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By Nancy Moser | Comments: ( 326 ) | Date: ( May 30, 2020 )


  • Title: Washington's Lady
  • Author: Nancy Moser
  • ISBN: 9780764205002
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Nancy Moser

Nancy Moser is the award winning author of twenty nine inspirational novels that focus on discovering our unique purpose Her genres include both contemporary and historical stories Her latest historical novels are the Downton Abbey inspired Manor House Series Love of the Summerfields , Bride of the Summerfields , and Rise of the Summerfields Also new is The Pattern Artist about Macy s and the Butterick Pattern company Her historical bio novels allow real women of history to share their life stories Just Jane Jane Austen , Mozart s Sister Nannerl Mozart , Washington s Lady Martha Washington and How Do I Love Thee Elizabeth Barrett Browning An Unlikely Suitor was named to Booklist s Top 100 Romance Novels of the last decade Nancy s time travel novel, Time Lottery , won a Christy Award, and Washington s Lady was a finalist Her contemporary books are known for their big casts and intricate plotting Some titles are The Invitation , John 3 16 , Weave of the World , The Sister Circle , The Seat Beside Me , and The Good Nearby Nancy and her husband live in the Midwest She s earned a degree in architecture, traveled extensively in Europe, and has performed in numerous theaters, symphonies, and choirs She knits voraciously, kills all her houseplants, and can wire an electrical fixture without getting shocked She is a fan of anything antique humans included Find out nancymoser.

Comments Washington's Lady

  • Alaine

    What struck me about this book was that Martha Washington was an incredibly hard worker. She was courageous and even in the face of adversity she didn’t give up. She was completely devoted to her children and her husband and making them happy was what drove her. You cannot read this book without developing a strong admiration for George and Martha Washington. The book gives you an insight into what life was like for the people and especially women of those times.Not being from America so there [...]

  • Sarah

    I really enjoyed this book so much! Moser gave this the voice of a real person, which sometimes means it was a bit choppy, but it felt so real. she obviously spent a lot of time researching and poured both her imagination and history into this book.Highly recommend for those who love history, and Martha Washington.

  • Cheryl

    If you like your American history in the 'American colonists=good, British=bad', you'll enjoy this book. If you like your history delivered in a non-jingoistic manner where both sides exist in a shade of grey, you'll probably find the second half of this novel just as grating and hard to tollerate as I did (which is why I skipped most of it and went straight to the end). In that, she seems to have taken after Gilbert Morris. It suffers from all the same faults most Christian fiction does (sappin [...]

  • Nora St Laurent

    Martha Washington’s story surprised me. I knew nothing of this women and her great love for George Washington. I gained a new appreciation for America and how it was formed, who formed it and their amazing fight for the freedom I enjoy. This was an exciting, powerful, heartfelt story told in first person; of one women’s life filled with tragedy and triumph that would affect so many around her. Without the deep convictions George Washington had and Martha decision to allow her husband to be a [...]

  • Kelly A.

    Washington’s Lady takes a very interesting, yet fictional view, into the life of Martha Washington (1731-1802), George Washington’s wife. It begins right after the death of her first husband, Daniel Custis, and ends with the death of George (I’m going to add that this is one reason I love historical books: no spoilers. We all know that George Washington died. Gasp!) In between, we follow her through fifty years of her exciting and heroic life.Two things stood out to me about Martha. The fi [...]

  • Annie

    This is a very enjoyable book. The geneology information gets a bit confusing but it is a tiny part. The author makes Martha Washington come alive while integrating historical information in a very interesting way.

  • Christina DeVane

    This was SUCH a good and exciting read! Makes you thankful for the founding women of this country. We are visiting Mount Vernon soon! 🇺🇸

  • Meredith (Austenesque Reviews)

    I consider myself a fan of Nancy Moser, now having read and own three of her books. The first two were Mozart's Sister and Just Jane (Ladies of History Series #2). This third book of hers did not disappoint. If you are unfamiliar with her work, Nancy Moser takes a historical figure, like Martha Washington, and instead of writing a biography of her (which has already been done) she instead writes about her life in the form of a novel. A novel that has a lot of truth in it, in fact she finds as mu [...]

  • Sydney Elaine

    "It is said that without George Washington there would be no United States, but without Martha, there would be no George Washington."I have always held a particular fascination for early America, from about the time the first settlers came to the continent to the establishment of our country some hundred years later. I have really been enjoying TURN: Washington's Spies and how it focuses not just on people living during the 18th century, but actual historical people such as George Washington and [...]

  • Pooch

    Washington's Lady by Nancy MoserAmid all the anticipation and dazzle surrounding our new First Couple, reading about the first-First Couple has been especially moving. Laying the foundation for leadership was a daunting challenge for George and Martha Washington. I've read so little about Martha that I was completely enthralled by this historical fiction related in her first person voice.The narration of daily life in mid-to-late 1700's opens a world of hard work, war, teeth-rattling travel, unc [...]

  • Joy H.

    Added 4/18/15.Read during March and April 2015.An interesting story told from the point of view of Martha Washington during the time George Washington was involved with the colonies. He became Commander of the Colonial forces and then President of the newly formed USA. They both made great sacrifices for their country.Another aspect of life at that time was that so many people (including babies & children) died because of medical problems which are curable today.See the following GR review f [...]

  • Angela

    Loved this book! It was a fascinating read and even the slow parts were brimming with enough historical detail to keep me reading. Martha worked so hard alongside her husband and the soldiers of the revolution. Her life was not an easy one, especially considering her position in society. I have recommended this book to so many people, just to get a better understanding of this figure of American history. Such a contrast from today's political leaders! I especially loved the back section where th [...]

  • Sue

    ohno! this is the third of a series! guess I would have to see who the other books are about this was 396 pages of Martha probably more than I would choose to know if it were not for being a book group book it will be interesting to hear the discussion it was written as I guess people talked back in that day the cover is sooo wrong compared to the content I just can't give it a glowing review

  • Juliew15

    This is a ok book if you like George Washington and his wife and want to learn about there family. It was interesting at first but toward the end it started boring me to tears. No offence to the author. I have enjoyed other books by Nancy Moser.

  • Hailey Vieira

    This was a nice surprise. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did but all in all it was a very good read and I learned a lot about American history (I'm Canadian) and Martha is a strong and powerful woman. an amazing role model ❤

  • Hannah

    This is a reasonably good fictionalized biography of Martha Washington. If you want more solid historical material I recommend Elswyth Thane's biography, but if you want something lighter, this book is clean and harmless.Basically the novel is like a rather bland Masterpiece Theatre dramatization of Martha's life--kind of like The Adams Chronicles, minus the great lines. I've always liked the Washingtons, so I enjoyed it. If I had been younger--like 12, or 13--I would have been more thrilled by [...]

  • Erin

    The life of Martha Washington makes for fascinating reading. It is clear that George Washington was a man for his time, whose humility and dedication to God led to great things, and partnering with George with his beloved Martha. I learned many things about her in this novel, and would recommend this book to all history lovers.The story starts just after Martha Custis loses her first husband, leaving her a young widow with two small children. Martha was the wealthiest widow in Virginia at the ti [...]

  • Loraine

    It caught my attention at first. After a few chapters I almost began another book. I'm so glad I did not. I read it quickly, partly because I have a couple of other books waiting in the wings and partly because it is a great historical Novel. I like how the author shared fact or fiction at the end of the novel. It's always more interesting to read what is actually fact and what is decided on by the author to make the story logical and interesting. I think this is a great gift, that someone can s [...]

  • Lauralee Bliss

    I have written historical biographical fiction and can totally appreciate and understand the tremendous work and research that went into this book. Not to mention telling it all in the first person. And for that I gave it four stars. To try and condense the life of George Washington into 400 pages is tough enough as it is. And that is probably why the author had difficulty bringing to "life" the characters in this novel. While knowledge was present in vast amounts, a third dimension to the book [...]

  • JaNae

    I really enjoy Nancy Moser's fictional biographies. This was another great one. I thought I knew a thing or two about Martha Washington. We live near DC and have had a couple annual passes to Mount Vernon and spent much time exploring every corner of that fabulous estate. But it turns out I had always thought about Martha in relation to George. I forgot that she had a whole life before she met George, which forced her to carry certain baggage of old in-laws and single parenting into her new marr [...]

  • Kalena

    4.5**** Historical/Christian fiction. This is the first book I have read by Nancy Moser. Also, I admit to having a long-time interest in George & Martha Washington. The details and the voice she gave to Martha Washington was fantastic. Although the story was a bit sad or bogged down in places, I believe this had more to do with the path their lives took that storytelling. There needed to be that feeling of "will this war ever be over" or "when will the suffering end?" Thankfully, the author [...]

  • Sereina

    This book is like a biography, since it's written about her life. But the novel is written in first person, as Martha, and in present tense. In the back, Nancy Moser tells what was fact and what was fiction in her book. Many parts of the book were based off true facts. I also love her writing style. Martha was a strong, and amazing woman. She went though a lot in her lifetime. She suffered the loss of her children, mother, siblings,grandchildren and husbands. She was always doing whatever she co [...]

  • Melissa

    I liked this much better than the other Nancy Moser biographical novels I've read! It just seemed more plausible and well-done, with better lessons. Martha Custis Washington endured much hardship, and grew to be a self-sacrificing, hard-working woman with strong loyalty to her husband and country. She was not always the best mother (too lenient), but we can learn through her mistakes. The only thing that didn't seem quite consistent with her character to me was when she is said to have stomped h [...]

  • Stacy

    This is my second Nancy Moser women's historical fiction book, and I think I enjoyed it as much or maybe even more than the first one I read (Mozart's Sister). I guess I like historical fiction more than I realize!This is the story of Martha Custis Washington, widowed mother of two who marries George Washington. She wants to settle at Mount Vernon and be a plantation owner's wife, a role she was bred for. She never wants to be a soldier's wife, much less a general's and president's wife. She end [...]

  • Angie

    I loved this book. I learned that Martha Washington was a widower. George was her second husband. =) Also her children died at young ages. This book was a real page-turner. I LOVED EVERY PAGEAt the end of George's life--Martha struggled with the fact that her husband died with the doctor and others nearby. She stated (and I am not sure if this was part of Nancy Moser's fiction or a true fact)--she would've liked to have been the only one there to say goodbye to her beloved. How incredible that s [...]

  • Barbara

    The more I read Nancy Moser's historical fiction, the more I admire her writing. Martha Custis Washington must have been a very admirable lady, and this certainly comes across in this fictional account. Living during the Revolutionary war period would have been challenging, but although she suffered more than her share of very tragic, early family deaths, she found strength in her faith and courage to carry on. The historical details seem extremely accurate, and make this a fascinating story abo [...]

  • Laura

    I remember reading a biography of Martha Washington back when I was a kid, so reading a more complete fiction work seemed like fun. I liked this - it made Martha Washington into an imperfect person, but one that I could understand.I especially liked at the end, where the author took the time to explain why she had written this book and where she had filled in gaps and made things up. I appreciated that she took the time to do so and let us know she didn't just change things to be more exciting, [...]

  • Alice

    I'd previously read many of Nancy Moser's other books, and began this novel with high expectations. Nevertheless, Moser blew me away yet again by combining her enthralling writing with true stories of one of America's finest ladies. The book necessarily deals with the deaths of many people close to Martha. She struggles with grief, but does not neglect her increasing responsibilities. The book's major theme is strength in adversity, and as Martha fights the realities of suffering and death she g [...]

  • Melaniegurnett

    Washington's lady is a very historical book about the union and separation of the USA. It is Martha washington's history of her life before and after the war and as the wife of the first president. She was a remarkable woman who stayed strong through many personal tragedies. Her faith in God,and the love of her husband give her the strength she needs to go on in life. The book taught me much about America's history I didn't know, but it read a bit to much like a history book, dealing more with f [...]

  • Cyl

    My daughter found this book in a used bookstore and handed it to me knowing I like Historicals especially regarding the Founding Fathers. I have not read much on George Washington and his wife, Martha, but this book proved to be a wonderful way of meeting them.Nancy Moser writes the story of "Washington's Lady" from Martha's standpoint. It is funny, poignant, and gives a wonderful sense of love and loyalty from the hardships handed to the Washingtons. I highly recommend this book as an introduct [...]

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