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By Rosetta Bloom | Comments: ( 314 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

If you enjoy a hot and steamy romantic fairy tale, then this retelling of Beauty and the Beast is for you In this grown up version of Beauty and the Beast, we meet Beauty, a sheltered young girl living in the French countryside with her father She doesn t get out much, but her tutor has given her books that she is supposed to read privately The books all have a rose iIf you enjoy a hot and steamy romantic fairy tale, then this retelling of Beauty and the Beast is for you In this grown up version of Beauty and the Beast, we meet Beauty, a sheltered young girl living in the French countryside with her father She doesn t get out much, but her tutor has given her books that she is supposed to read privately The books all have a rose imprinted on the cover and describe the ways in which men and women love each other The books give Beauty ideas about pleasures of the flesh Just like in the traditional tale, Beauty s father, Pierre, sets off on a journey and ends up taking refuge in an enchanted dwelling Pierre takes a rose covered book, like the ones his daughter reads, and is caught by the beast who lives in the manor Pierre agrees to send his daughter in exchange for the Beast not killing him When Beauty arrives, she feels disappointed that she will spend a lifetime imprisoned with this beast, rather than experiencing the type of relationship between a man and a woman described in her books Only, as she gets to know Beast, she develops an attraction to him Later, Beauty discovers that she and Beast can take pleasure in each other s company in ways than she d ever imagined.

  • Title: Beauty and Her Beastly Love
  • Author: Rosetta Bloom
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  • Page: 252
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About Author:

Rosetta Bloom

Rosetta Bloom loves a good love story She also likes a steamy tale with two characters who find solace in each other s arms So, she writes romance and erotic romances, and all of them end happily, because Rosetta hates sad endings If you want a story that has a few surprises, and lots of heart, then she s writing the story for you.Rosetta Bloom s primary novels and novellas are sexy retellings of classic fairy tales They include The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion Beauty and Her Beastly Love Cinders and Ash A Cinderella Story and Dream Trysts A Sleeping Beauty Story Rosetta loves adding new life to these classic tales and hopes you enjoy the tweaked versions, too Rosetta also has a series of really short erotic love stories called the Romance Trysts series You can read the first one, Dr Carter Mrs Sinn, FREE There are four in the series, and if you like the first, you can grab the rest individually or pick up the boxed set, Romance Trysts Volumes 1 4 Bloom plans to publish a stand alone, contemporary novel by the end of 2016 To learn about Rosetta Bloom or either series, visit her website, rosettabloom Feel free to like her on Facebook facebook rosettainbloom or follow her on Twitter, twitter rosettainbloom.

Comments Beauty and Her Beastly Love

  • Vrsha (PeekAtMyBookReview)

    Rating : 4 H.O.T starsMy Views : OMGThat was such a cute love story. The retelling of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with a sexy pen, I needed that. Remember when we say that we still read fairy tale, but they are a bit dirtier now. This is exactly what you’ll get with this one.Style of writing : Marvellous, I’m shocked that this is only her second book. She is a wonderful writer and she had an amazing flow in her writing and the story. I’m definitely checking out the other books that she’ll [...]

  • Lynxie

    Beauty and her Beastly Love takes the reader on an erotic retelling of the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. Much of the original story line is there, but it has been spruced up for the adult readers and contains some rather interesting intimate scenes. Slight variations from the original include things like the erotic, leather bound books that make their way to Beauty and the lack of the amusing Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs Potts. Gaston's character was well and truly present, although he ha [...]

  • Lovebunny

    This was a great read, a cute little novella about a much loved fairy tale. Beauty and the Beast in one of my all time favorite Disney Movies, the story is just to heartbreaking and touching. I loved this version of the story, it really added something to the whole fairy tale that is missing from the kiddy end of it, but that adults will really love. I would defiantly say if you like reading re-told fairy tales then pick up with book.

  • Linda

    I don’t know who Rosetta Bloom is, but she can sure weave an interesting tale. I think I enjoyed this one even more than The Princess and the Pea, and I really loved it. This retelling stays pretty close to the original version of Beauty and the Beast, however it is the added story that makes it so great. I am not talking about the added sex scenes here, of course they were hot and highly enjoyable, which added a whole other level to this tale.What made this story so enjoyable was the Beast’ [...]

  • Laura Reading

    Even more than adult coloring books are becoming the go-to genre for relaxation, fairy tale retellings are a way to connect adult readers back to their roots, where they still believed in magic and possibility. While this tale is full of adult, sensual content, I do not classify it as erotica.I found the story compassionate and endearing while sexy. Full of heart.There have been many versions of Beauty and the Beast. Some are extremely violent, others so graphic as to be pornograghic. This versi [...]

  • Live Laugh & Love Books

    Originally posted on my blogLive Laugh & Love BooksHoly Hotness! Such a good story!!! This was just an amazing read, I couldn't put it down once I started reading! And the sexWOW I love a good raunchy love story! Rosetta kept some original parts of Beauty and the Beast, but the twists she put in made it even better and far more attention grabbing! I almost wish that I could read more about the characters because I just loved them so much! I am for sure going to be recommending this book to E [...]

  • S.J. Abbo

    *I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!*I love Beauty and the Beast, it is by far my favourite story from my childhood. The story just got better and more adult. Autor keeps a lot of the feel of the original Beauty and the Beast but she definitely spins this tale in a way that is all her own! The characters are not overly developed but they are likable. I’m a major sucker for the damaged hero who needs a heroine to save him and there is no better then Beauty and the Beast. Throw a [...]

  • Keep Calm Novel On

    The group Shut Up & Read (Read It & Reap) provided a copy of the ePub in exchange for an honest review.Beauty and Her Beastly Love is a new twist on the timeless fairy tale. Beauty and her father have experienced much loss and disappointment. Beauty is able to escape during this time in her treasured books. Beauty’s father trades his daughter in exchange for his life. She must live in an isolated world with a beast. Rosetta Bloom has written a touching page-turner. Beauty and Beast ha [...]

  • Elizabeth (Perusing Princesses)

    This is NOT your Disney version of Beauty and the Beast! lol It is so much better!!I was of course diving into this! Belle is my fave Princess! ( I want her library more than my next breath!)Ms. Rosetta definitely put a twist on this classic tale!!We get the story we love, pretty close to home but add in the hotness niiiiiiiice!!If you want to see how Disney should have written it dive into Beautly and Her Beastly Love! A short, fun and hot read!

  • Sophia Scarlet

    Loved it! Bloom's twist on this classic story was charming and delightful. I giggled, I cried. I loved the ending. This is my first time reading an erotic fairy tale and for anyone who always wondered if the disney version left out a little bit a something' something' this is the answer. Highly entertaining read!

  • Lídia Pina

    A surprisingly good retelling of the famous fairytale.At first I thought thats it was going to be difficult to retell this fairy tale but the author surprised me, it was sexy, cute and heart-whelming. I loved the story and cannot wait to read the others story's.Its a breath of fresh air!Recommend it!

  • Michele Thompson

    I couldn't put it down. It was a great read. Classic Beauty and the Beast story with an erotic twist!! There were a few different things, but they made the story flow. Thanks for letting me read this. I would recommend it!

  • Carly

    I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.a very good erotic retelling of the classic fairy tale. I quick read that can be read in a few hours but well worth it. It is well written and anyone who loves a quick romance will love it.

  • Prismseven

    I received a copy of this short story in exchange for a honest review.The story was a quick read but very enjoyable. The author retold the "Beauty and the Beast" fable with a new and hot sexual twist. The characters are not overly developed but they are likable. Overall fun read!

  • Aylin Hoo

    Loved it!Beauty and the Beast has always been my favourite story.To give a more passionate version made it even more enjoyable.Thanks for giving me a copy to review.Definitely worth reading.Now I'm looking forward to read all your other works especially the Romance: Trysts series

  • Kristy Turner

    Great steamy version of Beauty and the Beast. I have to say that I'm blown away by the twist author Rosetta Bloom put on the classic fairytale! This book is well wrote and detailed for anyone that likes to read romance. Quick read but very much worth it!

  • Marta Jordon

    It was such a good story. A great twist on the tale.

  • Chris Summer

    *The group "Shut Up & Read" (Read It & Reap) sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review.*I'd put 3/5 stars because I think it might need a little more editing (in my opinion, I'll elaborate next) but it had one of the greatest points in the history of points. Really, though!In this book, Beauty reads about sex and is excited to have a sexual relationship with a man BECAUSE SHE FEELS LIKE IT! Yes, women want/think about/need sex as much as men do and Rosetta Bloom wrote about it. Be [...]

  • E.G. Manetti

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This retelling of Beauty and the Beast with an erotic twist, does a wonderful job setting up Beauty’s story including and how she would be susceptible to Beast when delivered to him by her father’s troubles. Rosetta Blood even adds in a true villain to create a contrast to Beast. A charming read, the actual erotica is not up the standard of the rest of the writing. In some places it is overly coy, using terms like ‘ladyhood’ and in ot [...]

  • Bri

    I was given this book for a honest review. I just have to say how much I enjoyed this book. It was a good short read that was unique. Ever since I was a young girl I loved the movie Beauty and the Beast, and love how this book was loosely adapted from it. I'm glad I had the chance to review this wonderful story. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, quick read.

  • donna

    Book provided by Rosetta Bloom & Making Connections in exchange for an honest review. Full review to come!

  • Jenny

    Nice twist on an old story. Good story with most of the elements of the old story. It was well written and was a page turner

  • Greta Riordan

    Very different. I thoughly enjoyed this book, it was entertaining and very hot.

  • Becky Baldridge

    An interesting retelling of a classic. I wouldn't really consider it passion-filled - there are some steamy scenes, but they didn't really feel passionate to me. It did hold my interest and kept me turning pages.

  • Rainy Day Reads

    This book is for adults only! A Quick and Dirty read with Beauty and the Beast as the plot. The twist, Beauty loves to readoh yes. She's into reading hot and heavy love stories by a mysterious writer; she may not have any experience but she has a good time anyway. Luckily, because of her extensive reading she is an immediate expert when she needs to bed it doesn't take long. The writing is simple. The plot has the basic elements that make it a retelling. There is dialog that does not seem to mat [...]

  • Florencia Garcia

    Disclaimer: I received this book from the author for free and volunteered to review it.I devoured this book. I started it last night before I went to bed and finished it this morning. It was amazing!This retelling of The Beauty and The Beast was simply perfect. I've always loved the child's story, and I've read other retellings, but none like this steamy adult version. I think it's my favorite from the Passion-Filled Fairy Tails so far. Mainly because it was longer and there was more to the stor [...]

  • Stephanie

    This is a review for the group Shut Up & Read's Read It & Reap Program. I was given an ebook copy for free to review honestly. Okay, this would have gotten a 4/5 if the sex were better written. Being that this is a work of erotica, the thing to focus on would be the hot and heavy scenes, but sadly they were a bit lack luster (and just weird sometimes).This does get all the Kool Aid points for being a sexy retelling of my favorite story! Also all the points for a steamy Beast ;PI'd say t [...]

  • Derz

    -- group Shut Up & Read (Read It & Reap) provided a copy in exchange for an honest review --2.5 Stars(view spoiler)[ I probably would have enjoyed this book more if the beast wasn’t a beast during the sex scenes. Sorry guys, I’m just not down with that and this is an erotic novel so the sex scenes are important. I was hoping that since the house was enchanted, Beast would be allowed to appear as a human for a certain time throughout the night or something.What also bothered me is ho [...]

  • Kristy

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I'm having such a hard time rating this is because the story kept me entertained but at the same time I have read so many retellings of this story that it is hard to see this any unique or anything special. I have always been in love with the Beauty and the Beast story. It's my favorite Disney movie and honestly, who wouldn't marry someone for a library? The characters were well done but I did feel that I added more to the story with the var [...]

  • Corey Clancy

    Enjoyable fairytale remakeWhat a great adult retelling of a classic fairytale. Beauty and Beast are brought wonderfully to life in this story. I love the addition of the books, but you have to read to find out what I mean. Keep Writing

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