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By Rosetta Bloom | Comments: ( 207 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00QGY3WZE.In this grown up version of the famous fairy tale, Princess Adara is running from her old life and a forced betrothal Adara wants love and passion, but knows she can t get them back home When a raging storm halts her escape, Adara seeks refuge in the first dwelling she sees.Prince Richard is tiredLibrarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00QGY3WZE.In this grown up version of the famous fairy tale, Princess Adara is running from her old life and a forced betrothal Adara wants love and passion, but knows she can t get them back home When a raging storm halts her escape, Adara seeks refuge in the first dwelling she sees.Prince Richard is tired of the trite, vain, frigid princesses his mother introduces him to in hopes he ll marry On this stormy night, he s in the mood to love a woman, but he s all alone Then, Adara arrives on the castle doorstep, saying she s a princess in need of help The queen is doubtful and decides to lock Adara in a room with a pea to determine if the girl is a real princess Richard believes the beautiful, charming stranger, but he wants her locked in a bedroom for other reasons.When Richard and Adara hook up, there s than a pea sized bit of passion involved.

  • Title: The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion
  • Author: Rosetta Bloom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Rosetta Bloom

Rosetta Bloom loves a good love story She also likes a steamy tale with two characters who find solace in each other s arms So, she writes romance and erotic romances, and all of them end happily, because Rosetta hates sad endings If you want a story that has a few surprises, and lots of heart, then she s writing the story for you.Rosetta Bloom s primary novels and novellas are sexy retellings of classic fairy tales They include The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion Beauty and Her Beastly Love Cinders and Ash A Cinderella Story and Dream Trysts A Sleeping Beauty Story Rosetta loves adding new life to these classic tales and hopes you enjoy the tweaked versions, too Rosetta also has a series of really short erotic love stories called the Romance Trysts series You can read the first one, Dr Carter Mrs Sinn, FREE There are four in the series, and if you like the first, you can grab the rest individually or pick up the boxed set, Romance Trysts Volumes 1 4 Bloom plans to publish a stand alone, contemporary novel by the end of 2016 To learn about Rosetta Bloom or either series, visit her website, rosettabloom Feel free to like her on Facebook facebook rosettainbloom or follow her on Twitter, twitter rosettainbloom.

Comments The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion

  • Shasha

    This novella was thought out well and had humor that I enjoyed. And a HEA!Passion? What passion! The erotic bent fell flat for me, it sounded very clinical and unrealistic (for a virgin). Maybe none of the high ratings have read May Sage or other erotic fairy tales.Do I want to read it again? Meh.Adult content

  • Kali Cross

    *ARC furnished for a complete and honest review*The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion is the standard fairy tale with a sensual flare. A woman claiming to be a princess arrives at the kitchen door with her servant, soaked and in need of shelter. The prince happens upon the encounter and demands his servant let her in. She and her maiden are offered dry clothes and rooms for the night. Once alone, the princess reveals she’s on the run from her father’s men because he has betrothed he [...]

  • Nikki May

    I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.So here it is. I enjoyed reading this short story as it was a nice modern telling of the princess and the pea of the old world, I'm not sure whether I would call this erotica or not though due to it actually not being solely based on the sex. Don't get me wrong it did have a hot, steamy, lust filled scene between the two characters but the author didn't mainly focus on that for which I was quite grateful for, some erotica [...]

  • Emma Jaye

    The first sentence, 'Prince Richard was feeling randy,' gives somewhat of a false impression of this book, and it is a book, with a start, middle and end rather than a piece of short erotica. Erotica, and the author has categorised it as such, is a story wrapped around sex, without the sex, there would be no book. This certainly isn't the case here, even if the book had 'fade to black' sex scenes, it would still be an entertaining read. It had humour, setting and multidimensional characters.Rich [...]

  • Sylvia

    Amira Adara Tafweek, daughter of King Salim Tafweek and her maid, Nassi are seeking refuge from the storm when their carriage broke down. Amira is trying to escape from betrothal set by her father to a man who has many other wives. She wants more than a loveless marriage. Just one man, one love for her. With pending capture, she throws her worries to the wind and spending a wonderful sexual night with Prince Richard. It was a very enjoyable and steamy short story. Glad for a lunch hour snack. I [...]

  • Marta Jordon

    Just loved it.

  • Marie

    Hot!A short but sexy story that will leave you hot. A night of unbridled passion with a happy ending. What's not to like?

  • carol

    Begins with one Prince Richard, whom I dislike intensely; the royal who has no respect for women as he goes in search of an easy lay from the servant classes to satisfy his sex urges. By the end we are led to believe the leopard changed his spots and has fallen for someone just met and seduced, one Amira/Princess Adara. Adara, who escaped from a closed life in an eastern harem to this fairy tale land, seeks refuge in the royal castle and falls into Richard’s hands from his eavesdropping and st [...]

  • Goss

    Free read for an honest review – I reviewed as I read, so there will be spoilers and little comments here or there about certain scenes – this kind of makes the review all over the place.Opening: The first sentence did exactly what it was supposed to do. It caught my attention and instantly got me interested in the MMC. It already has all the spicy flavor of a great Erotica story. Overall it’s a strong opening with flowing sentences and a lack of awkwardness. Off to a good startPlot: I req [...]

  • Linda

    I have to admit I was just after a little guilty pleasure when I finished my last book. My brain needed a reset. So I chose this little fairy tale. I was absolutely delighted and impressed with the quality of this story. I was just expecting a spicy little fairy tale without much substance. That is not what I got.Amira Adara Tafweek, daughter of the amir of Bastalia and her servant, Nasiha, are on the run and seeking shelter from the freezing rain one night. They are dressed as peasants when the [...]

  • Carly

    I received this book free from the author in exchange for a honest review.I enjoyed this book. It was short retelling of The Princess and the Pea. Sometimes with short stories/novellas the story can somewhat lacking. I often find that the story would have been better if it was longer or a full length novel. This was not the case for this story. The story and characters were well developed. I also find that sometimes short erotica stories are all sex, sex, and more sex and no story. Now sometimes [...]

  • Birgit Seibold

    An old classic? No, it's a really great adult version.This short story is well written, sensual, humorous andthe characters were well developed.'Prince Richard was feeling randy' a really great opening.The breakfast scene with the Queen is hilarious.Is it an erotic story? In my humble opinion not really, it'smore like a romance with a HEA. Honestly the sex is a little too vanilla and a bit to unrealistic ( no pain for a virgin'sfirst time?)Beside that, I enjoyed reading the book and wish Rosetta [...]

  • Jill-Joy

    I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.Here's my short review. I liked the book as it brought me back to the old story I've read when I was younger But of course it is not the same. I would not categorize it as an erotica because it is not. yes you have some of the sex described, but not into many details. Anyway the storyline did not change much, even though it is about sex, lust, love and passion. The princess being locked up, the prince sneaking in And all the time there w [...]

  • H.A. Larson

    This book was a great read, and an interesting take on an old classic! The characters were well-thought out, and I found myself liking Prince Richard and Amira Adara. Besides being the perfect sexy book to snuggle up to on a chilly night, I also enjoyed how well it was written. It was clear that the author put some research into her book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a well-written, at times humorous, and sensual book.

  • Betsy Payne

    This book is amazing! I understand that it's based on Grimm's story, of which I never heard of before. But this story has potential for a long novel. It's actually short and to the point. I wish I could read more about their romance. I wished that there would be a bit more details since the descriptions are pretty light and quick. There are some moment that I would like for it to be elaborate to actually give readers more pleasure from it. A great adult short story!

  • Hayley

    A nice, quite, sensual read. Probably bordering on romance more than erotica, but that made it more engaging. The sex-scenes were well-written, as was most of the discussions between the two characters. I like that the conversations stuck in the traditional period setting, although at times it seemed to slip into something a bit too contemporary. The scene the next morning with the mother was hilarious - great twist! All in all a good read.

  • Mary Theresa

    I was surprised from the very beginning that the story was well thought out. the fairy tale was there for sure but as a guide to a quick short love story that included a damsel in distress, a nasty mean queen and a handsome horny prince, who falls in love and saves that day. A perfect happy ending for all including the reader.

  • Dana

    I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewThe book is quickly erotic. If you want a quick erotic fix this is it. I personally like a little bit more story line. This is hello princess hello prince lets bed. Then they are madly in love. There was nothing there but sex, really good sex if I may say so my self. Think adult disney movie lol which I do believe is the angle.

  • Lovebunny

    I love reading books on fairy tales retold, but some are better the others. This book didn't disappoint in any way. The story and characters were great and it sucked me into it. I loved how the author was able to create a full feeling story out of a novella, in no way did it feel like this was just a erotic scene book with no story. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

  • Nicole

    I reveived this book in return for my review. I only kinda liked this book. Short book. Kinda forced I felt. No time for character development or scene development Just kinda thrown right into the middle of this story. Not sure I hated it, for as long as it was it was written well and kept you going.

  • Sharon

    I received this book in exchange for a review.This is a retelling of the princess and the pea story. It's been updated with a sensual overtone. It was a short easy read. The author did a good job on updating the story. Overall, I enjoyed reading the book.

  • Kristy Turner

    I was given a free copy of this book to give an honest review! steamy take on a classic fairytale! Well written and in-depth scenes. This book may be short but the author did a very good job at telling the story! I enjoy twist to the story we all know and loved as a child now remade for an adult!

  • Nikki

    A fabulously sexy twist on the classic fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea! I look forward to reading more from this author! Well done!!

  • Cassie Hess-dean

    This was a cute short story. The fairy tale was the guide, but it had it's own story as well. There was some sex and the potential for a life long romance between the prince and princess.

  • Jodie "Bookish"Cook

    Book reviewTitle: The Princess, The Pea & The Night of PassionAuthor: Rosetta BloomGenre: Erotic Fiction/RetellingRating: ****Review: The opening to The Princess, The Pea & The Night of Passion was great we meet Prince Richard who is seeking out Lionel`s daughter so he can cure his randiness he is stuck in the castle due to a storm when Adara Tafweek; a princess from another kingdom arrives to seek shelter from the downpour. We learn that Adara has fled from her home after being arranged [...]

  • Summer

    First, I want to say that I love fairy tales with a twist, which is why this book intrigued me. I really enjoyed this version of The Princess and the Pea and think the author did well with keeping to the story, as well as, mixing her own uniqueness into it. I love brave female characters that know what they want and take it. I do think it did end kind of abruptly but overall I was not disappointed. I am looking forward to reading the other fairy tales from Rosetta Bloom.

  • Thom Swennes

    Like thousands of other children, I cut my literary teeth on fables and fairy tales. I read those ageless stories with veiled eyes of innocence. Now I am old and my eyes have seen countless wonders and horrors. Nevertheless, those stories like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and that long-haired vixen, Rapunzel. Imagine for a moment that these great tales of the past like so many things in life, flow with the times and transform with the times, and moral and social norms of today. Amiria (princess) [...]

  • Goth Gone Grey

    The Princess and the pe*ahem* A brief, to the point retelling of the old fairy tale with a saucier aspect to it. The Princess needs rescued from her family, the Prince is more than happy to oblige after testing her sensitivity to the hard object in her custom made bed.A sassy short story, it's ripe with insta-love, but that's the way of fairy tales. I'd call it cute, but the subject matter is a bit too R rated for that.

  • Miyanomori

    The saving grace of this book for me was that the heroine shut the hero down when he tries to pull the "YOURE NOT LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS" trope and her pointing out the difference to said girls upbringings to hers. Wish there were more series that point that out instead of having heroines throw shade over other girls tbh.

  • Terri Oconnell

    A great sexy retellingThis was a short easy read with great sex scenes. Leaves me wishing I would be taken in by a prince like Richard. The author made everything so believable and kept the story flowing.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion | by µ Rosetta Bloom
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