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By Philip Kazan | Comments: ( 896 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

Beauty can be a gift or a wicked temptation.So it is for Filippo Lippi, growing up in Renaissance Florence He has a talent not only can he see the beauty in everything, he can capture it, paint it But while beauty can seduce you and art can transport you it cannot always feed you or protect you.To survive, Pippo Lippi, orphan, street urchin, budding rogue, must firstBeauty can be a gift or a wicked temptation.So it is for Filippo Lippi, growing up in Renaissance Florence He has a talent not only can he see the beauty in everything, he can capture it, paint it But while beauty can seduce you and art can transport you it cannot always feed you or protect you.To survive, Pippo Lippi, orphan, street urchin, budding rogue, must first become Fra Filippo Lippi Carmelite friar, man of God His life will take him down two paths at once He will become a gambler, a forger, a seducer of nuns and at the same time he will be the greatest painter of his time, the teacher of Botticelli and the confidante of the Medicis.So who is he really lover, believer, father, teacher, artist Is anything true except the paintings

  • Title: The Painter of Souls
  • Author: Philip Kazan
  • ISBN: 9781681771236
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover

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Philip Kazan

Philip Kazan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Painter of Souls book, this is one of the most wanted Philip Kazan author readers around the world.

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  • Marita

    Pippo plays dice with street urchins, but life itself is a throw of the dice. Fortunes have changed, his father suddenly dead and his mother incapacitated. To spare his sister the cost of an extra mouth to feed, young Filippo Lippi leaves home to fend for himself which he mainly does by selling drawings. Through an act of kindness he becomes a friar of the Carmelite Order at Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence. There he encounters painters creating great works of art, and his own talent becomes [...]

  • Aditi

    “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”----Pablo PicassoPip Vaughan-Hughes, an English writer, writing under the name of Philip Kazan, pens a mystifying historical fiction, The Painter of Souls that is based on the life and times of the famous painter, Fra Filippo Lippi, during the 15th century Renaissance Florence. Although there is not much known to this great historic painter's life, so the author immerses into Filippo's paintings to give a fictional sketch of his early [...]

  • Sarah

    “No matter how stained something is, there’s always something bright underneath.”Pippo Lippi, the young Florentine who becomes the Carmelite friar Fra Filippo Lippi, has the innate gift of seeing into people’s purest selves and representing them in art. Philip Kazan’s first US-published novel is first in a projected series that imagines the life journey of the renowned painter, and there’s considerable joy in reading about an artist with an eye for the world’s beauty.However, despi [...]

  • Tripfiction

    Novel set in Florence (Filippo Lippi: “the master of presence”)A novel for lovers of art. The author takes the reader right back to the early years of 15th Century Florence, when the city and Europe were on the cusp of the Renaissance, and builds a story around the artist Fra Filippo Lippi, formerly known as Pippo.Pippo started out as a street urchin, his father had died, his mother suffered from melancholia and he had no choice but to join a disparate group of street children who had to mak [...]

  • Laura


  • Alicea

    The lovely people at Pegasus Books sent me the book that I'll be reviewing in today's post. :-)Philip Kazan's The Painter of Souls is the fictionalized story of a real artist from the 15th century by the name of Fra' (as in Friar) Filippo Lippi. What is known about the friar is that he wasn't a particularly good friar but he was an excellent painter. Despite taking orders, he remained a street urchin at heart and therefore his priorities weren't always aligned with the church. A work of hi [...]

  • Mirella

    Journey to Florence for a lovely introduction to the life of Renaissance artist Fra Filipo Lippi! Author Philip Kazan has re-imagined the life of this famous painter, adding fascinating little twists and quirks of personality. Nicely written, in an easy-to-read style, sometimes in-your-face blunt style, it was easy to fall utterly into the story complete with all the sites and smells of Renaissance Italy. The author uses a first person present style of writing that makes the tale seem more curre [...]

  • Elsa

    Una novela que te transportará a la vida en Florencia del siglo XV, cuando la cuidad estaba en la cúspide del Renacimiento. La novela gira entorno la vida de Pippo Lippi, despúes conocido como Fra Filippo Lippi, un niño de la calle que tenía el don de dibujar. Su vida cambía radicalmente cuando se convierte en fraile de la Ordén de los Carmelitas, en el que seguirá pintando hasta crearse en uno de los mejores pintores de su tiempo. He disfrutado mucho de la novela porque es evidente que [...]

  • J.S. Dunn

    3.5/4Charming portrayal of early years in which Fra Filippo turns from street urchin to painter under the auspices of a sympathetic Carmelite prior and a willing master artist who teaches the craft. Sound in style and good historical detail of quatrocento Florence. More volumes allegedly to come, which is good as this one is rather brief.

  • Wanda

    5 JUN 2016 - hat-tip to Laura. This is a story I am certain I will enjoy. Thanks, Laura

  • Erika Schmid

    In all the time periods of art history, the Renaissance is my favorite. Such is the reason why I was so excited to read this book about Fra Filippo Lippi, an early Florentine Renaissance painter. However, within the first pages I found myself disinterested. I found the prologue completely irrelevant since a great deal about what the then aging and dying Lippi was talking about want even mentioned in the rest of the book. Honestly, the first chapter should have been the prologue since there was s [...]

  • Jennifer

    I received this book to read and review.Pippo's father is dead and his mother suffers from melancholy. He joins a group of urchins playing dice but then he is plucked from that way of life and becomes a Carmelite friar, Filippo Lippi.One day he paints a picture and catches the eye of renowned painter Massaccio and a new chapter in his life begins.The book is set in Florence, Italy and I found some of the descriptions of the places to be as lifelife as they possibly could between the pages of a b [...]

  • Julia Waters

    An entertaining read about Fra Fillippo Lippi's early years as a painter. My one complaint was that his character was simpering and modest to a fault, sometimes becoming annoying. This is at odds with the shenanigans attributes to Lippi: forgery, a secret affair, an abduction the end, though, this is a good book.

  • Marilyn

    A good read. I liked the force of the character who was so weak in his decisions!

  • Carla Foy

    I am a fan of historical fiction. I loved this book and all of its characters.

  • Italo Italophiles

    This is the first of a series of books that will be issued, each imagining a phase in the life of the early Italian Renaissance painter Fra Filippo Lippi. We know only about some of his artworks and some basic points about his life. The author imagines the rest, and presents this biography of the artist's early years in great detail, often from the artist's perspective.In this book you might be deceived by the simple style into thinking this book is written for teens. When you encounter the firs [...]

  • Karen

    This was a fabulous book. First of all, I like interesting historical fiction about real people. Second, it took place largely in Florence, a city I have visited twice and hope to visit again. The story is alive with the people of the time, the politics, the art (of course,) and the living conditions. While we have heard of Brunelleschi and Donatello in other books, in this book we are introduced to Filippo Lippi, an artist about whom I knew nothing. Fra Filippo began as one of the street urchin [...]

  • Beth

    The painter of souls by Philip Kazan . Fra Fillipo is one of my favorite Renaissance artists. I very much anticipated reading the painter of souls---such a wonderful title! The Novel focuses on The artists early life. How he became a painter. As there is not a detailed record of The artists life, the author did an excellent job of imagining his early life. Kazan might have used more colorful language that is representative of an Artist's perspective when describing the paintings. The action is a [...]

  • Beth

    Who can resist a story of a child who abandoned his Mother and sister who then lived on the streets selling his drawings until he was taken to a monastery to become a friar? Who would not want to read about Florence, Italy and its buildings and streets and art during the 1400's? Better yet, who could resist on following up to hear more of the biography of a man who became a famous painter and then while still a friar helped his mother and sister?I did not know about this painter before so looked [...]

  • DreamingSpiresBecca

    This book will take you to Florence on the cusp of the Renaissance. An absolutely fascinating time in history. Experience Florence’s rinascente through art and the eyes of a ‘frate dipintore’ – frair and painter. My only complaint is that the protagonist is a bit too likable, and therefore difficult to relate to (but maybe that's just me).Bringing 15th century art to life, it reminds us that art is the ultimate and only living legacy we leave behind. Tragedy and beauty intertwine to crea [...]

  • Penmouse

    The Painter of Souls by Phillip Kazan was a bit slow when it came to piquing my interest but as I read his book I became a bit more interested in the main character Pippo who ends up as a street urchin. His fortunes change and he later becomes a friar and later an artist. The Painter of Souls tells about Pippo's rise in the art world and away from his impoverished youth.I will warn the reader there is some gritty writing in this book, but the writing fits within the storyline. Recommend. Review [...]

  • Caroline Smith

    Best book I've read for years. It's a novel based on the life of the renaissance painter Fra. Filippo Lippi, who was born in Florence and who painted the faces of people he knew into the figures in the paintings. So the Virgin Mary in one painting has the face of his lifelong female friend, for example. He emerges as a likable, grown up street urchin who becomes a Friar but doesn't exactly fit the image of a Holy Father. It's a lively, absorbing read that has prompted me to find out more about t [...]

  • Bonita Brin

    The Friar The ArtistI enjoyed this fictionalized story of the painter Fra Filippo Lippi. I didn't know much about Lippi except for a few of his more familiar paintings. But this book recreates the city of Florence in the middle part of the 15th century. There were parts when it seemed to slow down but historical details kept my interest. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in art history.

  • Loraine

    I had to read this book for our book club. I found it very difficult to complete. It was so stilted that I thought it must have been translated, but it was originally written in English. The subject matter was interesting, especially if you have travelled to Firenze and love history. However the total lack of plot makes for a flat and uninteresting reading experience.

  • William Mehl

    This was won on and was absolutely excellent. I actually could feel myself waking down the streets of Renaissance Florence and seeing all the paintings described in the book. The life of Pippi is both sad and beautiful as he grows into his passion.

  • scherzo♫

    "The real miracle The world is beautiful. We are beautifule. Even at our worst, at our most desperate, when we are suffering, or raging or blinded by our own ignorance. In love, or dead on a stone table. The trick is to see it. No No. The trick is to look. Always to look."

  • nikkia neil

    Thanks Pegasus Books and netgalley for this ARC.Ugly on the outside, underhanded, sinful with hidden talents and a gift for seeing the qualities no one else sees in others make Lippi unique and a pleasure to read about.

  • Michelle

    This book feels half-written, I hope there is a sequel coming. The writing isn't the best and the author could've done more to evoke the atmosphere of Florence, but I've always been fascinated by Lippi and was happy to see him imagined in this way.

  • lixy

    Somewhat overwrought writing, but quite fun historical-art fiction.

  • Mary Jensen

    An interesting look at the early years and influences of Fra Filippo Lippi, touching on the political situation in Florence, effects of the plague on the city, and other figures in the world of art.

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