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By Harlan Coben | Comments: ( 794 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

1 New York Times bestseller Harlan Coben delivers his next impossible to put down thrillerIn the course of eight consecutive 1 New York Times bestsellers, millions of readers have discovered Harlan Coben s page turning thrillers, filled with his trademark edge of your seat suspense and gut wrenching emotion In Fool Me Once, Coben once again outdoes himself.Former specia 1 New York Times bestseller Harlan Coben delivers his next impossible to put down thrillerIn the course of eight consecutive 1 New York Times bestsellers, millions of readers have discovered Harlan Coben s page turning thrillers, filled with his trademark edge of your seat suspense and gut wrenching emotion In Fool Me Once, Coben once again outdoes himself.Former special ops pilot Maya, home from the war, sees an unthinkable image captured by her nanny cam while she is at work her two year old daughter playing with Maya s husband, Joe who had been brutally murdered two weeks earlier The provocative question at the heart of the mystery Can you believe everything you see with your own eyes, even when you desperately want to To find the answer, Maya must finally come to terms with deep secrets and deceit in her own past before she can face the unbelievable truth about her husband and herself.

  • Title: Fool Me Once
  • Author: Harlan Coben
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Harlan Coben

With over 60 million books in print worldwide, Harlan Coben s last seven consecutive novels, MISSING YOU, SIX YEARS, STAY CLOSE, LIVE WIRE, CAUGHT, LONG LOST and HOLD TIGHT all debuted at 1 on the New York Times bestseller list and lists around the world His books are published in 43 languages around the globe.Coben is the winner of the Edgar Award, Shamus Award and Anthony Award the first author to win all three and he has received an eclectic variety of honors from all over the world His novel TELL NO ONE has been turned into a hit French film of the same name His essays and columns have appeared in many top publications Harlan was born in Newark, New Jersey He still lives in New Jersey with his wife, Anne Armstrong Coben MD, a pediatrician, and their four children.

Comments Fool Me Once

  • Mandy

    Oh my GAWD! This book was such a spine tingling, page turner! It was hard to put this down and go about other things when I had to. Seriously I believe this is one of Coben's best novels. He has been and will stay one of my favorite authors! If you haven't read anything by him you need to shut your head in a door (not too hard because you need to read his books) and then grab a handful of his novels. You won't be sorry!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deanna

    I don't normally update my reviews but it's been brought to my attention that my review has a spoiler in it's very first sentence. I do normally put a warning about possible minor spoilers but as I didn't think I was saying more than the book blurb did I didn't bother on this review. But apparently I've given away the plot in my very first sentence? So I will put the warning in now.******Possibly some minor spoilers!!!!!!******I have read a few books by Harlan Coben and really enjoyed them. Fool [...]

  • Carla Palmeiro

    I need to rant and to vent, so here it goes! Beware this review IS FULL of SPOILERS:So, this is just my second Harlan Coben book; just finished 'THE STRANGER' which I loved, propelling me to read his latest offering immediately after. Even though I am semi virgin to his books and style, I do understand the author is known to follow a certain formula and insert a few basic plot themes repeatedly in all his books. I get it!Until that ‘oh so shocking final twist’ – Maya being Joe’s killer a [...]

  • Diane

    The release of a new Harlan Coben book is something I mark on my calendar. Seriously. "New Coben book!" is a reason to celebrate.I've been enjoying Coben's novels for several years now, so you can understand how excited I was when I received an advance copy to review. I think I jumped up and down and shrieked.Fool Me Once is another good thriller, one that kept twisting and turning until the final pages. The story follows Maya, a battle-weary veteran whose home life is turned upside down when he [...]

  • Frances

    3.5* Attending a funeral is hard to do, especially if you are a widow with a two year old daughter to raise on your own. Somehow Maya Stern is able to hold it all together, most likely from her training as a special ops pilot. Having witnessed her husband’s murder, she has to stay focused and remain strong. After the funeral, Eileen, a close friend, gives her a gift; a nanny cam. Although Maya trusts her nanny completely, she decides to set it up where her daughter would be playing during the [...]

  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)

    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.I loved this book! I am a huge fan of Harlan Coben's work and have been so for years. I have enjoyed some of his books more than others but I have yet to come across one that I didn't like. I have come to expect a few things from a Harlan Coben book over the years. I love the twists and turns found in his stories and I really enjoy seeing Mr. Coben's sense of humor work its way into the books. This book exceeded all of my expectations and eve [...]

  • Matthew

    For me, this was just okay. Not as strong as the other Coben novels I have read. There are a few twists and turns, but I was not as shocked as I expected to be. Also, it felt like a lot of filler - like he stretched a 150 page book out to 400 pages. It was a mediocre experience, but it won't keep me from reading more Coben in the future.

  • Gary

    When I was offered the opportunity to read an advanced copy from one of my favourite authors it was too good to refuse.'Fool me once' is the new stand alone novel by Harlan Coben and like so many of his novels ticks all the boxes. This suspense novel keeps you guessing right to the very end and is sure to entertain the reader.Maya Stern is a retired helicopter pilot and returns home after a troubled ending to her time in Iraq. Surrounded by in scandal, she returns home to her husband, Joe, and h [...]

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    SWEDISH REVIEWHarlan Coben är en författare som är fantastisk på att skriva en spännande thriller. Jag älskar särskilt hans Myron Bolitar-serie. I Sanningen har Coben återigen skrivit en intressant berättelse där ingenting är som det verkar. Jag gillade omedelbart Maya och det var intressant att läsa om hur hon försöker hantera situationen att vara en ensamstående mamma, ex-soldat och på det tillkommer ett mysterium, ett omöjligt mysterium då hon seer något som inte kan vara s [...]

  • Elyse

    Fooled me. Weirdending but for what it was - I got my money's worth.I listened to the audiobook: daily deal special. The positive: Time zoomed by. I didn't drift off held my attention -easily.I don't think I've ever read a Harlan Coben book before now---maybe I have years ago?Or was it one of the others -Koontz? (I get these guys mixed up). Airport books I call them. Wow there are 25,409 rating! 2,663 reviews on - 3.91 overall rating! I'll go with 3.3 stars -( more than 3 stars - but not 4 star [...]

  • Maureen

    *4.5 STARS*Fool Me Once? Harlan Coben has fooled me numerous times during this particular story!Maya Stern, retired helicopter pilot, returns home after a tragic ending to her service in Iraq. Things get even worse when her husband Joe is shot dead, with Maya witnessing his murder. Events then take a really weird turn when she sees Joe on her nanny cam. Is Joe really dead? He must be - Maya saw it happen - attended his funeral. So just what is going on?Join Maya on this twisty, multi-layered sto [...]

  • Suzanne

    More crazy rich people! I read a spoiler. Not good!Another read of one of my fave’s. HC is good. I listened to this one, what an excellent narrator is January LaVoy, I would love to listen to her again. She captured Maya’s voice perfectly – the seriousness of her character was perfect. Capable and strong that her character was. Maya is struggling after the death of her husband, whose family is one of the ultra rich variety. She and Lilly, 2 are left behind in what turns out to be a dangero [...]

  • Malia

    My first Coben in quite a while, but definitely a page-turner and entertaining holiday read, which was exactly what I was looking for. I read this is going to be turned into a film with Julia Roberts, and I am curious to see how that will turn out.Find more reviews and bookish fun at princessandpen

  • Phrynne

    This is one of those books that has such an intriguing twist at the end that you want to go back and read it again with the information you now have! It was very well managed and I was clueless!I must admit that occasionally in the first half of the book the thought did cross my mind that this was not as good as the Myron Bolitar books. Maya did a lot of mental self evaluation and once or twice I am sure I muttered out loud something like "Oh do get on with it!" I am prone to do that with audio [...]

  • Vanessa

    A fast paced suspense thriller with a nice little gotcha moment at the end, had me guessing all the way through, it’s got some obvious holes in the plot but I enjoyed the weird ending anyway. I love that the main character was a fierce female that did not hold back any punches. Fun audio to make the car trips go by quickly, 3.5 stars rounded up for fun factor and for not boring me once.

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

    This is Harlan Coben at his best!I was a Harlan Coben fan from way back, but the two previous books of his I read were very mediocre, one of them I didn't even finish. And if I hadn't already had this on my shelf, I would never have read it. Bu thank goodness I did!The pace is fast, the twists many. It was a book I just couldn't put down, and one I continued to think about after I had finished reading.Former special ops pilot Maya, home from the war, sees an unthinkable image captured by her nan [...]

  • Rob1109

    I read my first Harlan Coben novel about 4 years ago, a book titled “Caught.” I loved it! Great story, great writing, great characters and endless plot twists and turns.I read a second Coben novel and yet again, was floored Great story, great writing, great characters and endless plot twists and turns. A third novel by him moved him into my “very exclusive” list of Top 5 authors. A fourth novel moved him into my top three.I read a fifth novel.It was when I was reading my sixth novel by H [...]

  • Supratim

    Well Mr. Coben -- you certainly write good mystery novels. I need to explore more of your works.Trust plays a very important role in our life -- I mean we have to trust a number of people in our daily life - that's how our society functions. Whom do we trust most - our family and close friends. What if certain events turn your world upside down - you don't know whom to trust - your paranoia makes you suspect your friend and you start doubting your own sanity as well.The protagonist of the story [...]

  • Julie

    Fool Me Once by Harlen Coben is a 2016 publication. Taken at face value, however, this is an excellent thriller, packed with taut, edgy suspense, and is certainly entertaining, keeping me fully engaged from start to finish. What more can you ask for? But, if you want to dig a little deeper, this story provides an interesting character study and one that left me feeling a little conflicted. I hoped the truth would set everyone free and in a bizarre way it did just that, but not in a way I ever wo [...]

  • Lindsey Rey

    I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Bianca

    'Fool Me Once' was different from the two previous Coben novels I read recently, in that the main heroine was a woman, Maya Stern, a former army captain.Maya has just buried her husband, Joe. Few months before, her sister, Claire, had been tortured and murdered.Maya is in a strange state, suffering from PTSD as well. This novel was a bit too convoluted. Sure, it keeps you reading. I personally just try to enjoy the ride, as I know that the guilty party is always someone unexpected, true for this [...]

  • Brenda

    Is this the best book that Harlan Coben has written? No. Is it an interesting read? Sure.The main character, Maya, suffers from PTSD, has a toddler daughter, and is a recent widow. She is one very unhappy person. Her thought process is flawed and her actions are extreme. Secondary characters are cliches. Strong military friend who has her back. Rich, manipulative mother-in-law. Upstanding, but weak brother-in-law.The storyline is typically convoluted, sometimes implausible, but wrapped up thorou [...]

  • Carol

    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."FOOL ME ONCE is a fast-moving, multi-layered, multi-murder mystery with a twist and another winner for Harlan Coben.After her husband Joe is brutally killed in the park, honorably discharged helicopter pilot, Captain Maya Stern makes it her mission in life to seek revenge and take down his killers, but Joe's murder isn't the only one she wants to avenge.With a sketchy past of her own, nightmares fr [...]

  • Brenda

    The murder of her husband Joe shocked her to the core – and even worse that she witnessed the brutal murder. Ex-Army Captain Maya Stern (now Burkett) was traumatised but knew she had to stay strong for her two year old daughter Lily; she felt it keenly, especially as it was only four months since her sister Claire had also been murdered. When Maya saw something which wasn’t in any way possible, she wondered if she’d lost the plot – if the stress and trauma of leaving the army, Claire’s [...]

  • Brandie

    I love suspense novels, especially when they're so intense that they keep me guessing until the very end. I don't even mind when they don't have romance, as long as I'm entertained and can't put it down. Harlan Coben is the king of great suspense in my mind, and this book is definitely one of his best. Although his 2015 release was a bit of a disappointment to me, I am still a devoted fan who will read any book this man writes. And if you haven't read one of his books, I highly recommend you sta [...]

  • Jonetta

    Former Army Captain Maya Stern inexplicably sees her recently murdered husband, Joe Burkett, on her new nanny cam holding her two-year old daughter. Her investigation sends her on a bizarre trek into secrets and lies going back decades, all the while as the police try to figure out who killed Joe and we try to determine if he's really dead. I'm a huge Coben fan so this twisty, around the bend story was expected. It's got a large cast with several subplots in play, not necessarily connected (or a [...]

  • ☮Karen

    This book!  This was so very good, and quite a thrilling roller  coaster of a read.  It doesn't take long at all for Coben to throw a tidbit, a red herring if you will, at us.  And from that point on it was a race to the finish.   I was positive I had the ending all figured out -- positive!  But I knew there would still be something I hadn't thought of, being it's  Coben and all.  But of course --  I was completely wrong.  All I got right was that I'd end up loving it.  The ending [...]

  • Wendy

    Master Storyteller Harlan Coben delivers his next edge of your seat thriller with Fool Me Once. Full of twists and turns you will be fooled more than once!Former Special Ops Pilot Maya Stern returns from Iraq after a mission gone bad. Just as she is adjusting to being back home her husband Joe, is murdered.Suffering from PTSD and trying to raise her 2 year old daughter Maya suddenly has reason to believe that Joe might not be dead. She searches for answers amidst a bevy of lies and deceit. A wel [...]

  • Aditi

    “I am a fool with a heart but no brains, and you are a fool with brains but no heart; and we’re both unhappy, and we both suffer.”----Fyodor DostoyevskyHarlan Coben, an international bestselling author, has penned yet another engrossing and riveting thriller, Fool Me Once that revolves around a former female Army soldier who sees her dead husband on their two year old daughter's room's nanny cam, two days after the funeral of her husband who has been shot dead by the robbers in front of hi [...]

  • Maureen

    Thin and implausible plot. Sloppy writing . Coben has been very hit or miss with his books over the past several years. This one was a miss for me. Having been a reader and fan of Coben's since the very first Myron Bolitar novel all I can do is sigh. Majorly disappointing. ARC from publisher.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Fool Me Once | by µ Harlan Coben
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