time.

  • Title: The Not So Quiet Library
  • Author: Zachariah OHora
  • ISBN: 9780803741409
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Zachariah OHora

Zachariah OHora is the illustrator of the New York Times best seller Wolfie the Bunny His debut as an author, Stop Snoring Bernard won the 2011 Society of Illustrators Founders Award and was the 2012 State of PA Dept of Ed One book His follow up, Not Fits Nilson was named the Huffington Post Best Children s Book of 2013, a Kirkus Best Picture Book of 2013, a New York Public Library Book for Reading and Sharing and was given the PALA Carolyn W Field Award His book My Cousin Momo was named by the Boston Globe a Best Picture Book of 2015 and was a Junior Library Guild Selection His latest book The Not So Quiet Library hits shelves July 19th He lives and works in Narberth, PA with his wife, two sons and two cats.

Comments The Not So Quiet Library

  • Laura

    I so wanted to love this. The slightly scruffy hipster dad taking his kid to the library on a Saturday--I know those dads. The pre-library donuts. The friendly, non-shushing librarian. I thought this book was going to be a celebration of families spending time at the library together sharing stories. But that's not what happens. As soon as they get to the library, dad leaves the (young!) child to his own devices while he goes and takes a nap. On another floor! Okay, maybe this family is all abou [...]

  • Jason

    This is the second book I've read in as many days where monsters are grumpy because of low blood sugar. And "the nap department"? As a librarian myself, I say to that dad, "OH HELL NO." You go read to your son, sir.

  • Reese Copeland

    Read this with my little boy last night. He really liked it and we make semi regular trips to the library. He thought some parts were funny and he likes monsters as well. It was imaginative and he would ask me to keep reading it over and over.

  • Natalie

    Before I even finished reading this I just *knew* people would be wringing their hands over the poor child abandoned in the library while dad goes off to sleep in the "nap section". I work in a library YET somehow I also have a pretty good grasp of the fact that picture books are not required to hold hands with reality. Sometimes they are just about making kids and parents giggle together. Rest assured super librarians, I'm pretty sure no adult is going to read this and get the genius idea of us [...]

  • Jessica

    Darling book about the joy of reading and libraries!

  • Cheryl

    Librarians are not babysitters. One donut a week is plenty, don't buy more for later and put them under your hat. How are these two brothers? Why does Dad go off to the 'nap floor?'I've enjoyed other books by Ohara, but this seems more like something he thought he could sell to librarians because Ms Watson gets to be a hero. Um, no.

  • Kris - My Novelesque Life

    THE NOT SO QUIET LIBRARYWritten and Illustrated bu Zachariah OHoraJuly 2016; 40 PagesDial BooksGenre: library, books, reading, picture book, children's4 StarsOn a Saturday afternoon, Oskar and Theodore go to the library with their dad. First, they get donuts for breakfast and then it's off for some quiet reading. Dad lets them go to the children section where they are confronted by a five-headed monster that is hungry. Instead of eating their donuts and reading they must now stop monster from ea [...]

  • meg

    super fun story with lots of great details, but the dad dropping off his kids in the children's room so he can go to the "nap department" ?? just no.

  • Heidi

    Oskar and Theodore love to go to the library each Saturday to read in the quiet space. But on this particular Saturday things take a turn for the loud, when a five-headed monster shows up looking for things to eat. Despite their best efforts, Oskar and Theodore are unable to avoid the monster and must come up with a strategy to avoid becoming the monster's lunch. I love the fact that the librarian is the one who comes to the rescue. ;) The banter between the boy, bear, and the monster heads prov [...]

  • b.Reading

    I adored the illustrations (and the matte paper), but the story didn't really pan out for me. It is has library stereotypes like the cute, young, and NICE librarian, versus the stodgy, old, cranky librarian, and also showcases misconceptions about what happens at the library. Hopelessly hipster dad leaves the two kiddos by themselves in the kids' room while he goes up to the "napping section" (NO) and also lets them bring donuts to the library. The monster is also a bit scary, as are the methods [...]

  • Serenity

    This was a cute enough book. I think it will make a good lap read, but probably not a good group readaloud because there are a lot of speech bubbles with small type. The idea is fun (monsters in the library can only be soothed by a good story time) and I really enjoyed the illustrations, but something about it just didn't work for me.

  • Michele Knott

    I am a sucker for books that have books and libraries in them.My favorite part of this story is the number of checked out library books and the car!

  • Dan

    Great illustrations! The tribute to Greg P's The Watermelon Seed was awesome!

  • Julie

    So many amazing OHora-style details in this one, and a hilarious story. This might be my favorite Zachariah OHora book yet! Kids are going to go nuts for this.

  • Sassy

    It's going to be fun sharing this book with little people.

  • Kristen

    I love everything about this book- the librarian stereotype & the modern librarian, story time, reading books, great illustrations, public libraries, reviewing parts of the books, different types of books, everything! My one caveat is that the dad takes his kids to the library and then just disappears to a different floor- WHAT? You just abandon them in a busy, public place? There are signs in my public library that remind you to keep your kids in eye line and arm's reach, and they're right. [...]

  • Jj

    Adorable and fun, but--as quite a few have already pointed out--the public library is not a daycare facility. Do not leave any young child unattended. Librarians are not babysitters and, frankly, do not look kindly upon those parents who drop and dash.But I DO love the monsters and the donuts and pretty much everything Ohora does, so I have mixed emotions about this one.

  • Amanda Geske

    I came into this book wanting it to be about libraries being bustling places to explore, but was disappointed that the "correct" quiet was only disrupted by a monster (who I believe is meant to represent kids running wild in the library)? Woof. The illustrations were sweet, and I was happy to see the dope librarian channel all the excitement into a great story hour.

  • Melanie Rightmyer

    I liked the fact that the dad takes his kid to the library on the weekend and I love the image of the car full of books when they leave. I liked the concept of the "not so quiet library" but the monster part didn't work for me or my kids.

  • Kerrikoala

    I work in a Not So Quiet Library, but we don't have one giant five-headed monster. We have lots of tiny one-headed monsters. I have mixed feelings about this book, because parts were cute, but the rest was just wrong.

  • Emma

    I don't know. It's cute but it also kind of perpetuates quite a few library/librarian stereotypes. It reminded me of The Incredible Book Eating Boy and Library Lion but not really as nuanced or well-handled as either.

  • Kermit

    3.7 starsGot this title from a list of best picture books of 2016.You gotta love books about libraries. Oskar goes to the library every Saturday morning. On one of his visits, he and a friend deal with a many-headed dragon who wants to eat library books and/or small boys.

  • AngieMoore

    Think I found my 1st week of library book!! :)

  • Bethe

    Bookaday #101. Still deciding the read aloud for the first week of school. Look for the case art in the illustrations - my students will love that! Pair with The Incredible Book Eating Boy.

  • Niki (Daydream Reader)

    I plan to use this book as one of my first read aloud books in the library. So fun!

  • Karen Arendt

    I like the idea of the story, but the dad disappearing into the nap room is not the message I want kids to get about a library. Parents should engage with their young children in the library.

  • Allison

    Storytime saves the day every time!

  • Andréa

    Just didn't do much for me, which wasn't helped by the fact that they brought doughnuts into the library. We have way too many kids trying to bring food into the library as it is.

  • Round Lake Area Public Library

    Oskar and his bear Theodore must save the day when an angry monster barges into the library and thinks it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet!I thought this was a cute, funny story that involves a huge monster with an amusing misunderstanding. The monster thinks all the books in the library are there for eating and when he finds out they taste horrible, he gets loud and boisterous! Oskar and his bear save the day when they explain to the monster that books are for reading and not eating. The library i [...]

  • Melanie

    On Saturday, Oskar and Theodore head to the library, just like they do every Saturday. But this Saturday is a little different: all of a sudden the quiet library is filled with the sounds of crashing and growling. Oskar and Theodore find themselves faced with a monster with multiple heads! They can't get away! They even try stapling the monster down so they can get away. Finally they ask the monster what the problem is. They learn that the monster heads hate books; they taste awful! Oskar and Th [...]

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Not So Quiet Library | by Ç Zachariah OHora
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