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By Phoebe Stone | Comments: ( 603 ) | Date: ( May 30, 2020 )

Set in Paris, this middle grade take on Anna and the French Kiss will have readers swooning.Most people go to Paris to fall in love, but twelve year old Petunia Beanly goes to Paris to hide from it She knows how much love hurts She ll never forget how painful it was to mess up badly with Windel Watson, the only boy who has ever made her heart turn over Besides, love isSet in Paris, this middle grade take on Anna and the French Kiss will have readers swooning.Most people go to Paris to fall in love, but twelve year old Petunia Beanly goes to Paris to hide from it She knows how much love hurts She ll never forget how painful it was to mess up badly with Windel Watson, the only boy who has ever made her heart turn over Besides, love is really only for the golden people, like Pet s gorgeous, glamorous, and infuriating older sister, Ava So when Pet and her family move to Paris for a year, her plan is to stay in her new room with the blankets over her head.But Paris knows how to find its way into the shyest of hearts And Paris has a surprise in store for both Beanly sisters that will change the way they see themselves, each other, and the swirling adventure that is a first crush.

  • Title: Paris for Two
  • Author: Phoebe Stone
  • ISBN: 9780545443623
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Phoebe Stone

Before concentrating on creating books for children and young adults, Phoebe Stone had a very successful career established as a fine art s painter During that time, she received two Vermont Council on the Arts Fellowships in painting and exhibited her work in many museums and galleries all around New England and New York City, and influenced many New England artists with her unique, brightly colored narrative and metaphorical style I was already working in sequences, she says, but at some point I began to realize that I could combine my love for images and words in picture books for children Phoebe s picture books include When Wind Bear Goes Dancing, What Night do the Angels Wander, and Go Away, Shelly Boo Original art from When Wind Bear Goes Dancing was included in the Society of Illustrators Original Art 97 show Go Away, Shelly Boo was chosen as an American Bookseller Association s Pick of the Lists.She has also written three novels, All the Blue Moons at the Wallace Hotel, Sonata 1 for Riley Red, and Deep Down Popular The New York Times said of All the Blue Moons at the Wallace Hotel, Stone s prose is poetic The Boston Globe said of Sonata 1 for Riley Red, Literature doesn t get much better than this Phoebe Stone lives in Middlebury, Vermont.

Comments Paris for Two

  • Hazel (Stay Bookish)

    Visit Stay Bookish for more book reviews!Middle grade Anna and the French Kiss? I couldn't possibly pass on reading such a story! Since I've been trying to get more into middle grade books for awhile now, when this title (with that blurb) came up, I just knew I had to check this out. Even though I've never read anything by Phoebe stone, let alone hear anything about her other books, I was so excited to read this MG book set in Paris.Petunia Beanly's family is staying in France for her Dad's sabb [...]

  • Cheriee Weichel

    In my opinion, Phoebe Stone doesn't get nearly enough credit for her writing. I've been a hard core fan sinceDeep Down Popular. Stone writes realistic middle grade fiction. They are sweet stories with endearing characters. If I'm looking for tween romance, she is my go to person. When I started this I wasn't looking for much more than a satisfying read. It didn't take long for me to become completely absorbed in the story and the characters. I admit that I was uncomfortable with the sibling riva [...]

  • Leah

    Petunia and WindelStories for young adults don't get any better than this! True to real life, historical flashbacks, insecurities at all ages, misunderstandings, family eccentricities and crazinesses, forgiveness, generosity—Paris for Two has it all.The fam is in Paris for Dad the Flaubert scholar's sabbatical—somewhere it said year long, but events read more like spring semester. Main character Petunia Beanley – that at first I misread as "Beauley," probably because of Francophile Dad in [...]

  • ReenieT1721

    Though definitely not the most original book, I still appreciated the nostalgic and innocent mood from the book, capturing the feeling of being young, free, and having a crush while being socially awkward. I loved the Romeo and Juliet Code because of the adorableness factor. I was attracted to this particular book because of the cover and the title since I adore anything related to Paris.I admire Pet because she's a little sister who is overshadowed by her more perfect older sister, but Pet is r [...]

  • Lynn

    A middle grade novel about a 12 year old American girl who goes to live in Paris while her father is on sabbatical. She meets her boy crush from school who's in Paris too and enters a fashion design contest where she bases her design on doll clothes a woman designed for dolls in 1945. A story that many middle school girls will enjoy, especially ones who are interested in Paris, France.

  • Grace Weber

    It was so amazingly heartfelt and the ending was wonderful!

  • Raidon

    the book is amazing from the awkwardness and to the marvels of love and fun

  • Abigail

    Such a sweet book.

  • Ms. Yingling

    E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelinePetunia and her family move to Paris so her father can write a book about Flaubert. She's not thrilled, but glad because she embarrassed herself back in Boston with her crush, the piano playing Windel. Unfortunately, Windel's family is ALSO in Boston, as is Alex's family. Alex has a crush on Petunia's sister Ava. Ava is only Pet's half sister, and her father is not in the picture. Their mother, however, dotes on Ava to a completely creepy way, and lets her [...]

  • Amy

    Delightfully predictable and cheesy read :)

  • Barbara

    Ah, Paris is for lovers, and even when things look the bleakest, love is in the air and will find a way to steal into the hearts of its residents, even when they are Americans on a break from their normal lives. Twelve-year-old Petunia Beanly would rather be just about anywhere else than Paris, the city of love. Her initial delight about the city is dampened when she learns that Windel Watson, the talented piano player upon whom she had a crush back home in Boston, is in Paris with his family. S [...]

  • Christy

    Super cute quick read. I enjoyed the mystery of Colette's life.

  • Katie Fitzgerald

    Petunia Beanly is a younger sister who "bumbles" practically everything. When she makes an awkward mistake regarding her crush, Windel Watson, she is relieved that her family is going abroad for her father's sabbatical - until she discovers they are going to Paris, where Windel will also be staying. As she tries to come to terms with embarrassing herself with Windel, she also competes for her parents' affections, which seem to strongly favor her older sister, and she works toward solving a myste [...]

  • Lisa

    12-year-old Petunia has a crush, but every time she tries to connect with the boy, something terrible happens, until the boy’s mom calls her a stalker and threatens to get her suspended from school. But then, Petunia’s family moves to Paris while her father studies the novel Madame Bovary. Her older sister Ava seems to feel right at home in Paris, making a friend (a boyfriend!) right away and seeming to fit in everywhere she goes. Her mother obviously favors Ava. But when Pet finds a secret [...]

  • Merrilyn Tucker

    Petunia's father, on his sabbatical, takes the family to live in Paris for one year. He is a French literature scholar and can think of no more ideal place on earth to enjoy with his family. It doesn't start out as quite the utopia he thinks it's going to be, however. 12-year-old Petunia and her older sister, Ava, are not getting along. Petunia's mother is depressed. Petunia is haunted by her past humiliations with the boy she has a crush on who, by coincidence, is living in Paris for a while, t [...]

  • Stephanie Tournas

    Petunia Beanly has moved to Paris, France with her family. She misses her best friend Ginger, and her relationship with her big sister Ava is very rocky. And the boy she has a crush on, Windel Watson, is in Paris too. She had been humiliated in 7th grade by his unrequited affection, and now she has to avoid him and his family, even though he is one of the few Americans she knows in Paris. When Pet becomes friends with the concierge in her building, Collette, and hears the story of Collette's gra [...]

  • Kim Baccellia

    The Parisian setting is always fun but some things jarred me out of this story. The stereotypes of the 'rude' Parisian; the clueless father; not too nice mother; and a number of other things made this story hard to get into. The story just didn't work for me. Young elementary school aged girls will love the Parisian setting but for a more engaging story, I'd recommend Lisa Schroeder's MY SECRET GUIDE TO PARIS.

  • Jaymie

    The sister and the mom were really frustrating to me at the start, making me wonder if I wanted to keep reading. I'm so glad I pressed through the annoyance. Really loved how the story came together. (Crystal ball/fortune telling part seemed weak to me - not a major part of the story but just sort of there.)

  • Sky

    I loved this book. I guess the author meant this to be a modern day retelling of Cinderella with the missing shoe at the end and the mean half sister and mother. The lady downstairs was kind of a fairy godmother. My guess anyway. It was pretty much of a page turner for me.

  • Shauna Yusko

    Monumentally disappointed in this. Cannot even get over how much I hated the mother, her behavior, and the older sister and what she is allowed to get away with. This had so much potential. I wish I could recommend this.

  • Megan

    T’was okay.t as good as I thought it would be.

  • Caroline Mcphail-Lambert

    When I was 12, I would have loved this book! I am no longer 12, but can remember being so, so I did enjoy the angst of Petunia.

  • Charissa

    I love the Phoebe Stone books I can relate to a lot of them. I have to say my favorite ways Deep Down Popular. I wish I had a fairy tale like in the books Paris for Two and Deep Down Popular.

  • Diana

    My girls really loved this one so I read it. I was surprised to find that I couldn't put it down. A fast read with some nice moments. And both girls give it "Thumbs up."

  • Olivia P

    This book is really good. I think that the beginning is the worst part though. the ending made my heart go crazy.

  • Serena

    I recently finished reading Paris for Two, by Phoebe Stone. I didn't enjoy it very well it was quite confusing . If you like confusing books this book is just right for you.

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  • Free Download [Humor and Comedy Book] ↠ Paris for Two - by Phoebe Stone ✓
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