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By Albert Lamorisse | Comments: ( 294 ) | Date: ( Jan 28, 2020 )

A magical book that has become an enduring children s classic, The Red Balloon is the story of a young boy and his best friend a bright red balloon Chock full of photographs of the boy, the balloon and the captivating city of Paris.A New York Times Best Illustrated Children s Book of the Year.

  • Title: The Red Balloon
  • Author: Albert Lamorisse
  • ISBN: 9780385003438
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Albert Lamorisse

Albert Lamorisse Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Red Balloon book, this is one of the most wanted Albert Lamorisse author readers around the world.

Comments The Red Balloon

  • Rebecca McNutt

    Based on the famous 1956 French Kodak short film, The Red Balloon is a dazzling, creative book that anyone can read, telling the story of a little boy and the powerful companionship he has with his imaginary friend, a bright red balloon.

  • Lisa Vegan

    I'm not sure why I bought and read this book. Mastery over trauma? Because when I was in elementary school, whenever it rained and we couldn't go outside into the play yard for the bulk of our lunch period, they'd herd us all into the auditorium, and show us the film The Red Balloon. To me, it was a sad story about loss whose ending did not console me at all. Ah well.

  • Kelly

    My favorite book from childhood.

  • Ginta Harrigan

    “The Red Balloon” is actually a French film short that was released in the 1950’s. I saw the film a few years ago but did not remember much from it. Reading the book brought back memories of the film. I loved this book. I love the relationship between Pascal and his friend the red balloon. The balloon is an inanimate character that has animate qualities. The balloon accompanies Pascal everywhere and often lands him in a lot of trouble. The story is told with humor and sensitivity. I predic [...]

  • Esther Barajikian

    "The Red Balloon" is a fanciful picture book that captures the imagination of primary readers. The book tells the story of a lonely little boy, Pascal who becomes friends with a big red balloon. They have many adventures on the streets of Paris. The strength of their friendship is tested and proved to be true. I gave the book a 4-star rating for several reasons. The pictures are beautiful still photographs taken from a film entitled "The Red Balloon" that was produced in 1956. Many of them are b [...]

  • GoldenjoyBazyll

    I got this book 29 years ago from my forner mother in law when I began my student teachinbg assignment with Kindergarteners. it had belonged to my former husband and she said it had been one of his favorites. Well, one day I brought a blown up red balloon (helium) to school inside of a box (I called it my magic box) and sat the children down at circle time. I told them that something very special was inside of the box and had them guess. When I opened the box and the balloon popped our everyone [...]

  • George

    The Red Balloon was originally a short French film that I saw as a 6-year-old in school. I was so moved by the film as a young child, that when I revisited the film decades I expected a very different (adult-perspective) experience. But it brought back every thought and feeling I had years before. It was just as I remembered it--Magical! How fun to share that with my own children! This author, Albert Lamorisse was also the producer and director of the film. He used the very same excellent black- [...]

  • April-lyn

    This is the first book I ever read in the school library that wasn't on the shorter shelves specifically for kids. I remember asking the librarian to take it off the shelf for me in first grade because I couldn't reach it. I don't really remember anything about this book except that I loved it. I should find a copy and revisit it now, 23 years later

  • Victoria

    I remember seeing a movie that mirrored this book; not sure which was made first? I had a little-girl-crush on the boy in the movie and whose picture is in this book.

  • Rebecca

    I still think about this movie sometimes. It was magical, and surely contributed to my thinking that objects could be alive and have feelings, and stories didn't need words.

  • Karen Dransfield

    A rather odd story about a boy and a magical balloon that follows him around a bit like a pet. The photo's are from the film that the book is based on.

  • Fed

    A children's story with great significance. Highly recommended.The things that we treat with respect and care will always come back to us.

  • Volkert

    A book I enjoyed reading aloud to my daughter. Adapted from the film of the same title, with photos taken during the shooting of the film. A balloon befriends a little boy, but its presence keeps getting him into trouble.

  • Susan

    A favorite.

  • Amy

    3.5 stars.

  • Cindy Nguyen

    Very creative and sweet

  • Dan

    I liked how this book was a classic, but the ending kinda made me go "what?" a little bit.

  • Sarah

    My adventurous five-year-old wasn't sure what to make of this book when she first saw it, but eventually the magic caught her interest. By the end of the story, she was convinced it was true and was wishing for her very own red balloon. My eight-year-old enjoyed the book as well.

  • Amy

    An incredibly sweet story, with darling images of Paris.

  • Alexandra

    My Mom used to love to read this book to my brother and I when we were little, and I used to love listening to her. She always reads with the most enthusiastic voice, and does not get boring at all, even today, when she reads any old random sentence aloud. Anyway, I believe my brother had gotten this from a book order or maybe my Mom got it for him as a present. It smells amazing! Like my Grandfather's drawers full of treasures like packs of gum, film, coins, decks of cards and other odds and en [...]

  • Karen

    I vaguely remember a short, non-verbal, film called the "Red Balloon". The balloon in the film seemed playful and not quite as mischievous as the balloon in the book. In this case, the film came first, and the film is better. I thought maybe some of the charm was lost in the translation, so I picked up a copy of Le Ballon Rouge as well. It is pretty straight-forward reading so even my rusty French could (mostly) keep up. Some of the charm was lost in the translation, but even in French, the book [...]

  • Lisa Jo

    I always love this movie when they showed it in elementary school. Others did not. This is when I realized that I was perhaps a bit more "arty" than my friends. When I was in Paris this summer, I went to the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. While there I found The Red Balloon. I had to buy it. The Red Ballon, Paris, a must. To be honest, I do prefer the movie. I think it's because the movie is mostly silent and we see everything that happens, whereas, the book, of course, has to explain it. Ho [...]

  • sasasa

    this was primo's 4th bday (book) present. he didn't pay any attention to it until this week, when he asks for it before bed and upon waking. i like children's books that acknowledge the sad parts of being a kid (maurice sendak is a good one for that) without making them silly or less significant. my boy's excitement when he reaches the pages in color is pretty wonderful, and wouldn't happen if they hadn't made most of it in b&w.i've always skipped over the movie just because i'd seen a bunch [...]

  • Jazzmin

    This was a neat book. I picked it up at the library because I know of the film version, which came first, and that it is known as a classic. I really liked the photographs and the story in unity and the way the photographs especially were able to showcase the culture and different aspects of the stories setting- Paris. The story is endearing and memorable. I think this is a good children's book. It is one of those books you find has a very simple theme, but it stays with you because it is sweet [...]

  • Wild-Rogue-Rose

    I remember watching the short film when I was still little, living in Japan with Mum and brother.Sure most in my age group found it boring, dull and too sad for their tastes, but it greatly peaked my interest. I loved the quietness of the film and that you had to WATCH and come up with your own dialogue to understand what was going on. Got your imagination going. I remember being over the Moon when Mum brought this book home. The pages upon pages of photography gripped my little mind like a vice [...]

  • Cassie

    Great book! Can be very relatable for families that have loved ones in the service. Shows a child's viewpoint of having a parent in the service and the excitement of them returning home. I was able to relate to this book by having my brother Jordan in the Navy and always being so excited for when he comes home.

  • Linda

    I can think of only two movies that are BETTER than the books--and this is one of them! The movie is 5 stars. It's a family favorite. (I think that the book was made from stills from the movie.)(The other "movie is better than the book" is "2001, A Space Odyssey--another rare "the-movie-came-first".)

  • Jaycen

    JJ hated the ending of this story! We loved reading it page by page, and it was interesting to see a movie in book form. But the ending was a huge disappointment to JJ. We laughed when we reached that last page!

  • Vanessa

    this book is a little boarings sad and funny at the same time. it depends on how you look at it.'there are a lot pictures in here and not wordss a book about a boy and his red balloon and how it keeps coming back to him.

  • Cheryl

    A great book -- the photos (probably from the movie?) are amazing and bring the whole thing to life. It's simply about a boy and his red balloon and all the trouble he gets into because of it. It's about bullies and friendship and reward.

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  • [PDF] Ï Unlimited ☆ The Red Balloon : by Albert Lamorisse ↠
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