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Asthma, allergies, arthritis, hypertension, depression, headaches, diabetes, obesity, and MS These are just some of the conditions and diseases that are caused by persistent dehydration But there is a miracle solution that is readily available, all natural, and free water.

  • Title: Water For Health, For Healing, For Life: You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty!
  • Author: F. Batmanghelidj
  • ISBN: 9780446690744
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

F. Batmanghelidj

F. Batmanghelidj Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Water For Health, For Healing, For Life: You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty! book, this is one of the most wanted F. Batmanghelidj author readers around the world.

Comments Water For Health, For Healing, For Life: You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty!

  • I_love_a_happily_ever_after

    This book has healed me so many times from allergies, sinus infections, and skin issues. I read it years ago, but re-read it this week because I needed some modivation to work at not getting dehydrated so easily. READ READ READ this book! It will make an amazing difference in your life. 8 glasses of water a day is a mythyou may need much more.

  • StrangeBedfellows

    This book will change your life, starting with your awareness of your own body. An excellent read for people who dislike doctor visits, pharmaceuticals, or even being ill for that matter. In fact, I recommend that everyone read this book, cover to cover.

  • Barbara

    I gave this book five stars because the information in it is important and so easy to apply. Everyone reading this has access to water and salt. As reading goes, it does get a bit heavy with jargon on occassion and it is repetitive which can get a bit dull. He was definitely not the most thrilling writer. With that said, I did enjoy the book a lot. The basic explanations were easy to understand and make sense with everything I know about how the body works. The jargon came in as he tried to expl [...]

  • Cindi

    This book could also be rated 2 or 3 stars. I give it 4 stars because of the ultimate message and because I like descriptions of physiology. People who don't like to get into the nitty-gritty of the workings of the body can just use the take-away message. Drink half of your body weight in ounces and make sure you are getting adequate salt.But, if you like physiology, you might want to read it. There are chapters on different disorders and diseases and descriptions about how water is involved and [...]

  • M.J.

    This is an amazing read about a doctor who, while imprisoned during the war began finding that he could cure his fellow prisoners and prison guards with nothing but pure water. You will discover the science behind why water cures so many things that we typically think require expensive pharmaceuticals.

  • Cheree

    My mom recently recommended You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D a medical professional from Iran. Dr. B. spent three years as a political prisoner in an Iranian prison where he discovered, that without access to medicine, prisoners responded to water to cure their ailments. Read complete review at chereemoore/2010/

  • Yury

    I love the overall idea and definitely recommend this book. The only downfall is that it can get a bit repetitive which makes it a bit of a drag to finish. Once you get the general idea, you will feel enlightened.

  • Katie O'Connor

    Lots of wild leaps and long reach conclusions.I don't dispute that the body needs more water than we tend to give it. But I also know that water doesn't cure all the diseases the author claims it does.

  • Denise Messenger

    I love this book. How many of us ever think about water and how important it is to the entire functioning of our body. We only think of it when we are thirsty. The author did an excellent job of outlining just why it is important and we don't drink near enough of it.

  • Cade Wilcox

    This book is very insightful into the inner workings of the human body. Dr. Batmanghelidj explains simply the benefits of being fully hydrated. The suggestions in this book have already helped my back pains. I highly recommend this book.

  • Claudia

    Not the easiest read because he's not dumbing anything down, but not impossible either. Everyone should read this - really eye-opening. An easy, free change that could potentially make a HUGE difference.

  • Autumn

    It just makes sense that many of our problems are related to not enough water. A good read but check it out from the library - not a keeper.

  • Susan Stumpf

    This is a very interesting book. A little technical and repetitive at times but well worth reading. Gave me a better understanding of how my body works and the importance of water as well as the effect of diuretics such as alcohol and coffee. I will be drinking more water, adding a little salt and walking an hour a day! Everyone should read this book Dr. "Bataman" clearly lays out the case that dehydration in the body is the cause of many "issues" we have with our body from heartburn to weight g [...]

  • Pat

    You hear people say you should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, but this really shows you why. It's a fascinating account of how dehydration affects your joints, your organs, cholesterol, histamine and more. There's a figure that shows what a dehydrated stomach lining would look like next to a hydrated one, for instance. Muscle aches, stuffiness, dry skin, hunger pangs, all kinds of things can be signs of dehydration. Thirst is the last sign, long after your body parts are desperate. Very usefu [...]

  • Jason Zielonka

    Required read for anyone interested in well-being Great review of the medical literature on dehydration as well as selective "chronic illnesses" that are in fact most likely signs of chronic dehydration. Well worth reading and if you a health care professional, especially useful j. Giving you an alternate theory for what signs & symptoms mean and an alternate hypothesis for the etiology of major diseases of the Western world.

  • Jnsy Blmsy

    This book gave me insight on how industrialized modern medicine has become, and how so much can be prevented by just by drinking water. It is simple to understand and easy to apply to ones life. It explains how the body absorbs and uses water giving you a better understanding of why it is important.

  • Svetlana

    Нужная и важная книга. В общем, с тех пор мой любимый рецепт: "попей воды" )

  • Courtney

    I thought this author made a good point about our society not drinking enough water and drinking too many other unnecessary drinks. I think, though, he may have taken his point too far. He seems to believe water can cure just about anything and I think that is a stretch. I just can't believe that all medical conditions are caused by dehydration.I was disappointed that he doesn't recognize the merits of drinking milk, particularly for women and children. At one point in the book, he mentions some [...]

  • Jenette

    My doctor put me on a gallon of water a day regime, which has been helping me a lot. I heard about this book in a class I took and it was suggested that I read it. Just another "cure all" book. Some of the things the book claims water can do, I think give a sense of false hope to those who are suffering from those conditions. I think most of the information is over-blown and can be quite dangerous. Not as good as I would have hoped.

  • Joe Paulk

    If you're expecting a book along the lines of Kurlansky's Salt or even Cod, beware. This is more along the lines of Deepak Chopra. Much of the information is valid and helpful. I do have a problem, though, believing that I could cure everything short of the war in Iraq just by drinking more water.

  • Michel Gagné

    Water is life and water is health! Personally I am drinking one litre of water plus one litre of green tea, juices per day. And yes water is essential for a healthy life. Say no to soda! :-)Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj is an Iranien.

  • Marcia

    The book is pretty good. It's a big repetitive and fairly technical at points. I also question whether water can cure everything he says it will cure but I don't think it could hurt anything to give it a shot.

  • Naomi Ash

    the first two chapters were interesting.but then it justdraggedd I skimmed.his tone was a bit pompous, like he was so amazing for discovering that water is good for you.wasn't the best.

  • Chariss Walker

    An excellent resource for those interested in healing, self-healing, or metaphysical studies. Dr. B. gives many examples of curing the body of disease and illness but cannot penetrate the medical and pharmaceutical industry with this cost-free research.

  • Art

    Amazing how something so cheap and readily available is able to cure so many ailments/diseases.

  • Bmfoa

    Very interesting treatise

  • Terry

    I highly recommend this book.

  • Kate

    Really interesting book, written for Joe Bloggs to understand. I already knew quite a lot about why we need water, which was in there, but I still learnt an awful lot.

  • Daniela Chiker

    Absolutely must-know-info for anyone who cares about their health

  • Aby

    Mind opening book about the importance of water in your life.

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