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By Nellie C. Lind | Comments: ( 141 ) | Date: ( Jun 05, 2020 )

The Winter Lord is a man like no other He rules the world together with the Summer Lady, the Autumn Lord and the Lady of Spring That alone says that the Winter Lord is the wrong man to fall in love with, but Dawn loves him anyway.The last thing Dawn expects is to be placed inside the Winter Lord s prison because of a minor dispute When he visits her and asks her to marrThe Winter Lord is a man like no other He rules the world together with the Summer Lady, the Autumn Lord and the Lady of Spring That alone says that the Winter Lord is the wrong man to fall in love with, but Dawn loves him anyway.The last thing Dawn expects is to be placed inside the Winter Lord s prison because of a minor dispute When he visits her and asks her to marry him, Dawn knows that nothing will ever be the same again Her entire world is put into a spin, but soon, she realizes that things aren t as they should be The Winter Lord is hiding something, and when the truth is revealed, she understands that only one thing can save her life Love.This is a passionate and erotic love story for adult readers It takes place in a magical fantasy world where the Elders rule the seasons.

  • Title: Winter's Bride
  • Author: Nellie C. Lind
  • ISBN: 9789198212365
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Nellie C. Lind

Nellie C Lind was born in Poland and moved to Sweden when she was 5 years old Today she lives in Stockholm with her son She runs a publishing house for a living, makes book covers and writes paranormal romance, fantasy and sci fi books for adults It s all about hot angels, gods, cyborgs and a lot of love Website nellieclind Blog nellie c lind Facebook facebook nellieclind

Comments Winter's Bride

  • Ari Reavis

    Dnf at 37%Girl was 25 but acted like a lovesick 15 yr old. If I read "Oh my" again, I was going to vomit. The guy was basically using the fact that she loved him to get her pregnant, convinced he'd never love her back and that the pregnancy would most likely kill her. Uhh no thanx.

  • Hannah

    DNF @35% I tried. I came back and I tried. But nope I cannot do it. I feel silly reading this book. The writing feels very immature and it's an adult fantasy. I just can't get on board with it.

  • Maria Dimitrova

    Book with a beautiful cover for the MacHalo Reading Challenge. freebie.Winter's Bride is a nice if rather predictable story set in a fantasy world where four beings known as the Elders live and govern the seasons. Most of the human population thinks they're gods but the truth is a bit different. One of the town girls has loved the Winter Lord her entire life but since the Elders are gods, her love must be wrong. A chance meeting with him and a misunderstanding later, Dawn, our MC, finds herself [...]

  • Leila

    3.5-4 STARS I really enjoyed this one, I love happy endings and a book full of romance !Full review Now posted"I was sent an E-Copy directly from the author; this has in no way affected my review or its content."This is an adult fantasy romance, winter’s Bride book one in The Elders of the Seasons series.Moving on, I was warned by the author, and it’s my turn to warn you that this is in fact a hot steamy romance, but in my opinion it wasn’t that explicit, instead (intimate interaction asid [...]

  • Kaylin Beach

    "Her heart was set on him, and her love was so powerful that she was unable to fall in love with someone else. He knew what awaited her if he let her go. She would go on with her life, but she would remain alone and sad for as long as she lived."Winter's Bride by Nellie C. Lind is now one of my all time favorite books! I can't even begin to describe how unique and exciting this story was! The characters were all super awesome and I have never read another book that was close to this one. This st [...]

  • Debbie

    DNFI literally didn't get past the prologue because this was some of the worst writing I've come across in a very long time.

  • Lovisa Wistrand

    It was amazing. One of the best books I´ve read.

  • karli

    Yikes. At first, I thought this was going to be a really cute, cozy, but trashy book. It ended up just being trash. The amount of typos, grammatical errors, etc, along with the one-dimensional characters and stupid storylineyikes.

  • Niña Magsael

    **SHAMELESS PLUGGING: You can also visit my blog ninireadspng.wordpress/ for more reviews (with gifs) and more bookish posts **DISCLAIMER: EVEN THOUGH THIS BOOK WAS SENT TO ME BY THE AUTHOR FOR REVIEW, MY OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOK WAS NOT IN ANY WAY BIASED OR MANIPULATEDARACTERS.At first, there is a lot of confusion. How were the Ladies and Lords born and other things. We have the main character named Dawn who is like a non-royal commoner in Evermore. We also have the elders who seem li [...]

  • Michelle

    **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs**My ThoughtsWinter's Bride is the first book in an adult paranormal romance series, called the Elders of the Seasons. The first book follows the winter lord. I loved the concept behind the Elders of the Seasons. There are four elders that rule the land. Each one of them gets to take a turn to rule, duringyou guessed it, their season. The other piece to the story that I really loved was that the Elders all lived together in this o [...]

  • Lucina

    2.0 starsThe beginning and idea were great, but everything else wasn't. There just was no chemistry between the characters, not depth or development in Audren, the Winter Lord, or Dawn, no believable development of feelings (Dawn just loved him for years and Audren started to love her somewhere during the story and never really thought about his feelings) and the world building was lazy. Nellie C. Lind made the world so it fit the "sex scenes" and story. And I just didn't understand why Audren h [...]

  • Anali

    2.5 ☆☆Este libro comenzó muy bien y los protas me cayeron bien. La historia era muy interesante y ellos juntos me parecían super tiernos. Eran una pareja perfecta y me gustaba leer sus partes románticas pero luego todo se torno aburrido, predecible y un poco tonto. Dawn se tornó sosa, solo podía pensar en Audren, y él se volvió un bobo que no podía ver sus OBVIOS sentimientos. No podía creer que ya se iba a acabar el libro y el tipo no podía admitirlo. Dioss!!! (Y eso que tuvo ayud [...]

  • Andrea Heltsley

    This book sounded sooo good. I wanted to love it. My expectations were too high, I think. Winter's bride was a good read. The author has a very creative mind and the plot was original.My only big complaint, was how naive Dawn is. I understand that she has to be to some degree. It just felt like she was an idiot. Anyways, if you enjoy a good erotic fantasy story, this was a good book to try. This book gets three glittery stars for being a good read, just not a fantastic one.

  • nicola Morrison

    Very good storyI wasn't expecting much, but I enjoyed every minute of this book and had a hard time putting it down. So glad I got the opportunity to read.Wonderful thank you!!!

  • Monica

    I have to be honest. I wasn't sure I was going to like this. There were mixed reviews. I didnt read it right away after I bought it. Nobody hated it or anything but they mentioned a few things in their reviews that made me think I MIGHT not like it. Great reviews on but there was one or 2 that made me pause before reading. However, my curiosity won over. When you first get into it there is a lot of confusion with how these Lady's and Lord's work with how they are born etc. I was really confuse [...]

  • Ðawn

    I liked the story, very much but found myself confused on some details.Time/Atmosphere:It took me awhile to get a sense of the enviornment/atmosphere/time period the author was going for, and I am still a bit fuzzy to her intentions.There are 4 Elders (who live in a castle)and are not Gods but definately supernatural. They are not quite immortal and are not of this planet. They reside in a castle which overlooks/oversees a small town Evermore. The residents of the town, apparently do not have el [...]

  • Laura Greenwood

    a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveTitle: Winter’s BrideSeries: The Elders of the Seasons (#1) Author: Nellie C Lind From: Review Copy (Blog Tour) Genre: Fantasy, Romance Release Date: Challenges: COYER Scavenger Hunt, 2015 New Release Challenge Links: – For years Dawn has been in love with the Winter Lord, one of the four Elders that help keep Evermore in balance. When the Winter Lord, Audren, first sees Dawn he is intrigued by her, and with the Summer Lady dying he knows he needs a wife to pro [...]

  • Shenna Lagdameo

    Winter's Bride will make you believe that with love can save you. I have witnessed how love saved Audren and Dawn. I am honored to be a part of their journey to forever.In reading this book, I never thought of discontinuing reading. Every single detail kept me interested, it was easy to continue.Winter's Bride is one of few books which made me feel to be inlove with the characters and the book as a whole. I had to periodical stops not because I was bored but to regain myself from all the emotion [...]

  • Carmen

    Okay, first of all: I love this world and I love these characters. The idea of the Elders ruling the seasons is amazing, and it's what made me start reading this book. I had no trouble at all to read Winter's bride because the chapters were so short, and also because the book never got boring. I loved how the story flowed, and the writing style appealed to me a lot. It's also extraordinary how this world made me feel: it was such a perfect mix of old and new elements! Also the fact that there se [...]

  • Sinamen Reads Romance

    Winter's Bride is the first book I’ve read by Nellie C. Lind, and I will definitely pick up another especially in this series. Winter’s Bride contained all the elements of what I believe makes a great fantasy romance story:✔ Beautiful cover ~ I simply adore this cover.✔ Intriguing Plot ~ Becoming the bride of a revered Elder is not without problems.✔ Interesting Characters ~ I loved the Autumn Lord and Mrs. Olien.✔ World Building ~ I can visualize the town of Evermore.✔ Magic ~ The [...]

  • Tin

    Did I tell you that I finished the book in a day? Yes! This is one of those books that you can’t put down once you started reading it, until you come to the last page. I can’t lie, I’m so in love with the cover! It’s one of the gorgeous covers I’ve ever seen. I really don’t have a thing for 3rd POV, usually when I read a book with a 3rd POV it took me so long to finish the book, but this book didn’t! I love how it was well written, to think that it’s on a 3rd POV. I can visualize [...]

  • Rebecca Wilfong

    Juvenile, at best.This is supposed to be a romantic, fantasy story written for adults. (There is a disclaimer at the beginning that states that this is a book for adults). The writing is incredibly bad - I only got through the first 10 chapters. The story is probably considered to be in the Fantasy genre. It is set in a village that has a Castle at one end where the Elders live. They have been there for thousands of years working toward some ultimate goal. I did not read far enough in to figure [...]

  • Tammi

    This author was totally new to me, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The blurb was very intriguing!!!At first I was a bit unsure about these Seasonal Beings, I am going to call them that because I am not sure what to call them, they werent Gods. So I let my imagination go as I read and thought of them as more spiritual or magical and then I started getting into the story.Once I quit over thinking, the story took over and I couldn't put the book down.We have Dawn a bit of a plain Jane innocent gir [...]

  • Bibliophagist_omnilegent

    Once I found out what the book was about I was rather hooked. I finished it in about 2 hrs it was so good. I love how innocent Dawn is, longing for someone she doesn't think she can have. She ends up being the key to one of the biggest things the Elders had been trying to accomplish. She has loved this unattainable man for so long and now that she has him she won't let go easily. She comes about knowledge that was kept from her when she married him and she is still willing to stay by his side an [...]

  • Gem Libed

    “This book is an adult fantasy romance.” Honestly, I really expected it to be really steamy and extremely sexy type of book. I prepared myself for something like 50 Shades or something. However, I was surprised not to find too much. No, not a bad thing or disappointment. Because that what makes it beautiful. I loved and enjoyes this book. It’s not explicit, it is love making!!! And it was so sweet and really adorable.I also loved that it was written in a third point of view. I loved the ch [...]

  • Keegan

    I didn't expect much from this book when I started it but it ended up being a descent book. There were many mistakes in editing but the story line was interesting. I liked the idea of the elders and the ruling of the seasons but the world building could use some help. I didn't understand why they were there and why the world needed them. There wasn't much detail about the elders and the worlds they came from but for being a fantasy romance it was an okay book. The only other problem I had was th [...]

  • Jennifer Zamora

    Very intriguing story. Some parts of it were very interesting. Some were confusing, and some were just blah for me. I really enjoyed the main story line. The same understory of poor young girl secretly in love with the rich powerful womanizer. But Ms. Lind was able to add some very interesting spins on it. Great detail, and definitely think there are great things to come. There is great promise in this story for the books to follow. I dont mind a "weak" heroine, but weak, naive, and not too brig [...]

  • Hannah

    It was the cover that first drew me inen it was the book description, then after buying it and reading it – it was then the story. I have always been a fan of stories involving the elements/seasons so this was cool!!The story – which I love as it is a love story. A normal girl who has a massive crush on a VERY otherworldly man and I understand Dawn’s shyness as I am VERY shy when it comes to guys and stuff. Audren though cold as he is the winter, sounds dreamy as his kindness shows thoughd [...]

  • Renay

    This was a very interesting story, which took on a blend of sci-fi fantasy plus romance. I truly enjoyed how the story explains how love can change, build and strengthen a bond, which cannot be broken but can last throughout the years. What made this book stand out was balancing life and how you believe in something so strong you can lose out on all of the things that can make you happy. Even your soul can feel the balance of love. To understand fully a reader must be open to change and breathe [...]

  • Johnnie-Marie Howard

    Ummm ummm ummm speechless about sums it up. I loved every single thing, I was so caught up into this amazing love story I didn't want it to end and couldn't believe that it did end. I want more and need more. The love, sex, passion and the characters are over the moon amazing. I really can't wait to read more from this author with the way she had all the details to what everything looked like and felt like was magic. MUST READ!!!***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review, [...]

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