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By Stacy Green | Comments: ( 742 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

Who wants Lucy Kendall dead After savvy undercover work leads her to an underground sex trafficking ring, Lucy is hell bent on bringing the operation down But when her best lead is found dead, Lucy becomes the prime suspect in a murder she didn t commit and finds herself on the run As she races against the clock to find the real killer, Lucy struggles to control the grWho wants Lucy Kendall dead After savvy undercover work leads her to an underground sex trafficking ring, Lucy is hell bent on bringing the operation down But when her best lead is found dead, Lucy becomes the prime suspect in a murder she didn t commit and finds herself on the run As she races against the clock to find the real killer, Lucy struggles to control the growing darkness within her Is a monster from the past Lucy s worst enemy, or will the blossoming evil in her own heart be her ultimate destruction

  • Title: See Them Run
  • Author: Stacy Green
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Stacy Green

Stacy Green is the author of the Lucy Kendall thriller series and the Delta Crossroads mystery trilogy ALL GOOD DEEDS Lucy Kendall 1 won a bronze medal for mystery and thriller at the 2015 IPPY Awards TIN GOD Delta Crossroads 1 was runner up for best mystery thriller at the 2013 Kindle Book Awards Stacy has a love of thrillers and crime fiction, and she is always looking for the next dark and twisted novel to enjoy She started her career in journalism before becoming a stay at home mother and rediscovering her love of writing She lives in Iowa with her husband and daughter and their three spoiled fur babies She is currently working on a new crime fiction series and is represented by Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo, Helin and Fountain Literary Management for literary and dramatic rights Website stacygreenauthorFacebook Facebook StacyGreenAuthorTwitter StacyGreen26

Comments See Them Run

  • Lisa

    Jiminy crickets I am just getting my head around See Them Run by Stacy Green I loved the story & the character of Lucy Kendall she has balls & doesn't care who gets in her way.This is a dark thriller that goes right to the edges of your soul as it deals with child sex trafficking which for me was hard to comprehend at times, I felt drained & at times I was willing Lucy to go even more badass than she did. Not only did she have to fight senators who had their own agendas she was strug [...]

  • Jonetta

    Lucy Kendall is a vigilante killer who seems to be on a one-woman mission to identify and neutralize child sex traffickers. When she stumbles across a website selling children, Lucy starts off in a new direction focusing on a ring that appears to be right in her city.I’m still struggling with my mixed feelings about Lucy and what she’s doing. Is she any better than the scum she’s targeting? Just because she’s got the moral authority doesn’t make what she’s doing acceptable. But then, [...]

  • Brenda

    Private Investigator Lucy Kendall was angry; furious in fact. But the icy weather conditions meant she needed to focus if she was going to arrive in one piece. The unexpected information that her friend Kelly had gleaned about the child trafficking which was Lucy’s latest target meant she hadn’t had much time to get organised. But she was determined to save this child; she just had to…The depth of depravity which went on around every day commuters always astounded Lucy. But she knew it wou [...]

  • Christine

    Ms. Stacy Green has hit another one out of the park with See Them Run, the sequel to All Good Deeds and the second in the Lucy Kendall series. I loved it.The draw to this series is multifactorial. First of all, the protagonist, private investigator Lucy Kendall, is as complex a character as they come. In See Them Run, Lucy really went into no man’s land in regards to her choices. In my review of All Good Deeds, I referred to Lucy as a bit deranged. Well, in See Them Run, she becomes downright [...]

  • Jean

    Whew! A day after finishing Stacy Green’s See Them Run, the second Lucy Kendall thriller, I am just beginning to unwind. Despite the main character being a person with highly questionable moral standards, I couldn’t help holding my breath every time Lucy found herself on the brink of getting caught way over her head, which happened quite frequently in this novel. I just can’t help wanting her to succeed at her goal to eliminate the adults who prey on helpless kids.See Them Run picks up alm [...]

  • Cyd Madsen

    A well-written, deeply disturbing book that pits the innocence of children against the evil that can be pulled up from the pain of experience. Private detective Lucy Kendall has a dark secret. She has an all-consuming need to protect children. There are no lines she will not cross to protect both. Her own past history working in Child Protection Services and the death of her sister have left her with a deep cut in her sense of what is right and wrong in her own actions, and what is right and wro [...]

  • Jo Ann Reinhold

    See Them Run by Stacy Green is book two in her Lucy Kendall series. I was spellbound in All good Deeds (book one) and now totally blown away with See Them Run!First, Stacy Green's writing style is totally mesmerizing then add a story that grabs you and holds on and characters that totally captures your heart, even though you don't feel like they should!In See Them Run, Lucy is fixated on bringing down the underground child sex trafficking she discovered when she rescued Kailey Richardson. She is [...]

  • Robin

    Ludy Kendall is a private investigator who makes sure pedophiles that she finds are not able to hurt any other children. After rescuing a boy from a pedophile who purchased him online, Lucy is looking into sex traffiking. Going undercover at a salon whose owner is part of the ring, Lucy finds a clue that steers her to a teenage prostitute and her pimp. Trying to discover who is in charge of the ring leads Lucy into becoming the lead suspect in a murder she actually did not commit. With Chris Hal [...]

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

    Wow! Stacy Green sure doesn't pull her punches.This book had me holding my breath.In See Them Run, Lucy Kendall, self appointed avenger for abused children, has discovered a child trafficking ring operating in Philadelphia. She sets out to bust it open, single-handed, not wanting to involve those she has come to care about in something that may bring about her downfall.Can't wait for April and the release of Lucy Kendall #3 Gone to Die.

  • Tulay

    Disturbing.Sexually abused children, human trafficking. Lucy is self-destructive vigilante for sexually abused children. Her sister was abused by mother's boyfriend, killed herself. Reading about this character was difficult, she is one person judge, jury and executioner.

  • Chris

    The book follows the life of Lucy who is a PI. The book wasn't as shocking as the first one but it is a good read. It is about child trafficking and child prostitution and who is behind it and how they get their clients which not too many people write about because it is something no one wants to think about. All in all a good book.

  • Jim Crocker

    Utterly fantastic read. Super-duper ending. Stacy Green is da bomb!

  • Kathy Cunningham

    I was a big fan of Stacy Green's first Lucy Kendall novel, ALL GOOD THINGS, which explored the dark and morally-challenged world of vigilante justice. Former social worker and licensed PI Lucy Kendall uses cyanide poison to take out pedophiles to prevent them from destroying the lives of innocent children. And Green never dodges the moral and ethical questions here - is murder justified if it's being done for noble reasons? The second novel in the series, SEE THEM RUN, continues with Lucy's stor [...]

  • ☕ Kimberly

    Five Caffeinated reasons to grab See Them RunLucy Kendall is one interesting private investigator. In her former life, she was a social worker but riddled with guilt when the systems red tape and procedural bullshit cost a life she set out on her own to make things right. With the help of her techie friend, she unearths the darker evil side of the city and quietly seeks justice. She is kickass, tenacious and like a certain charming serial killer we all know and love (Dexter), she loves her job a [...]

  • E.

    It took me a while to read this, only because of external reasons life and stuff. Not because of the book. It was excellent! I read when I could, a page here, a chapter there. I say this because each time I picked it up I was right there in the book. The characters were unique and vivid and uncomplicated enough that there was no backtracking needed to continue. Lucy, herself, is complicated, but one memorable lady. In the previous book "All Good Deeds" I got to know Lucy (was introduced to her, [...]

  • Kris - My Novelesque Life

    SEE THEM RUN(Lucy Kendall:#2)Written by Stacy Green2014, 304 pagesGenre: psychological thriller, suspense, mysteryRating: ★★★★ (I received an ARC from Author in exchange for an honest review).I took a bit of a break after the first book but wanted to start on the next one while things were fresh in mind and because the ending of the last book screams “what’s gonna happen next?!” This is not the standard “filler” second book in that the story stands on it’s own as well as the [...]

  • Roo I MacLeod

    Lucy Kendall is a PI with a fondness for killing bad people. I don't know who pays her bills, but she is on a crusade to rid the streets of pimp types selling children to pedo's.This is an even paced book and a pleasure to read. I like the characters, feel a warmth to Linda and Chris, her partner in crime, even though the two of them have a bloody ruthless streak that should make them hard to like. All boxes are ticked re the crime, but the book finishes with a rather large hook to encourage us [...]

  • John

    I read this in just a few days which is unusual for me. I had just finished All Good Deeds and was eager to read more about Lucy Kendall. These books force you to consider concepts of acceptable behavior in a world where society's most vulnerable residents are forced into sexuall slavery and torment by individuals and organizations that should be eliminated. Head strong and successful, Lucy continues her transformation into a formidable foe of evil forces in a world of unspeakable evil. But, wha [...]

  • Pernette

    Lucy Kendall connects with the readers right away as she picks up her "mission" from "All Good Deeds."The tension is palpable early on and you wonder when Lucy is going to get caught. Human trafficking is very serious and Lucy has a hard time letting it go. She is taking more chances and putting herself out there even more. Her friends are concerned about her and her reckless behavior. But they are her friends and they stick by her to the very end. This book is like a lit fuse until the very end [...]

  • Diane

    I totally love this book and this series. I cannot wait for book three. This is just what I wanted, a female Dexter. The character development makes me feel like I know these people. What a crazy, wonderful ride. Awesome. Bravo, Stacy. Well done.

  • Merryn

    I get it. It was cold!!!I swear it felt like half the book was all about describing how freezing the weather was, I must admit that was a slight annoyance in an otherwise enjoyable story.I really enjoy the relationship between Lucy and Chris, and I'm feeling it will get even stronger in the next book. You can tell that a love triangle is brewing between Lucy, Chris and Todd but I'm guessing it won't last long as I'm hearing Todd is in the Erin Prince series.Lucy definitely takes a darker path in [...]

  • Sherry M Ambrose

    A thriller that moves you at great speed.Lucy, a private detective, is trying against all odds to end the trafficking of young children. She knows a few of the players and stumbles onto others. Saving one here and on the trail of another, Lucy has strange assistance from three brothers in her search. Between her own soul searching about her own path, including a few murders of her own, Lucy is aided by an EMT, a police detective and a former felon. Who will be hurt along the way? Who has to die [...]

  • Yvonne

    Excited to read the next book in the series. Defiantly deserves a higher rating. Lucy is a private investigator, serial killer and vigilante rolled into one. She seeks justice for children that have been sexually abused. When she comes across a sex trafficking ring things get complicated.

  • Phil Fretz

    Well writtenGood book if you don't mind reading about sexual abuse. Good character development, exciting action and a surprise when you learn at the end who was in charge of the criminal misconduct.

  • Jillian Higham

    Taking out the trashCertainly Lucy is a serial killer, it's just that she kills some not nice people that the world would be better off without. Kept me reading, but a bit unbelievable at times.

  • Connie Reese

    Not as nail biting as the first, but it still kept me up all nightThe main characters have been introduced in first book. Now we learn a little more. It's the new guys that are scary. Story weaves it's web and keeps you guessing throughout

  • Gladys Johnsen

    Another book that I couldn’t put down.See Them Run is both a sequel and a story in itself. Selling and buying victims brings out the wrath in Lucy Kendall’s soul. This is, again “a must read” novel.

  • Kimberleigh

    I really liked this one. It has a captivating plot and complex characters that will keep you interested until the last paragraph. A few continuity mistakes and grammatical errors kept it from getting 4 stars.

  • Loretta Gabriel

    A story with much intrigue and suspenceThe author has written a mystery story with a plot that is far from the norm. This is a book that you will remember because of the strange string chain of events that occur.

  • Graham King

    Excellent 2nd Lucy Kendall book, fast paced and unpredictable as ever, she is a woman on a the road to find predators and will do anything to find and inflict her own punishment.

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