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Two widowed sisters drive from Chicago to California Helene, the driver, is a blind diabetic and Ina, the navigator, is overly fond of beer Nancy Pearl

  • Title: The Widows' Adventures
  • Author: Charles Dickinson
  • ISBN: 9780688089245
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Charles Dickinson

Charles Dickinson is an American writer known for his literary novels that mix heartbreak and humor with action and well developed characters His books include, in the order of their publication Waltz in Marathon, Crows, With or Without a short story collection , The Widows Adventures, Rumor Has It, A Shortcut in Time, and its sequel, A Family in Time His short stories have appeared in Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, and The New Yorker.

Comments The Widows' Adventures

  • Amanda Bynum

    The Widows' Adventures by Charles Dickinson (yes, that's his real name) is one of the best books you've never heard of. Here's a quick synopsis:"Widows Ina and Helene, sisters from Chicago, set off on a drive to Los Angeles. There’s one problem: Only Helene can drive, and she’s blind. Beer-swigging Ina acts as her eyes. On back roads in the dead of night they travel across an America they never knew."But there's a lot more to it than that. Strained familial relationships, violence, murder, a [...]

  • Anne

    I loved this book! It's the story of two elderly sisters, both widows, who decide to drive across the country to Los Angeles. The problem is that one sister can't drive and the other is blind, but with beer-drinking alcoholic Ina giving directions and blind Helene at the wheel, they set off on an adventure. The dialogue between the sisters is hilarious and real, and the story itself veers between laugh-out-loud and sad hidden histories. The relationship between the sisters is complex, and so is [...]

  • Lynda

    Parts of this book made me laugh to myself and other parts made me really think about who knows what the future may bring. This book was an easy ride/read with a blind woman at the wheel.

  • Storjia

    This is on my best reads list. Mr. Dickinson is on my favorite authors list. What a terrific idea for an adventure. I loved the ladies. Wish I could have the rights to this book!

  • Talya Boerner

    My sister-in-law told me about this book and loaned me her copy. Thank you, Paula! If Thelma & Louise met The Bucket List you’d have this witty tale. Imagine two elderly sisters driving from Chicago to Los Angeles. One is blind. The other has never driven in her life. The blind sister drives while the other navigates. They take the back roads during the wee hours. Yes, it’s absurd and hilarious. Would make an entertaining movie.This book made me: think about all the fabulous books writte [...]

  • Louis

    The premise of this book sounded like great fun: two elderly sisters set out alone to visit family in California. This book did not do much with that premise, instead telling a story that drags and barely goes anywhere. Too bad, it could have been much more fun.

  • Kathryn

    Believable characters.

  • Deb

    I learned the basic premise of this book around twenty years ago and wanted to read it. It wasn't until recently that I did a search and figured out the title and author. At first, I was thrilled that the book was meeting my expectations. Unfortunately, that didn't last. I expected more humor than the book delivered. On the other hand, I was very touched by the relationship of the sisters and somewhat interested in the story of their lives. My interest waned beyond the initial idea of their cros [...]

  • Jan Adams

    I read this book probably 20 years ago and liked it a lot. BUT, as I have gotten older and my relationships with my sisters is still one of my life's greatest blessing I wanted to reread. It took a while to remember the name of the book and then find it again. But, I must say it was even better reading in my sixties than it was in my fourties. I am looking forward to passing off to my sisters and the discussing who will be the blind driver and who will be drinking in the passenger seat!

  • Lea

    This book is so much more than the escapades of two widows crossing this vast country at twelve miles an hour. This book is about family, forgiveness, and change - the changes one makes and the changes out of one's control. Lovely story, endearing characters, a few laughs, a few tears, and more than a few surprises.

  • Kris

    LOVED IT! I don't often laugh out loud when I read, but I did throughout this book. Two widowed sisters decide they won't take the violence of their Chicago neighborhood any longer and decide to drive to California. One sister can drive but she's blind, and the other can't drive and loves to drink. It's a hoot from beginning to end.

  • Calista

    I was fairly skeptical about this book. I've owned it for probably eight years and never felt particularly drawn to it. The first half of the book is a tad slow, but I soon became drawn into the story of two sisters whose relationship is both complex and striking. I really enjoyed the nonchalance with which each plot point was presented. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

  • Tracey

    I LOVED this book. It's probably been 15 years since I read it. The part about the two sisters driving across country just cracked me up! Kinda reminded me of my mom & Aunt Clarky. I loaned the book to someone and I realized today that I never got it back. I want to read it again, so will have to buy it for myself again.

  • Rosie

    I don't hardly know what to say about this book. Best as I can describe it, I guess has a story to it. But then Dickinson's novels always have an actual story to tell. This one is about 2 widowed sisters who decide to take a trip across the country from Chicago to California. One of them is blind. One of them can drive a car. The other, can't. Definitely a quirky, original novel.

  • Pattie

    Long out of print, a dark and odd book about two widowed sisters driving cross country. One sister can't drive, and the other, who can, is blind. Difficult to describe the appeal of this odd little book, but it's probably the beautiful way the characters are drawn.

  • Colette

    The premise is patently incredible, but the author draws you in very effectively with the first chapter. After that, I couldn't put it down. Some of the incidents were not genuine, but for the most part, very authentic characters and a familiar setting.

  • Linda Hart

    A charming tale of two widowed sisters, one blind, one alcoholic, making a cross country car trip from Chicago to L.A. Easy read, delightful dialogue & characters that you'll not soon forget. I read it maybe 10 years ago with my book club & everyone liked it.

  • Helene Slowik

    bizarre tale of the adventures of 2 sisters who take to the road. the fact that the driver is blind should not be a surprise as these two set out in their journey. some funny moments, some unbelievable ones.

  • Mary

    so theres this one lady whos a drunk and this other lady whos blind. the drunk one navigates to the blind one which way to go and they drive across the country to surprise their kids who dont visitoh yeah and theyre like 80. thanks susie, you were right. it was fantastic.

  • Georgia Dentel

    Loved this book! Hilarious story of two Chicago sisters who go on an unbelievable road trip. The book also deals with the serious issue of physical abuse in relationships, but it will have you laughing from beginning to end.

  • Ann

    This was a delightful little book about women who had always done what was expected of them. They suddenly decide to take control of their lives, in sometimes bizarre and dangerous adventures. It dealt with homosexuality, abuse, disability, and neglect. I do recommend this book.

  • Marybeth

    Interesting concept--widowed sisters, one blind and one who always has a beer in hand--drive from Chicago to LA. The blind sister drives while the beer-drinker gives directions and they travel at night on back roads! I liked the book but expected something else completely when I heard the premise.

  • S

    I really hoped this would be an enveloping story, but it isn't. A bit slow, draggy. Too much content is implausible, and it isn't gripping enough to overlook that.Finished it, though. The last third or fourth was pretty good.

  • Irinel Finco

    Great book. But as usual, Charles Dickinson never disappoints.

  • Connie

    I think this book is out of print. If ever one should be reissued, this is it. It's a rollicking good read, about two women, one blind, the other (I think) alcoholic, driving across the country.

  • Laura

    We got talking about books we discovered in the past 19 years since I opened Bookin' It; The Widow's Adventures is one we talk about over and over again.

  • Cindy

    One of the best books I've read! Funny,sad warm!

  • Marti

    Cute, very silly.

  • Dora

    Recommended by AuntiePam as not-quite-sweet in November 2007 whatcha readin' thread.

  • Kathi

    Slow going in parts, but ultimately, a sweet tale of two elderly sisters coming to terms with memories and aging while on an unlikely, and often humorous, adventure.

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  • Best Read [Charles Dickinson] ☆ The Widows' Adventures || [Crime Book] PDF ✓
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