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By Alexa Wilder | Comments: ( 692 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

The Courtship Maneuver, the sexy and sweet series by Alexa Wilder, is now available as a complete series For the first time you can read all three books in one volume Chloe Henson is in love with her boss Completely, totally, head over heels in love She knows he doesn t feel the same way she doesn t expect him too Sam Logan is successful and wealthy, and he only datThe Courtship Maneuver, the sexy and sweet series by Alexa Wilder, is now available as a complete series For the first time you can read all three books in one volume Chloe Henson is in love with her boss Completely, totally, head over heels in love She knows he doesn t feel the same way she doesn t expect him too Sam Logan is successful and wealthy, and he only dates supermodels When he could have any woman in Las Vegas, why would he want his shy, abundantly curvy assistant Determined to ignore her heart, Chloe puts her feelings on hold But when her brother disappears, and she ends up in the cross hairs of the Russian mob, she has nowhere to turn Except to Sam Sam Logan has a problem He has a thing for his assistant, but he knows he can t act on it Chloe s the best assistant he s ever had, and over the three years they ve worked together, she s become his best friend Chloe is so shy, he knows one wrong move will send her running When her irresponsible brother rips off a mob boss and vanishes, Chloe is in danger, and Sam s tired of waiting to make his move The best way to keep her safe is to make her his But with bullets flying and betrayal around every corner, can Sam convince Chloe that this is than just a fling This hot and steamy alpha billionaire romance is perfect for fans of Hannah Ford, Lila Monroe, Cassie Cross and J.S Scott The Courtship Maneuver is a serial romance in three parts All parts are available exclusively for and Kindle Unlimited readers BOOK ONE EXCERPT Sam groaned deep in his chest and began to move, backing me into the wall without breaking the kiss I kept my grip on his hair, loving the feeling of his head in my hands as his mouth fed from mine in kiss after drugging kiss His hands were everywhere, stroking my back, my sides, untucking my blouse and sliding beneath to brand my bare skin with trails of heat When his palm rose to graze the side of my breast, I whimpered Like a shot, he was gone, stepping back, dropping his hands and shoving them in the back pockets of his jeans Sleep well, he said as if he hadn t just been holding me to the wall kissing the life out of me If you need anything, I m right across the hall With that, he left I stood there, leaning against the wall for a long minute before going to the bathroom to change into his t shirt I got into his bed, surrounded by his scent and tried to fall asleep, my head spinning from his kiss What had that been about I d never had any idea Sam might want to kiss me I d dreamed about it, but I hadn t imagined those dreams might ever come true Not that they had, really In my dreams he didn t kiss me breathless and then walk away.

  • Title: The Courtship Maneuver, Complete Series
  • Author: Alexa Wilder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Alexa Wilder

Alexa Wilder has been a sucker for romance since she found her first Harlequin at a hospital rummage sale when she was thirteen While she loves all forms of the written word so much that she occasionally gets caught reading the cereal box at breakfast , love stories have always been her favorite.She lives in the southern U.S with her husband, two sons, an assorted menagerie of pets, and spends most of her time dreaming up sexy, domineering heroes and the feisty, strong willed heroines who will send them reeling.

Comments The Courtship Maneuver, Complete Series

  • Tiblu

    No. Just No.They were both Idiots!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa ;( Chloe come home to possible Russian mobsters in her apt. To kidnap her,she hides out in a model home ,her boss finds her and takes her home with him He's in love with her and vice versa but since she's a BBW ashes of Course NOT ALLOWED to feel worthy of him,soo after he kisses her senseless later that night and then the next morning makes a VERY Clumsy attempt to let her know he wants her as much as she might want him. But between her BBW ( m [...]

  • Ash

    Her naivety irked me a lot, otherwise a fun fluff read. :)

  • Trish

    The girl was too dumbThe book would have been easier to get through if the girl wasn't TSTL. It's shocking that someone with such an important role in the company could be so short sighted and persistently incapable of making a good decision endangering herself and others. Naivety or worrying about her brother wasn't reason enough to create such a brainless woman. Barely got through the book.

  • Barbara

    This book is the second in a series but it is a standalone. Chloe raised her brother and he's in trouble. Sam, Chloe's boss, has known he loves Chloe for a while and trying to help her with her brother is his opportunity to let her know. I liked the chemistry between Chloe and Sam and enjoyed this story.

  • Maria Hammonds

    Whoops!Can you say suspense! From the start we were taken on a fast moving ride. I so enjoyed the ride. I did question Chole's mental stability several times there. She seemed to need saving from herself. It turned out for the good all around. Loved the story.

  • Brenda Fashola

    Rewrite the heroine - needs to be less annoying!I enjoyed the book, but found Chloe exceedingly annoying! My God she was exasperating - so hard headed. Sam and Axel were the redeeming factors in this story. For them I gave a top rating.

  • Stephie

    Sometimes books have a good plot but the characters are too dumb to make it a success The heroine was an idiot. I mean jumping in front of a train to stop it with your hand kind of idiot. Which was a bummer for me.

  • Elizabeth

    GreatAnother great read. The action scenes are packed to tight together though in my opinion. Aside from that I enjoyed reading this book. Can’t wait to read the next one.

  • Tabitha Bauman

    The Courtship Maneuver, Complete Series Chloe has been Sam's administrative assistant for three years. She has been in love with him almost all of that time but feels she could never have a chance with him because he's always dated rail thin model types. Sam has had strong feelings for Chloe for a long time now he thinks she is a beautiful bombshell a goddess among women but she has never given him any indication that she is interested. She is his best friend his touch stone and he's terrified t [...]

  • Lisa

    Love this suspenseful romance! Chloe is in love with her boss and has been for the past three years. She's decided that any dream of being with him will never happen since she is curvy and he seems to have a thing for skinny/model types. One night she goes home to find armed men tearing her place apart and she runs off to the only place she can think of, one of the model homes her boss has built. He finds her hiding out and decides he needs to take care of her since she clearly has no idea how t [...]

  • Ashleyjo

    The plot, writing, characters, etcHer ++ Him I know I've only ever dated models and I'm hot and all, but really. + Result.

  • Nickie Adler

    Sexy, sizzling and a bit of danger.Chloe has loved Sam for three years. As his assistant, she basically handles his work life, making sure his construction company runs smoothly. Arriving home one night she sees that someone has broken into her house and he has a gun. Knowing this has something to do with her brother Nolan, she runs away and hides in one of the model homes that her boss Sam is building. This is where Sam finds her. After explaining to Sam what she saw, he immediately takes her t [...]

  • Mary Armbrust

    Ok I totally loved this series it is a can't stop till you finish it series. I instantly connected with Chloe just the way she perceived herself cause I do the same things that she does. Sam was just amazing and I could see guys doing like him I've known quite a few that are very similar to him. I was amazed at the way she incorporated Vegas into the books. I loved the way that Sam's dad was pushy just like alot of dad's that I know. Axel oh man on man he was the total cop package even though he [...]

  • Susana Graça

    Chloe, I had only read one paragraph and I already liked you :) but, girl, you got me soooooooooo frustrated!I hate when people are eavesdropping and don't hear everything, I get that sometimes it's hard to listen some things, but if ALL the books I've read is that thing are not always what they seem to be, so if you are eavesdropping (by accident or not) you might as well ear do it till the end, do NOT stop in the middle! Yes, there is a chance that you'll end up hearing even worse things, but [...]

  • Sommertime

    A long-suffering 3 stars. There were a lot of things to love about this book. The relationship between the H and h was so sweet and romantic. But the h was just soooo TSTL. She did so many stupid nonsensical things that I started skimming just to get it over with. She sees bad guys in her house so she runs away from them and the next day she is running away from Sam to go right into the lion's den. I'm sorry, did I miss the part where she has special ops training so she can deal with the Russian [...]

  • Liz

    Eye roll. Eye roll. Eye roll.Is it supposed to be romantic for the man you've been in love with to basically insult your wardrobe and commandeer your life? I found Sam to be barbaric and Chloe to be rather stupid and naive. She works in the construction business and she has no idea how the world works??Basically, Chloe works with Sam who owns a huge construction business in Vegas. Chloe comes from a troubled background and has assumed responsibility for her 22 yr old brother who clearly has issu [...]

  • Marguerita

    Overall I enjoyed the book. The two problems I had that caused me not to give it more stars are:1. The chick Chloe did some stupid stuff. I became frustrated with the character to the point I almost stopped reading the book twice. The stupid stuff being reacting without thinking considering her life is in danger. Then she would be tough one minute and then so innocent the next. If it wasn't for Sam, I think the book wouldn't have been as enjoyable.2. There were errors with names. Axel's was the [...]

  • Charliegirl1

    Loved this sweet romanceThis was the first time I've read anything by this author, but definitely will not be the last! The hero and heroine genuinely liked one another even before romance blossomed, the curvy girl heroine was portrayed respectfully (unlike some other curvy girl books I've read where I suspected that the author had no liking or respect for real-life curvy girls). There was a good blend of romance, sizzle, and drama, along with likeable characters. I'll definitely be reading Alex [...]

  • DawnMarieCarpintero

    5 Series StarsIn only a few words to simply put this book. This author created amazing. sexy, hotness between this couple. The icing on the cake was just as delectable as in tasting it for the first time. You never know what a topping is gonna taste like till you dive into it as with this book you really don't know what your going to get till you take your first bite.Major kudosHappy ReadingSexy and Hot

  • Jai

    Overall I would rate this book as okay. Chole annoyed the heck out of me with so many of her stupid decisions. All I have to say about Sam is."one please!" There is really not much to comment about the book, you may get pissed at Chole for her stuipdness, you may swoon over Sam's hotness or you may get irritated as hell wondering when the story is going to get to the point. I don't know. This book deserves 2.5 stars no more then 3, because in many ways it is super predictable.

  • Asian Chef

    I enjoyed The Courtship Maneuver. Love Sam and Chloe. A sweet and understanding Sam while a stubborn Chloe takes matters into her own hands as she tries to rescue her troubled brother. I love the little suspense in the story. Love to read about the familiar characters of Dylan and Leigha as well as Axel too! Overall, I enjoyed this book and can't wait for Axel's story!

  • Shontaye Harkness

    Wow!!!!!Talk about surprises! This was amazing and excitement. These two are a quirky couple and will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen. Chloe is stubborn and hard headed to say the least. But she just wanted her brother to be safe. Sam has his hands full trying to keep her out of harms way.

  • Alysha

    A great readAlexa Wilder did it again. I loved this story. It was filled with drama and love and passion. I didn't realize that it was connected to her other series, the Wedding Rescue. Although they are connected I don't believe that you need to read the Wedding Rescue first as this story had a slight crossover of the characters.

  • Silver Passion

    Great second seriesThe Courtship Maneuver is great. Great storytelling, great sex, great guy and great annoying female. I liked Chloe. The fact she got on my nerves made me like her more. Great thrills and suspense.

  • Ashley Ann Martin

    Cute story but it needs a good re-editWhile I enjoyed the story and read it in a few hours, the mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc, were a little much. I gave it three stars because I really liked the storyline.

  • P

    Cute book!This is a fun, sexy, sweet read. Loved Sam and Chloe. They were so perfect for each other. There was also a bit of intrigue and or mystery involving Chloe's brother. Good book.

  • Maggie2u

    I really loved Sam and his character. The way he handled Chloe and wouldn't give up on her. Alexa Wilder really knows how to suck you in and hold you there. Thanks for making my vacation a great one! RRR

  • Sonja Smith

    Loved this seriesAleza Wilder, if you keep writing like this, you will definitely have a fan for life. I'm reading this series backwards but it does matter because Axel and Sam has done it for me and now I'm off to see what mischief Dylan is up to.

  • Kelly

    Not a bad little story The storyline kept moving, it never slowed down. And not to over the top. There was a little disconnect I felt with the characters. Don't know if it's because it was a fast pass story or if I just could really care what happened to them.

  • Melissa

    Good storyDear Alexa,Do not write in parts. I was lucky enough to read the bundle for free. I enjoyed the series a little steam little danger (although I knew who one of the bad guy was). We need the third story but as one book

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  • Best Read [Alexa Wilder] ↠ The Courtship Maneuver, Complete Series || [Ebooks Book] PDF ✓
    302 Alexa Wilder
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